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Hi my name is max, im not going to be your typical advice giver on this website. im not going ot tell you everything is going to be ok, or everything will get better because most of the time everything wont be ok, and things wont get better. but i'm here if you ever need to talk about anything.
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i am 25 female doctor..but i have no job right problem is that i feel too much lazy..i waste too much time,i think about studying & doing so many other things but i only think & practically i do nothing.thats y i hv gained much help me how can i b active..thanks (link)
Go out and do things, a morning walk 5 days a week is a good start. if you feel your gaining weight then eat less. go on a controlled diet. If you're really a doctor then you probally know alot more about health then i do.

I apply to places and I even go to the places to follow up my application and they always say they are going go call me but they never do, is it better to be persistant and keep asking them to follow up my application? or should I wait?

and would you like to share any interview tips? thanks (link)
Always be persistant, but even then finding a job in this economy is extremely hard. try waiting till the school year starts up, when all the people who had summer jobs are leaving. And when you do turn in an application make sure you call them and ask about the status of your application. bug the hell out of them ; it shows them that your actually interested in the job you applied for. Good luck with finding a job.

Ps. A little prayer never hurt anybody.

This girl that goes to my school put videos up of me on YouTube under my full name, and it honestly freaks me out a lot. I want them down, but she won't take them down. They're not scandalous or anything; I just don't want videos of me online under my full name.

Please tell me there's someone I can contact to get them off? (link)
There really isn't that much danger in them having your name but if you want them taken down contact- that's the youtube safety center. theyre might be something there that can help you.

Well I look at porn almost every night. I think its wrong but I cannot stop, I tried to and my longest was a week without it. I think its killing my soul and making me a creep. I'm M/15 no gF. I've even tried blocking everything. I have been looking for a gF too. My friends say i'm desperate. I don't think I am because theres this girl I like & shes like the only one that I don't think of sexually & i think thats kind of good, but i think this addiction gives social problems too. And i feel my mind getting dirtier everday. I think I'll eventually grow out of it but what can I do to stop looking at it??? (And this addiction runs in my family but I don't like it) I have internet access on my PS3. Most of my friends have long stopped looking at it. I regret getting into it, free internet, snooping at friend's houses, my friend got introuble for bringing porn cards to school, we used to trade until people got introuble. & all their funny stories of getting cought & almost getting cought. (link)
Well looking at porn is perfectly normal for a guy, and if your friends are telling you they dont look at it, then they're lying. But if your porn addiction is getting in the way of your social life then you have a problem. but the only person that can stop your addiction is you. i just recently quit smoking(another kind of addiction) and i know from experience quitting something you enjoy doing is hard. but if you truly want to stop then you will.

I'm 17 years old.

A few days ago, my left breast started hurting very bad around the areola. Now yesterday, that areola has turned flaming red, and there's a lump that hurts like crazy just above my nipple.
It's only the left breast, not both of them. Should I be worried? Could it be breast cancer? Should I even bother to go to the doctor, or is this normal? (link)
If you ever find a lump in your breast you should consult a physician immediately.

I had a dream that my dad touched me and almost raped me. My boyfriend and mom were also in the dream and they didn't do anything to help, they even dressed me up for it. I'm just wondering what this could meannn. Please helpp. (link)
This is whats often referred to as a nightmare. your subconscious mind playing out images and experiences in a way that is hard for you to take in. But if anything like that was to ever happen you should go to the police immediately.

When I first started my diet I was eating right and exercising. I lost 25 pounds. Now I'm getting tired of doing the same thing everyday and I dont know what else to do. I did cardio 2 times a day, I ran,etc. Sometimes I just dont do it anymore. I get a craving for chocolate chips and thats it. People in my house buy it and when I see it I want it, when I first started my diet I was eating on junk and only having 1200 calories,now I eat a little over 1200. And I only lost a pound last week and I was losing more than that before. I dont eat chocolate all day. I'll just get a bar of chocolate and a small bag of chips and eat one and the rest of the day the food is healthy, I wasnt doing this in the beginning. I already want something sweet everyday and I'm scared i'll gain the weight back after the diet. I cant go to the gym. I get tired of doing the same exercise and eating the same,what can I do?
Diets are complicated. take it from me, ive been on a diet for a while now. your body loses weight in cycles, youll lose 15 pounds 1 month and then maybe youll only lose 5 the next. but whats happening during the time when your not losing as much weight is your body mass is shifting around reditributing the fat in your body to make you look thinner. so dont be discouraged if you dont lose as much as youd like one week. that's why diets and excersize are so hard, just be patient. And as far as your question as to what you can do. try eating new things that are low calorie. you dont want to eat the same thing everyday. if you do your body grows to expect it and will start storing fat even if you only eat 1000 calories. so mix it up, eat maybe high protein one day the mostly carbs the next switch it up. keep your body guessing.

