Are they legit? Is anybody or does anybody know a mystery shopper? Any websites that are legit? Any info. welcomed!

Definitely be weary of what Secret Shopper deals you find online. Some are outright scams. One site that is safe and approved by the Better Business Bureau is


They even have a warning and info on there about a lot of the Secret Shopper scams out there right now.

If you're looking to make some quick easy money on the side, might I suggest seeing if there are focus groups in your area? They usually take place in big cities but pay out pretty well (between $75-$200 give or take). Do some research on that online or see if your city is listed on http://www.findfocusgroups.com

Best of luck :)


i have an isolated dark line going verticle on my nail (so parallell to nail growth) and its on three of my nails. i do not know what it is. its been there for a while and it continues to grow with my nail. does anyone know what it is and if i should be worried? thanks. oh and i have already scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist but i would still like to know beforehand. thanks again.

I get those sometimes. I don't know what they are either, but they usually grow out with my nail. It shouldn't be anything too bad. Although nothing wrong with seeing a dermatologist to get more of an explanation. Good luck!


okay me and my boyfriend had sex twice, were both sixteen. everytime i give him head or something he lasts like a minute before he tells me he is about to cum then we wait a second or two till it goes away and make out or something and when we have sex its like 6 thrusts then he is about to cum or he does cum. how can i help him last longer? i want to get off when we have sex. please i need advice!

First of all, you must know that only a very small percentage of women can reach an orgasm through sexual intercourse. Don't get your hopes up too high. If it happens, great for you. You're in a lucky minority.

If you don't mind him getting you off with oral and his fingers, you can probably work on that. Concentrating on that, foreplay, and getting you off first might be good, then have him do his thing to get himeslf off and you'll both be pleased.

Another tip for him to last longer, have him masturbate and get off by himself earlier in the day (maybe a few hours before you two get together). He will most likely take a little longer to get off when he's with you.

All those tips above should surely help you in the sack. Best of luck and play it safe!


Okay I dated this girl named Lorri for about 3 1/2 yrs when I was like 14. We broke up for 2 years and now we're back together.
It all started when she asked me to go to prom with her after her and Luke broke up. Well I figured since me and him hated eachother she was only trying to make him jealous so I was like okay.
But 3 weeks before prom we were talking one night and she told me she still had feelings for me but didn't expect me to care. At that exact moment I told myself I was just getting to the point where I could live without her, but then my heart sank. It was like every emotion I've ever felt for her struck a different nerve in my body.
In that instant, I realized every mistake of my life. And since then every moment I've spent with her has been like stepping stones to heaven. Like a dream to good to be true...that's when everything changed.
3 weeks ago I lost my job because my boss refused to pay me for the 46 hrs I worked that week. (I worked for a tree cutting business) I've put in 76 applications in the past 3 weeks but still can't get a job because of the hiring freeze. I lost my car because my step father totaled it and I'm ready to get my own place so me and Lorri can have our own life. Her mother's is causing too much stress on her life and I want her to be happy.
I feel like I'm loosing control of my life and I can't get a grip on anything anymore, like I'm going crazy.
Hope you can help.

Stress is normal in life. Especially if you two are planning on moving in and living together, it's not going to be perfect or easy. It might not be something you're use to, but you'll learn to deal with it. Don't let it overwhelm you. If you have a lot of things stacked up on your plate, make a list of what you want/need to do and start with the small things. Accomplishing those things will give yourself a bit of a morale boost.

As far as finding a job, we're all feeling that pinch right now. My girlfriend just moved 2000 miles to live with me. She's looking for a job, i'm looking for another job for extra income, it's been 2 months and nothing yet. That's amazing you were able to put out 76 applications in 3 weeks. Don't give up. Stress may bog you down and make you feel week, but if you want to man through this, just keep trying and don't make yourself feel like this is rock bottom. I've been feeling stressed lately too from the moment I wake up til the moment I go to bed. It's tough, but I know i'll make it through in time.

I don't know what exactly Lorri's situation is with her mother and how dire it is. But if she's working as well and you've presented the idea of potentially moving out, you two should both make an effort to save up to get out. Find any job you can do, save up for a couple months and do it. At least you two live near each other and aren't at a great distance.

