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Question Posted Friday December 9 2005, 4:28 pm

why do people like to follow fashion trends?

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pugluver answered Sunday January 1 2006, 3:16 pm:
so they can be in DUH!!!!! hope i helped plz rate me


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SWEETXLOVE answered Tuesday December 27 2005, 10:40 pm:
people like following fashion trends because they want to fit in. even if they have something super cute but its not in style then they wont wear it because they are afraid of what people will say. i personally think its stupid because i think people should be able to wear anything they want without being made fun of!
♥ Kristen

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MELiixMARiiE answered Sunday December 11 2005, 7:42 pm:
People tend to think that by following fashion trends and such, that they will fit in with their peers much more and they won't be ridiculed and made fun of. So people just try to follow what everyone is doing so that they can blend in and make more friends. And also, you don't have to worry about looking stupid because, if everyone else is wearing it.. then it's obviously not stupid, so then you're not stupid. You're cool. I personally hate whenever everyone follows the same fashion trend. Because everyone then to me.. looks exactly the same. It's just like everyone is the same kind of person. Like every single girl in my school right now has sparkle belts, sparkle purses, and tan clogs. And of course since everyone shops at the same exact store.. they're wearing same clothes too. They just all look like clones. But, yeah.. people just want to be able to fit in with their peers and be 'popular' and 'cool'. I hope I helped.

Mel <3

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Yelovinyl answered Sunday December 11 2005, 3:54 pm:
The truth is the majority of people who claim to not follow the popular trends (usually referring to 'prep') and stuff like that usually do follow trends... they are usually the kind who think that bands like Fall Out Boy are 'emo' (don't get me wrong, I like FOB but they aren't emo..) and follow all the online trends on MySpace and Xanga or 'ElJay' and the like... they'll probably switch to next year's big thing when it's not cool to be 'scene<3333' anymore. People follow trends because they feel that if they don't they willl be ridiculed by their peers or maybe they just like the style of clothing that happens to be in style at the time. Perhaps they will carry on wearing these clothes when they are no longer in fashion?

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oneandonly345 answered Sunday December 11 2005, 10:55 am:
im not sure of that my self.
i think its more of a safty thing.
people think "if i wear this, i will fit in. and no one will make fun of me"
but i think its stupid for people to follow the trends.
i make my own. &hearts;

[ oneandonly345's advice column | Ask oneandonly345 A Question

x0o_blondiie answered Saturday December 10 2005, 8:00 pm:
People think that if they dress the way everyone else is dressing, and that particular look is 'cool', they'll do it to fit in. They want to be as popular as the other people that are popular.


[ x0o_blondiie's advice column | Ask x0o_blondiie A Question

BlueEyedBlondie725 answered Friday December 9 2005, 11:23 pm:
When you look at me, you'll think "WOW! What a prep." But, I just like to be all dressy, I love clothes, I dress how I want, sometimes I'll be in sweatpants, or my favorite band shirt, sometimes I'll be dressed up with high heels. I just like to wear clothes I think are cute, some may not think that, but I don't care. I just like fashion, I mean I'm going to be a fashion stylist.

But, some people are like that, they love fashion. Some people like to fit in, so they don't get teased for wearing something that's "not in." While others where it to look "rich." Just depends on the person.

But, you can't always judge someone by the way they dress. Some people do that with me, when really I listen to like screamo music, but dress all preppy. I have a different personality, while alot of people out there, are like that also.

That's what I think. Just depends on the person I guess. I hope this helps and actually makes sense haha. If you need anything else, just leave a message in my inbox.

&hearts; Kourtney

[ BlueEyedBlondie725's advice column | Ask BlueEyedBlondie725 A Question

hco_babe answered Friday December 9 2005, 10:06 pm:
to be cool. to fit in. to be "popular", and to look good.

[ hco_babe's advice column | Ask hco_babe A Question

SoInToYoUx0x answered Friday December 9 2005, 7:29 pm:
ha this is so my best friend she wants everything that is new and out there. i ersonally think it is because she doesnt want people thinking she is werid or strange wit the way she dress.. i personaly dont follow most fashion trends i mean if everyoen did then we all might as well wear uniforms. but that is what i think.

[ SoInToYoUx0x's advice column | Ask SoInToYoUx0x A Question

McGorgouse answered Friday December 9 2005, 6:58 pm:
some people just like to blend in or some just want to be a leader...i follow trends..but not all of them. I HATE UGGS! and almost everybody has them but i dont =) i guess when you follow trends it makes you feel like part of a group and it makes you feel less weird!
hope i helped!
rate high!*
&hearts; Jess

[ McGorgouse's advice column | Ask McGorgouse A Question

lyNNie240 answered Friday December 9 2005, 6:34 pm:
probably just cuz they want to fit in and they feel selfconscious of themselves. The fashion trends arent even that trendy sometimes. sometimes, they can be too reveling or just plain ugly. Just dress how you like to dress. <3 hope i helped<3

[ lyNNie240's advice column | Ask lyNNie240 A Question

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