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rumors that are not true!

Question Posted Sunday February 18 2007, 12:57 am

okay so i hang out with a lot of guys. but i cant really help it. i just get along better with guys. girls start too much drama and i hate drama. so some girls at my school think im a whore and are startin rumors that im doin stuff with all the guys i hang out with and that im cheatin on my boyfriend. but thats so not true. these guys are like my brothers. i wouldn't do anything with them. and i would never cheat on my boyfriend! he means the world to me. and he understands that i have a lot of guy friends and he's okay with it. he knows i wouldn't do anything with any of them. but i dont want that kind of rumor about me to spread. i mean. everyone at school knows im not like that. and my boyfriend and all my friends were like dont worry about it, they are just jealous that all the guys talk to you and not them. but idk. what do you think?

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BubblyGirl answered Sunday April 1 2007, 12:31 am:
<b> these girls are probabl jelous that you can have normal relationships with boys, or they arent used to girls being just friends with boys. im so sorry about all these rumours, that really really suxx!!! tell the girls that are starting these rumours that you wouldent do that, and what have you done to make the think that you would? If they laugh, or are all abnoxious about it, i think that you need to ignore them,, and forget about it. you cant control it. things like this suck, but theres not much that you can do about it. girls are going to be annoying and start rumors, and its horianble.

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disasterxwoah answered Sunday February 18 2007, 3:38 pm:
I have the same problem. Girls start way to much drama & guys just .. dont. I totally see where your comming from
Your friends are right. Probally the people starting the rumors are girls [guys dont usually start rumors] & if they are starting them then they are jealous. You can hang out with guys and be comfortable, while they obviously cant. You know you're a good person and your boyfriend and friends trust you. If people are going to be low and make up stuff to make themselves feel better. Let them. You apperently have something they idolize, if they didnt they wouldnt care. They feel like they have to make stuff up to feel better about themsleves. You're a good person who just happens to have alot of guy friends, if people cant understand that, its their problem not yours.
You can try and find out who's starting the rumors [could take a little while] & tell them youd like it if they stopped, or you can just in a way deal. Yeah its hard to have people think stuff about you, but you know its not true, and your boyfriend knows its not true, thats all that should matter. They arent effecting your relationship & thats a good thing. You have to understand people are stupid and rude and just plain out mean, but its out of jealousy. I would in a way take it as a compliment. Don't let it erk you. Just live life and have fun, people say stuff about people all the time. Soon people will forget all about what the person's saying about you :)
Just have fun knowning you have something, other wants :)

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MelLeDisko answered Sunday February 18 2007, 2:58 pm:
Your boyfriend and your friends are totally right. All these girls are just jealous that you're friends with all these guys & that you can talk to them all so easily, and they can't. They probably have to try & fight for the guys's attention.

Who cares what these girls think? You said so yourself, that's all they do is cause drama, and rumors come & go. Next week it'll be something else someone did that's spreading around the school. All you have to remember is that they can open their mouths and say all they want, in the end you still got all of the guys on your side, and they're probably not looking too good to the guy's right now cause they're just a bunch of dramatic idiots.

I hope I helped.

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caramella answered Sunday February 18 2007, 12:17 pm:
first of all ...yeah girls do start alllooooot of drama!!ITS SO ANNOYIN!!lol^_^ anyway you shouldnt give a damn about what they say...they have no life to start rumors about others,god how bored!Theyre mad cuz they probably like one of the guys you talk to.Stay the way you are and dont stop hangin out with them guys to piss off these girls more.Let hatered and envy eat them up!theyll gain nothing from talking about you but losing energy and theyll waste up so much time thinkin bout how much they hate you when they can be doing better things.SO KEEP AT IT!!

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jenniferp answered Sunday February 18 2007, 6:58 am:
ok me living in a small town like i do i realy know what you mean but me being me i dont care about the rumos people spread about me so my advise is to whipe it off your shoulder and look up to you boyfreind and say i got a good 1 because mine would go bilistics and to everyone hattin say if im trippin tie my shoe if im to stuck up pull me down i bet you cant if you hate me thats good but you had to look to hate so obviously you wann perticipate

good luck....

[ jenniferp's advice column | Ask jenniferp A Question

BareBeast answered Sunday February 18 2007, 3:32 am:
It's true. If any of those girls were getting the exact same amount of attention that you are getting, they wouldn't be saying a damn thing! They'd love it! Don't worry. As long as you know that your not doing anything that they think you are, then ignore it. However, if you did at all do something with someone in that group, i'd pretty much guarantee you'd be feeling pretty down about yourself and you'll begin to think that what people are saying is true.

[ BareBeast's advice column | Ask BareBeast A Question

yourrtrustyhelpline answered Sunday February 18 2007, 2:17 am:
haha. wowww. this is just like my life story. i wouldn`t worry about it. rumors are rumors, &if someone believes them, they`re stupid&honestly not worth your time. as long as your friends&boyfriend know its not true, you got nothing to worry about. show those drama starting bitches that they`re wrong&that they can`t break you down.

[ yourrtrustyhelpline's advice column | Ask yourrtrustyhelpline A Question

killerface answered Sunday February 18 2007, 1:20 am:

Did you get a copy of my life story?

I say, get the rumors go. People are going to talk about you behind your back no matter who you are, how you dress, who you're friends with or how you act.
I totally agree about the whole girls starting drama thing, that's why I have alot of male friends.

Last year::
At first, my boyfriend was uncomfortable with it, but I told him that my friends came before him, no matter what, and he got used to it.

Like, two months later I got the stomach flu, and I stayed home for a week throwing up, and when I came back to school, I found out that the majority of my grade thought I was pregnant, and people were actually placing BETS on who the father was- my boyfriend or one of my best friends.

Everytime someone asked me if it was a boy or girl, or who the father was, I'd tell them a completely different story, just to watch them compare it with a different version with their friends.

Moral of the story? I didn't take it seriously, and neither should you.

I wouldn't doubt it that they were jealous of you, especially if your guy friends are good looking.

..And I've also learned that they're nice and protective when you and your boyfriend break up.

[ killerface's advice column | Ask killerface A Question

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