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I know great advise and love it when people give great ratings. I will help you through out every sitch. I will give honest trust worthy and out standing advise. I am always honest with my advise and wont stop with my honesty.
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ok well this really isnt about sex but i didnt know what it was really classified as..

anyway well on Valentines day a guy and i were talking and walking around town in the dark. Well we stopped in the park and were sitting on the stage, he asked me if i'd flash him. I told him no a million times but then he was like ok well i will kiss you if you do it. Well it was like my first kiss and i really wanted it soo well i agreed, We kissed and after i was thinking about it and said i dont know if i can do this soo he stuck his hand down my shirt and pretty much took my boob out and looked at it ((awkward (SP?)moment))then he put it back and then we got up and well we were just like glaring at each other in the eyes and well he kinda came at me real fast and kissed madeout with me.
He told his best friend about it and well now im scared the whole school will find out and i will be called a slut..
do you think that makes me a slut or a whore or anything like that.
I regret it soo much!
he also told me that he cared about me and was thinkging about going out with me..and would tell me the next day but he didnt and now he wants me to do even more and i really dont wanna do it
what should i do.?
and does what i did make me a slut? (link)
You are not s lut he is the slut is you were a slut you would want sex 24/7 so dont worry and if you dont want it again stay away from him. Hope this Helps. God Bless

ok i'm 16/f lesbian, i've just started going out with a girl, it's the first time for me so i'm very inexperienced, and i need to know: what do girls do together sexually? she's been with other girls so i need to know what to do! and also, do most lesbians like girls who shave it all off? or just some? or don't shave down there at all.

thanks sooo much in advance (link)
Well I guess I could say I am part lesbian and I dont know about the hair isssue but what they do is basicly have regular sex suck on each other make out and get naked to gether. Hope this sorta helped

Weird question but i dont wanna look like an idiot, when you give a guy a hand job or head and you dont want him to come in your mouth where does it go and what are you supposed to clean it up with?

i jsut wanna be ready and not look like a retard in front of this guy (link)
Couls you be more spusific by telling me do you mean his surtain part in your mouth or tounge. REPLY PLEASE AskNicole111

Well i'm 15/f and me & my boyfriend have been talking about sexual stuff. Well I like him a lot, and i'm willing to do a lot of things, he wants to finger me. And I said i'd think about it.
But I need to know, Does it hurt, what does it feel like, is there anything bad that can come out of this situation, how long does it last.

Please help!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks in advance!
I personaly think it feels good. Thats just me but if it goes on too long you can ask him to stop or what I did was pretend to fall asleep then my bf just stopped and laid by me and stopped. It might hurt if he pushes really hard which he shouldnt

can u please give me some ideas and topics for me and my boyfriend to talk about we seem to have a communication problem and it is destroying our relationship. we love each other so much though. i am a 26 year old female and my boyfriend is 30 (link)
Well maybe when you are having problems and know it when it is happening then stop and say ok lets try to work things out.

if ever i am talking to a guy, my friend always butts into teh conversation and will start to talk. even if the conversation has absolutly nothing to do with her. and sometimes these guys she isn't even freinds with! or i will talk to a guy then she will be like Bobbbbb!!!!! Bobbbb!!!! And it gets so annoying. How can I get her to stop? (link)
Talk with her about it it like always helps so Hope this helps REPLY IF NEED ANY MORE HELP

Nicole.. I want to see him.. and hes making it a huge issue that I cant come down half way again.. he already agreed to come down to my area and now hes backing out.. man I dunno wat to do.. shud I conform and call him and say i'll meet u at point B. or shud I wait for him to contact me.. wat shall I do? tell me pls

-SS (link)
If he doesnt come to your area then he lied and broke a promise you have to decide do you want a guy like that who might always back out I think you should call him and say "if you wont come to my area you lied broke a promise and I dont want a man like that in my life" (thats the way I would say it) maybe this advise will work but I am not you so i cant decide.

Hi. I have been recently talking to this guy that i met of some dating website. hes really nice we have soo much in common and after a week or two we met up. hes good looking and has a charming personality. he tells me after meeting that he has fallen for me and that he loves me. I think that is way too quick really. but my thing is if someone loves youu like they say they do they would call you more often, but the thing is, he hardly calls me. and he insists that I come down to see him. he won't come down to my area. he lives in scarborough and me in brampton. so the first time we met, was half way sort of. I didnt mind it and i made it a point to him that next time we meet up he should come down to my area and he agreed, then he said 2 days ago. he wants to meet at the same place we met before.. I got upset and said you promised etc to come to my area and he kept telling me that its too far etc.. I said that to him...(via txt msg) neways to cut things short,it has been two days since iv heard from him.. and I sent him a txt msg today saying i havent heard from you in 2 days hope all is well, pls call me today and let me know when you wanna meet up and if you don't pls let me know that to.. i gave him two options. but my question to you is wat do you make out of that situation.. wats your thoughts and advice to me. id really appreciate it if you would get back to me. by the way i'm 26 and hes gonna be 27 in january.

Well you should go to the point he wants and if you do then the next time he should be generous and come to your area. reply if any conncerns

okay so my boyfriend wants to finger me and so far hes felt me through like sweatpants.. but next time we hang out.. he wants to go in my pants and i dont mind.. except.. what does he expect to find as far as pubic hair goes? we never talked about it because i dont want to bring it up.. should i shave it or trim or what???

