when a girl gets wet, do you think its gross or does it turn you on?

Of course. To guys, that's a good sign that they're doing something right.


If both me and my boyfriend have never been sexually active(which is a known fact) can either of us contract an STD if we don't use a condom? Also I'm on the pill. For the birth control bit.

Chances are really slim of getting an STD if you both don't have a sexual past besides each other. As said by others, if the STD was from birth, then that could be passed, but it's slim.

Still, it's free to get tested at your local Planned Parenthood clinic. Nothing wrong with being safe and taking a test just to erase any chance of worries.


where can i get free ringtones? annyyyboddyyyy know? i used to have phonezoo.com but now that site is full of stupid ones.

I use:

http://www.myxer.com is also good.

Both are free.



Me and my girlfriend (18) have been going out for about 10 months. She wants to move at the end of the summer. While I originally told her im on board with it I have had feelings of not wanting to do this.. but I'm not sure what to do. We argue quite often but other times we are great but I feel like in the long run I would not be as happy. I have been feeling this way for about a month now but I have not been able to tell her this because I have needed time to confirm that this is truely the way i feel, and I feel incredibly horrible about it. A big problem that I see is that she never wants me to go on trips with just me and my friends, without her for a few days. I have tried twice to do so and she became extremely upset because I was going to leave for three days to go work on a friend's property and make money, and said that I don't love her as much as she loves me because she feels like no trip is worth taking without me, and that she is worried something could happen to me while I'm there if she isn't there. Both times I have ended up backing out of going and telling an excuse to my friend as to why I couldn't go. I feel like I can't hang with just me and my friends as much anymore because if I do she will be upset. Much of what I feel that I want to do during the summer I feel that I can't because she wouldn't want to do them or want me to do them, and I am starting to feel restricted and controlled. If I am going anywhere where there might be a more attractive girl than her she does not trust me. While I have brought up all of these issues in the past she says that I don't understand and that I should just not want to go on trips anymore because it is immature and hurting her, and that if I loved her as much as I say I do I would just understand and not want to go on them anymore. The more I change to prevent her emotional bouts the more i feel imprisoned.. I am not sure what to do because I love her very much and we have talked about having a future together. While I feel like I want her to change, I know that she is stubborn and feels that she is right in this, so I'm stuck on what I want or need to do... she also has anxiety problems which is a probable reason as to why she acts this way, and does not have really any close friends at all. I love this girl, and if I end up breaking up with her it would be the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I am afraid of confrontation and seeing her cry or the thought of never feeling her close to me again. This is my first love, my first everything really, and I have never had this happen before... I am stuck and unsure of what to do. If you took the time to read all of this, I deeply appreciate you. Im sorry it was so long. I'm just feeling desperate for help right now.

Hey there,

First of all, don't worry if you had to type a lot. We're here to help and it's best we know as much as possible.

She does seem a little clingy and has some trust issues. It's obviously caused you to change a lot just for her sake. The thing is though, for a long lasting relationship, it's all about finding that common ground and having both people work and adjust for the happiness of the couple. You've clearly done too much on your end and she hasn't done enough.

You said she wants to move. Does this mean completely moving away somewhere else or moving in together or moving out of her parents house and on her own?

I think you need to sit down with her and tell her how you feel. Tell her that you are adjusting to so many things just to make her happy, but it would be nice if she gave a little for you sometimes. You've done so much for her, but it's to the point where it's making you unhappy with many aspects of the relationship. You understand she has insecurities about things, but she has nothing to worry about. If you didn't love her and think about her and only her, you wouldn't be trying to talk with her to sort this out. She has to learn to let you go and do these things (especially if it's something for work and not even a leisurely get away) or else it's just going to make you even more unhappy and that might lead to the end of the relationship since you'll be so fed up.

Again, you've done so much for her above and beyond the call and I think she needs to give a little back. You can confront this in a non-aggressive/fighting manner. If she truly does love you enough, she'll try to change for the better of the relationship.

