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Q: There is nothing that I want more than a babydoll yorkie. I have looked everywhere, and everything is beyond expensive. I can only afford $300 or less. I am from Virginia too, so can anyone help me out?
Try looking in the papers they sometimes have dogs in there.

Q: I want a small indoor dog who can get along with my cat, is preferably easy to groom, doesn’t bark like crazy without good reason, and is affectionate. There are no children in my home which is in a rural area, I’d love taking him/her on a walk with a leash, but the dog also needs to be able to entertain itself for about 9 hours while I’m gone at work on weekdays. If anyone can give me breed suggestions, tips, or any other info, that would be great! I’m considering an Australian Terrier.
I think Bull dogs are very cute they are the most cutest puppies and are easy to take care of they have short fur which is good...

Also I noticed you said easy to groom but i think Shitzu are great dogs but you have to kinda brush them and get them groomed every now and then

Hoped I helped

Q: i need new clothes,
ive been wearing the same clothes (with some dozens of new clothes) for 4 years now.
im 17/f & i LOVE clothes, very into fashion but i dont have the time to go shopping, i realize that i have let it go too long & i want to know where people go to get their outfits.
OMG I love Clothes...

It really depends on what you like...

Here are some stores...

American Eagle
JC Penney
Fashion Bug
Tj Maxx
Forever 21
Hope I helped

Q: I just logged online and saw something talking about Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) and her being dead! I love Miley Cyrus and I know a lot of rumors have been going around about her (like Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana is pregnant by Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers) so I hope her being dead is false too!

So, this said that Miley Cyrus was taken to the hospital for something and actually died there.

So, can someone please confirm if Miley Cyrus (daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus and star of the Hannah Montana show on Disney) is actually dead? I don't want Miley Cyrus to be dead because it would totally be the end of Hannah Montana and she wouldn't be on tour so I wouldn't get a chance to see Miley Cyrus in concert! Ah!

Does anyone know for sure if Miley Cyrus is dead or alive?!
I am pretty sure she is not it would be everywhere haha that is kinda funny

Q: Soo.. i just saw Saw 5 and on the preview it said you won't believe how it ends. so i was expecting it to be the last saw movie. but the way the 5th one ends it seems like there would have to be another one. sooo does anyone know if there is gonna be another one? i googled it but it was a bunch of fan made lookin gossip stuff. is there anyway to find out? thanks!!!
Yes there is going to be another one because they have a tv show on VH1 called Scream Queens and they are looking for someone to play in Saw 6...

Hope I Helped

Q: I asked a question earlier about how I could hide my myspace comments. I figured it out though, and I hid my comments. So now I'm just wondering how people will be able to comment me, since the comment section is hidden. Can anyone explain this to me? Sorry if this is another stupid question.

I don't think anyone would be able to comment me unless it was someone I was already chatting with. And they went back to our convos, and just clicked comment back.

Someone help! Thank you
they are still able to send you their friends list if they put the mouse on your name or picture it will ask message this person or comment...hope i helped

Q: 14/f

I wanna be something cool for halloween. I have no idea whatsoever. They have to be decent and all but also fun. I hate clowns so nothing with them please. Thanks so much!
Oh gosh i love these questions....BE A CAVEGIrl that would be so cute!

Q: hey i am taking a survey on which president that people altogether wanted.

If you dont want to answer its fine, but if you do, it is greatly appreaciated!!
thanks, so the question is Which president would you like, Obama, or McCain?
I personally dont like neither but if i had to vote i would choose obama...

Mccain and that one dumb women try to be funny and stuff and that is just childish....But I also think Obama is not ready...Because if he gets shot or something then there will be like craziness going on just like Martin Luther King!

Q: I want to do something in NYC for my best friends bday(just me and her). i want to go somewehere and then a resturant. I was thiinking a chris brown concert but he's not on tour as far as I know. Any ideas?
Take her to the shows and shopping...I heard they have great stores out there...You can find out if Chris Brown is on tour on

Hope I Helped ♥Alley♥

Q: My guy friend asked me out by a note 2 years ago and i never responded but i did like him and i still really like him. So i sent him e-mails over myspace telling him how i felt then and how i felt now and i asked him if he still likes me and gave him my number and aim address but he never responded to anything. i want to know if he still likes me or not and i know that he's single and now i don't know what to do. i really want to go out with him but i'm just confused if he still likes me or not. does anybody know what i should do about it???
I think you have done enough..
If you keep writing him he might think your weird.
He will also probably feel pressured...That is a turn off...
Just be Patient and let him respond he probably just has not been on...DONT STRESS OVER IT!!!!

