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Ok first if my boyfriend told me he just wants a break right and if someone asks me do i havea boyfriend do i still say yes ?

Well my boyfriend is Muslim and his fasting and me and him had a little argument his friend kept flirting with me and i was just being an honestr gf and told him anyways yesterday he told me he wants a break until he finnishes fasting that in like 20 days and he said he'll let me know if he still wants to be with me do you think he'll dump me ? (link)
well idk how the guy is but i don't see why he would dump you because you're honest... if he does dump you i'd say he's rather really stupid or he's dumping you for another reason. you should ask him if there's something else bothering him.

ok a few months ago my bf cheated on me. long story, but i gave him another chance and things have been going really good. except that he continuted to be "friends" with this girl. i told him how much that bothered me, so he promised he wouldnt talk to her anymore, except just to say hi and stuff. soooo... now she's going out with one of our friends, "john". john doesnt know anything about what happened and thinks im friends with this girl (we're civil to each other, but we dont like each other). so john keeps suggesting that we all go out on a double date. my bf says maybe we should give it a try, it might be fun. but i really dont want to... i dont want my bf anywhere near her. but i also dont want to sound rude, or to look like an overprotective girlfriend. what should i do? (link)
tell your bf how you really feel. if he's understanding and doesn't want to ruin you two, he'll say no too to the double date, or suggest something elso to do/

there is this party tonight and i want to tell my crush i like him. i m pretty sure he likes me back.
is this stupid? should i wait? WHAT SHOULD I DO? (link)
i'd say do it. there's nothing more bothering than the thought of what could have been.

i always seem to jinx myself whenever i do this but i'm REALLY confused. like you don't understand. hah well theres this boy i've liked him on and off this whole year, and i'm pretty sure its been the same for him. but lately like i really wanna be with him. like idk if he likes me anymore, but i still like him. whenever i see him he does a little smile and says your gay or your a loser, but like in that cute joking kinda way you know? and we started texting again and we are supoose to hangout soon, but idk. when i see him he hangs out by my locker. but here the thing, his best friend likes me i think too, but i already dated him a while ago, so i like this kid now. i don't know what to do. like what does that mean? how the heck do boys think? wanna help me out ;] btw i'm 14/f (link)
(i don't really get the question but whatever...) okay, i would say if you really like the guy and want to be with him then you should ask him out. if you already dated his best friend but his best friend still likes you and you don't like him, he might need to get over you. (this is just what i think, i don't really know if you already know this or not be i just want to say it) if his best friend still likes you but you want to go out with him instead of his best friend that okay. but his best friend (if he really likes you and doesn't just want you for popularity or something else...) would want you to not be hurt by this guy but you guys seem good friend so he probably has nothing to worry about. but his best friend maybe would feel betraded by him for doing that, it really depends on what type of guy his best friend is. boys think different. there's a lot of different ways boys think depend of there type. some boys are all emotional, and others never say a word about how they feel. it all depends. i really don't think i did much but i hope i gave you something from all this.

I'm in 8th grade and i really like this guy and he likes me too, we talk and flirt constantly but he just won't make a move. I would love to go out with him but he's kind of shy when it comes to the asking out part and i don't really want to ask him out so what do i do to give him some hints that i like him? (link)
the easierst way would be to just tell him you like him, but that's a little too much of a hint... you could say something like "man, i wish i had a boyfriend..." and then look at him like "HELLO!". you could write a note, have a friend tell him, or have a friend write a note. there's a lot of different ways to tell a guy you like him. A LOT. but these are probably the simpliest(i think, but that's just me. i like the simple and easy way, unless a complacated way is the only way). hope i helped.

Sorry, this is going to be pretty long but I'd really appreciate it if you could help =) I'm 14/f and my bffl since 6th grade is 15/m and we're both in 9th grade right now. I've had this major crush on him since 6th grade and I still have feelings for him but he doesn't feel the same way for me. From the beginning to now in a nutshell:

In 6th grade, no one really noticed him but me and we're still the bestest of friends and we have one too many inside jokes. But in 7th grade, he started skating and then girls were all "Aww" on him. Then in 8th grade, he got a band and they were drooling all over him. And I'm kind of jealous, I guess you can say, because I hate the fact that these girls are all over him just because he's in a band. Most of them don't even know that he has a little temple in his closet dedicated to Kiss. Woah. Rambling. Moving on. Anyways, I still like him but I'm still confused by him. I don't know if he's being friendly or not but he and I get a long very well and most of the times, people don't know what we're talking about because they're all inside jokes. We're constantly doing stupid things together and playing around. And then recently I started wearing my lip ring again and he said somethings like "Hey cutie. That looks cute" And now I'm very confused as to if he's just being friendly or more. But then I'm confused about a whole different thing. Well, not confused but kind of worried? I don't want to lose him as my bffl but sometimes I get worried that he'll ditch me and get carried away by his band and all the girls that are all over him. And I really do like him a lot but I don't want to ruin our friendship. Gah, I'm rambling.