I hope that I could be of some kind of help. Good luck!



I'm frustrated with people thinking I am much older than I am. I feel like I'm still young and should be able to experience youth while I still can. However, there are a lot of fashions I like but am afraid to wear because they might be "too young" for me.

I was wondering: How do you know what is appropriate to wear for your age?

Should I be more daring so people know that I'm 21, and not 35?

Let me preface this by saying I know i'm a straight male answering this question but this is from experience of having 2 older sisters, shopping with girlfriends, and watching a lot of makeover shows like What Not To Wear. lol

Do you know if people are perceiving you as older than you are because of how you look/dress or just how you act?

If it really is how you dress, then just look at the general styles of girls around you. Go into a store like Forever 21 or Charlotte Ruse and look at the general styles, try different outfits on and see what works for you. Dare to even try something outside of your comfort zone or something unexpected. Maybe after putting on that outfit or piece of clothing, you'll like the outcome. Don't be afraid to ask the people at the store too for suggestions. They usually know their stuff well.

Hope I could offer some needed input! Good luck!

ETA: See if there's a Torrid in your area, if not, you could also order from their website:

There's also Lane Bryant, but I think they're a little more pricey than other retail stores.

Also, check the online stores for other popular retail stores too. I'm a big guy and find that they have bigger sizes online a lot more than in-store.


after a guy comes in me it comes out when i stand up is it suppose to do that? does that happen to everyone?

also,i was having sex with a guy and i queefed it was really embaressing . do guys think that its disgusting?

Yeah, that's supposed to happen. It's merely gravity at work.

Guys shouldn't think it's disgusting. I sure don't. It's natural since it's an air pocket that forms during sex. It's natural.


ok. so me and my boyfriend can be in public and like kissing and hugging and holding and i always want to go farther and the way he handles me and kisses me and stuff always makes me wet. what can i do to make hhim hard besides like super obvious like grabbing him? i dont want to make it obvious i want to simply hint it. and i want to know why i get all hot and heavy and wet and stuff but he doesnt get hard. why is that? so someone please give me ideas.. thankyou

Guys have different sensitivity levels for their arousal. Just because he doesn't get hard, but you get all wet doesn't mean he enjoys it any less. I guess in your free time, just find out what drives him wild whether it be a certain unexpected way you touch him, or where you kiss him, or whisper a little something in his ear if that's his thing. We all have a little something that will drive us crazy if someone knows how to do it right.

So, experiment and see what happens.


I am thinking about buying this MP3 player is this a good choice? and what does "4gb ET" stand for? and is this a good option or should i just buy the one with the 4gb? which is better, or worse or dosn't it matter? thanks in advance.

Creative ZEN's are one of the best reviewed and affordable iPod alternatives from reviews i've seen online for their different models. It is a definitely a good choice. As far as the difference between the 4gb EF and regular 4gb model I could find is that the 4gb model has a SD memory card expansion slot to up the memory capacity. That's a good thing if you have a whole lot of music and media to store. The default 4gb already holds about a thousand songs, but you could easily double that with a 4gb SD card.

The $84 for the 4gb model + $10-$15 for a 4gb card for 8gb total memory would still come out to less than the cost of an 8gb iPod Nano (retail $149).

In short, shell out the extra few bucks for the 4gb if you want to expand memory. If 4gb is good enough, well then get the EF model with the nifty case. I have no idea what "EF" exactly stands for though.

Hope I was able to help!


I'm 13 and I never played a guitar before, and I'm planning to start having lessons now, but the problem is I can't decide if I should learn acoustic guitar or electric guitar. Money is not really a problem, but hopefully not too expensive.
Can anyone tell me more about acoustic guitar and electric guitar? Like how long do I have to learn it for, or the difficulty of it.

I learned on an electric, but everyone tells me an acoustic is a better start. With the typically wider fretboard it gets your fingers all stretched and adjusted. After learning on an acoustic, picking up and playing an electric will feel like a breeze.

