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Should i commit suicide because of suffering life?

Question Posted Wednesday July 11 2012, 11:42 pm

Ever since i was born, i was always the shy girl and quiet. I've been trying to changed and asked God to change my life. But i am still the same girl. I am 23 years old, im a women now. I have been hurt so much. I cried almost every night because my heart in pain. I graduated from high school in 2008 and have not have a good job. Beside now i am a housekeeper. which is my worst night mare job ever. my dream is to go to college but i cant passed testes to get in.I have been tried about 10 times to get into school. And i couldn't cuz of my dumness. I have no friends. No one likes me. I dont know why. all i ever do is being sweet nice and innocent. Every day im thinking about dying. I am really hurt. The longer i live the more hurt i get. The only people love me are my parents. My siblings are not even like me. They always ignored me. I have a phone but no one ever call me. I am hurt and lonely. So, what is the best way to die? What kind of pills should i take? Please tell me.

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Shangri3la answered Sunday July 15 2012, 9:42 pm:
FIRST OF ALL, you attract what you think of, so you need to get your head out of your ass. You have to love yourself before anyone else can love you, enjoy your own company before you seek a relationship. There is nothing you can't do, with today's technology there are so many opportunities you can search and get into, find something your passionate about or try something you wouldn't normally do. Get out of your comfort zone, search for a community college, you have to take an English and Math PLACEMENT exam, to place you in the right classes, study as hard as you can for the placement test, and if you get a low class who the fuck cares, you know you tried your hardest. Plus, there's always financial aid, get out and have fun girl! Enjoy life and the right people will come in your life. @(ᵕ.ᵕ)@

[ Shangri3la's advice column | Ask Shangri3la A Question

Caulfield answered Friday July 13 2012, 8:50 pm:
Sweetheart, since you are posting on this site (which is meant to help people) asking for advice on how to commit suicide, you know that you do not really want to kill yourself.

Somewhere inside you is a glimmer of hope that you can improve your life. And you can! You are 23, still young with your life ahead of you. You have all the time in the world to solve your problems.

Time and effort are the only things you need. Time you've got. The effort you must give!

The first step on your way to a good life and outlook is to get help. Professional help is at first the best you should go for, but eventually you will have to talk to the people in your environment about your problems. Start small and choose someone you really trust. Work from there.

I've had some mental problems myself and I can tell you that they were mostly caused by me isolating myself from my environment. Once you do this, you are on a bad path. You will get lost inside your own head. Do not underestimate the ways that the brain can make you lose track of reality by isolating yourself. Keep talking to people, let them know what's going on inside of you.

Finally, you seem to have problems with school. Personally, I do not believe in people lacking 'intelligence' to learn something or pass tests. It's all about motivation, willpower and self-confidence. I cannot be sure but working from your situation I'd say that you lack more in the motivation department than the intelligence department. So work on yourself, your outlook on life and that may help you to concentrate and feel the empowerment needed to pass those entry tests!

I wish you good luck.

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x0xqtpiex0 answered Thursday July 12 2012, 10:34 am:
Don't take your life, it has so much to offer. In regards to your job, you can look for other small jobs that make you happier, or you could take up a hobby in your spare time (like cooking or drawing). As for school, look into a community college in your area, those provide more flexible classes and are usually open to anyone in the area. Another thing to improve your social life could be joining a community club, even the soup kitchen. I find it to be a really rewarding experience and you can meet people who are helping and make more friends. You also have your parents who love you, and would be devastated if you took your life. I have a phone as well but I don't get phone calls, but that's okay. Just go out there and make your life the way you want it to be. You have the power to be happy, and I know you will.

Hope this helps, please keep me updated!

