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Ways to commit suicide at home alone?

Question Posted Wednesday September 22 2010, 5:09 am

I have decided I'd like to end my life. I have been without a job for 6 months and no longer have funds left. Nobody can help me and I feel that I am just wasting space at this time. There are no jobs available for me. I feel pathetic and alone. This weekend I will be left home alone when my roommate goes to spend the weekend with her parents in another state. What are some fast, easy ways to commit suicide? I'd like to this at home, peacefully, so that less people will have to see the body in the end. I'd like something that isn't too messy, if possible, but is fairly painless. Suicide tips? Thank you very very very much.

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nikromero answered Tuesday May 21 2013, 6:51 pm:
i feel like comitting suicide...ive been sexualy abused twice the first i was 15 , it was terrible , i went intoa big depression... then i finally got over everything..But last december my own step dad abused me.. i kept quiet until i couldnt any more finally i wgad the guts to tell my mom , but she dnt believe me i dnt blame her im 21yrs old and im also openly gay...she believed him more and now im all alone with no one to talk to and no one to help me...and all i want is to Die... so if u do get the amswer you were looking for please pass it to me..
good luck and we will probably see each other in tha after life.

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Depressedmom512 answered Friday January 4 2013, 7:33 pm:
I would like to end my life also. I have been unemployed for over A year, i applied to almost 2000 jobs in 2012
And nothing. Now my unemployment ended and they are not extending my benefits. I am getting evicted on Monday and my family is not willing to help me. I have 2 children and i am going to them anyway so what do i have to live for? I lost everything i worked my whole life to achieve. I feel like a failure and my kids are better off without me. I couldnt even buy them christmas gifts this year. I can not afford food my savings is gone. No one wants to hire me in the state i live in but other states call me back and i have no money to get there. I asked my parents for a smal loan of $500 and they told me no. I cant take feeling like this anymore. What is the easiest way to kill myself can someone answer that for me???

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nobody475353 answered Saturday April 21 2012, 9:51 pm:
I know how you feel and I'm 13, I'm not that religious, but the best way to die is to ask God if you should live or not, he has all the answers, and if need be, you'll be dead or not naturally...

[ nobody475353's advice column | Ask nobody475353 A Question

jazzyvanscoy answered Sunday January 2 2011, 9:05 am:
Please, dont do this. There must be some family that you can talk to! My father recently committed suicide, and it was harder for everyone else having him go then having him here, and we would much rather perfer him to be here today. You dont understand how big of a deal this is. This is your life. Make the best of it, dont just end it! Find all the things in your life that you love! It's a new year, so make it better! Please dont leave your family like my father left mine. Don't do that to them. I'm begging you

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OctoberSolaire answered Monday September 27 2010, 4:51 pm:
You're not pathetic and alone. Please add me on MSN.

[ OctoberSolaire's advice column | Ask OctoberSolaire A Question

karenR answered Thursday September 23 2010, 8:42 am:
We really should put a warning on the site. No suicide tips here. Honestly, anyone giving them would be booted so fast.

You are depressed. It happens to us all. You are far from being the only unemployed person in the world right now. Start a support group in your area. Really, a good way to occupy your time and you could be a help to others as they help you.

You also need to get a job. ANY JOB. Work at McDonald's, mow lawns, whatever gets you out of the house and out of your funk. I don't give a rats ass what you are educated to do. I don't care if you worked on wall street and think a lesser paying job is beneath you. Times are tough right now for a LOT of people. You get off your ass and do whatever puts a meal on the table and pays the bills.

Sorry this sounds so harsh. You need to snap out of it. This will pass. Being dead is the end.