Anyways, my questions are:
1. Do you/guys have the same problems with liking a friend but not wanting to ruin the friendship?
2. If so, what do you guys do or what do you do?
3. What should I do?
4. Do you think that my bffl is just being friendly or more?

Sorry this was so freakishly long... (link)
1. i have a really close guy friend that i tell everything to and we talk about EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. and me and him both have had the problem. for him, he basically fell in love and got his heart stomped on. it's really sad and i really hate it. for me though things went really different. there's a girl, we were friends, and then we kinda started liking each other but one thing we promissed each other was that we'd always be friends because well... really i don't think i could live without her. we aren't going out anymore but that because something happened and yeah longer story. so yeah definitally, definitally, definitally.2. well yeah i said what i did, but i don't think that making a promiss to each other that you'll always be friend can always work, i'm glad me and my friend girl did it but it's not always going to work.3. you two sound really good for each other, can get alone, you like him and i'm not sure if he likes you, but i'm almost positive he'd want to take a shot at it. you guys sound pretty close so this sounds like something you can just bring up while talking and just talk about.(one thing i learned is you have to make sure you go slow in the relationship if you want it to go smoothy. speeding it up complecats things a lot) the way you told me about him, i kinda would want to know this guy, and if he is how i think he is, he's being more, but just to make sure you can always ask him. with me and friend, (a really long story but again shorter verson) she just asked me if i liked her on day. and yeah i kinda did... a lot. and luckly she felt the same way.(i'm really really really shy. big time) talking is the most important thing. sorry for answering so long, and yeah some of it you might not get but i hope i still answered you questions okay.

14/f and he's 15/m and we're both in 9th grade. This is really immature and childish but can you just read and answer for me, please?
So, there is this guy [let's call him Scott]. He's bi/gay and he's a major drama queen [no pun intended]. He'll get mad over the slightest thing. For instance, he got mad at my bffl because he always wore the same jacket. He got mad and started yelling at me b/c I didn't bring a cookie b/c I forgot. He drags me to the lunch line every other day and basically orders me to buy him food with my money.

Well, about a week ago, he suddenly called on Monday after school and said he was going to come over right that instant. I said no because I had homework and a violin lesson later that night. Then he said that all I did was homework and that I needed to get a life and be a teenager. Well, we went back and forth saying yes, no, yes, no. Well, about two days ago, my other friend and I were going down the hallways and I jokingly said that I was going to come to his house one day and he said that I already lost my chance? I was like okay then...but then he seriously went into full drama mode and said "If you don't hang out after school, I'm not going to talk to you." Or something like that. So I finally snapped and got so pissed off because he was getting mad at me for controlling my own life. So I told him that if he wanted to be a b*tch then he could be a b*tch and walked off.

Well, I don't really care that he's mad at me and I'm glad that I'm free from his drama because frankly, I was sick of tolerating him making me buy him food, yelling at me, and getting mad at me for stupid things. Right now, he's going around saying that I'm being a b*tch and overreacting and making a scene...when I'm ignoring everything. So, my question is am I overreacting? Is it reasonable for me to be mad at him?

Sorry this was so long. (link)
(15/m) i definitally would say it's all his fault. he shouldn't be telling you how to run your life when it's yours. it seems to me that the guy has some huge problems that he needs to work out. and really, making you buy him lunch... that makes no sense, he should be buying you lunch.(you should smack the guy silly) hope i helped.

I'm so tired and slightly angry at my friends! Today is one of the busiest days of my life, I have to download over 50 videos on Mega Upload for today only because the owner of the videos said that she's going to dlete the links tonight!

I only downloaded about probably 10 until it said I cna't download anymore in like 4 hours. Then I thought "HEY! My best friends could download some for me, and then send them to me on msn!"

When I asked them, they're both liek "ugh..."