[ x0xqtpiex0's advice column | Ask x0xqtpiex0 A Question

teenhelper2 answered Thursday July 12 2012, 6:11 am:
Don't even think about it!
I haven't ever been in a situation where I've wanted to kill myself, but I HAVE wanted to change my life. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and not be such a push-over through gradeschool, but that ain't happening, not to the best of my knowledge, at least. I've cried myself to sleep over bullying, or heartbreak, or because I felt like my parents or aunts didn't love me as much as my sisters, more than I'd like to admit.
But let me just tell you something: no matter what, the sun WILL rise tomorrow, no matter what, and life will go on. It won't leave you behind, even if it feels that way. Challenge yourself to be an optimist. It works, really. Like instead of saying, "I haven't had a good job yet," say, "I know that perfect job is totally waiting to find me." Instead of saying, "I've tried ten times to get in to college," say, "I WILL get in this year, because I've tried ten times and by God's Holy Name, I'm not giving up until I've gotten in at least thirty!"
As for not having friends, I've met someone who sounds a lot like you. She was a grade younger than me and she had the same sort of attitude. She was always talking (and I'm not saying you do this, but if you do, please stop) about how awful her life was before she transferred, and how she was only being nice to them and why didn't they like her. She had herself completely convinced that everyone else was to blame but her, and that everyone should suck up to her (again, I don't know about you, but if this sounds familiar...), and that made her come across as arrogant, as if her friends should worship the ground she walks on because they should by so GRATEFUL to have her. When she got placed in a different track and field even than she wanted, she totally went ballistic, talking about how it was the ONLY reason she did track, and how she was really looking forward to it, so why did the teacher put her on hold until the next meet.
If you ARE doing anything like that, lighten up. People tend to like cheerful people, as a general rule. I know I prefer to hang out with people that aren't only nice, but they're happy-acting, too. I don't expect all my friends to be happy all the time, because that's just not how it works. I get depressed sometimes, and I really depend on my friends in those situations. Also, take the initiative! I made my best friend at summer camp--she was the bunk across from mine and she was homesick and everyone thought she was weird (me too, actually, at first). If I hadn't been there for her that day, I would have been all alone in all the hard times I've gone through, and even in the short fourteen years of my life, I don't know if I could have beared it.
Your siblings? Honestly, you have it easy if they straight-out hate you. I won't bore you with details, but I'm the oldest daughter and I'm always taking the blame for things my sisters do. They get away with so much more than me, and it's really annoying, and it makes me feel like my parents love them more, and it nags me even though I tell myself it isn't true. Don't act helpless around them. You're 23. You're an adult. I believe in you.
Just so you know, I have a grand total of three contacts with activity over the past month, and one of them's my ballet teacher rescheduling a lesson two weeks ago, and I'm content. Make a friend, start small, and be the best friend you possibly can be for that person. When God wants you to meet that person, you will. Just have faith in it.
If you finally made it to the end of this extremely long answer, as an afternote I will add that no matter what you try, suicide WILL hurt. Literally all failed suicide attempts cases admit they regretted it within the first forty-five seconds. Think about your parents--what would they do if you died? I live by the policy that everything happens for a reason, so maybe this is just a stepping stone, a test, and once you pass it, you'll be even better than you were before.
Don't give up! I'm counting on you!

[ teenhelper2's advice column | Ask teenhelper2 A Question

Xanadu answered Thursday July 12 2012, 3:09 am:
First of all, giving up is not the answer. People have been dealt a worse hand than you may think you have but have perservered. You can too. You mentioned college, you do know you can enter a community college or even an online college without having to 'test in'? Actually its how I got started, after High School I went to a community college and worked two years and graduated with an Associates in Art AND in Science, from that point on the world was opened to me and I feel Community College was the stepping stone I needed in life. You meet tons of people, make great friends and its a frest start. You can even do night classes and PICK your own schedule. Your life is precious and you only have one, dont throw it away. Trust me, look up and forward not down and back.

[ Xanadu's advice column | Ask Xanadu A Question

Drewb13 answered Thursday July 12 2012, 1:48 am:
Well you came to the right place. Not for pills cause I won't help you kill yourself because nothing will get better if you do. Now you said that you tried 10 time to get into college. Well try again. WHAT KIND OF WORLD WOULD WE BE IN IF PEOPLE GAVE UP AFTER TRYING 10 TIMES? And I doubt that you are dumb because you had enough sense to ask for help before you ended up doing something you would have regretted. The key to passing a test is studying. Here's a website that might help with that:(MAKE SURE YOU TAKE NOTES!)
[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

Now how can you expect people to like you if you don't like yourself? Because your self-esteem has to be pretty low for you to want to commit suicide. Love yourself first and don't pay attention to what people say to you. I know it hurts when people constantly talk about you or don't even talk to you when you're in the room. BUT YOUR LIFE IS NOT WORTH ALL OF THAT PETTY GARBAGE! You have a dream, so DON'T GIVE UP ON IT! DON'T BE A QUITTER! It's time you stopped trying to please other people. Just focus on your life and your dream. NOBODY CAN KEEP YOU FROM GOING TO COLLEGE. And pray that NOTHING will ever bring you to this point of your life again.
I have all the faith in you.