[ karenR's advice column | Ask karenR A Question

sofiatonicha08 answered Wednesday September 22 2010, 9:31 pm:
okai hi im not gonna say that its wrong to feel this way because i spent my hole childhood feelinglike it like your compleatly alone and nobody cares but the truth is babe we care the advisors on here or we wouldnt bother to anwser evry life is precious and ive lives on the streets had no money no job
but things always get better and might sound crazy if you dont belive in god but im not saying turn to him im saying go to your loacal church okai
speek to the pastor or preist there
because i did and they actully had a fund raising event i got put in a hostel for a little while but i know so many amazing people now from that just reach out this sunday go to church and i cangarentee that you will realise how precious you are <3 good luck hunni x

[ sofiatonicha08's advice column | Ask sofiatonicha08 A Question

miniredd answered Wednesday September 22 2010, 7:00 pm:
Sweetie go to church. Therre is someone out there for you. Get involved in programs. Meet someone new get involved in church.. I will pray for you dont waste an amazing life

[ miniredd's advice column | Ask miniredd A Question

KmChapman answered Wednesday September 22 2010, 5:08 pm:
there is not easy way to commit suicide, even if you did; you'd buurn in hell for eternity. god will turn your life around for the better, i promise. i will keep you in my prayers and you should pray as well. just please, do not commit suicide. imagine all the people that will hurt bc of your decision. let me know how it goes.


[ KmChapman's advice column | Ask KmChapman A Question

orangebutterfly answered Wednesday September 22 2010, 4:10 pm:
Well if you do something that some belive you will not go to heaven. God hase great plants for you and maybe not now and tommrow. you need get online or look in your yellow pages and start calling to get a job and yet put your self together. and reason you still on earth becouse God got great plans for you and you do not want waste your life away like and that. it not good. look i been out of school since 2005 and i live at home with my parents and i waited 3 years so far what i want todo. now i have a boyfreind and i maybe don't have a job maybe God not want me to do earthy things maybe i sould go out and tell people about God or something like that. and right now Read the bible and read it and it will guide you or if you dont' like reading get on online listen bible online. please don't doubt GOD. he loves you and if you ever need somone talk to you can Email me and and my boyfreind help you any way we can. but please don't doubt your self make a goails of things you like todo and maybe try new things.
don't give up on GOD

[ orangebutterfly's advice column | Ask orangebutterfly A Question

liloprah answered Wednesday September 22 2010, 3:23 pm:
do you really think that people would give you tips on how to kill your self. Your crazy. I know what you're going through i was unemployed for a year. You're not the only one. America is in trouble a lot of people don't have jobs. You've only been out of a job for 6 months thats nothing. Your life is worth way more. Instead of sitting around all day asking people for ways how to kill your self you should be out looking for a job. Its not that bad you have your health. Do you want to be in the hospital hooked up to tubes fighting cancer or aids. atleast you're not homeless in the street with no food. IT could be a lot worst than what you think. Its not that bad. You could make it through this. I don't know if your religous but ask God for help. Just shout the word out help. Pull your self together be stronger than that. I'm sure you have friends and Family that care about you don't do something selfish like killing your self an make them suffer because they missed you and never got to say bye to you.

[ liloprah's advice column | Ask liloprah A Question

Smartone answered Wednesday September 22 2010, 12:50 pm:
Please, get a hold of yourself! The more you dwell on the negative, the more depressed you will become. There are many, many people out of work now because of this terrible economy. You are not useless!

My husband lost his job 10 years ago. He collected unemployment, but couldn't stand the thought of sitting around doing nothing until he found a job in his field, so he took a job for less than what unemployment paid and certainly not up to his skill level, just to stay active and not get depressed. He might as well have been flipping burgers. He worked there for about 6 months until a position opened up for him at another company that paid his normal salary. He now owns his own business and is doing very well. That was a vital decision to make, to keep active and not feel sorry for himself. The psychological impact is important to avoid depression.

You don't know what the future holds and cutting your life short will ensure that it holds nothing for you. Please, don't let life get you down to the point that you consider checking out. The bad times NEVER last forever. NEVER! I'm a devout believer in God and I do believe He tests us. If we hang on and do what we can do through a bad situation, then He is faithful to reward us afterward. If you kill yourself, what can He do for you?

I'm 57 years old and I have seen many bad situations in my time. I have come through all of them and have found the good times outweighed the bad times.

No suicide tips here. Go apply at McDonalds or Walmart. Anywhere! You have the weekend to look for work and lift your spirits.

[ Smartone's advice column | Ask Smartone A Question

angelbaybe-xx answered Wednesday September 22 2010, 11:09 am:
dont end your life. lots of people have bad times in life but whos to say its going to be like that in future.

please dont comit suicide.

lots of love angelbaybe-xx

[ angelbaybe-xx's advice column | Ask angelbaybe-xx A Question

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