Just take a step back, take a deep breath, remind yourself this will all get better, you're not the only one going through this, and talk it out with Lorri. I'm sorry about your situation, but you're not alone. Don't let your fears and stress get the best of you.

I hope I could help ease your mind somehow. But, look, if you need more or want to talk about it more, get in touch with me and i'll talk you through it, man. I know how it feels like. good luck!


I just got a Macbook air and I played with the Photobooth, and in the effects there's this backdrop thing, but everytime I use it the background isn't really right or real looking. What do I need to make it work? Do i need a backdrop or some lights(it's best if I don't because I don't have space in my house)? Or can I set something up myself that I already have? Thanks!

I don't have the newest version of Photobooth, but this sounds like a green/blue screen thing.

If it is, you may need a green or blue sheet behind you to make it work. It's like what they use in movies or what the weather man uses. It's gotta be a really full blue or green though. Nothing too light or faded.

You could also just try it wearing a blue or green shirt and have some fun with that. Anything blue or green will be covered up by whatever the backdrop is supposed to be.

Hope this could help good luck!


I have to choose a major and fast in order to pick out the right school to apply and transfer to. But I don't know what I want to major in, (I keep changing my major), and I only have one semester left to decide. I already have my general education done, next semester is reserved for classes that I am interested in to help pick a major out.

I guess right now my options are to apply to a school that I like that offers the major I have been interested for the longest time, or stop school and work full time, and maybe take a few classes for fun on the side. But if I take the second route, my parents won't pay for my education because to them making a pause is the same as dropping out and being a failure, etc, etc, so when I do pick a major, I'll have to pay for college on my own.

What do I do? And any tips on picking out a major? Thanks!

Oh, and I'm currently enrolled full time at a junior college, and have a 3.2 GPA if that matters.

Definitely talk to an academic adviser at your JC.

I don't know what you're tossing around for your major options, but just try to find a school with the most of those options to offer. At least if you try one and end up not liking it after a semester or two, you can change course without leaving school.

If you honestly do have to decide on one, just honestly pick the one that makes you the happiest. Look at all the classes you have to take for the different majors and just see which one you can do the best at.

I hope you mange to find something. Good luck!


i know this is random! but i really want to know what it means to talk like your from a different time please help and if you know give me some examples and how to' s please!!!!!
thank you =]

Like my girlfriend below said it basically is when you confuse the heck out of people when using a term that seems almost non-existent in the language today. It can be proper words or out of date slang.

I can't help if I have an extensive vocabulary and use the strangers words or terms sometimes. Yes, I used the word "bemused" earlier with my girlfriend or sometimes will say "shall we be going to so and so? we shan't? All right then." Of course i'm not being completely serious using those words. It's just kinda funny and out of left field. That's the type of person I am.

I shall keep using my "funny" words, calling people "cool cats", and calling some things I find cool the "bee's knees" or the "cat's pajamas".

Using slang might just make you look like a dork. If you seriously just want to boost your vocab with some fancily sounding words, try a word-a-day site like this:

That'll teach you a fancy word every day. Or, just watch Pride & Prejudice or some old BBC mini-series' or something.

Good luck!


I have alltel.. can I call people in other countries?... my boyfriend is living in South Korea for a year and just got a cell phone over there.. Would I be able to call him?

Depends if your service has international calls banned or not from your account. You can have that easily changed with a customer service call, BUT I would not call overseas with a cellphone. Your bill is going to be ridiculous!

Some alternatives:
-If you both have computers with internet connections, use yahoo voice chat or Skype or similar services. I know South Korea must have a lot of computer shops/internet cafes so if he doesn't have a computer/internet yet, he could go there during the day.

-Buy international phone cards. They range from $5-$50 with various other denominations in-between. I think $15 might get you about 30mins worth, it varies. But, convenient stores typically sell them. They usually list on the card how many minutes you can get out of calls to certain countries. At least this is more controlled than accidentally running up a bill worth thousands of dollars.

Those are your two best bets. I'd suggest the former over the latter, but both work, speaking from past experience. Good luck!