So, I am 17f and I have never dated anyone. I feel that there are certain types of guys that I really just want to stay away from (liers, cheaters, players, guys that only want sex), basically all the kinds I know. I have met a guy that is sweet, kind, respectful, and loving towards me recently.. the only thing is, I have had a rough childhood (meaning I can take things to the heart, I am careful with who I chose as friends, and I can find it hard to open up to people sometimes), people have backstabbed/lyed to me, and my mom has been through two divorces. My question is how can I become closer to this guy without allowing myself to feel like I am holding back a little. He is understanding, loves me for who I am, and seems interested.. one time he asked if he could kiss me and I let him kiss me on the cheek, but I keep wondering if I should of kissed him on the lips or if that was holding back. I mean whats wrong with a kiss on the lips? I don't know.. do I hold back too much? What can I do to stop feeling like I do?
Well if your seventeen and like this guy, then you should go for it. you dont want to wait too long and then regret not ever taking the chance with him. secondly i know this because i am a guy, but watch out. there are alot of guys who will pretend to love you and care about you just to get sex. i used to use girls all the time. but if you really do care about the guy, and you honestly think he cares about you then go for it. it's life so you might as well live it. you dont want to wake up 10 years later regretting every thing.

I love my parents to death but there are times where i really dont get them. like my cellphone has been broken for months and i can't get a new one. instead i got a hideous hand-me-down. im just tired of them both being so money savvy! like for once can't they just splurge and go wild? its always so structured and they never just break out and go "lets get some ice cream!". they're not spontaneous at all, and i am a very spontaneous person and it drives me crazy when we fall into a simple, boring schedule.

i have a really hard time with questions too, and they ask WAY too many questions all the time. it drives me crazy, and ive tried to ask them to be more layed back and ask LESS questions but it never works. it feels like they dont trust me at all and like i dont deserve to have fun. im having a really hard time with them, and because i love them so much, i dont want our relationship to crumble. please help me figure out how to make this better

im 14 female (link)
to go and say why didnt they buy me a new one is kind of selfish. what if your parents dont have the money to buy you a new cellphone. now given everybody needs some spontaneousness in there life. but you have to be able to afford the lifestyle before you can live it.

Ok imma young girl who is in love with an older guy and he says he loves me to what do I do? (link)
It would be easier to answer if we knew how old you were. if your a teenager than he probably just wants sex. if your older than he is probably looking for a standing relationship. take it from me, i went through high school and im still a teenager. most of the time us guys only want sex, even if tell a girl we love them.

I have a 21 year old brother who is really worrying me. I've always know that he has huge life issues but right now I'm just finding it hard to live with him - it's getting unbearable.
He doesn't have standard issues like drug abuse/ being in a violent gang etc. It probably would be BETTER if he had big issues like that- he is just so PASSIVE.
So basically this is what's wrong- He would be happy to spend 24/7 in front of his lab top, no kidding. He spends all of his time locked in his room doing goodness knows what. He has no friends at all. He never leaves the house if he can help it. He failed senior high and never got into uni or got a job. He's spent a year in a therapy camp and two years trying to get into uni and failing. He has no hobbies or interests.
He has a really low self esteem and he's so negative- he spends so much time criticising people. He's also incredibly defensive- he can't take any form of criticism, even with ridiculously little things. Like, if I tell him to use a sharp knife to cut vegetables he'll ignore me and stubbornly spend 10x the time and effort using a blunt knife. He has such a bad temper too.
Thing are harder for him because our family is so darn isolated. We have a single mum who spends all of her time at work. We moved to a different city a about 7 years ago so live in a place with no family connections at all. Our dad is useless and we never see him because he ran away to a different country to have another family. I have a few school friends but nobody else in my family (brother and mum) does.
I don't know how long my brother can spend his life like this. I don't know how to help him but I'm one of the only people who can. Plus I live with him so it's sort of my responsibility. Have you ever heard of anybody like this before? How can he get out of this rut? He's been like this for 5 years.
Sounds to me like hes suffering from some sort of melancholic depression. if he's not depressed than he's probably frustrated with his life and hates himself (which would explain the defensive attitude.) alot of people that are unhappy with their lives dont like other people to know they are unhappy. My best advice would be to either consult a therapist or try to talk to him (and i mean really talk to him.)

I have a girlfriend, we have our problems, but I try to stick through it.

I met another girl online, nowhere near me, started chatting, no detail about our lives, occasional cybering because we both are kinda lacking in sex as of late.

Problem is, the girl online has been burned before, and I want to just take it to being friends without hurting her feelings, and I want to not cause this girl to feel burned again.

