Im better at helping others then helping myself. I try to keep and open mind to everything, I've been thru a lot between family friends and Myself, so if you need advice PLEASE ASK!

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What do you think are must have items for Spring or Summer? I need more cute clothes for my closet! Thanks!

I believe Spring and Summer are all about flip flops and a cute bathing suit :) but at filens I saw some really cute summer clotheS! Just go for bright fun colors! IHIH*Kaitlyn


You know those tops that kinda like.. have a little connected sweater thingie that tie in a knot? Does anyone know where I can find one inexpensively online? Hollister used to have them, but the site no longer carries them. Thanks!

If i understand u correctly, i got one at target for cheap, but any stores like that also check out www.alloy.com IHIH* Kait


I have SUPER straight hair and have been wanting to curl it! I dont want the wet look like scrunching with gels. I mean with a curling iron.. Any ideas? Thanks!

Its prolly going to be really tough to curl is sometimes curling irons won;t work because they will fall right out ( the curls) because your hair is so straight, but you can try that and also trie putting your hair in french braids and putitng hair spray on it ir regular braids throughtou you head and put hairspray on it, make sure you do it when its wet and let it dry overnight or sumthin.IHIH* let me know if it works!


Does anyone know like any websites that you can go to to get like makeup tips and not google or anything cause i have tried!!thnx tonzzz

ps.i rate hiiiiigh


Theres a Few if you need More send me sumthin in my inbx! I hope i helped


My best friends are the 2 hottest girls in school. Every guy likes them...this is the order and why guys check them out

Alex-because shes gorgeous, crazy, and outgoing
Paige-because shes pretty, down to earth, and not prude
Me-because of my personality and bc im not prude

It bothers me so much that I'm not pretty. I know having a good personality is better than everything, but Id rather look good.

So my question is:
Should I change myself *not like i havent tryed* just to be pretty? or just deal with it that im not pretty??

I think you need a boost of self esteem. Don;t change yourslef for people. Its not right, your fine how you are, IM sure your not ugly at all, So don;t put urself down because IM sure someone thinks your pretty, maybe there just afraid to tell you. I hope you feel Bettre About yourlsef, and don;t change to please people. If you need n e thing IM me Itsallkaitlyn


i was thinking about highlighting my hair with blonde. my hair is dirty blonde and lightens up in the summer but i want my hair a little lighter. but some people have told my any thing done to your hair like dying it or highlighting it makes your hair gross and dry. i dont want to put any product in if it will make my hair look/feel weird. so if anyone can tell me if highlighting your hair does anything to it thanks.

I have died my hair atleast 10 times, and My hairdresser said it only starts to kill your hair if you start bleaching it. And there is this product called REDKEN Glass it wroks really god fro frizz. And something else that damages your hair, not using a ceramic straightener and if you don't put somehting in your hair before u straighten it it burns your hair.. Just Thought I should tell you that :) IHIH* KAitlyn


I have been going out with my boyfriend now for 3 monthes. I am 14 years old. Last night, we went to a house party. Ther was this game were we had to give head. I didn't want to give his bestfriend head, but all the girls were doing it. The game was called "rainbow."
I feel so guilty, and gross, what can i do to feel better?

Thats not right for your boyfriend to Make you do that, you should never be forced by anyone like that to do something. I don't know what you can do to make yourself feel better, maybe dump yourboyfriend, But don;t let him make you do anything like that again its your chooose. IM sorry this happened to you IM me anytime IHIH* KAitlyn (itsallkaitlyn)


i desperately need help to stop cutting.. im too scared everyone will judge me if i tell them, ive been doing it since i was 11 (now 16). i wanted to tell my best friend but i have already told her i got the scars from random accidents.. she has made jokes in the past about how they really look like self mutilation scars and she said 'i really dont understand how anyone could be into that.. 'i hate my life" *gestured cutting wrist. i was going to tell my teacher when he had a discussion with me on how i deal with emotions but i just couldnt say it. Theres no way i would talk to my mum because she would over react.. and i dont want to go to counseling because i heard they tell your parents.. how can i stop this by myself? i already write a journal, draw pictures and horse ride