I am so ticked off! Sometimes I can't sleep just to think all night of how to wokr out this problem to hlep them with their homework and help them with their stuff but yet they can't do a little thign for me?

Can anyone think of things to calm me down and feel better about this and probably not cry about the videos? thanks for caring (link)
15/m) i have a twin brother that is the same way, i'll do ton of little things for him(some big favors but mostly small things) and then i'll ask him to do something for me and he's say "what do i get out of it". and what i did is i first talked to him about it and he didn't change one bit. so, has a last result, i told him i would stop helping him completely, i'm kinda still in that procees but he seems to be getting it a little and we're starting to help eachother out more. you could always try what i did but idk how close your friend are. and it would probably be different with friends being you don't have to live with them but you could just start doing what they do to you and turn it around on them. but that is kinda mean. talking but again, not always effective. i hope i could help.

ok im 13/ f and i have to write an essay about if i think bigfoot is real or not. this is what my essay says:

Many people say that bigfoot is just a myth; that people just dress up in gorilla suits and walk around in the woods. i personally think that bigfoot is real

for over 100 years, people have reported sightings of bigfoot some people have even found hair and footprints of the creature. people have taken many pictures and filmed videos of bigfoot. one of the most famous videos of bigfoot is called " The Patterson Footage".

The patterson footage is a very clear image of a female bigfoot walking in the woods. the footage was taken by roger patterson and bob gimlin in 1967.

The patterson footge has never been debunked as a hoax. no one has ever demonstrated how it was done. neither the original " costume" nor a matching costume has ever been presented by honest skeptics nor by various impostures who have claimed to have worn the costume.

Large amounts of money have been spent trying to make a matching costume. the best hollywood costume design talents have been brought to the task but none have ever succeesed. the british broadcasting corporation has spent the most money so far and they have failed miserabily.

Every attempt and failire to make a similar costume strenghthens the case for the authenticity of the patterson footage. comparing a man in a costume side-by-side with the patterson creature in motion help highlight the anatomical differences.

Many scientist have looked at the patterson footage over and over again. they have finally discovered that if you look closely at the footage,you can see breast on the bigfoot. many of the sigting that you hear of say that the bigfoot is male, so who would make this one female?

Even tough you may or may not think bigfoot is a real creature, i think that bigfoot is real.

so can you please tell me what you personally think of my essay cause i really need to make a good grade on this. sorry its long. Thanks!

it's really good. (i personally don't think bigfoot is real) but it's still very good, i hate writing papers but i still know what a good one looks like and this definitally is, (the subject is kinda funny though) i know you'll get a good(if not spectacular) grade. hope i was helpful.

i have constant suicide thoughts and know i must be checked into a hospital i went to or whatev. and they didnt understand im seriously considering this. im 13 years old, female. i feel like im not wanted here, and no one even cares anymore. i constantly fight with my mother and father and sisters. how can i get the medical help i need before i seriosly kill myself. (link)
well i've had the thoughts before and a lot latey and the one thing that i keep thinking that is probably the only thing keeping from going throght with it is that there's so much more to life. you are still young (so am i, 15 male but there's a lot of stuff that has happened to me between those years that i wouldn't want to miss for anything) there's so many things you have experienced yet. it's kinda weird being a guy but i alway think of getting married and stuff. that one thing that i really want and is something i think about when i start to think about suicide. you also got to think that life is like a rolercoaster. a very unpredictable(sorry i can't spell) one but still a rolercoaster. there's high times and low times. it's always changing never consistant. so if you do get through this hard time there is sadly going to be other hard time, maybe every harder than now, but if you push through there are tons of good thing that can happen has a result. just hold in and remember you haven't lived a whole life yet, and there is always someone in the world who loves you (just to let you know i do believe in God and stuff but that's not what i'm talking about though God is very helpful sometimes) i'm talking about you mother, father, and sisters. you my fight all the time but when you really get down to it they deeply love you and they would miss you tarribly. you would be hurting them by killing yourself. a good friend is always helpful, i have a guy bestfriend and a girl bestfriend and i can tell them both anything(but i usually talk to the guy one a little more about the suicide thing and problems) i really know that feeling like you just want to end it and it feels like that the only way it can stop and nothing is every going to go right ever. but really i've been in that place more than one and if you can pull yourself out, life can really open up in so many ways. if you do have a knife and you hand and really are seconds away for suicide, before you do you should at least talk to someone, anyone. once there was this girl i met for about 2hrs and we just talked about our lives and problems and stuff and it was really refreshing to know i'm not the only on who's got problems. a girlfriend was seriously the best thing in my life, she made me so happy and over joyed all the time. but that's just me, that may not be the best thing for other people.(omg this is really long and i'm really sorry but i have a lot to say on this) there's a lot of stupid, meaning less stuff in the world but i believe is all worth living in for those singal moments of happiness. but yeah sorry again for how long it is. hope i helped.