Yes, I was wrong. Yes, I made a mistake. Right now, I'm trying to fix everything, so please, spare me the usual speech about the wrong I did and help me to at least fix things so that I can make things right.
Male, 27 (link)
First of all it's just a chick you know online, not someone in person. so really why do you even give a fuck(pardon the language,) you need to get over the online chick and fix things with the girl in real life.

umm if you read my past entries, ive had this crush on my stepbrother for a while now.
people have told me that im crazy its wrong but i dont know... im just confused. not only that but its gotten worse. im like falling for this boy. we have sooo much in common but at the same time we have our differences. & lately we've become comfortable with each other. considering that it used to be soo akward around each other. but its like the more i learn about him, the more im drawn to him. i havent seen him for about 4 months now & usually when i dont see him a long period of time, the feelings start to fade. but they've gotten stronger. & its driving me insane like i'll dream about him; every song i hear it reminds me of him; even movies & tv shows. its out of control..

i dont know what to do.
any advice?
is this wrong? (link)
Sounds to me like your in love ;). i'm not going to tell you it's wrong because quite frankly it isn't. The only reason people dont marry family members is because it can cause alot of birth defects and geneology issues. but seeing as hes not your bloodbrother there really is nothing wrong with it.

My friend and I have been friends for 6 years. The weirdist part was when he hugged me really tight and held my hand in a car ride one day. That day he said he started to like me by text and i said i did to. But I rather be friends for now. The next day, he said it was just a crush and he apologized for what he did. Well now,we're still friends, but he still teases me in a funny nice way. Not only that but he wants my family to respect him and makes sure he's on his proper behavior. Not only that, but he insists on sticking my my side just incase someone tries to hurt me. But i dont know, there is mixed signals is there somthing there that he truly did like me? Or was it just a joke...
Please help me. (link)
I'm a guy and i can guarantee you he doesn't just like you, he loves you. He probably told you it was just a crush because he didn't want to ruin your friendship with him. So he loves you, and ifyou love him you should try to make something of it.

Ok, ex supposed to pay CS. hasnt paid in months. he DOes however pay his soon to be ex wife alimony $600. Only they are sleeping together again delaying divorce and she gives it back to him. He plans to tell the court that with the alimony order he doesnt make enough to pay me..she has no kids with him. CS tells me they are going to suspend his license. He is $3000 behind.(4) months.. Only it seems like they are dragging their feet. I got a taunting text from her today stating that "it sucks to be broke doesnt it?" and that they spent the alimony money at a casino. He is a terrible father and she is the opitomy of evil.They are running a giant scam. What to do?? Do I speak to a cs supervisor? He also got a $5000 tax return and stopped paying right after. He is self employed so they cant garnish..HELP! (link)
whenever you have any problem like that you should go to theproper authorities, lawyers are expensive but if you have a court order saying he has to pay X amount of money for child support and hes not then its grounds for a lawsuit. I know first hand how hard it is to live a life with no child support, my father split and never payed my mother a dime. so please go to the supervisor or anyone who can help and have it straightened out. you shouldnt have to experience a hard life due to his irresponsible attitude.

I am a college student and I want to be an actress but the only thing that is holding me back is my nerves. Once I am in the scene I am fine but thinking about going into auditions scares me! Mainly becuase in the beginning i turn beat red and shake a little but then once I get going im fine but how do i get rid of that anxiety in total?

By the way I am taking a summer course at stella adler next summer which is a very good acting program so im hoping that helps but im still embarressed that i will be the only shy person in the classes (link)
Practice makes perfect. i am a low end musician but i know from experiance the kind of nerves it takes to get up and perform. i used to hate performing and would be scared to death to go out and do it. but i know first hand that i the more you do something, the more natural it becomes. now i cant think of anything else i enjoy more than performing onstage. so the first little while of doing it may be nervous but trust me the more you do something the easier it becomes.

lastnight was the first time giving my man a blow job and stuff and we went deeeep to the point were i started gagging. after that, we smoked weed and now it sounds like i have a sore throat. Is this because the smoke or deep throating? Is there any quick ways to get rid of it? :p (link)
easily the weed, thats what weed does. it dries out your mouth and throat. i know that i had a sore throat for almost a week from smoking bud. but my advice to you is drink lots of water, and take some ibuprofen(it's an antiinflammatory medicine.)

i am well soon to turn 15 and me and my boyfriend really want to have a baby. my boyfriend is 100%loyal to me. i guess i want to know if i should go through with this. i mean what to tell my mom i dont know my 16 year old sister is already thinking she might be pregnant to. i also would like to know if it is expensive to be home schooled and be home with my child. thank you. (link)
You cant be serious, im not trying to be mean or intrusive but noone is ready to have a kid at that age. my best friend had a kid at that age and it ruined here life. my mother had me at that age and it cause nothing but problems for her. your young, you have plenty of time for that later, enjoy life while you still can. don't burden yourself with a child before you have a chance to experiance life. because you wont have time after having a kid to do anything.

He flirts. He cares. He tells people he likes me? So, What's the deal? Why won't he ask me out? I Am 13 and a female. (link)
If he doesnt ask you out, then ask him out. life wont always hand you what you want. sometimes you have to take initiative and do it yourself.

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