As far as how long you have to learn and difficulty, that's all up to you. Practicing with a teacher or in a class is one thing, but it's all in how much time you take practicing on your own. If you're really dedicated, you might find yourself teaching yourself new things in time after learning the basics. It all depends on what kind of guitarist you want to be. Lastly, challenge yourself. Once something you've learned starts becoming less of a challenge (even if you haven't completely flawlessly perfected it) get yourself started on something harder.

These are all tips i've learned along the way from teachers and players of many different levels and skill.

Hope I could be of help! Best of luck!


For the new "HP mini netbook" from verizon wireless, do u need to have a verizon phone and contract to buy it ad had Internet access? I really want one since they are only $199, but I have an iPhone with AT&T. Please help. Thank you!!

From what i've read online leading up to the release of it, you do need to get a contract with Verizon if you don't have one already.

You can get an HP netbook from other places too like Walmart for about the same price, give or take a few bucks tax. Then just use AT&Ts wireless internet service. I don't know how good theirs is though.

All else fails, go to a Verizon store in your area and ask.


so, my old phone, the Sprint Mogul had 2.0 megapixels for its camera. The quality was pretty good, i couldn't complain too much.
i just bought the LG Rumor 2, and it has 1.3 megapixels. it has less, but thats not too bad, is it?
(i'm stuck with this phone for the next 2 years, so i'm hoping to be happy with the camera, lol)

Unless you're taking pictures in the highest quality setting of the camera, the megapixel count shouldn't matter too much. Same goes for digital cameras. If you're just taking pics in 640x480 for myspace or sending to people, you don't need 4 megapixels or whatever. The secret is really in the lighting when you take shots. :)

So, don't worry. Your pics will come out just fine.


Hi! im looking for a premier jersey for my fiance for his birthday. i cant afford the really expensive ones but i also dont want to get a replica. premier is in my price range. i am looking for James Harrison from the Steelers. When do they go on sale in stores? i cant find them anywhere online! HELP!!! I really want to get him this for his birthday it is the only thing I know he will love. does anyone know or know if stores like Champs or Sports Authority can order them for me? I have about 4 weeks until his birthday! thanks so much in advance!!!

From my experience, ebay's a good place to go to try to save a buck or two on jerseys. It takes a lot of searching and dedication on bidding and whatnot, but it's a good shot if you want to find a great gift for your fiance.

Good luck!


About four or five months ago I had a breakout in little itchy bumps on the bottom of my penis and I dont know what this was caused from. before This happened had It was very itchy down there so I scratched it and I think this started because my hands and fingernails were dirty when I scratched it so I think that might of caused it. I don't know if masturbation caused this. It has been about 3 or 4 months that I have had these bumps and they're very itchy and they are spreading slowly. Please help!

You should see a doctor ASAP. You know this isn't normal or healthy and you should probably have someone see it before it gets worse.

If you're sexually active, maybe it might have been from an encounter you had? Or it could just be some kind of rash. Either way, you should go see a professional. They are trained to examine and treat these things and have done so many times before. You should be good from there. You shouldn't have to think twice about these things, because you don't want it to worsen.

Get some help and hope it all turns out well!


you answered my question about the he gets me wet but im a virgin. you suggested dry sex and stuff like that. can i ask another question? what can i do to lead him to it? like what are some things i can do to turn him on? i know he likes his hair being pulled. but what are some ways i can turn him on. and get us at least into the dry humping? please help. thankyou

I would say it's pretty simple, while you two are making out, just get on top of him and slowly start rubbing your waist up against his and go from there.

All people have unique things that turn him on. You said he likes his hair pulled. That's one thing. Maybe he likes having his neck kissed or lip nibbled on? I don't know, but just try different things. I'm sure there are a few things you could figure out with some exploring that'll make making out even more fun.

Hope that could help you out.


