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I need somehing!!! Anybodys help rocks!!!:) <<< Previous Question
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in love with stepbro..

Question Posted Friday July 9 2010, 1:22 am

umm if you read my past entries, ive had this crush on my stepbrother for a while now.
people have told me that im crazy its wrong but i dont know... im just confused. not only that but its gotten worse. im like falling for this boy. we have sooo much in common but at the same time we have our differences. & lately we've become comfortable with each other. considering that it used to be soo akward around each other. but its like the more i learn about him, the more im drawn to him. i havent seen him for about 4 months now & usually when i dont see him a long period of time, the feelings start to fade. but they've gotten stronger. & its driving me insane like i'll dream about him; every song i hear it reminds me of him; even movies & tv shows. its out of control..

i dont know what to do.
any advice?
is this wrong?

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DrPlayer answered Sunday July 11 2010, 12:26 am:
The only surefire way to forget about him if that's what you want is to find someone else that you are more attracted to. And don't worry about feeling weird about it I've done a lot of research and who you like is something that you can't really control. Once your genetics lock onto someone it's a hard feeling to shake. Best of luck though.

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maxwellarch answered Saturday July 10 2010, 9:52 pm:
Sounds to me like your in love ;). i'm not going to tell you it's wrong because quite frankly it isn't. The only reason people dont marry family members is because it can cause alot of birth defects and geneology issues. but seeing as hes not your bloodbrother there really is nothing wrong with it.

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Jad answered Friday July 9 2010, 2:47 pm:
It's actually wrong to be in love with your stepbrother... I can only give you some advices to help you forget him:
- Try to date a pretty friend of yours.
- Try finding a hobby.
- If you're christian, think about the sins.
- Try to see the negatives about him!

He's your stepbro so i cant understand how youre crushing on him. Anyway, if in a while (1-3 months) he keeps on getting to your mind, be sure to try to consult an ADULT ( OBLIGATORY and not a teen). It's been nice helping you!

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