Cutting is like a mind thing so if you want to stop its all up to you. But your best bet is to tell someone, if you choose it to be your best friend, and if shes says"I don;t know why people do that " be like, fine then do it when your mad, then you'll find out. Or something like that, if you tell a teacher, they are responsible fro telling guidance or the offoce or your parents. But if ou reallly want to help yourself, if you like the pain take an elastic band and snap it on your wrist, or squeeze and icecube Theres not much more i can say, but you can IM me anytime (ITSALLKAITLY) Best of Luck to you and I hope things Get better IHIH*


i've been cutting myself off and on since i was about 13 and i'm almost 16 now. i cant control it anymore, i've tried stopping but i cant. i want to get help but i'm ashamed of it. how can i get help without coming right out and telling someone?

Aww Im sorry. Its very hard to stop and I know you don;t want to tell anybody, but it might be best. If not theres a few things I can tell you to do. Everytime you have an urge to cut write down why in like a notebook or journal, something you keep private and too urself. Throw away whatever you cut with, sometimes seeing a knife or razor or n e thing gives you a greater urge to do it. If you like the pain and thats what you need, take an elasic band and snap it on your wrist, or take an icecube and squeeze it in your hand. I know cutting is an addicting habit and its really really hard to stop. But it si also a mind thing, if you really want to stop you can, part of the reason why I can't stop, is because I know ir works. But you can pull through this, and if you ever need anything IM me anytime and Keep me updated ITSALLKAILTYN( my screen name) I hope I hekped you and Best Wishes.

It may help, if you tell me some of the resons ur cutting.. if you don;t mind


some one please help me. my friend lets call her amanda has been cutting for a long time. i have never told on her but she needs to get help. she tells me not to worry but i cant help and i think its wrong that she cuts herself. Should i help someone please help me thanks

Get her help, It will be appreciated in the long run, Tell her parents or A guidance counselor at school or a teacher, even if you already Have help her out because you can't risk her killing herself, and whatever you do STICK WITH HER THROUGH THIS, there is nothing worse then losing a friend.. Im me Anytime Itsallkaitlyn I hope I helped You


my friend, let's call her "emily," is very opinionated. most of the time it's rude and she's not afraid to voice her opinion, especially to me. now at first i didn't mind this, but now it's getting really annoying. see, last night was the sports awards banquet at my school and she kept making rude comments to me about people she didn't like but were my friends. if she didn't like them, she would be like, they don't deserve this award because of blah blah blah and i just wanted to scream at her because they deserve it so much and she just says that because she's jealous (she used to be good, but not anymore). how can i get her to stop being so rude and obnoxious? i really don't want to hear this constant complaining anymore. i'm not very confronational so i don't think talking to her in private would be my best option. thanks so much!

You can do the same thing to her as she does to you, and see how it makes her feel, or write her note saying that your sick of her doing this and that its not very respectful and she needs to stop. I hope I helped ((Kaitlyn))


Pfff.. I just realised how BORING my life is!!! I wake up at six, go to school, come back at 4, do homework, go on the computer, sleep. What a nice life eh??? NOT!! its just soooo boring! i have nothing better to do. Any ideas?

You can get yourself into activities like sports at school or Dance or gymnastics or something like that, Hang out with your friends a little bit more, even get a Job.I hope I helped


Hi, um, yeah! I need your truly admired advice =) Well, there's this girl that I like. I always see her in the halls and stuff. I always just want to go up to her and say 'hi,' but I'm such a chicken 5#!+ that I don't think I could ever do it. There's one main problem, you know, I think I'm too afraid of negative fibes, then to not do anything at all. You seriously have to help me. Language barrier, is probably the only problem, she speaks Chinese.......^_^ XD

