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I'm a student to the world. my mother was a philosopher my father was a biker and me, I'm just experiencing life one day at a time. I give the best advice I can think of unless I'm 100% that the question has be fully answered. I want everyone to know that I'm not here for popularity, but if someone misses something and I notice then I will submit it (giving due credit to previous Advice givers). I don't like repeating things and will try my hardest not to.

Thank you.
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Please don't put comments like your too young, your not ready for this, etc.

This guy I like wants me to go to his house friday. He are both in highschool, and I know he wouldn't do anything bad. I trust him.

Anyways, I'm going to his house, and he wants to eat me out, finger me, and teach me how to make out. He said he would be very casual about it.

So I was like okay. And he wants me to give him a hand job and a blow job, I said no the the bj though. He said that he would take this very seriously and not talk dirty and stuff, and guide my hand where it should go.

Anywayss, now that you have the background info, what's it like doing all this?

I know its different for everyone, and whateverr, but I wanna know what its like for you.

How do you sit? How does he sit? What do I do during? What does he do during? Where does his jiz go XD.

Haha. Uhmm, I had another 1question, but I forgot it. Oh well.

Please answer fast!

15/f & he is 16/m
We're dating.
Thats quite a broad range of questions, but I'll try to answer you in the order you asked them and as many as I can;

Question 1: what's it like doing all this? When he eats you out its most likely going to feel really good, kinda like eating a hot fudge sunday and knowing that instead of gaining weight you'll lose it. It'll be very wet and sensetive as well. Fingering will feel almost the same but be easier for him to stimulate you so theres a better chance you'll enjoy it more (unless he's well experienced). When making out keep your mouth untensed and he should too, this'll make his lips and yours feel like pillows. As per the hand job it'll feel very hard but very soft at the same time, kind of like a silky stocking over a muscular leg as far as your hands will feel. And with the bj, if you decide to will give your mouth the same feeling as your hands with the hand job except you'll be able to feel everything about him, every vein, every indent, where it goes from smooth to rough and vice versa and this would be a very comforting feeling, if you decide to do this you might get addicted, be warned lol.

Question 2: How do you sit and how does he sit? There are many ways to sit, lie or kneel, my best suggestion is, get comfortable. When he's doing something to you he'll move so he's comfortable when he sees your comfy. Now when your having fun with him he'll lie down or sit up and you work around him but try to stay comfy too.

Question 3: What do I do during and what does he do during? You said that he's going to show you what he likes so keep an eye on his expressions and if you see something he really likes concentrate on that for a bit then go back to what he was showing you, as for his turn just stay comfy and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Question 4: Where does his jizz go? Where ever you want it to, there is no rule set in stone as to where he can come unless you set it in stone. But I'll give you some examples; Breasts, face, stomach, butt, hand, mouth or possibly swallow. Now as per those examples, if he gives you a really obvious compliment like "you have a great rack" it might be more of a turn on for him to see your breasts covered in cum, or if you feel really confident in yourself and want to try swallowing it he would be very impressed (side note: Cum is really bitter and comes out pretty warm, a lot of girls don't like it but guys do because of how rare it happens). If your giving him a handjobe and he's cumming you can just let it come out and it'll most likely roll down your hand, other than that just be creative and let your mind wander into the gutter, lol.

Hope this could help and sorry it's so long.
If you have any more questions just ask.


i just bought condoms which is the "new trojan her pleasure ecstasy". i wanted to see how big the condom really was, but it looked pretty big to me. it doesn't say it has a specific size on it, but just wondering, are trojan condoms supposed to look big? (link)
A condom is fairly big as well as the fact that its made out of a stretchy material. However, because they come rolled tight in a package it can fit pretty much any guy who is smaller than the actual length. These types of condoms are made for those with average to semi-well endowment if the man using it is any bigger there may be a chance it'll break.

