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Question Posted Tuesday August 2 2005, 9:01 pm

I'm applying to be a bagger at a grocery store. I was wondering if most places require an interview for that kind of job? (I've heard that jobs like that don't even bother with it and just hire on the spot, but wasn't sure.) And if so, what kind of questions do you think they'll ask? Thanx.

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Additional info, added Tuesday August 2 2005, 9:02 pm:
Also, does anyone know about how much the starting pay is? And for those who are/were baggers, feel free to leave me any kind of suggestions or comments about the job..

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adviceman49 answered Saturday March 27 2010, 8:35 am:
A job interview is a way for the employer to find out a little about you. Even for an entry level position they want to know if you are reliable, will be on time for work and trust worthy. Each interviewer has different questions they will ask to try and elicit the answer they need to find out if you are the one they want to hire.

One of the strangest interviews I went on the interviewer did not ask a single question about my abilities in the area of the position offered. Instead we spent over an hour talking about my Air Force experience and some of the aircraft I worked on. He asked a lot of questions about how different things worked and what I did to repair different things. He asked some questions that I could not answer because what he asked about was still classified and even though I was no longer in the Air Force I felt it was wrong to discuss this with him and told him so. I left the interview thinking there was no way I would be offered the position not with the way the interview had gone. Shortly after I arrived home he called and offered me the job. I worked for him for two years and then was offered the job I truly wanted which was working for a National Manufacturer as a Field Representative. That was the start of a 30 year career I have absolutely enjoyed.

Moral of the story: Never judge a book by its cover and never be afraid of the interview. Dress nicely, wear a shirt and tie if they require it of their employees, be clean shaven if you’re a guy with a nice hair cut. If you are a girl, a little bit of makeup, not much, if you wear makeup, a nice skirt and blouse or slacks and blouse or sweater. Make sure your hair is fixed nicely. In general be on time, five minutes early is my definition of on time. No gum chewing, no slouching. Use a public speaking type language when answering questions. Remember even as a bagger you will be meeting their customers therefore you are the public image of the store. We older folks do not really appreciate the younger generations’ street slang. Street slang may be appropriate, it may even be civil, we just don’t understand it therefore it is inappropriate when speaking to us.

Good luck. I hope I have helped and I hope you get the job.

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Trauma answered Saturday March 27 2010, 4:39 am:
A lot of places will do an interview regardless of the position. Some won't, but it's best to be prepared and expect that they will interview you, just in case. Different interviews will have different questions, but they'll generally ask you about your experience, why you want to work there, why you think you're the right person for that position, and stuff like that.

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deanna78 answered Saturday March 27 2010, 12:49 am:
well, where I from the grocery store's (based on experience) do require an interview to determine if you may qualify for a more advanced position even though you applied for a lesser one.

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SoNotLegal answered Saturday August 6 2005, 7:40 pm:
That was my first job, so yeah... let's see. Yes, they do an interview, but it's not as in-depth as other job interviews. They'll mostly ask questions about the days and times you can work, whether you consider yourself responsible, and how you'll get to and from work. Starting pay is usually above minimum wage. Mine was $7.90 an hour, but depending on where you live it could be different.
Oh, and don't put the bleach in with the deli meat. Bitchy Girl who is always up Hot Guy's ass will yell at you.
♥ Hope I helped.

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Xo_Ashie_oX answered Wednesday August 3 2005, 10:56 am:
Theyre gonna ask you questions... and 90% of em wont even relate to what your doin!! Just answer them the best you can, most honest answer... (orlie if your not comfterable w/the honest i doubt they would find out!! but its not that big of a deal... the pay here is probably about 5.50... but i think it can range from 5.15-7.00 (plus if your allowed to take tips!! that adds more!!) here are some questions they might ask--

1. So do have you worked anywhere previous to this? (If so, how long did you work there, and why did you quit/ get fired?)
2. Do you participate in any sports?
3. Do you have anyother siblings? And what ages?
4. How do you do in school?
5. Do you get along with people? (in otherwords are you a "people person")

haha i cant think of anymore... but i hope this helps...

[ Xo_Ashie_oX's advice column | Ask Xo_Ashie_oX A Question

Michelley answered Tuesday August 2 2005, 9:14 pm:
i'm a bagger!! lOl but you don't just bag, you also do stuff like reshops (*put stuff back people don't want or forget or whatever), price checks, you help people find stuff and run self check out (*which actually i'm not supposed to do, but they make me do it when theres no one else) what i did was apply, then they called me and asked me to come in the next day and they asked me like 2 questions: what i liked about school and what i don't like about school. i have no idea what that has to do with anything but thats what they asked. they're not going to ask you hard questions..i mean you're a bagger. just be really friendly and smile cuz thats what they'll tell you to do anyways. it can get a little boring and its kinda hard at first but its not too bad. where i work i get $5.50 an hour and $6.50 on sundays and its not that much but its not bad i guess. good luck!! inbox me if you have any other questions! and they might hire you right on the spot.. everywhere does it differently!
=) HoPe I HeLpEd!

[ Michelley's advice column | Ask Michelley A Question

ari02 answered Tuesday August 2 2005, 9:03 pm:
i dont think they will ask you any specific questions its just a bageer job i mean seriously think bout it wut would they ask you?! have you ever bagged any bags before?! hahaha but if they do ask you anything it would probably about past jobs and such go0d luck!!


[ ari02's advice column | Ask ari02 A Question

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