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ok so i dont like my friend Alexis but i told her i liked her so she wouldnt get mad what should i do (link)
if you dont like her tell her you dont like her then she will just leave you alone !

Ive been with my boyfriend for about 3 years and when i entered middle school everyone started making fun of me because my boyfriend is a different race. He means alot to me but i am soo tired of all the laughs and jokes i get from a lot of people. What should i do??

I really love him.. but just annoyed (link)
i think you should just ignore them , because its none of there business they arent the ones going out with him so it shouldnt bother you if you really love him

hope i helpedd !

k well i just got back from a trip from across the country to visit my friend. well when i was over there i could kinda tell he liked me and all that stuff cus he kept giving me hugs etc. i was online yesterday and he just out of the blue said, i hope this doesnt affect our friendship but i need to tell u sumthing and its that i really like u. he is the sweetest boy u could ever meet because he isnt perverted or anything. i like him to but there are two really big problems. 1. he lives across the country so itd b just a summer thing and 2. my mom thinks we did sum "stuff" while i was there so she doesnt trust me at all. the only thing that happened was that we hugged. i might move out there with them too. should we still have a relationship if i move out there and how do i convince my mom nothing happened? (link)
yea i think if u move out there and you like him you guys should have a relationship , just tell your mom that the only thing you guys did was hug , and that it doesn`t matter if she doesnt believe you because you know the truth and thats all that matters

my boyfriend wants to have sex but I don't know if I'm ready what should I do? (link)
dont do it if your not ready , he wont force you into doing it. But if you decide to then make sure u use protection nd have fun... hope i helped !

alright.. this might be confusing and its reall long but here it goes. Me and this guy [we'll call him james] james.. at the beginning of this yr.. met, we got to know eachother alot. and really liked eachother.. but we never really told anyone that we really really liked eachother. Then my friend [we'll call her amy] met him too and she started likin him. I didnt say anything.. just.. me and james kept talkin. it felt really wrong for me because amy didnt know. and james was also "talkin" to her but he was just leadin her on. i told him that we should tell her the we liked eachother. He said he would but he never did. me and james ended up fallin in love.. and i just had to tell amy. so i went to her house and all and told her. it hurt her alot and i felt really bad but she forgave me because it really took alot of courage to tell her that. then james started hangin out with my cousin and bit by bit we drifted.. to the point where we didnt talk anymore.. i was really hurt by this and though about him 24-7.. so then i IMed him and found out he was mad at me for something i dont know what it was and he wouldnt tell me. then a couple days later i ended up talking to him. everything seemed to be going well.. but then i got into an arguement with amy and all of a sudden james hates me and he wished me dead. i was REALLY hurt by this. and everytime i would try to ask him what i did.. he would just say "You should know" and i dont know because i didnt do anything! [btw im still in love with him at this point] and then later on i found out that amy had told him some bulls*!t about me. i still dont know what it is but i never did anything to hurt him so i know its bulls*!t. and then a week later.. me and amy became friends again but james still hated me. and amy new how i felt about james. then a couple weeks later.. amy, james, my cousin and 2 other friends went to the movies.. and when amy came home.. she told me that she did stuff with james at the movies. at this point i was going crazy. i dont know what to do. but me and amy are "best friends" and have been for 8 years... so i forgave her .... a couple days later. i dont know if i should have though.. is amy really a good friend?.. this was the second time she f**ked me over with the love of my life. so the questions are:

is amy really a good friend?
should i still be her friend?
how can i get james to talk to me?
No i dont think she is a good friend because if she was she wouldnt be making up shyt about you so people wouldnt like you. I think she is just jealous and needed to do something for him to like her instead of you. I dont think you should still be her friend , or atleast tell her if she still wants to be your friend she has to tell james that what she said about you wasnt true , and maybe that will make him talk to you. Or you can explain the situation to him , and he will see that she only did it because she liked him and didnt want him to like you instead of her. Hope i helped =)

okay so there is this boy that i went out with b4 as friend he was really rough like we always wrestled and stuff and i just thought it was his way of flirting so i let it go when he asked me out i said yes cuz i thought the rought stuff would cool down but it didnt and that lead to a break-up. but now i really miss him. and i found out he likes me back and so i really wanna go out wit him again but im scared that hes still just as rough with me! how can i get him to treat me more gentle and not like"one of the boiz"?
please help me asap!
If you guys are planning on going back out before that you should tell him how you feel and tell him that you arent one of the boys and that he shouldnt be that rough with you , that you guys can still do the same stuff but tell him to remember you are a girl. Hope I helped!