I hope this helps

I love sex but I over heard my Boyfriend telling his friend about what goes on in our bed.i
m an very open person and people think that something like this shouldn't bother me but it is because. Me and my boyfriend do any and everything in the bed and his friends is kinda flirty.And thats probaly why. MY boyfriend always say his boys wish they had a girl like me and i just take it as a compliment..But now I feel uneasy about it because i think thats why they are always looking at me.We have had 3 somes before but never with any pf his friend...and i really hope he didn't tell them that... (link)
I used to be the same way with my friends. I had no idea the way it affected how my gf felt until she came out and told me. Honesty, communication, without those people end up hurt. So my advice to you is to confront your boyfriend and let him know how you feel, he will understand and start keeping some secrets or even completely stop all together. Hope I could help o^-^o

My boyfriend has a small penis.. it's not important to me I still love him but I was wondering what are the best positions to have sex with a guy that has a small penis... from the back hasnt had the best sucess.. i dont really want to be on top all the time i feel kind of self conscious lol. (link)
Ouch, small penis? I hope he doesnt know you wrote this....But anyways, I would actually suggest a couple of things in this situation, number one being, try to experiment with all different possitions, this can not only help you find out what feels good for you but also it will allow you to explore your own sexuallity and possibly help you discover something that you enjoy....even more than sex...not that that is possible, but you never know. Any way, srry about rambling, option 2 there are always excercizes that a woman can do that will actually make her tighter..."down there"....these excercizes are fairly easy to do and can be done in public without being noticed...Are you ready? Here they are...# When you're peeing, clench (without your hands) your muscles to stop the flow of urine for about four seconds. Then release those same muscles to let the urine flow again. These are your pelvic floor muscles; these are the muscles you'll be exercising when you do Kegels.
# If you want to check and make sure that you're using the right muscles, put a finger or two into your vagina. Tighten the muscles. If you can feel your fingers being squeezed (even just a little), then you've located the right muscles.
# About five to ten times a day, repeat the Kegels ten times per session.
# It can take up to 8 - 10 weeks to notice improvement, and there will most certainly be improvement. Like any kind of weight lifting or muscle building exercises

Also, the excersize can be done by just clenching the muscles(most effective methods:Clench and unclench quicklyand repetitively or clench and hold for as long as possible)...(you don't have to be peeing to do this excersize)

Hope I could help

In the last 3 years ive had growth spurts of sorts with my penis. Im 25 and ive read that it stops after 17 but some say it grows until your thirties. Anyways it has happend four times within three years and it always happens after i start working out after a long period of no excercise. but it only happens when i start a routine not while im weeks into my excericse program. it gains more in girth then in length. Im not a meathead thats in the gym all the time, i go when i can. Is it the shock to my body that releases hormones that does it? Maybe because of the vitamins and im eatting more? Im not complaining, just a question. Thanks! (link)
In this case, think of your body as a whole. If you work out, the entire thing will grow, including your penis. Also another thing to consider is that the genitals are a muscle which may mean the excersizes that you do, as well as the vitamin intake may be causing it to grow.

Hope I could help. o^-^o

im 14.and ive been with my boyfriend for about a year&& 4 months.when we have sex he just pulls out.we havent been using protection for about 7months.i really dont like the sex with condoms.should i start using you think its safe? (link)
Hi, I'm 19/m,
me and my gf have been going out for about 2 and a half years now, from experience, use protection, we were supposed to have a child but it miscarried, its probably one of the most depressing things ever. The younger you are the higher the chance of a miscarriage. What we do now is I supply her the money for whats called a Nuva Ring and that gets put in every month (about $26) and releases hormones that make it so you won't get pregnant but you wont have to use a condom (it is recommended, but she's been on for about a year and nothing)
Hope I could help o^-^o
& good luck

hi, ok well i was just wondering... i was just talking to my bf and im 14 and hes 16 and we have been best friends for like 2 years and everything and he and i makeout a lot whenever we see each other (like once a week) and i was asking him how far we would go right now in our relationship (3 months) he said 2nd (touching a girl's breast) and we have gotten close he has touched me through my bra once and my shirt one other time but im very protective of that one of the two times he did without asking and he said he was very sorry and promised not to again. anyway im moving in June so i asked what about when i leave how far? our relationship would be about 5 months. he said a hj. i was very surprised because ya hes horny like very other guy but he tries really hard to be good. he has set limits and wont put himself in a position like being home alone with me because he doesnt trust himself. hes very responcible. but hes also a 16 yr old guy. well he would be-hes turning 16 in May. yay he turns 16 and gets a hj lol

so first off if i wanted to give him a hj is that normal (i kno everyone says do what your comfortable with but would u say most 16 yr old guys have gotten a hj) the thing is im only 14 tho. a freshman. hes also a freshman but hes much older im younger and hes older. he and i are deeply in love tho so it wont be like i do that with every guy or w/e.

it would both of our firsts. he said yes because it would be somthing to remember each other by.

also dont worry cause i know i wont because im not comfortable with that. my bf doesnt know that i wont but i do. i just had some questions about if i did want to.

