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I need a website.

Question Posted Sunday March 27 2005, 9:08 pm

I am a 13-year-old shy girl looking for ways to get money. My question is, does anyone know of a website for tips and ideas on how to make money for my age?
PS. Thanks ahead of time.

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xbebopchrisx answered Thursday April 21 2005, 11:41 pm:
I don't know of any websites. It's really difficult to find an official place of employment for someone your age. Best thing to do is to go to small stores/shops around where you live and to ask. You might get lucky and find a place. Your best chance is to try to babysit for neighbors and family friends. Babysitting is probably the quickest way to make money at your age. Good luck!

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soccurboi48 answered Tuesday March 29 2005, 1:57 pm:
Well the only way you can make money at 13 is to cut grass for other people and clean house and stuff like that and there are very few stores that will hire at 13: Smoothie King, Sno Ball Stands, Some Ice Cream Places, Some tanning Salons, adn little places like that!GOOD LUCK!

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twynelyne answered Sunday March 27 2005, 10:38 pm:
your out of luck in a real employee type situation. BUT try working for neighbors, possibly OFFERing to take care of their house, do some vacumming or mowing and even watching their pets. in the summer lemonade stands make a few bucks too, i did that once it was FUN. also you cuold just ask your parents if there are things around the house that are important and need to be done and see if u can make a lil extra cash.
hope i helped

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kevin1986 answered Sunday March 27 2005, 10:31 pm:
Not legally.

[ kevin1986's advice column | Ask kevin1986 A Question

G5 answered Sunday March 27 2005, 9:27 pm:
Angelfire has some good stuff on how to make a website. Bravenet has really good free websites.

[ G5's advice column | Ask G5 A Question

partygurl24 answered Sunday March 27 2005, 9:23 pm:
Well, I don't think that there actual, real jobs for 13-year old to work, because their youngest age of employment is 14. Although, you can try Limited Too, and see because my friend works their and she's 13. If that doesn't work, then you can probably offer to work for people in your neighborhood like mowing their grass, cleaning their house, baby-sitting, etc. Also, you could do housework for your parent of they say it's ok. If you really want a job either now or in the future then you should really try to get rid of your shyness because they'd rathe rpick an out-going and down to earth person rather than a shy person for a job because they attract more customers and help them feel welcome. You should try walking up to a person that's alone or shy and start a conversation with them. Start out using small talk like "Hi, My name's _________ (your name), how about you?". Ask that person what they like and see if you guys have anything in common. If you do, you guys can talk about it, and you never know, you guys might turn out to be good friends. I hope I helped!

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XxKandyshopxX answered Sunday March 27 2005, 9:21 pm:
well i don't think that there are any jobs for 13 year olds because of child labor laws.. so my best bet for you to get some money is mowing lawns in the summer or helping around the house.

[ XxKandyshopxX's advice column | Ask XxKandyshopxX A Question

oxtinkerbell522x answered Sunday March 27 2005, 9:16 pm:
tha only way gurlz in my neighba hood get $$ iz sellin deyself

[ oxtinkerbell522x's advice column | Ask oxtinkerbell522x A Question

Karen answered Sunday March 27 2005, 9:13 pm:
I only found this corny looking website but it does have ideas and tips on how to make money for your age: [Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

[ Karen's advice column | Ask Karen A Question

therocketsummer answered Sunday March 27 2005, 9:12 pm:
well you can babysit, that's not really a website you can go to, but you can post up ads around your neighborhood advertising your babysitting talents ;D

[ therocketsummer's advice column | Ask therocketsummer A Question

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