I normally just use a plain face wash by Neutrogena or something, and it's impossible for me to tell what my skin type is. I think it might be combination.
Well on my face, ESPECIALLY on my nose, cheeks, and chin, I have really big pores. They look like a lot of little black dots. I think it's causing me to break out a lot.
Are there any products you would recommend? Something I could find at WalMart or a local drugstore, please.
Home remedies are great, too.
Thanks so much! :D

There are facial toners out there called "Pore Refining Toner". They shouldn't cost more than regular facial washes/toners (a few bucks at most). Used on a regular basis might help shrink your pores down. You'll definitely find it at your local WalMart, Target, or any other store. Good luck!


okay, im flipping out !
i took a background from photobucket
and used the dierect image to make my background
for myspace and now i can't delete the background
that i put on there and im stuck. and everytime
i try to erase and save it saves then i go to
look at my profile and its back on there.
it won't go away ! im about to seariously
delete my myspace. -_-

Have you double checked ALL your HTML code to make sure you deleted the proper thing? Because you might not have deleted the right code or maybe somehow it was posted twice? Check all your boxes in your edit profile settings to make sure the code is not there.

Here's a quick search you can do to keep you from digging through all that code. I hope I can put this clearly enough:

-Go to the Edit Profile page

-Click on the "About Me" box area / Or wherever you put your layout code in your profile. Make sure the type cursor thing is blinking in the box to make sure you have it selected.

-Press CTRL + F on your computer to bring up the "Find" box and type "photobucket"

It should show you if it finds any mention of the term "photobucket" in your layout code.

Worse comes to worse, make your new layout and paste the code and it might overwrite the old one.

But, you don't have to go as far as deleting your myspace. Just go through all the steps again slowly.

I should mention this is all advice if you're using MySpace 1.0. I'm not too familiar with 2.0 layouts but from what i've seen, it seems much easier to edit all that stuff.

There should be no reason the background should still be popping up if the code is clear unless your browser hasn't fully refreshed the page and is still looking at the page in your old layout.

I hope I could help. It's easier in execution than explaining it, but it's a total minor issue and you shouldn't have to delete your profile over this. Don't worry and good luck.


where can i download songs free that will work on itunes? i had limewire 4.16 or whatever but i uninstalled it for limewire 5 but now it wont work on my computer no matter how hard i try. i've been to playlist.com but i can't figure out how to download the songs for my ipod. a little help here?

Stay away from those downloader programs. They only bring the potential for viruses and other bad things and dupe you with fake files.

BitTorrent is the way to go. Research it and learn it. It won't take you more than a few minutes to understand and get the hang of.

The other alternative are music blogs. There are a ton out there. Just do some snooping since I don't really know how much i'm allowed to share on here.

Good luck!



yesterday i went to go pee and it burned really bad and thats never happened before im scared i might have an std but ive only had the same sex partner for the past five months so im not really sure thats the only thing wrong but it really freaked me out

is this something common and i should not worry about it?? what else cud it be besides and std?

It could be a Urinary Tract Infection. Your best bet is to see a doctor and get a urine test done. Don't leave issues like this be and just wait for it to go away. But, please do see a doctor. Good luck.


i'm 18 and my boyfriend is 20 and what i'm asking is not an issue or anything but, im a little confuse cause my boyfriend never says no to sex and we have sex like all the time. i was a virgin before him so i dont really know this question.

You have more of a reason to worry about if he was turning you down for sex. There's nothing wrong with him saying yes to sex, especially if you're initiating it. He just enjoys it with you a lot. Don't worry.


I'm 19 & there is a 22 year old guy I've been talking to since Nov 2008 and we've only hung out one time. When we did I made the IDIOT mistake of having sex with him in hopes of him liking me more I guess. Well I haven't done anything with him or anyone since then and he texts me almost daily. He always initiates the texts too. When we text it's always friendly and a little flirty. In Dec 2008 I told him that I like him and that I don't just have sex with guys and that basically I'm not a whore. He replied with "I don't think you're a whore at all. I'm flattered but I'm not interested in a relationship at all as of right now. But you're a very nice girl." It was understandable because he got out of a 2 year relationship in Oct 2008 where he was used and hurt. I felt rejected and left him alone, but he always texts me or messages me on myspace. He’s never asked me if I want to spend time with him or anything. Finally I brought up hanging out sometime since it seemed like he wasn’t going to ask. He said that we can for sure the next time he's off, because he works quite a bit.

