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Question Posted Wednesday September 1 2004, 5:17 pm

Okay I have acne. Not that bad. And i would love to clear it up b4 school starts which is 8 days away. what can I do to clear the acne. Is there anything that actually works in 8 dayds or less. please I need to get rid of this acneee...

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andreagirly answered Friday September 3 2004, 6:20 pm:
well since you dont want it to be visble for the first day of school probably lol i dont think that you should use a mask. i mean masks are really good for your face its just that they bring all the zits out before they clear them up so its bad for right before school. for the bigger zits you should use neutrogena acne patchs. i recommened them to a lot of other people because they work so well and so fast. they reduce redness and size or make the zit go away in one night! after 3-5 nights it should be gone!! and for the littler zits make sure to use a good spot treatment( i like neutrogena on-the-spot treatment) 2 times a day if you have stubborn acne that never goes away like me! make sure you wash your face correctly with a gentle cleanser for your skin type. if you are wondering what correctly means: splash your face with warm but not hot water and then lather up your cleaner. genlty massage your cleaner into your face for about 10 seconds. rince with warm water for 4 splashs. if you were wearing foundation or powder or whatever that day then repeat. also make sure to drink 10 glasses of water!!! water washes out the toxins from your skin and also hydrates it. and whatever you do, dont try any home made remidies because you never know. you might be allergic to whatever is in it or it simply might just make your skin worse! i did hear though, that putting hydrogen peroxide on you face for a few minutes with a cotton swab really works because it is made to kill bacteria and thats what a pimple is basically. oh and i just remembered! neutrogena rapid clear acne eliminating gel says it reduces redness, size, or makes the zit go away in 8 hours! i think it would work because neutrogena is a very reliable brand and is also dermataogist recommened! i also use a lot of their products such as the rapid clear cleaner( works wonders for oily skin!) and their mask and stuff. im really really really sorry this is so long amd will take FOREVER to read its just that i want to try to help you as much as you can! if you want any more help just go to my advice colum!! good luck!!!!:)

[ andreagirly's advice column | Ask andreagirly A Question

sparklythingy answered Thursday September 2 2004, 12:35 pm:
Try looking for a product called AcneFree at your local Walmart or Target etc. It's a low-price clone of ProAcne and it works very well. Also, I'd suggest Clean and Clear's Blackhead Clearing Astringent.

[ sparklythingy's advice column | Ask sparklythingy A Question

SoNuLiCiOuSsS answered Wednesday September 1 2004, 11:37 pm:
Retina Micro... & u need to go to a dermatologist to get this...

[ SoNuLiCiOuSsS's advice column | Ask SoNuLiCiOuSsS A Question

BrunetteBeauti answered Wednesday September 1 2004, 9:43 pm:
try nutregena oil free acne wash or clearasil

[ BrunetteBeauti's advice column | Ask BrunetteBeauti A Question

sk8rgurl answered Wednesday September 1 2004, 9:30 pm:
ok well i use stridex to get rid of it. it works for me! u can also try getting alchohol swabs..its really tough and works well. besides that just scrub with soap and wash ur face all da time and it should go away in no time!

[ sk8rgurl's advice column | Ask sk8rgurl A Question

xevilpenguinsx answered Wednesday September 1 2004, 8:23 pm:
try that 3 days or less clearasil stuff thats on tv

[ xevilpenguinsx's advice column | Ask xevilpenguinsx A Question

AnDiE answered Wednesday September 1 2004, 7:07 pm:
~~~> PrOaCtIvE <~~~
it wurks good.. seriously.. it does.. mai friends used it and theyre like.. clear now.. so.. yea.. but.. huury up and get it so you can be cleared up bai sk0ol!! go0o0od luck!!

xoxo andie oxox

[ AnDiE's advice column | Ask AnDiE A Question

XBarbieGurl2008X answered Wednesday September 1 2004, 6:54 pm:
Oxy Maximum Strength works pretty good.

[ XBarbieGurl2008X's advice column | Ask XBarbieGurl2008X A Question

princs answered Wednesday September 1 2004, 6:50 pm:
Theres something called spectro-gel. Its antibacterial wash, works really really good.
Also try toothpaste, also works good!
Hope I helped :)

[ princs's advice column | Ask princs A Question

lifezcOnfuSing01 answered Wednesday September 1 2004, 6:07 pm:
glad u asked the question.. i had really bad acne a while ago.. i got a prescription from my doctor that works really good its called benzoil peroxide wash 5% and some benzaclin cream.. it might not work in 8 days but i guarentee you that it works great!! if u need more help drop one in my inboxx anytime
hope i helped
x3 amanda

[ lifezcOnfuSing01's advice column | Ask lifezcOnfuSing01 A Question

xoRachel answered Wednesday September 1 2004, 6:05 pm:
I heard proactive or whatever it's called is pretty good... and pretty expensive. Watch tv and look at the commercials they might have some stuff. Leave me one in my inbox if I can be of any more help! =c)
Love, RacheL

[ xoRachel's advice column | Ask xoRachel A Question

lorelei answered Wednesday September 1 2004, 6:04 pm:
Clean & Clear Face Wash, Clean & Clear Astringent and Clearasil vanishing cream.

Wash your face twice a day, use astringent and the cream afterwards. You should be looking a lot better in a week. :)

Good luck!
&hearts; Lorelei

[ lorelei's advice column | Ask lorelei A Question

SiLenTxfAiRy answered Wednesday September 1 2004, 5:58 pm:
uMm..ask your mom to call a dermitologist..and they'll either precribe something or tell you what the best product will be to buy at a store.

[ SiLenTxfAiRy's advice column | Ask SiLenTxfAiRy A Question

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