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I'm a student to the world. my mother was a philosopher my father was a biker and me, I'm just experiencing life one day at a time. I give the best advice I can think of unless I'm 100% that the question has be fully answered. I want everyone to know that I'm not here for popularity, but if someone misses something and I notice then I will submit it (giving due credit to previous Advice givers). I don't like repeating things and will try my hardest not to.

Thank you.
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So, I just turned 18 3 months ago. I dropped out of high school my sophomore year. I was an above average student, but I started doing poorly and eventually just stopped attending. I was having problems in school with bullying due to sexual orientation, then those same problems transferred to home after they found out about it at school. Apart from that my family split up and I was left with my father, he didn't force me to go back to school not that I would of anyway in that past state of mind. I was very depressed as well as physically ill due to my deep depression.

Well it's been 3 years now I'm now better, I want to get my G.E.D or if possible maybe a High School Diploma, but I'm more inclined to a G.E.D because I don't want to have to repeat all of my high school year. I'm a pretty anxious and troubled person, when it comes to very populated scenes. I'm working on it, but it's very difficult. :(
After earning m G.E.D I would like to go to a tech school for culinary arts. I've searched online a bit for information but I feel very lost and anxious about all I've read any guidance at all would help. I'm looking for a college in or near NaperVille / Elk Grove Village / Bensin Ville Illinois to sit down and attend an actual class or at least to take the final test after the information they hand to study. I would prefer it over earning it online.

I found a few sites about Illinois G.E.D test programs ( )but I feel a bit over whelmed...and do to the fact my father doesn't understand much English I feel alone in this.

Can anyone help me at all?? Even a, "calm down it will all be alright." Will do me wonders... (link)

I'm not local so my answer will be very general. First off, if your worried about being in a populated area it might be better for you to take the GED approach. In case your unaware its just a big book you read then when you are ready you go into an exam room and write a test. However if your looking into the Diploma, you best bet would be to go to a highschool and ask to speak with the principle, vice principle or even just a counseler about the issue at hand, they'll have information on where you can go, whether their school can offer you a "reinstatement" of sorts. If your looking for answers they have a tendancy of finding you. Keep trying and success will come your way.

Hope this helped

What is that lumpy stuff in tapioca pudding? (link)

This web page will explain that this is a starch contracted from a plant normally formed into pearls which are then made with the pudding to provide the texture of caviar (fish eggs)

Hope this helps o^-^o

Please don't put comments like your too young, your not ready for this, etc.

This guy I like wants me to go to his house friday. He are both in highschool, and I know he wouldn't do anything bad. I trust him.

Anyways, I'm going to his house, and he wants to eat me out, finger me, and teach me how to make out. He said he would be very casual about it.

So I was like okay. And he wants me to give him a hand job and a blow job, I said no the the bj though. He said that he would take this very seriously and not talk dirty and stuff, and guide my hand where it should go.

Anywayss, now that you have the background info, what's it like doing all this?

I know its different for everyone, and whateverr, but I wanna know what its like for you.

How do you sit? How does he sit? What do I do during? What does he do during? Where does his jiz go XD.

Haha. Uhmm, I had another 1question, but I forgot it. Oh well.

Please answer fast!

15/f & he is 16/m
We're dating.
Thats quite a broad range of questions, but I'll try to answer you in the order you asked them and as many as I can;

Question 1: what's it like doing all this? When he eats you out its most likely going to feel really good, kinda like eating a hot fudge sunday and knowing that instead of gaining weight you'll lose it. It'll be very wet and sensetive as well. Fingering will feel almost the same but be easier for him to stimulate you so theres a better chance you'll enjoy it more (unless he's well experienced). When making out keep your mouth untensed and he should too, this'll make his lips and yours feel like pillows. As per the hand job it'll feel very hard but very soft at the same time, kind of like a silky stocking over a muscular leg as far as your hands will feel. And with the bj, if you decide to will give your mouth the same feeling as your hands with the hand job except you'll be able to feel everything about him, every vein, every indent, where it goes from smooth to rough and vice versa and this would be a very comforting feeling, if you decide to do this you might get addicted, be warned lol.

Question 2: How do you sit and how does he sit? There are many ways to sit, lie or kneel, my best suggestion is, get comfortable. When he's doing something to you he'll move so he's comfortable when he sees your comfy. Now when your having fun with him he'll lie down or sit up and you work around him but try to stay comfy too.