Ok, so i have to write a 7-10 minute speech on something that interests me. I know what i cant write about, like abortion or something similar, but i am confused on what i should write about to perform in November 2009. I need the speech topic as soon as possible so i can start working on perfecting it so i can place high in the tournaments.

What should i write about?

Alright, a forensics question!

From my experience in the field of collegiate competitive speech, it's all about finding a topic that you can relate to that also is something unique. Think about what interests you and what really gets your brain going. Or, if you pick something more convention like OCD or Autism or something, try to find a new spin on it.

I once wanted to do a speech on the competitive eating circuit, but never got around it it. So, there's an example of something unique.

Also, consult your coach and teammates, maybe brain storm and you all can help each other think something up together.

Hope I could be of any kind of help. Best of luck!


Im 15 is my penis small? its like 5 1/2 inches

Don't let porn give you insecurities. You're just fine. We all can't be Ron Jeremy.


How can I convince birds to move on and NOT nest in my attic vents? Is there something I can spray that I might already have around the house without harming them?

We have a similar problem with our rain gutters. Birds would randomly start to nest and leave a mess everywhere. We eventually filled the spots with shoeboxes and they haven't gone back. Just fill the spot with some objects to keep them from resting on the area and it should do the trick.

Hope I could be of help!


Okay i am a 13/f and i want to have sex with my bf. We have known each other since pr-k. We have been dating for almost 3 months and things are getting to be really serious. i always told people i was going to stay a virgin until i get married but i dont think i can do it anymore. He worships the ground i walk on and he isnt like most 13 year old boys. He loves me for me and we have grown up togather so he knows everyhting i have been through. I want to have sex with him and he only wants to if i want to. i do but i dont want my parents not to trust me anymore i have told my mom about it and she said just to let her know. i did and she flipped so what do i do... Please help AND FAST!!

Ask yourself...WWJBD?

What Would the JoBros Do?

Surely not that.

Don't be in such a rush to grow up. Relationships are not just about sex. Especially at 13.


ok so me and my bf have been together for almost 6 months. im a virgin. and im 16 years old. and im a female. just so you know. well when we hug and kiss and stuff i want to keep doing it. and possibly go further. and i get this stuff in my underwear like while were together. its kinda clearish then it turns like kinda whitish. is this what it means to get wet? but me and him havent gotten that far at all. and i dont know how to get us a little further then we are. or how i can stop getting wet while im with him. it also kind of stinks is that normal? how do i make it not. i dont want him to smell it or see it or anything. please help me. im new to all these feelings. thankyou in advance. i rate.

You're experiencing basically the female equivalent of an erection for a guy. There's really no way to avoid if you're getting aroused. There's nothing bad about it at all. As far as the smell goes, I can't help you there.

This is all apart of growing up and hormones and all that. What you have to learn I guess is to harness those hormones. 6 months is a good amount of time for a relationship for someone your age and i'm sure you two have gotten close, but you really need to think long and hard before you want to jump into the realm of sex. No pun intended, btw.

There is a lot of emotional stuff that comes after having sex, it could be good or bad as far as how it affects your relationship. Maybe you should take your time and not jump head first into sex. I would say some dry humping or touching my help relieve these situations. It's a lot safer, that's for sure.

I'm not going to encourage you to actually do the big deed, but if you do, please remember to use protection. There is nothing wrong with experimenting and exploring alternate means though. It's far safer and maybe a better way to ease into things.

Either way, best of luck. This is all part of growing up. Don't rush it and remember love is more than just the physical :)

Hope I could be of help!


What is it about stevie wonder that catches so many peoples hearts and minds for so many years I have been listening since the 60s and never ever get tired of hearing him and when you hear that he is gonna be playing get excited what is that not much excites me?

I enjoy the sounds of Stevie on occasion, but not everyone would feel the same way. That's the great part about music though. It can hit someone uniquely different than anyone else. Steve Wonder's music seems to move you a lot. That's a good thing. Good music is anything that moves you, I say.


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