Well, Maybe you should start saying hi to her, Give her simple talk she understandds, then maybe you'll get to know her more and you become "lovers"..If this is who I think it is (nick) you are a chicken *&^% and you need to just do it, Ill go with you if you want too, they are in my gym class i can put in a good word for you :-D I hope I helped, and I won't Forget the Candies!! LYL Oh yea..IM me


hey im 15 f, are most teenage girls out there depressed? is it just a faze we go through or is it just certain individuals that are insane.. its not like i have had a hard life but i am always sad and pessimistic about everything. i feel like i dont deserve anything and no one likes me. i have been diagnosed with 'anorexia' i think they are wrong tho, i am a heavy drinker and i smoke pot often, and people are starting to notice the scars on my arms and wrists from cutting.. i put on a front when i with people but when i am by myself all i can think about is death.. i dont know why i am like this i dont have a reason to be, i was just wondering does anyone else feel this way!?

Aww Hun, This is going to be a hard question to answer, but I want to help. 1. You need to stop smoking pot/ drinking it won't get you anywhere,
+ If you were diagnosed with anorexia, (which they are probably right about) Smoking and Drinking can really screw up your heart, and You can die. Cutting is very hard to get over to but you really need to help yourslef in this situation, no one deserves this to happen to them, so don;t be so down on yourself, NO ONE DESERVES TO DIE!!
Please IM me If you need Anything *ITSALLKAITLYN*

I hope I helped..


alright. for about two years i have been cutting myself. and at first it was very innocent (little scratches with saftey pins... butter knifes, things like that) then one day i ginaed access to a really sharp razor blade and cut extremely deep. and for a year and a half thats how i have been doing it, because it is so addictive. more than once a day, and so i can go to sleep at night. most of my friends found out, one way or another and eventually my best friend got me to tell the guidance counselor. my dad now knows, and so does my psychiatrist (whom i have been seeing since I was 8 and my mom died). but i know he doesnt want me doing it, and niether do my friends. so latelyt i havent. but things got worse. im always pissed off at everyone, and lash out. also, i have been thinking about suicide more and more. i always considered it before but never like this. but when i talk to my friends, all the do is beg and pleed with me to stop. I CANT. when i was on the bus, i started tasting blood in my mouth, and noticed I had been bitting a chunk of my lip off as a pain reliever involuntarily. last night, I cut again and felt SOOO much better. but im so afraid someone will find out and be angry. im on medicine, and everything, it just sux. snapping rubberbands, and all that doesnt help. I know this is long, but im so upset with myself, I just dont know.

I rate 5s.


Okay,You've been doing it longer than me, but I know exactly what your going through. Yes, it is extremely addictive, but you have to be open minded to stopping, because no matter how much hep you get, then only person who can stop You from cutting is YOu, so you need to decide whats more important to you, or Keep doing it, but gradually stop, like start with doing it like 2 a week, then move to once a week 1 a month and so on, then you will not have as much of an addiction because your pushing yourself and controlling yourself more, but it will take time to stop, but you made a good decision by asking for help, IF you need anything you can IM me @ ITSALLKAITLYN I hope I helped, Keep Me Updated


(Sorry if this turns out really long!) I've only been cutting myself for a little over two weeks but I'm already addicted. I told my boyfriend first because I vent to him a lot. I trust him and he can comfort me. Then later I told my teacher and she suggested for me to talk to my school counselor. My teacher told my parents, too. My mom talked to me but it wasn't about ME, it was about what my sister went through. It wasn't helpful. So I talked to the couselor. She freaked out and kept telling me, "You can't do that! STOP! You have to stop! If you do it again I'll tell the principal!" That is not what I expected from her. It wasn't helpful or encouraging. It was threatening! It almost made me want to cut! Later that day I was sitting alone in the gym slicing the skin on my arms and my Gym/Health teacher saw me and made me go alone in a room with him to talk. He kept telling me that even though life may suck now, it'll get better because I "have a good mind". I didn't think it was helpful either, but I started crying. Everytime I had to talk to someone, I wanted my boyfriend there holding my hand helping me endure it. I feel uncomfotable around everyone but him. One day my teacher actually tried to send me home because I was cutting and crying and miserable. I told her I didn't want to go home, I just wanted to talk to James. (James is my boyfriend.) She said she couldn't let him out of class. I glared at her and wouldn't talk to her. She called my parents and they took me home. The whole time I wanted to scream, "I JUST WANT JAMES!" When I got home I just reread old notes from my bf. He's the only one who can comfort me and it feels like he's the only reason I go on living. Do I depend on him too much? How can I stop cutting if I have nobody to talk to? Please comment or give advice! Sorry so long!