Question 3: What do I do during and what does he do during? You said that he's going to show you what he likes so keep an eye on his expressions and if you see something he really likes concentrate on that for a bit then go back to what he was showing you, as for his turn just stay comfy and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Question 4: Where does his jizz go? Where ever you want it to, there is no rule set in stone as to where he can come unless you set it in stone. But I'll give you some examples; Breasts, face, stomach, butt, hand, mouth or possibly swallow. Now as per those examples, if he gives you a really obvious compliment like "you have a great rack" it might be more of a turn on for him to see your breasts covered in cum, or if you feel really confident in yourself and want to try swallowing it he would be very impressed (side note: Cum is really bitter and comes out pretty warm, a lot of girls don't like it but guys do because of how rare it happens). If your giving him a handjobe and he's cumming you can just let it come out and it'll most likely roll down your hand, other than that just be creative and let your mind wander into the gutter, lol.

Hope this could help and sorry it's so long.
If you have any more questions just ask.


ok well im going out with this girl who i was good friends with before hand...because we went out before then broke up then became really good friends then decided to go out again

but im really confused because im not sure how to go further than kissing with her or what she expects from me. because shes generally the type who likes to go further pretty quickly. shes nineteen by the way.but i dont know how or if she will find it weird because we are friends. or how to break that awkwardness. how do i know if she wants to? when we make out its pretty intense and stuff and she usually puts her leg right up against my crotch but i really dont know. any sugestions? or how i could tell if she even wanted to? because i wouldn want to if she didnt if you get me.

thanks (link)
I know how you can find out right away if she wants to go further. As soon as you mentioned "...when we make out its pretty intense and stuff..." then it became simple. Now that you two are that far into your relationship, you want to get more serious. So what you do is talk or do what ever it is you do until you start making out. While your making out make sure either she's on top of you or vise versa. Casually move your hand under her shirt so that your skin is touching hers and move it up to her bra strap...provided she's wearing a bra...Now that your here, hand moving upward, start looking for signs of discomfort, a weird face, maybe her hand pushes down on yours or she might even tell you to stop. If you see anything like this stop and pull your hand away because this means "no" or "not yet" However if you don't see this is means "keep going" or "I think your right, lets keep going" and from there you should be set. As a caution: always keep an eye out for discomfort when moving on and it could prolong your relationship (speaking from experience, 3 years and many more to come)

Good luck, sorry that was so long.
Hope this helps o^-^o


Ok, so around next week this guy who i know and like is going to ask me out. We've been crushing on each other since spring break. he's not allowed to date untill he's in highschool, but i know for a fact that he used to screw around with other girls before we met each other. So pretty soon we're going to start dating and he'll be my first boyfriend and i'm really nervous. Just a little while ago i learned that he's fingered a girl and gotten hand and blow jobs before. I'm worried that since he'd be my first boyfriend that i won't be able to...well, that he'd expect me to do things more experinced girls he knows do. I really like him but am afraid that he as soon as we get together he'll be all disappointed that i'm not as experienced. please,could you give me some advice? (link)
I find the greatest pleasure in a relationship, physically and mentally, comes from learning. Sure you've heard from other people....or maybe even him that he's got a little bit of experience, so what? This is nothing to be concerned of, just pay attention to what he likes, facial expressions are most common. But don't forget to notice what he doesnt like and move on. If he looks bored or in pain try something new...unless he likes pain, lol. But for the most part, relax, this is a learning experience, you'll both enjoy it.

Hope this helps o^-^o

i heard this song on the radio..and it kinda sound's like maybe kelly clarkson or christina agulara (sp??)

and all i remember from it is " put your lips on my mouth."

or something similarrr. (:

thank's for you help! (link)
Put It In Your Mouth lyrics by Akinyele


Okay, so. I have this best friend, Andrew, and I've liked him since about 6th grade or so. Shitloads of people says he feels the same since he apparently "acts" like it. I've sorta seen it, too. Even my grandmother thinks so.
5/22/09 my other BFF, Cody, and I got Andrew high for the first time, so I know we're close as hell. And We've kised a few times one night via kissing contest, held hands that same night, and we hug a lot, but that's it. If he feels the same, then I want more. But I'm unsure of how to do it, or even TO do it. Like, how do I get him to know I want him to kiss me again? Or something along those lines.
I don't know if any of that makes sense, but some advice would greatly be appreciated :]

Thanks in advance (link)
Be upfront with him, let him know how you feel. If you want to try a relationship with this guy then the first step to make it work is to be honest. A lot of guys don't understand subtle hints and gestures so an idea might be to tell a good friend of both of yours, preferably a female and someone who wont get jelouse, who you know would tell him that you may be interested in going out with him.