and i know i dont have to i mean he didnt even ask i said how far would you let us go.

thanks :) (link)
Hi there,
19 m and been in love for 2 years. Wow, my gf wasn't kidding when she said we took it too fast, lol. We're also 2 years apart and i met her right before my 17 birthday. About 1 month into our relationship we started having sex. Not hj's or even bj's. I wouldn't recommend this, however it looks like the rate you two are going is just fine, comfortable some might say. And thats how a relationship should be. Just to touch on the other question you have posted, wanting to do something sexual for your partner is perfectly normal, especially after 5 months, just make sure you are ready for it. About the ages, normally I would have said wait but if you feel you love him then why wait? Whats the worst thing that could happen?

Hope I could help o^-^o
& good luck

I know this sounds rediculous but recently my ex boyfriend has stop having sex with me. How can I get him to want to have sex with me again? And how can I make it really hot and sexiiiiii sex.?

Ill rate high (link)
You obviously know that its not a good thing your doing so I'll just focus on how. Think back to the time before you started having sex with your x. Make him want you, don't give in to his every desire. I'd suggest making a game out of it then when you finally let him win its all that much better. While your doing this try to act all cute and innocent, this'll add to the desire. You need to figure out a way to hook him into this, i suggest using phrases like "if you want this, ya gotta catch me first" while taking something he wants/needs at the time.

Hope I could help o^-^o and good luck.

so heres the deal:
so this guy i'm friends with has a girlfriend but him and i have kinda been hooking up and like he wants do like actual stuff like more then making out. uhm i have kinda no idea what i'm doing. any tips? (link)
First off, ask yourself this, "do you really wanna be with a guy who has a gf?" and if the answer is yes then it all depends on what the two of you like. If you wanna give him head then i suggest you pay lots of attention to the head but not to neglect the rest of his...pleasure center... Dont forget to pretend to let him take advantage of you, most guys like this. But theres lots of fun things 2 people can do before they wanna have sex, ie. 69ing, going up each others shirts(some guys have sensitive nipples), flavoured body paints. But for sex, lubes are really fun, as is sex in the bath or shower.

Hope I could help o^-^o

So im 14/f and not many guys like me, im not ugly, and a few guuys are interested but not the ones i particularly like. All ive done is kiss a guy, and ive been getting horney lately, like...i go on imvu and try to have cybersex, its weird but i cant help it, its just sooo good! Is this unsafe? and is it weird that i get horney like every day? Thanks (link)
Cybersex is only unsafe if you give away personal information, as long as they don't know anything, or very much, about you then its fine. Getting horny everyday is also perfectly normal, most teenagers do so its nothing to be worried about.

Hope I could hep o^-^o

im really not sexually active but what is it like to be wet cause i dont know if i do or not. or when your suppose to cum or how it feels. i've been to third before but i never came so i dont know whats wrong withh mee (link)
It's different for everybody. A lot of girls can't cum unless they have something more than fingers or a tongue in them, where as all you need to do is caress some of them and they'll cum. I can't personally tell you how it feels like cuz I'm a guy, but from what I've heard, its a sort of warm and excited feeling.

Hope I could help o^-^o

my bf and i have had 'dry sex' but only for a short amount of time and not even rubbing all that much like i rubbed up on him but his penis wasnt like on my or pushing up against me and only for like a min or two or w/e so is it bad? cause its kinda the movements of sex and we havent been dating long and im really catious but when we did it i didnt even know it was dry sex and i liked it but it totally didnt seem that bad to me or that sexual. thanx for the help :) (link)
There is nothing wrong with dry sex, no risks involved its basically kissing and being affectionate. Personally, i wouldn't talk about it much to friends or family because they may get the wrong idea and if you just started dating you don't want people getting the wrong idea.

Hope I could help. o^-^o

do girls get top or bottom? (link)
Top or bottom all depends on how much control you want, how it feels, and how the other person feels about it. Being on top can make you feel more in control but not everyone likes that. So really, its up to the couple.

Hope I could help o^-^o

i gave my boyfriend a blowjob for the first time tonight.. and i was wondering how long it should take for me to get him off? i felt like i was doing it for soo long.. is this bad? if i was doing it really well, wouldn't he come more quickly?

what are some good tips or things guys really enjoy while receiving bjs..? (link)
As a guy I can tell you this, we're all different as far as sexual things go. Me, I could go for an eternity and never "get off" no matter what but for someone else just thinking about it could get them off. Pay attention to the facial expressions and body language when giving a bj if you find a something that he really likes keep doing it. Try to pay attention to his more sensitive areas (i.e. the head and right below it) Another thing, ask him what he would like you to do, he shouldn't hold anything back because sex is all about getting to know your parter better, there should be nothing with-held no matter how embarrassing it is.