I really like this guy
and I love the way I feel when I am
around him.

I think he likes me but i'm not sure.
I need tips to see if he likes me.

Help. (link)
you could go with the short and simple and just ask him, but wheres the fun in that. there's always flirting, and just like touch him a little more (just like when you sit next to him, sit close enough to touch him, but sometimes that can get a little weird and if the guy is shy(i am so i would know) you might scare him away and he would start to ignore you a little and stuff) but anyways... you could ask you friend to just have a normal convo. with him and then ask if he does(but not say that you where wondering) you could ask his friend is he talks about you or if he said anything spicific(sorry i really can't spell to save my life) basically ask around what people think but yeah that can't alway be trusted. just saying it just in case but don't give up on trying to find out, i know that feeling you are taking about (weird being that i'm a guy) and you definitally should give up on someone if you feel that way around them. hope i help and not just wasted you time (sorry it's so long)

So theres this guy that I once went out with but he cheated on me with a girl not even a week later. We got into an argument and he said that he didn't regret it. This happened almost a year ago and he had had a girlfriend for 4 months and recently broke up. Now he claims that he was really sorry and only yelled at me because he didn't konw what else to do. I know it sounds stupid but he was talking to a friend of mine and she sent me the conversation and it seems as if he's being sincere and honest. He said that he regrets breaking up with me and cheating on me and its the biggest mistake of his life. At first I said serves him right, but now that we talk alot more, I'm starting to like him again.. I know its wrong and some people think I should give him another try but I'm kinda nervous and I kind of like him but I don't. It's hard to decide what to do and hoping someone could help me and maybe relate to my problem. Also, that girl he just broke up with after a rocky 4 months for them went out with him when I liked him. So do you think it's alright if I were to go back out with him? Would that be something really backstabbing to her? I'm also afraid that he heard that I would do stuff with him and maybe the only reason that he's talking to me alot more is because he just wants action. I'd rather be just a hookup then being used and pretended that he likes me. Sorry this was so long, haha, but I appreciate the help! Oh and I'm a 16/f :) (link)
a question you should ask youself is "if you can really trust him again". (i am a guy and i personally think all guys that cheat should get their balls cut off but that's just me) i do believe in second chances but when i guy cheats it just really sucks and can get really messy. i'd say if you really are going to give him a second chance but you're not sure if he is just going out with you just to get action, you should take it really slow with him. if he really want to go out with you because he really likes you, it will show. i'm not saying if you say "wait" to him he's going to go "okay, just tell me when" he's a guy, guy's like action. but what i'm saying is that he won't tell you he'll brake up with you if you don't or something like that. like someone said before me, "once a cheater always a cheater". there is a chance he could cheat again. but there is also a chance that he saw his mistake and regrets it enough not to do it again, you never know. if you do decide to go out with him i hope you don't regret it and same the other way around. hope i could've helped in some small way.

I recently met this girl(about 3 months ago) and we became good friends. We hang out alot and did things normally friends wouldn't do. She would show me body parts, tease me alot and flirt. I felt she liked me and I felt the same. She knew me and my family and I knew her and her family. Then we she got her car back from her mother, she started to ignore my phone calls and when I am aroiund her place, my siter lives there to, she doesn't speak to me or say hi or nothing. yesterday was my birthday and she came because my sister invited her. She was cool and I had a drink and told her off. She just laugh and gave me the bullshit story, it was her and not me. I feel she played me and probably, though I don't feel this way, used me as her crutch for her problems and to get things. I truly don't feel that way because she changed alot to be with me and now she ignores my phone calls, and pretends I don't exist. So can someone tell me should I really let go and just move on or try to talk to her again and see whats going on. (link)
you shouldn't just give up on her, you should see if there really was something gooding on between you two. she could just be going through something or someone told her something and she could just be having a hard time. but, sadly, there is the chance that she was just using you and stuff and nothings really happened to her and she just played you. but don't just think that and walk away. from the sound of it you two really had something. try to find out what is really going on(i would hate myself if i met a near perfect girl and she starting acting weird so i just left her and i don't think you would feel too good either if she is just going through a hard time or going through some ruff changes and you left her. you would be leaving something really good behind and would definitally regret it) just don't jump to conclusions too soon. i hope you find out what's really going on and you two get back to where you were. hope i helped.