Hope this helps.

i just bought condoms which is the "new trojan her pleasure ecstasy". i wanted to see how big the condom really was, but it looked pretty big to me. it doesn't say it has a specific size on it, but just wondering, are trojan condoms supposed to look big? (link)
A condom is fairly big as well as the fact that its made out of a stretchy material. However, because they come rolled tight in a package it can fit pretty much any guy who is smaller than the actual length. These types of condoms are made for those with average to semi-well endowment if the man using it is any bigger there may be a chance it'll break.

I hope this helps

so im asian, pretty light weight and me face goes red when i drink! i know it's because im "allergic", but does anyone know how to reduce it or help it so i dont turn red?

and whats a
40 pounder
and 60 pounder?

thanks! (link)
Space out your drinks and dont mix. This will slow down the effect of the alcohol but no matter what you do its bound to happen it happens to everyone. As per the 2-6, 40 pounder and 60 pounder, this refers to how much alcohol is in the bottle your buying. This is measured in oz, 26oz, 40oz, and 60oz.

Hope this helps. o^-^o

i woke up and immidiately knew i hit my period. i didnt have terrible cramps at church, so i didnt take anything. when i got home is when it hit me hard. it felt like someone was taking my liver or intestine or something and twisting it as tight as it could go, (i dont know how to explain it otherwise. i dont think im having any problems with those organs...) well i thought if i took some ibuprofen it would go away, so i took 3. it was after i swallowed them that i realized ibu works slowly, takes forever, and doesnt last more than 2 hours. and it just feels like a blanket is covering the cramps. so then i went downstairs and took 2 pamprin, the pink ones with max pain relief. after that the cramps were unbearable for 37 minutes. i writhed on my sisters bed twenty minutes, switching positons, sobbing, punching pillows, rolling around, about to lose my f**king mind. finally, the cramps subsided, but all my energy is gone. i have to walk slowly because if i make any quick movements, they come back, like a sore. its been an hour since i took those pills and im trying my hardest to stay still and not move anything. i even have to breathe a certain way.

did i OD or something? is this normal? and is it normal for the cramps to be THAT bad? they've never been like this before, and im afraid of when the pills will stop working. it was too unbearable. can someone explain this, please?

thank you for reading. (link)
I'd like to start off by saying "I'm a guy." But please do not discredit everything I have to say after that as I do have a GF. From my experience, the pain varies depending on the woman, now you said that this time was "more" painful than the other times. That having been said, I would recommend consulting your doctor about this as there "could" be something wrong. The pills: Some pills react very different to others, I know this as I have experimented a lot with pain killers. However, it doesnt sound like you took enough to actually OD on them. But, I would like to recommend an alternative pain killer that my GF and I both commonly use; The hot water bottle. This can sooth and heal internal wounds, hot water bottles have been a form of pain releif for 100's of years and to this day are still very useful and easy to find. If your concerned about what it may look like you can get coverings that actually keep the heat in longer as well. If your concerned about cost, theyre very cheap. You dont have to buy one made of gold and silver when you can get one just as good at walmart(which you can disguise as a teddy bear) for like $10 or so.
I hope this could help,

Im a 20 yr old female and I have been with my girlfriend for over 2 years now. We have been living together for the past year. We have a pretty good relationship and for the most part, im happy. The main problem is I constantly get irritated because things arent "fair" or "equal". For example, my girlfriend will ask me to get her a drink and then shell ask me to get her a snack and then she'll ask me to get her a blanket and then she'll ask me to take the dogs out. And I'll do it all. But then I ask her to get me a drink and she will flat out say no and wont do it. And then I start getting irritated and angry because I feel like why should I do it for you when you wouldnt do it for me. She says I shouldnt expect things in return for the favors I do. I get so torn over it because part of me feels like shes right and its not right for me to get mad I should just do it because I love her and I shouldnt expect her to do it for me in return. But then a minute later i think that its crap and its not fair at all and if she loves me then she should do it for me. I would just like some opinions and advice because I feel like if I could get over my issue with this then our relationship would be so much better. Thanks alot. (link)
There is always a solution to a problem. In this case it seems, not to offend, that there may be a lack of communication in your relationship. Now that we have identified the problem, the solution: A simple discussion as per what has been bothering you. Don't sugar coat it, just tell her how it is and how it is making you feel. After this discussion your GF should reply with "oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize this was how you felt, I'll try to be more aware of this issue in the future." Once you have made it this far, to encourage her and to test her listening capabilities, casually ask her to grab you, say, a glass of water. If she responds to your disliking then another talk may be needed to improve her listening capabilities. Please use this only as a guidline and feel free to change or modify anything in here to suit your liking.
I hope this helps, o^-^o