1 it is good that you have that much trust in and that much of a support from him, don;t think you are hanging on to him and that hes your only help though, because thats not true. Cutting is a very hard thing to stop, I have been Doing it for over a year and its still hard for me not to do it, but there are several things you can try, snap an elastic band on your wrist or hold and icecube really tight until it hurts, write your feelings donw, Talk to James more, whatever makes you feel in control of your feelings besides cutting, the longer you cut the longer it will take to break then habit.But Stopping will take time, be patient with yourself, and to be honest the only person that can truly stop you is YOU. Keep me updated >ITSALLKAITLYN< screen name. I hope Your Better Soon


Hi there, I'm 14 years old and I have a problem with self harm. It used to be controlable, but now it's an addiction. No one else knows, and I don't know how I can stop, because it's getting really bad. How do I control it??

Hey. I have to say I have been there/ or I am there. I know it is really hard to stop doing it and when it becomes an addiction it is even harder, I still haven't been able to stop, Its been a year and 2 months for me now, and I totally understand where you are coming from. If you really want to stop, you can tell your parents or a teacher/ guidance counselor, and I know its not something you would want to do, but if its your last resort then you should, SI is never ever a good thing, and I know Im not the one to talk. You can also try snapping your wrist with a rubber band or holding an Icecube. You can write your feelings down instead of taking them out on yourself, Punch something talk to someone, and Im not trying to sound lame but Give them a try it couldn't make it worse. One thing though, if you are gonna tell a friend make sure its someone you trust, It will make you even more upset, and make you want to cut more if you tell a trusted friend and they tell people or they tell on you, and people will think they are trying to help but they are just making it worse. If you need anything IM me anytime. PLease! ITSALLKAITLYN < S.N Keep Me updated, and I hope everything works out!


theres this really annoying ugly ignorent kid at my school saying stuff to me and id like to give him some good comebacks because im sick of his attitude and the way he talks to girls... anyone have any good comebacks?

Anytime anybody says stuff like that to me I say "oh like i havn't heard that one before" or " your wicked cool" or you can just ignore him.


Hey, I really want to get better at dance. Like, ballet? I can't get my leg high enough and my 5th position stinks. My teacher is getting on our case because most of us can only get to 3rd position. So does anyone know any exercises (tried and true) that me and my friends can do to get our legs higher and get our 5th position good? Oh and only if you know what I'm talking about or are/have been a dancer. Thanks so much!

Alright for your fifth posistion. Its a matter of your body getting used to the feel of it. Your kicks higher..work on leg excercises more to stregthen you muscles. Splits are flexability so thats also about your body getiing used to that posistion. About pirohettes, you have to squeeze all your muscles together and tighted your abs, having good abs will help a lot, tighten your center. And of course for all of these..PRACTICE

IHIH*Ask me anytime*KAiTLYN


No matter how late I go to bed, it always takes me at least an hour to get to sleep and I always wake up early. If I go to bed early in order to get more sleep, I don't drop off until around one and I usually wake up at half seven to eight am. My friends and family all seem to be able to get to sleep easily and usually don't wake up until around eleven on non school days, how do I get more sleep? I always keep the same routine at night and I have tried everything, it doesn't matter how tired I am I just can't sleep. What should I do?

Sometimes you can't sleep because you have anxiety or you feel you have to much to do and your worried it won't get done, so to organize yourself more at night make a list before you go to bed of the things you need to do.IHIH*KAitlyn


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