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A little young, A little older......Sex underage

Question Posted Sunday January 28 2007, 6:23 pm

I am 14 female my boyfriend's 15. And we have been together for 7 months on tuesday. I love him so much and he loves me. And if please dont mention how im to young to be in love blah blah blah i dont wanna hear it please. But we have done everything except for have sex. that's the only thing. He bought condoms we know how to do it. We have a safe and comfortable place. I want to do it but im getting scared. We are most likely going to do it next sunday. I am getting cold feet, but i dont wanna tell him that because im afraid he'll never do it. When im with him i want to so badly but when i am alone and can think without intruptions i get frightened. Like for example im worrying about if i get pregnant, we arent even supposed to be doing it anyways. Is it normal for me to be afraid, not just of getting pregnant but just nervous?

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LadyH answered Monday January 29 2007, 3:18 am:
It's normal to feel a little nervous about your first time because you don't know what to expect. But if you're scared & having cold feet, you're not mentally ready. I'm glad you are giving some time to think about the consequences unlike most people who make the mistake by acting on hormones. You may love him, but if you aren't ready to deal with whatever consequences may come along, you aren't ready to have sex. If you want my honest opinion: you're only 14. It's natural to have those urges to have sex when he's around. But if you have time alone to actually think about it & it doesn't sound like such a good idea, it probably isn't. When you're ready to have sex, you might be a little nervous, but never afraid. From what you have said, I'm almost positive you aren't ready to make such a big step. But it's your decision & if you want to go for it, protect yourself. Don't just use a condom alone. Get on birth control as well so you have 2 methods of protection. I hope you make the smart decision though. If you don't, you might end up regretting it later in the future.

[ LadyH's advice column | Ask LadyH A Question

leLovely answered Sunday January 28 2007, 8:46 pm:
it's COMPLETELY normal if you're afraid and nervous. don't worry, i get the same feelings too. you start to think about everything, and the you start to get cold feet. but don't do anything until you know that you're completely ready mentally. i'm sure that if you aren't, you'd be able to tell talk to your boyfriend and he'd be able to understand, since you both love eachother. it is good though that you're both responsible enough to think about protection and a safe, comfortalbe place. it is completely normal to feel how you feel, and always remember that if you aren't ready, to talk to your boyfriend. who knows, he might even be feeling the same way too. just make sure that you don't do anything until you're 100% ready. <33

[ leLovely's advice column | Ask leLovely A Question

DiNOxTHUNDER answered Sunday January 28 2007, 8:15 pm:
it is extremely normal to be nervous,for whatever reason.
especially if it is your first time.
but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont do it if you are not 100% ready.
since you guys love each other im sure he will understand.
im here if you need to talk or have any questions.
you can also IM me at dinoxthunderx.
good luck.=]

[ DiNOxTHUNDER's advice column | Ask DiNOxTHUNDER A Question

Brandi_S answered Sunday January 28 2007, 7:14 pm:
I would never tell you that you are too young to be in love, first off. Anyone at any age can feel love for another.

If you are getting cold feet, you aren't ready. Wait until you are. He will understand.

Don't be afraid he'll never want to do it if you ask him to hold off for now. Fact is, he will always want to do it. He is a guy, and that is how guys are.

Being afraid is perfectly normal. So is being nervous. I say good for you for being prepared with condoms, and taking pregnancy into consideration.

Always use condoms- they are the only protection you have against STDs.

[ Brandi_S's advice column | Ask Brandi_S A Question

grayrainbow answered Sunday January 28 2007, 7:02 pm:
its totaly normal to be nervous but trust me, your not ready yet, u may think you are but if your so nervous and scared then dont do it. i know you guys love eachother (i belive love could be found at any age), but if he loves you the way you told us, then he will understand you want to wait a little.
way to go on protection *wootwoot*
be careful thats all and if you do decide to do it then do be afraid to speak up if you want to stop. hell understand, and hes probly as nervous as you too =]

i personally think you should wait till your more comftrable, its up to you
--ashley good luck hun!

[ grayrainbow's advice column | Ask grayrainbow A Question

WHATS_THE_QUESTION answered Sunday January 28 2007, 6:42 pm:
yes it is normal to be scared and if you dont feel right doing it then you probably shouldn't. If it was right then you would know, maybe you should wait a little while, just listen to what ever you think i right. You would not be scared or frightened if there was honestly nothing bothering you. If you tell you Boyfriend that you are scared and you dont feel you can, he should understand and he should love you no matter what, and if he doesn't he is a jerk and you should not be with him. Not saying that this is your boyfriend but all some guys want is sex, so if he understands then you know he really cares about you. Hope this helped.

[ WHATS_THE_QUESTION's advice column | Ask WHATS_THE_QUESTION A Question

batteredxdreams answered Sunday January 28 2007, 6:40 pm:
It's normal, actually it's a lot better to worry about that sort of stuff than not even care and wind up with STDs and being pregnant because you were carefree.

The night before and the ten minutes before my ex showed up when I was going to have sex for the first time, I was terrified, but he made me feel so comfortable. Unfortunatley he used me for sex. But I wouldn't worry about that, I don't think he'd still be with you seven months, if all he was looking for was sex and you haven't had it yet. It's up to you if you are ready though. Just remind yourself that you don't have to do this if you don't feel comfortable.

[ batteredxdreams's advice column | Ask batteredxdreams A Question

illdomybest answered Sunday January 28 2007, 6:35 pm:
its not abnormal to be a fraid but if its really right and you feel secure then you shouldnt be but if you are having these doubts then its not the right time and you should wait...and if your really in love then niether of you are going anywhere and youll have plenty of time to do it in the future. just because you have the desire to do it doesnt mean its the right time just about everyone has the desire because its human nature. if he really loves you then hell understand. but if you do decide to do it you have to be prepared for any consequences that might happen afterwArds.

[ illdomybest's advice column | Ask illdomybest A Question

askxbrooke answered Sunday January 28 2007, 6:32 pm:
being nervous is completetly normal i cant stress this enough please dont do it if you dont want to do it that can lead to regrets, those are the worste, but if your ready go for it just be safe and make sure hes wearing a condom! good luck

[ askxbrooke's advice column | Ask askxbrooke A Question

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