Im having this party for my birthday but im not sure if i should invite one of my friends because im kinda worried that she might end up trying to hook up with my bf. Shes had a crush on him before i went out with and it seems like she still does. Ive talked to my bf about it and i know that he wont try anything with her but like i said... its her hooking up with him that im worried about. She knows that i MIGHT be having a party but that im not sure. We are friends but i barely talk to her since she goes to another school. Should i invite her?
If you think she is gonna try something with your boyfriend i wouldnt trust her , so i dont think you should invite her. But if you wanted to invite her you can talk to her about it , and maybe she will back off a little. Hope I helped =)

hi my name is jessica and my friend thinks i called her jerk when i didnt now she started a big fight i said sry but i think shes still mad at mewhat should i do!!! PLZ HELP (link)
you should just be like i didnt call you a jerk , but if thats what you wanna think go ahead. But i kno the truth , and the truth is i didnt say it. And just give her time to get over it. Hope i helped =)

i find myself never being able to sleep until like 2 or 3 in tha morning everynight..i cant ever sleep so i just go on AIM or something like that..any advice? i appreciate it. thanks
i do the same thing , so i just tried getting up earlier in the morning then you will be tired earlier at nite. Hope i helped!

My parents and my bro dont get along at all. My parents have disagreed with my bros choices for years. My mom and dad dont want nething to do with him really. They are tired of him expecially mom. But my bro still wants to have a relationship with me (sister and bro). Should i stick with my parents or form a relationship with him.

Help (link)
If your brother didnt really do anything to you then i think you should have a relationship , because it would be unfair to both of you if you didnt have a relationship just because of your parents not getting along with him. Hope i helped!

ok , i dont kno what to do anymore . im babyysitting this 4 yr. old little boy . i came at 9:30 this morning and like 10 min. after the mom left for work , he's throwing his toys at me , one hitting my chin , then he took some statue thing the parents hav and starts biting on it . nd i cant control this kid . can u help me pleasE (link)
If you have no control over the kid you should tell his parents , and maybe they will talk to him and get him to calm down or something. If not then you shouldnt watch him anymore! hope i helped! not extemely popular..i`d say im in the middle. Well anyway theres a guy..we went out..then broke up.
Lately ivve ben so lonely that ive been thinking of getting backk together with him...maybe just to hook up. I think he`d be fine with this idea..but I dont want it getting around. i dont want ppl to know WHAT we will do..or that i did it with him. Ive had bad experiences with this kinda stuff getting around school. Give me advice on wat to do? Thanks
If you want to do stuff with him then you should. And you should just tell him that you dont want everyone in school knowing what goes on between you 2 because it is no one elses business. Hope i helped!

Okay im 17 i will be 18 n feb n there is this boy that i talk to on the net n like i met him a couple times n talked to him n he is 15 wont be 16 intill march n like i can tell him anything n i think im sorta getting feelings for him but i dont know if i should date him since he is 15 n younger them me .. n my friends what will they think> (link)
It really isnt that big of a age difference , and if you really like him then you shouldnt care what your friends think , because they arent the ones going out with him or that like him. Hope i helped!

ok..i'm seeing this guy who's 16..and i really like, ok well love him and everything's so perfect right now..BUT i've never made out with any1..i've been the type of girl always into sports, school..not really had time for boyfriends or serious relationships..BUT he thinks i have "french-kissed" some1 and i feel dumb telling him (link)
They have websites that you could go to and it will tell you how to kiss. But theres really no right way to do it , because everyone does something different , and if your boyfriend really loves you i dont think he will care about the way you kiss. Hope I helped !

okay well i had this boyfriend and we broke up but we still like eachother and i told him i wud go out w. him wen skool started again but i like someone else now and i wanna go out w, him but i feel bad cuz the other guy still thinks i like him and i do but only a lil and i kno i dont wanna go back out w, him and idno how to tell him bout the other guy and i dont want to cuz they hate eachother alreadi and they wanna fite and if i told him bout it he wud like kill the other kid and im soo confused idno wat to do now!?!help plz (link)
If you dont like the ex anymore you should just tell him that if it didnt work out the first time , you dont think your relationship will work out if you go back out. So if you want to start going out with the other guy then you should , and just try not to let the ex find out about it for a little while until he gets over you. Hope I helped! =)

okay. i have a super-creepy stalker, and i talked about it at work and after that my friend called him and told him to leave me the hell alone because i told him to. the thing is.. i never said that. then my stalker got real mad and said " mind your own f-ing buisness a-hole!" and now im really afraid... for both myself and my friend. now i have to go back to school in a month and i have to see him everyday. im so worried that he is going to hurt me because he really doesnt respect authority at all. and i dont really want to talk to him at all because thats how this whole stalking thing began-- with me being nice to him. im so confused and everytime i see him i start shaking and my heart pumps really fast. do i need therapy or something? help me (link)
if he is really stalking you , you need to try to stay away from him. If you are going to see him everyday in school you should tell someone in the school or your parents and they can try to figure something out , or get something so he cant bother you anymore. Just try not to talk to him , and not get your friends involved because if you get him mad your not gonna know what he will do. Hope I helped! =)

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