Hope I could help o^-^o

so i was doing my duty answering questions on here and i saw a question about orgasms and i felt retarded becuase i had no idea what any of it meant haha.
what is a gspot and what is a clit??? (link)
The clit is a very sensitive part located right above the vagina and is made of the same tissue and nerve endings as the head of the penis. The G-Spot is inside the vagina, its this one special spot that if stimulated properly can cause multiple orgasms.

Hope I could help o^-^o

ok well i'm gonna have sex w/ this guy, but i'm a little worried that his penis might be too thick for me to take. is this a stupid fear? will my vagina be able to stretch to accomodate it? ...and will it hurt a lot? (link)
If you think thats its too thick try putting a little bit of lubricant on it and take it a little bit at a time. The body is made to have babies and stretches like an elastic band, it will hurt if its your first time after a while it'll all go away.

Hope I could help o^-^o


okay ..
this is probably gonna be kinda sorta long but ohh mann. so like,
I just got my first kiss on valentines day this year and I was rlly relieved cuz i thought i would NEVER get kissed and omg i was SO nervous .. well like, im rlly scared to do anything sexual for some reason
im like, prude
ha i dont WANNA be but i dont wanna be a slut either
well .. the guy i kissed is the ONLY guy ive kissed and yeah, weve kissed more than once
but never made out

and okay .. i just have a few questions i would like answered.

1. how do you makeout and is there a wrong way to do it ?

2. about blowjobs ? is it like, nasty ? is there a wrong way to do that ? and how do you do it?

3. handjobs? same concept.

4. sex ? does it rlly hurt for girls as bad as everyone says it does .. i wanna do it butttt im more scared of it hurting then getting caught or anything.

if someone could answer any of these questions, i would greatly appreciate it
1. Making out should come natural to any person. Just do what feels comfortable and try to keep your lips relaxed, this makes them softer and easier for the guy as well as yourself.


3. I find that when my gf gives me a hand job its always a little dry, if you like to get your hands wet then you should like this one. Try using a message oil or lubricant, though saliva can work just as well. Focus on the more sensitive parts such as the head or right below it.

4.It is true that sex for the first time can hurt. Just tell him to go slow and pull out as soon as it hurts. Lubricant can also help for this, but after a while the pain all goes away and nothing but pleasure remains.

Hope I could help o^-^o

When you have sex for the first time do you bleed? and if you do, does it get on the sheets, and how much do you usually bleed?

Thanks Ya'll (link)
There are many factors to look at when answering this question. Like the person before me, it depends on the girl, however it can also depend on the guy. If the guy is big (compared to how open the girl is) she may bleed, if he enters at the wrong angle she may also bleed (I found this out with my first gf) If it's your first time and your worried about getting the sheets bloody i suggest maybe put a towel down or a cloth you can throw away later. As for how much? Once again that all depends on the girl and the guy.

Hope I could help

how can i relax whenim with a guy like i mean hooking up...i hve avoid every relationship becuase i dont know ow to make out !!! even kiss!!! (link)

Let everything come naturally. When you are just starting a relationship you need to keep calm as much as possible. If you are nervous he/she will notice and might start to get nervous as well. As far as kissing goes, get comfortable, look him/her in the eyes, line your lips up with his/hers and move in. Sometimes its a good idea to only go part way and let your bf/gf go the rest of the way but if you feel you want to go all the way then its not a bad idea unless he/she isn't ready either then just laugh it off.

Hope i could help o^-^o

right im 15/m/uk my gf may be pregnant if she is what should i do:| i cant tel my parents or im going to get disowned and she cant tel hers what should we do how can we get an abortion like behind our parents back i know that sounds wrong but please advice is strongely needed. (link)
Before you start considering an abortion you need to find out if she actually is. I'm 17/m and I was sure my gf was pregnant but then she took a test 2 weeks later and it showed up negative. If you do find out she is pregnant and you both agree on abortion then make the appointment yourselves and just tell your parents that you need to stay afterschool for set amount of time. Tell them you'll call when you need to be picked up, just in case it takes longer than you expected. It should all go smoothly as doctors are not allowed to give out information on patients without suffering severe penalties.

Hope I could Help o^-^o

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