Hi :) I'm a wannabee artist kindof and I heard somewhere that if you trace pictures, it can improve your drawing skills? Is this true? If not, what will improve my skills? Thanks! (link)
tracing a picture will not improve your drawing skills, however, what will is taking pictures and redrawing them to the best of your ability. Hope I could help o^-^o

what do you love most about girls? :]
just wonderinqqqqqq boyss only answerr pleasee (link)
each boy is different, my preferences consist of an athletic body the type of clothing worn and if you have it vanilla body spray or purfume/males are very attracted to the way a woman smells. Hope this could help o^-^o

Hi please help

My girlfriend and i are about to get married. This week her ex boyfriend contact her. He needs help. He has been lying to everyone. He is at a stage where he want to end his life. My girlfriend decides that she want to help him. She feels sorry for him. In four years he has had no contact with her. Why now. What should i do. (link)
My opinion would be to start by alerting the autorities of this/if YOU feel its is a serious issue. Normally, if he is ligitimate, he'll reach out to the people he once knew and possibly loved to see if anyone cares about him. If your gf is really inclined to help her ex I would say stick by her side, try and help her all you can and things will pan out in the end. Hope this could help o^-^o

I Have had the same boyfriend for ggoing on 3 years now.we stay together and everyting but why do i feel so lonely.i just recently lost my job so i'm home alone all day.he's off to work at about 3 in the morning and he's home no later than 8 in the evening.when he come in i'm so excited but he comes in say a few thingss and then right back outbthe door to the store or something and then when he gets back he's outside talking to one of his friends for an hour or two and then when he comes in he's tired he ask me for his dinner he eats take a shower and get in bed..and then he hollars for me to come to get in bed so we can have sex and then he turns over and go to sleep..thats everyday we don't spend any time together..we just got rid of my car and for a long time it was only my car we had and now he have his car i'm really stuck inside he takes his keys to work but his co worker come to get him everyday..But when I had my car he had an extra set of keys...what is it? am i just over reacting? or is he trying to keep me inside and away form everybody..i'm already in another state away from my family and he doing thin purposely?? (link)
I had a friend that did this to his girlfriend. I'll tell you what I told her "you can't stay in the house all day, its not healthy." In a relationship there is jelousy, but people sometimes over react and become scared. Confront him on this matter, let him know how you feel and that You need more attention. Because if you think about it a man joins a relationship to care for the woman, pamper her and spend every possible moment with her. I see my gf every time that I have time. Just let him know how you feel, he has to understand that you need a life too. Hope this helped o^-^o

I love sex but I over heard my Boyfriend telling his friend about what goes on in our bed.i
m an very open person and people think that something like this shouldn't bother me but it is because. Me and my boyfriend do any and everything in the bed and his friends is kinda flirty.And thats probaly why. MY boyfriend always say his boys wish they had a girl like me and i just take it as a compliment..But now I feel uneasy about it because i think thats why they are always looking at me.We have had 3 somes before but never with any pf his friend...and i really hope he didn't tell them that... (link)
I used to be the same way with my friends. I had no idea the way it affected how my gf felt until she came out and told me. Honesty, communication, without those people end up hurt. So my advice to you is to confront your boyfriend and let him know how you feel, he will understand and start keeping some secrets or even completely stop all together. Hope I could help o^-^o

My boyfriend has a small penis.. it's not important to me I still love him but I was wondering what are the best positions to have sex with a guy that has a small penis... from the back hasnt had the best sucess.. i dont really want to be on top all the time i feel kind of self conscious lol. (link)
Ouch, small penis? I hope he doesnt know you wrote this....But anyways, I would actually suggest a couple of things in this situation, number one being, try to experiment with all different possitions, this can not only help you find out what feels good for you but also it will allow you to explore your own sexuallity and possibly help you discover something that you enjoy....even more than sex...not that that is possible, but you never know. Any way, srry about rambling, option 2 there are always excercizes that a woman can do that will actually make her tighter..."down there"....these excercizes are fairly easy to do and can be done in public without being noticed...Are you ready? Here they are...# When you're peeing, clench (without your hands) your muscles to stop the flow of urine for about four seconds. Then release those same muscles to let the urine flow again. These are your pelvic floor muscles; these are the muscles you'll be exercising when you do Kegels.
# If you want to check and make sure that you're using the right muscles, put a finger or two into your vagina. Tighten the muscles. If you can feel your fingers being squeezed (even just a little), then you've located the right muscles.
# About five to ten times a day, repeat the Kegels ten times per session.
# It can take up to 8 - 10 weeks to notice improvement, and there will most certainly be improvement. Like any kind of weight lifting or muscle building exercises