Does it seem like he likes me as more than just a friend? Should I wait for him to be ready for a relationship, or should I just move on? I feel like if I wait then he will see I'm worth it because I waited for him. He's a nice and respectful guy and I know he isn't interested in just sex with me because he never mentions or implies it. When we text he tries to impress me at times and likes sharing things he's interested in with me. I really do like him.

Now there’s another guy who I just met who contacted me about 2 weeks ago. I’ve talked to him on the phone several times since he frequently calls. I don’t know him well and he is already pressuring me into dating him. He knows nothing about this other guy I like either. This new guy says that he really likes me and wants to date me and said, “Well I want an answer today if you want to date me because I’m not gonna wait around. If you say no I’ll just move on.” He’s a cool guy but I barely know him and I explained that I’d like to get to know him better. He said that never works with him in relationships and that it’s better to just jump into it. I wasn't the one who even contacted this guy, he found me. I’m really into the first guy that I mentioned anyway and I don’t want to blow it by dating someone else when this guy I really like could potentially like me as well. So I don’t know if I should move on because I’ve waited 5 months for this first guy. Maybe it would be worth it to hold on longer? Sorry it’s such a long question, I’m totally confused.

First off, thanks for writing. This is the first direct question i've received on here so I hope I can help.

The 22 year old guy does seem pretty genuine. I was in a similar situation of his once where I met someone barely 2 weeks after getting out of a 2 year relationship. We hit it off very well and were very flirty off the bat. Although I pulled back a bit too because I had just gotten out of a relationship. My state of mind, and maybe his is the same too, is that I respected this girl so much that I didn't want it to be a rebound thing, y'know? If he's continued to talk to you this long after your one meeting, I think he probably does like you or at least wants to get to know you more. He seems to be reaching out to you if he's the one initiating wanting to talk all the time. So, it's very possible he sees something. Maybe he's just hesitant to initiate another physical meeting because he thinks that you think he's just expecting sex. Maybe you should push him along and ask him if he wants to have lunch sometime? A lunch date is very safe, it's casual, and there's no pressure. Get to know each other more, build up a friendship, and then if the chemistry is there, i'm sure it'll take you where you want it to go.

Do not give in to this other guy. He sounds like a dick to be quite frank. He was the one that contacted you and he seems like he's pestering you and he wants to give you an ultimatum? He seems pretty controlling. I don't think you want that.

Go with your gut and talk to the first guy. Kind of give it a new start, and just try to resist the temptation of sex early on if it comes up. If he's understanding and respectful enough (which he does seem), he won't mind.

I hope I could be of help. Best of luck and you can feel free to write me more if you need anymore advice!



Am I overreacting? I am 27 years old and my boyfriend is 31 and we are both divorced and we both have 2 children each when I met him he seemed like a family person but know he indicates he's not. all he wants to do is go to clubs, be with his friend, I feel like why are you even with me he has custody of his child that is 5 years old, we've been together for 2 years and a half but. I'm the type wants to have a family and settle and hes not but yet he wants his child to have a home with a really family. His ex wife is another person that only believes in clubbing and she was another man and that is why she abandoned her child and she is another one of my problem she has a boyfriend but still wants to get back with my boyfriend and writes notes to him saying I love you plus calls him all the time and i believe that my boyfriend feels bad for her.I get angry and im always in a bad mood and my boyfriend says im overreacting. i feel that he doesnt see evrything ive gone through with him plus when he talks with his ex wife he always tries to talk to her in private when before he used to talk in front of me, plus if it was for him my house would be full of guys from ages 20 to 28 in my house. But he tells me he loves me...what should i think.

This guy will be nothing but trouble for you and you know it. Obviously, he's not fit to be a parent. At 31, he needs to be taking life a lot more seriously. He's not 21 anymore. You have your head on more straight and have more mature priorities. You don't want your children to grow up around a man so irresponsible. You're better off without him and finding someone better with the same outlook on life as you because you're not going to be able to change this guy in his ways.

Best of luck!


so there is this really hot kid in my school (let's call him Joe) Joe is really quiet and doesn't socialize very much. Well, every girl loves him and this one girl (call her Amy) made a fake myspace with a pretty picture of a random girl and flirted with Joe until they started dating on myspace. Well, my friends and i don't know joe very well but we feel like this girl is really crossing the line. Joe is kind of depressed and the fake myspace girl claims that he has talked about killing himself. I really really think i should do something, but i don't know what!