okay well..theres ths guy kevin..andd we've been like dating on and off since 7th grade, were now in 9th. well we havent gone out since december of 8th..but we've always been talking on and off since them. well i know i like him ALOT! and one night he told me that he liked me and i didnt think that i liked him until like the next day so i told him iliked him and we were like talking. then one night one guy im'd me and told me to call him tonight..but i told him if he wants o talk to me, he can call me. well while i was talking to him i kinda gave up on kevin and i was going after this guy. [ he goes to my school in 11th grade] and then me and that other kid stopped talking bc hbe wa getting to gross and then kevin started talking to this girl who i'm friends with and all. and i told kevin i liked him but wasn't going to go after him because i didn't wanna fuck up what they had going on. well kevin went after me and yesterday in class he was sitting next to me and he kept like rubbing my leg and i ddin't care but i said stop bc he is talking to that girl and he didn't so whatever i said stop and he still didn't. then i was in a classroom with my friend talking about kevin and he passed and she saidd like there he is and i went in the hall and talked to him and we were standing in the hall he was leaving and he grabbed my boob! and i went into the room and immediately told my friend. then aftterschool isaw kevin hug the girl hes talking to and since she rides my bus i had to tell her waht he did bc i dont think it is right not to..ya know? i didnt want her to get hurt when he was trying to do stuff with other girls. and she told him what i told him and he denied then admitted it today but he won't talk to me and claims i made it up juss to get them not to go out and he said he truly hates me. im a mess right now. was it the right thing to do by telling her? i feel like it was right bc i didn't want her to get hurt and yeah he's talking crap and evertything about me and tells me how much he hates me.. i dont know what to do. help me pleasee (link)
it was definitally the right thing to tell her, you did the right thing. but to me, it seems like Kevin is a very good guy and really should be kicked in the balls a couple times... yeah... but besides that i'm not really sure what you should do. you could always do the lazy thing (which i usually do but something usually goes wrong because i don't follow throgh) which is just wait and see what happens, not talk to Kevin, but still talk to the girl so you know how it's going. or you could always hit it straight on(which i again usually hard to follow throgh and stressful) which would be little trying to prove what kevin did or prove that he is a dickhead and just playing this girl. and get really involved(you know what i mean) do every little thing you can to bring kevin down... to "waiting it out" is easier but sometimes it hard not to get involved. hope everything ends up okay and your life gets back in order.

i noticed your a guy and seem like the typical, attractive man who has experiance with girls.

im 14, female

im not fake what so ever.. not those ones that say they hate fake and turn out being fake.. im just plain out me. im not ugly, i dont think im pretty but i can be classifyed as attractive. i hang out with my guy friends. i love ska, punk, rock, etc. im not metal or hardcore. i am a cheerleader but really do love music. ive got a good personality. my question is, is a girl hanging out with guys a turn off. i hang out with girls too its just guys are so much funner and i love ding dong ditching, staying out super late doing whatever, and just having fun. turn off? what are some turn ons? (link)
(yeah, just to let you know i'm definitally not typical or attractive and i more know more for story's, observation, and hanging out with girls. i've only had one girlfriend before(she was amazing) but i wouldn't call once experiance)i wouldn't think a girl hanging out with guys a lot all the time is a turn off, if anything it's good, i wouldn't like it if a girl was uncomfortable hanging out with some of my friends, it's definitally good just as long as you still act like a girl. (meaning don't be too much of a guy) there's a lot of different opinions out there. some guys might find it a turn off and others, just the opposite. it really depends how you act around guys and what type of guys they are. there's a lot of different types of girls in the world which mean a lot of different types of boys and with every boy a different oppinion but i would say most wouldn't think it has a turn off. i don't really know any specific(sorry can't spell) turn ons, sorry. i really don't know how to answer that one but i hope i helped on the first question.