Also, the excersize can be done by just clenching the muscles(most effective methods:Clench and unclench quicklyand repetitively or clench and hold for as long as possible)...(you don't have to be peeing to do this excersize)

Hope I could help

I've always liked that name but is it a weird one? and i dont exactly get the meaning of it. do you think it sounds cute? and i pronounce it "kih-me" not "kee-mee". could i still say it the way i want even though apparently its not "pronounced" that way. cuz i dont want to change the spelling but saying it as "kee-mee" sounds weird since i'd always called it "kih-me". and is it a word in japanese? its always in japanese songs. (link)
The name is in fact of Japanese origin and its meaning is upright and righteous. this name is very popular in Japan, due to how nice it sounds. As far as how you pronounce it, if its your child's name, teach them that its pronounced this was and spelled the other and if anyone says anything then thats their problem. If its your name then all you have to do is tell them "It's my name and your just gonna have to get used to it cuz it's not gonna change." Also, I have to agree it is a very nice name,
Hope I could help you o^-^o

In the last 3 years ive had growth spurts of sorts with my penis. Im 25 and ive read that it stops after 17 but some say it grows until your thirties. Anyways it has happend four times within three years and it always happens after i start working out after a long period of no excercise. but it only happens when i start a routine not while im weeks into my excericse program. it gains more in girth then in length. Im not a meathead thats in the gym all the time, i go when i can. Is it the shock to my body that releases hormones that does it? Maybe because of the vitamins and im eatting more? Im not complaining, just a question. Thanks! (link)
In this case, think of your body as a whole. If you work out, the entire thing will grow, including your penis. Also another thing to consider is that the genitals are a muscle which may mean the excersizes that you do, as well as the vitamin intake may be causing it to grow.

Hope I could help. o^-^o

Not long ago, I met a guy (and his girlfriend) at a cafe. We were all there to study and got around to talking a bit too. Me and the guy started talking, mainly about schools, jobs, etc., nothing major, and we were not flirting at all, but seriously clicked. We mainly talked when his girlfriend was busy talking to other people or got up to go to the bathroom or something...
Seriously, it may sound like it, but we were not flirting AT ALL, although a few smiles here and there were exchanged.

So I see the guy a couple weeks later at the same cafe, we were both there to study and didn't talk aside from saying how's it going. But from the corner of my eye, I saw him turn around and look at sounds like nothing, but in my experience, things like that usually mean something. Now I don't know, when I see him, all I can think is "you have a girlfriend, you have a girlfriend....BUT...." and I am NOT the type of person that would ever go after someone else's boyfriend, but I feel like there's this little awkward feeling when I see the guy, I mean if he were single....I think I would probably go for it. But he's not, and so now I feel awkward.

Okay, I already know pretty much why I feel this way, but wanted to know what others do you feel about it all, and were you ever caught in a similar situation? (link)
this is a very common situation between people, in this case, there are 3 options. Option 1: Stay friends, and eventually become good friends. Kinda like pen pals, exchange emails and keep in touch and meet for coffee or just to hang out. Option 2: Isolation. This option basically speaks for itself, however just to clarify, you can actually completely ignore this guy and erase him out of your mind. A key in doing this is every time you might be thinking of him, do something else, read a book or play a game. Don't say hi if you see him, that kinda thing. And finally, Option 3: Make him fall in love with you. I know you already said that you don't do that which would make option 1 a better alternative for this. However if you do choose this option then heres what to do. Spend excessive amounts of time with him and show him why he should be yours. eventually 1 of 2 things will happen, 1 if he feels the same way and him and his girl fight he'll come to you and he's already yours, just comfort him. Or 2 he will want to remain as "just friends." leading to option 1 once more. I have been in this situation and because of my personality, I chose option 2.

Hope I could answer some of your questions and I wish you good luck. o^-^o

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