Maybe you should try to talk to "Joe" and befriend him more. He's putting all his heart into this illusion of a girl he met on myspace and that's all he knows. You know the truth behind it and that it's total b.s. so there's no way he's ever going to meet this made up girl. Maybe, by befriending him, it'll open him up more in a social setting. That creepy stalker girl can't run her act forever so she'll probably give up, or once he finds out there's no way of seeing her, he'll just let her go since he'll be more busy with his real life friends in school that he's made.

The creepy girl may or may not be lying about Joe's suicidal thoughts. She may be saying it just to keep you guys from telling him. But, if it is true, handling it the way I suggested above instead of flat out telling him might be easier on him. If you flat out tell him, he probably won't believe you and it'll lead him to be closed up more.

If every girl in school is really all over him because he's so good looking, maybe what he needs right now is just a friend and not someone who's going to be all over him and flirting. Maybe that's why he doesn't socialize either. The attention might be making him self-conscious.

So, approach with caution and maybe you can get him to loosen up and he'll forget all about this myspace girl. Good luck!


This is the chant I need to learn... I need to know a good way to memorize it completely within about a week and a half....

Rise my queen. Rise and give us the powers you posses. Give us the power to escape this mortal shell and become that of which all men fear. Curse us with your power of immortality. Make us into that of which you are. Make us into a creature of the night.

This we ask of you, my queen. In all your power, in all that you are. In all that we may be. We ask for this curse, this gift, this bloodlust.

Let us be one with you, let us be one like you. Let us feast on the weak. Let us drink their blood. Let us be a creature of the night.

This is all we ask of you, my queen of the night

You could learn that easy in a night. Do it line by line. Like, recite the first line 4 or 5 times (or even more as long as it's to the point where you remember it), then throw in the next line and repeat those two lines. Then add the third line and so on and so forth. This is a tried and tested technique since it's what I use to do when I did competitive speech & debate. I hope it works for you.

Also, since it's a chant, give it some kind of cadence so it gets a flow going. I think it'll help you greatly too in your memorization.

Hope I could be of help. Good luck!


so i think im being recruited to do porn. that isnt exactly the problem- i wont do it, but i would like to know if straydogg entertainment modeling/ webcam whatever is porn. i dont want to invite viruses by google searching it, for our family only has one functional computer.

I'm 99.9% sure that's something adult (read: porn) related. I even did a google search and didn't even need to click on a link as I saw "adult webcam" mentioned in one of the top results.

Stay far away.


I like this guy, and it turned out that he likes me too, but I found out from my friends, and I didn't believe it. Also he's the shy type so we never talk, its been a while and I think that he dosen't like me anymore, But I want to give him a hint that I still like him. What should I do!

Definitely approach him and start talking to him more. Try to find a topic you two can discuss that'll get him to open up. Maybe you two share a common interest in music or movies or something of that kind. It'll loosen him and and your extra enthusiasm will help him even more.

From there, maybe you can see if you two have chemistry. flirt with him, be complimentary, and hopefully he'll start to reciprocate.

shy guys are tough to get to at first, but once you find your opening, they'll turn into a totally different person (in a good way).

this is all coming from someone who was totally the shy guy in his teens and completely missed out. best of luck to you!


Hey everyone, im 15/f. and i have a boyfriend that lives across the country, and it kills me that i never see him. But we talk everyday, and msn and text, call, email. Everything. I trust him with all my heart, and i belive that he would NEVER cheat on me. Its just that i never see him, and it kills me. So i dont know what to do. Also, i LOVE my boyfriend with all my heart. But i have had a crush on someone at my school, and they like me. Should i stay with the one i love, and never see? Or be with someone i only like, and see everyday.?
Thank sin advance.

As someone who's had his fair share of relationships, they're a hard thing to keep up if you can't see the person. Seeing as you're both still very young, the chances of trying to meet up and try to make it more and beat this distance are close to impossible at this rate.

You're young and I know the feeling of love is amazing, but this isn't the last time you'll make a connection like this. Take a chance first on what's around you. Relationships just aren't the same without that physical interaction. Stay friends and maybe in 3 or 4 years time if you're both single maybe you can give it another go and will be old enough to try to make an effort to see each other. If that isn't the case, trust me when I say both your hearts will heal and you won't regret your decision in time.

Good luck!


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