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my 13 year old frend and sex???

Question Posted Monday April 9 2007, 10:24 pm

me and all my friends are 13. my friend and her boyfriend have been talking about oral, and fingering, ans sex.. he has a concom, and she says shes ready, and shes been talking about it with my other friend who also really wants it too. they say there prepared, and so are there boyfriends. the problem is im not supposed to know this, so i cant talk to them abou it. and plus im not sure if she was telling the tuth, or just saying that, but when everyone found out, she got mad, and i think it means it was true. i really cant do anyhting to help her, but i wanna know if thirteen is too young. I thik it is, but she doesnt, and im scared for her....were not that good of frends , but im still scared!

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Additional info, added Monday April 9 2007, 11:07 pm:
on myspace she has mentioned the condom breaking and she is real confident that it wont. plus i just need to get through to her in some other way then telling her straight forward. her best friend seems to know, but dusnt care....i need a way to get through to her without talking to her..

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insertrandomname answered Friday April 13 2007, 11:15 am:
Having sex at the age of 13 is not cool, it's stupid. Tell her that.

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ngahemo answered Friday April 13 2007, 2:28 am:
i am thirteen and i think it is way to early to be having sex .i reckon she is doing it because she is a sheep soemone who follows other people
and that she needs to wait for the right perosn and the right time .talk to her do not wait cause you might be to late .so sit her down in a quiet space and tell her straight up that you dont think it is a good idea that she does have sex at the age of thriteen and that she should wait for the rgiht guy no doubt she thinks he is the right guy for her but he is really not the right guy for her.

hope this helps

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MadvicerM answered Tuesday April 10 2007, 2:51 pm:
one of my former friends is always having sex and cheating on her bfs too and she is 13. she is totally ruined.

maybe that will happen to your friend too.

later in life she will just ruin her relationship with her husband. she is not mature enough to be making decisions like that and ruining her life.

dont go in that path.

the best thing you can do is talk to her about it but dont be too pushy because having sex is an intimate thing that she would probably not want to let go

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duckyville72 answered Monday April 9 2007, 11:11 pm:
well 13 is way too young and she really doesnt know what she is saying. she sounds like someone who doesnt care, or jsut wants to be cool, and sex sometimes comes with that. sex too young is a problem and i know you need another way to get through to her. perhaps you can slip it into conversation... or talk to her friend about talking to her about it. her freind m,ight be more trust worthy, and she might take her advice. You really need to convince her, and i know how hard it is becasue u cant mention that you take the advice and i really hope she makes the right decision. and its right for you to be scared for her, its right for you to not want her to have a baby, no matter what the condom. and i understand that you dont and say you cant go talk to them because it happens to everyone and reading advice saying that is sometimes reasurring, but you always need other options. so if worse comes to worse...maybe you can slip it into conversation in some way... hope i helped

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Sky1435 answered Monday April 9 2007, 11:01 pm:
Thriteen is why to young.
Even if they think they are prepared they really arent.
Sex isn't just physical its mental too.
These girls are going to get attached and it may not be good at all.
You sound like such a nice person so you need to talk to them.
Even if it starts a fight you need to warn them.
So many things can happen and they really arent ready for it.
Imagine if the condom breaks and your friend ends up pregnant.
You need to have a serious talk.
I know it may be hard but its going o be worth it in the long run.
Just try and talk to her.
She 13, at thirteen these girls do not know what love is.
or what sex means
good luck

[ Sky1435's advice column | Ask Sky1435 A Question

xxaoifexxx answered Monday April 9 2007, 10:53 pm:
13 to me sounds too young because im 13 and i think about sex but that doesnt mean im going to have sex with my boyfriend.some girls our age thinks if your in love with your boyfriend then why dont you have sex with totally in love with my boyfriend but that doesnt mean im going to lose my virginity at 13.if i was about 16 then i would think about it but im not. i would be so scared for your friend at the moment.when you have sex with your boyfriend once.your boyfriend is going to think your going to have sex all the time.its alot of pressure at the age of they realise what could happen if the condom broke and they didnt realise it?she could get pregnant.what would she do then?i think you or one of your other friends need to talk to her about it because she might have sex with her boyfriend and then regret wanted to know was 13 too young well to me it is like 3 to 4 years too young.xxaoifexxx

[ xxaoifexxx's advice column | Ask xxaoifexxx A Question

Durene answered Monday April 9 2007, 10:46 pm:
shes not ready. I'm a thirteen year old girl too. and every other 13 year old and younger i know, including myself, arent ready to have sex. i mean, sure kissing and stuff like that is okay, but like the fingering and like sexual intercourse thingy.. no. kids are growing up too fast! it seems like you kinda feel the same way, that shes not ready, since you're scared for her. um.. i dont know what to say. maybe you should talk to her about it, and try to convince her not to do it. or maybe tell some adult you trust about it, but dont pick someone who will probably like get them in trouble. maybe the person could be some cool teacher or something that can explain how they just arent ready to have sex yet. i mean jeez, not that she has to like do abstinence, but she should atleast wait till highschool and up. but anyways, bottom line is that she is not ready.

you must be a good person to try and help your friend like that, too. :] dont worry, even if your friend gets mad at you, if things dont turn out in the better for her, like she knows you told an adult on her, just think to yourself that you actually helped her, because she could have gotten pregnant, or like STDs and lord knows what!

[ Durene's advice column | Ask Durene A Question

xWACKYJACKIEx answered Monday April 9 2007, 10:46 pm:
You need to help her.
13 is way to young for any of that. I am 13, so I know its way to young. I've never even been kissed!
Weather she wants it, or not, you need to talk to her about it.

[ xWACKYJACKIEx's advice column | Ask xWACKYJACKIEx A Question

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