So, my best friend has liked a guy for like.. a year, I think. From what she says, he's nicer to her than his other friend-girls, and he's really funny. The thing is, I know he's pervarded. I dont think he's ever really done anything with anyone, but I'm scared that if my friend gets together with him, he'll try something. I mean,she said that if he did, she'd end it immediatly, but is there a way to change guys like that, or what? He's not the most sensetive kid, so I was just wondering (mainly from the opionion of guys of girls who have dated guys like this) if this is easy to deal with? My friend kinda even feels bad about liking him now.

Hm.. What to do? (link)
i know (sadly) a lot of guys like that. you never know, girls can really can guys but sometimes it goes the other way around. if she is going to try it with this guy, definitally take it very slow and try not to get all olone for too long so he won't have a chance to pull anything. and i would say if everything goes good for a while, she should slowly let him more and more into her life and stuff and if he does seem to be okay, then okay. but make sure she watches where his eyes are(if you know what i mean) and ask him what he's thinking about sometimes (i'm a guy and that questions always funny for me, i'm really really really random) but if he stumbles every now and them if might mean he's thinking about something he doesn't want to say(if you know what i mean) she should just look for the little thing(but sometimes a 3rd party's opinion helps in situations, ask how they are doing ever so often) but that's just if she does go out with the guy. hope i helped.

Hey elias! 16/f im the one who asked about getting over a guy i like. and we're complete opposites.

Anyways we are good friends, and we hang out alot. I really like him =( but i don't think he likes me that way. Its really hard to tell. And i dont wanna ask him because i don't have the guts to do that and its very embarrassing for me. Thats why i wanna try to stop liking him since its going nowhere. =( (link)
well if you want to stop liking him, (if you think about him a lot) stop thinking about him so much and start thinking about other people or just other stuff. liking another boy would definitally help but you can't just make yourself like someone. you could just wait it out and wait till your feeling die down but you never know how long that can take. hanging out with other guys might help, you might start liking one of them has a resault. or there's the small change you would just start liking the other guy even more because you miss him and relize how more amazing he is than other guys. but hanging out with over guy(i think) might be a way to go. getting over people isn't my best subject but if i did need to, that's what i'd do. hope i helped.

okay....... so i really like this guy but im not sure that he likes me back. I mean i have given him everything. He knows i like him and that he can talk to me whenever he wants. (My friends thinks he does like me btw)but the problem is that he doesnt tell ME that he does. when anyone asks him how he feels about me all he does is stammer and say uhh-uh-uhhh idk. Does he say that becuz he doesnt want to hurt my feeliongs? pleezze help
thanks (link)
he could just not say for sure because he's embarressed(sorry can't spell) that he does like you or he just isn't sure how to say he likes you and unsure of what would come of the relationship. or there is the sad but kinda nice chance that he doesn't what to hurt your feelings. i would say you should just stand a little closer to him and look into his eyes more and stuff and see how he reacts. if he starts to avoid you, than that says, "yeah he maybe not be interested" (or it could be that it just seems like he's avoiding you if that's what you're expecting, try not to think of every little thing and wonder if it means he's avoid you, a mean avoid you like all day or around other friends he does) but if he doesn't say anything about it, seems to be okay with it, and not avoiding you, i would say he just might like you. sorry for the long answer, i hope i could help in some way.

My boyfriend (now ex) broke up with me on April 22nd. He told me he plans on getting back with me he just needs a break. He is really stressed because of home and school and he felt like he couldn't be a good boyfriend. But instead of working on our relationship, he lets his stress out by partying. We currently aren't talking but we occasionally have a conversation. He doesn't talk to me because I irritate him (along with a lot of his friends right now so it's not just me) and he doesn't want to be a dick and mess things up. How do I get him back, with out irritating him?

Please don't tell me to forget about him because that is not what I need to hear. (link)
you should try helping him and really this is just my opinion but i don't think partying is the best way to get ride of stress. but that's just me. yeah but try talking to him about his problems and help him think clearer. i think it's a good thing that he doesn't want to mess things up by being a dick and stuff but idk if breaking up was the best thing to do. i find it a whole lot easier getting through stuff with someone there to talk to. but that's just me. talking to another person about stuff really is helpful or you can just talk about other thing to try to get his mind off of the problems for a while and give him a much need break. just my opinion, hope it help.

does it help you lose weight? (link)
no, pooping is simply the waste your body doesn't want. you can't make yourself poop and you can't not make yourself poop so in short you can't control your pooping. you might want to try a diet and/or exersize.

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