P.S. NEVER GIVE UP. Even if it takes you another year. You just keep praying and going after your goals.

[ Drewb13's advice column | Ask Drewb13 A Question

solidadvice4teens answered Thursday July 12 2012, 1:20 am:
WAKE THE HECK UP! You have a choice lay down and die (wrong) or get up from being knocked down and for once in your life fight back and become the confident and happy young woman you dream of. If you are in this much pain take the card you were dealt and make it work for you. Deal with the depression you have and GET HELP for these issues and turn things around.

This is your wake-up call from life. It wants you to make a positive move and fight back rather than curl up into the fetal position and give up. It will keep kicking your ass until you realize you need professional assistance. The disease of depression or something more is and has been running the show and convincing you of the wrong things and you have bought into its distorted view of you. What you have described isn't the real you. It's like looking into a mirror that is covered with dirt. Let's remove the dirt and help you see the real you for the first time.

Find a psychiatrist and do yourself the ultimate favor by seeing one at an emergency room tonight. Anyone wanting to die and do themselves in is in mental health crisis. At a hospital there will be someone who can diagnose this kind of depression and provide treatment and counseling so you can live a normal life and will in fact change yours forever.

Your problem is that you're only expecting bad things to occur all the time to you that you shut yourself off to any good that is and will happen.

As for friends, let's face it you haven't really tried and your attitude towards living life is something they can sense as wrong. It's putting people off. You really haven't approached others, joined clubs or taken classes drama or otherwise to socialize or attempt to. Who knows if you did what would change.

I don't believe for two seconds that you're dumb beyond belief and neither should you. So what if you tried ten times? A lot of people don't get into university easily. Instead of whining about it do something. Get a tutor to learn the skills you need or try a trade school where you learn a certain skill, try beauty school, and keep applying for jobs that interest you even or school until you find something and you will.

You just have given up and that's wrong. If you hang in and bone up on skills or take night-school or credit courses to get you in better position to get into school you'll be fine.

As far as dying goes you would be crazy to consider it even. You have no idea once you get the treatment you need and you do have a mental health issue here let's face it you'll be soaring. You're only 23 and it may not seem it right now but you have the whole world open to you and ample reason to keep going.

[ solidadvice4teens's advice column | Ask solidadvice4teens A Question

David96786 answered Thursday July 12 2012, 1:14 am:
Dont kill yourself it is not worth it.
there are people in the world that do care about you, you have family that loves you also, so please dont kill yourself it'll do nothing but hurt the people that love you. And your a great person that just needs help to get back on her feet.
Look at me an example; My life SUCKED like you wouldnt believe And excuse my language but I have also been through ALOT of Shit in my life. Alot of people in this world has been through some really bad stuff and some people even ended they're life because they couldnt handle their problems. I DO NOT want you to end up like them, nobody wants you to end your life, I sure as hell dont want you to end your life.
Life is a Test, most people pass and some also fail.
Life aslo sucks too, But Life also Great. You just haven't experienced the Great part yet.
And just keep studying for those test and You'll pass.
YOU ARE NOT DUMB. You are smart, you just to study hard and believe in yourself. HECK anybody who graduates high school is Smart by Me.
You seem like a GREAT person and anybody will be lucky to have you as a friend. Hell I would be lucky to have you as my friend! My friends are ridiculous.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont kill yourself! There are people that love you!
Keep in touch!
- Sincerely David -

[ David96786's advice column | Ask David96786 A Question

Teenshelper answered Thursday July 12 2012, 12:17 am:
DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!! It's not worth it everyone has bumps in the road but they make you a stronger better person for it. You work harder to improve your life. You have dreams like for college don't throught it all away you can make it through. Study to pass the test. Find people that you really like I use to think I didn't have friends but I was looking for the wrong people maybe you are to. Don't do it your family loves you there are people out there who care about you. Look up see the silver lining it may not be as bad as it seems please don't do it. Please speak to someone don't just desided to kill yourself. You are a person a creation of god and it may not seem like he is there helping but he wants you to be strong because he is using you in a plan to make a better world this may sound corny but it's true. DON'T DO IT!!!!!

[ Teenshelper's advice column | Ask Teenshelper A Question

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