16/f. thanks (link)
Why do you even want to do it at 16 you could go to jail and you should shave it ttly off by the way.

my best guy friend says that he wants to have sex with me before we graduate. we're sophmores. i dont mind because i care about him because he is one of my best friends but if i have sex with him will it ruin our friendship? (link)
Dont go out with your friend it will ttly make things AWKWARD

16 f. chicago, il
if i have sex with a 24 yr old male.. and im not unwilling either (i know. i'm horrible.)
what would the police do to him if neone found out?
thanks (link)
both of you would go to jail

I've been pretty ill for about a week or so and haven't been able to eat, I've lived on tap water for the whole week and havn't eaten anything else. I've drunken about 1 1/2 to 2 litres per day, maybe a bit more. What will happen to me? Anything bad? What can it do? I'm scared but I can't bring myself to eat anything else... (link)
Talk to your doctor maybe your mother or father and try to eat soft foods and soups try to get down. and try not having so much water a day. Hope this helps

I have had discharge for over a year now and still havent started my period. Sometimes its thick and whitish but other times its kinda like pee. It always feels like i am wet and stuff. If i wear a pantiliner then i will use all of them up and my mom bought them for me just in case. I dont want to use all of them up because i have never had to use a pantiliner except for twice and i dont want to ask my mom for more because then she will think i started and i dont want to tell her that it was discahrge. It's embarrising. Also, here's another question, why is it thick some days and like pee another day? thanks in advance! (link)
Talk to your mom about it there is nothing to be embarrased about because it is normal all girls have it even I and Hope this helps

my family keeps asking me if i am depressed what should i do to show them that truthfully i am not? its really bugging me for once i am not depressed! (link)
Act as if you are happy and such and then your family will lay off. Hope this helps.

How do you deal with a death from someone you didn't even know? There was a girl who had gotten into a car accident and was killed. The driver got out with minor injuries, but everyone's crying and even though I didn't know her, I still feel like crying. I've been crying off and on and I don't know how to deal with it. I don't want to go to counseling or anything either. Please help me if you can. Thanks. (link)
Well maybe if you would concider it you should go to concleing. Or you could talk with your parents. Maybe you should get a note book write down everything you are mad,sad,happy ect. about. So whatever you feel like then write it down it really help trust me. please give feedback or ratings reply if it helps. PS I was in cancleing and it helped ttly.

ok so theres this boy i like...and well i really do like him .but he likes my best friend.. todaii i askd him if he still likes her and he said that he didnt like her the whole lot he did. that he likes her a lil. well we made out todaii and well i think i wanna loose it to him...we r both virgins so thats one good thing about it but i dont want to do it knowing he likes her ..even if he saiis he dont what do you think or what would you do? (link)
Maybe you love him and he thinks he loves you cause you love him. but I had a fake bf because he tried to make my friend jelous so maybe just maybe thats what your guy is doing try to figure it out. Be sneaky just dont get caught. GOOD LUCK.

i have been fasting for a week now....i tried eating again but with just a few spoonfulls i felt full, but i at it anyways and that's what made me get sick. so every little thing i try to eat makes me sick and it won't stay in me.....why is this? (link)
Wow um... I think you would be Christian or Catholic to fast I am Christian and I would say pray bout this and maybe try eat soft foods or soups. Try not eating to much just enough to help your stomach and if it gets worse go to the doctor and check it out.

I've had a really bad cold for the past couple of days, with a runny nose. Now my nose is all red and sore and the skin is all dry and gross!

I have to be at a formal this weekend, so if anyone can give me any tips on how to reduce the redness and help it heal faster, I'd appreciate it. I'd really prefer to not have to wear foundation or coverup though, because it bothers my skin. (link)
O man. Here is one tip: pray to God about it. I will be praying for you. God Bless and please reply and/or please rate this advise


first off i'd like to say that im not like those girls that look for guys online that say they love them but only want one thing.. sex.

k so i have a major problem. theres this guy i love sooo much.. his names Robin. well Robin and i haven't met.. yet. he was gonna come down not to long ago but family stuff came up. but now.. a new guy named Marc has came into my life but i havent met him yet either.. but i met him through a friend.. and him and i are hanging out during the week. well Marc said that he could see himself with me in the future.. i said that exact same thing. but like i love Robin so much and i dont know what to do.

but heres the scoop:
ROBIN - i've known him(online and telephone) for over 3 years now. he loves me. i love him. we say we're gonna marry one anotehr lol. i dont want to break his heart... again.. by being with someone else.

MARC - ive know him for not even a month. he says im amazing and that he could see himself with me. but i dont want his heart broken either.


Well you need to decide do you really love Marc or Robin which one makes your heart skip a beat because of love and which one makes you feel like just friends. Do you kiss. if you do which one do you kiss. Whatever one you think is the best go with but if things dont work out then it is always possible to go crawling back to the other guy. But it is apsulutly your choice. Life is all about taking risks and chances break-ups and make-ups. Hope this helps. Please reply and tell me what happens and I would like it if you would rate this. Thanks God Bless

hey, well I have a boyfriend, and i love him ALOT. you couldnt amagine. I feel different about this boy, i know what you are going to say.. its not love.. ur only 15. I really do love him, i would do anything for this kid really. Lately we have been getting in a lot of fightss. [ we have been toghether for almost two months] and we always get through them.. lol. but he flirts with girls alot and i used to flirt with his best friend but i dont anymore.. i didnt mean to.. he still does and i can feel like i cant trust him that much anymore.. i dont know i can .. but i get worried.. i get paranoied sometimes but hey.. its not my fault should we break up?? please help
xoxo muah* (link)
First you should talk to him and about the sitch. Then if he doesnt give a good excuse then maybe it would be time to break up but go with your heart not what I or someone else tells you what yo do. Hope this helps

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