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Question Posted Friday April 8 2005, 7:01 pm

is there any way to get your period to go away faster...cuz i have a competition on monday and just started my period today. also..what can i do for cramps? thanks a ton!

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x0xTarax0x answered Sunday April 10 2005, 11:26 pm:
i don't think there is a way to speed it up and go away faster all i can say is use a tampon during your competition and hope you don't leak!!

[ x0xTarax0x's advice column | Ask x0xTarax0x A Question

mrs_radcliffe answered Saturday April 9 2005, 6:14 am:
There isnt away from them to go away faster, Just eat right and keep health and that should make you feel more happy and ready from your competition on monday. Cramps take paracetamol! they might be called different over there but i dont no, Gental exercise can sometimes releave the pain of cramps and use a hot water bottle the night before your competition.

luv roxie

[ mrs_radcliffe's advice column | Ask mrs_radcliffe A Question

karenR answered Saturday April 9 2005, 12:37 am:
Unfortunatley there isn't. You can regulate them somewhat if you are on the pill but they don't go away faster. They just have a mind of their own! Hopefully by Monday it will be done or will have slowed down at least.

Midol is good for cramps. Hot water bottle on your tummy works too. :)

[ karenR's advice column | Ask karenR A Question

iddybitty09 answered Friday April 8 2005, 8:57 pm:
Take Midol for those cramps.

[ iddybitty09's advice column | Ask iddybitty09 A Question

COWMOOOOOOOOoinkPIG answered Friday April 8 2005, 8:18 pm:
you cant make it go away faster but you can take tylenol or motrin or w/e for cramps...they also have those heating pads created especially for that.

[ COWMOOOOOOOOoinkPIG's advice column | Ask COWMOOOOOOOOoinkPIG A Question

charmed-cherry21 answered Friday April 8 2005, 8:16 pm:
Sorry babe but there's no way to get your period to go away faster. Cramps go away with excercise. Go to ♥ [Link](Mouse over link to see full location) ♥ they have more tips and stuff that will help you.


[ charmed-cherry21's advice column | Ask charmed-cherry21 A Question

feverdancer03 answered Friday April 8 2005, 7:29 pm:
tou cant make your period go away faster...but but you can take motrin to get rid of cramps. Sorry i go theough the same things you are...gotta live with it, life..Hope i helped!

[ feverdancer03's advice column | Ask feverdancer03 A Question

ShYbl0nD3 answered Friday April 8 2005, 7:23 pm:
when i get cramps i usually take a nice hot bath or a get a rag and run it under hot water to make it go away.
You cant really make your period go away faster but what usually helps is to excersize and then i guess it will stop sooner.

[ ShYbl0nD3's advice column | Ask ShYbl0nD3 A Question

LiL_MeXiCaN answered Friday April 8 2005, 7:21 pm:
o yea i hate it when that happenes no i dont think there a way for peroids to go faster but i know how to make it stop ....ok so all u got to do is eat something sour a lot of it pine apple works best...for example orange juice lemon but PINEAPPLE JUICE works BEST.....hope it wokrs it worked for me

[ LiL_MeXiCaN's advice column | Ask LiL_MeXiCaN A Question

Karen answered Friday April 8 2005, 7:06 pm:
Nope, there is no way to get your period to go away faster and there will probably never be a way in the future. If your competition is on Monday, then your period flow should be light by then and you can just use tampons, if you use pads.

For cramps, you can take Midol or a pain reliever such as Alieve, Advil, or Tylenol. You can take a hot bath and that will help soothe your cramps. Taking a heating pad and putting it where the cramps are will reduce the pain of them. Resting also helps and so does drinking water.

Good luck at your competition!

[ Karen's advice column | Ask Karen A Question

sweetjewel answered Friday April 8 2005, 7:04 pm:
no, you cant make it go faster but take midol for the pain or sit on like your bed and have your legs againest the wall (its hard to explain)

[ sweetjewel's advice column | Ask sweetjewel A Question

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