Hope I Helped &heart;Alley♥

Q: I was just curious to know, who you want to win the election '08?

My mom and i want obama, but literally the rest of my family wants mccain. I just would like to see how many people want obama, and how many want mccain.

All answers will help :]

My Mom and My sis are voting for Obama...

But If I Could Vote I Wouldn't Vote Either I Just Don't Really Like Them!.!

Q: so i got a new cat, he was a stray so he was understandably skinny. i started feeding him and i have had him for about 2 weeks now and hes still very skinny, so i gave him some de-worming medicine adn about 5 minutes later, he puked up what i think was a worm (long, thin, and white) it was moving. sorry thats gross. but anyways, what can i do about this? hes never puked before,and he has no trouble eating or drinking, or going to the bathroom.

any help is appreciated!
i highly recommend take him your vet or find a vet...Cause a problem like this will only get worse..

Q: Is there a code I can use to hide my friends list and comments without hiding my apps because the one I used hides my applications too like the truth box etc.
try this code for hiding your friends---

td.text td.text table table table, td.text td.text table br, td.text td.text table .orangetext15, td.text td.text .redlink, td.text td.text span.btext {display:none;}
td.text td.text table {background-color:transparent;}
td.text td.text table td, td.text td.text table {height:0;padding:0;border:0;}
td.text td.text table table td {padding:3;}
td.text td.text table table br {display:inline;}

Then this one for hiding comments----.FriendsComments table table { display:none; } .friendsComments td { height:0px; } .FriendsComments td { background-color:transparent; } .FriendsComments td td b a { display:inline; }

Q: i have a ton of old clothes i'd like to sell. they're all in good condition, just too small for me or i just dont wear them anymore. i know i could donate them to like goodwill or something, but i could really use a little extra cash. i know of plato's closet, but i heard they only take like the expensive stuff like abercrombie, hollister, and designer things. i mean my clothes are from like the mall and kohl's and those kinda places, but apparently not what plato's closet would want. does regular consignment shops buy clothes? anyone know of a place i could go?

& i live out in the country so having a yard sale wouldnt be much help.
I dont think Goodwill Give you money but that could be a place to try...If there are snooty fox's where you live or near where you like they will pay you money...Try ebay,amazon

Hope I Helped some

Q: Any ideas for a good halloween costume? Im trying to go for the sexy but cute look. I dont want it to be slutty though.

oh gosh i have plenty of ideas!!!!

being a gangster,,pirate,,angel//devil i was that last year,,Fairy lol,,military girl like army navy,,,

Here are some sites to----Halloween target,,,walmart

Hope I Helped

Q: ok, well i need help writing an about me for myspace...
and i know i know, no one on here is going to know me as well as i know myself..
just, im really bad at wording things and i need clever ways to say stuff.
so, does anyone know a site i can go to that can help me with that
or anyone here could ask me some q's about myself and then they write one for me...
it would be soooo much appreciated.
what i used to do was use icons like i love shoes and stuff like that....

that way you dont have to type lol....

and if you dont like that then try saying stuff you are into like shopping,,,being out doors,,,you dont like drama...
Put some pics of your favorite bands and stuff just have fun go crazy lol

Q: does anybody have any really good codes for tiny myspace layouts because you see, my one is raelly big and i want one really small and everything. and pinky. if not, any small layout websites!?
thanks in advance xox:)
well everyone took my answer but you can try google Hope i helped sorry

Q: i was wondering if anyone knows if bath&body works still sell the really soft blankets in the stores.
I just looked online and went to the page where they sell candles and that good stuff and i didn't see them.Maybe they don't have them online.You probably will have to go to the store.Hope I Helped.

Q: I have dark brown hair, and want to dye it red,
all i'm really wondering is - what's your favorite box hair dye brand? what do you recommend?
thanks (:
clariol,herbal esscense or how ever you spell that,i am trying to think of other ones i used???
Thats all i can think of.Hope i helped!♥alley

Q: im getting a big bulletin board for my room. any ideas or links of what to put on it? like besides pics of me and my friends or like hot guys or whatever. thanks =)
put your friends bdays on the board.your fav things to say make dumb stuff and just have fun with can also make stuff for the season and stuff.hope i helped.






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