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Ok, my friend is 18 and his girlfriend is 19. She is a virgin and has never done anything with anyone else before. So he told me they were talking and she wants to lose her virginity to him. He said exact words "I don't know what to do because it can't fit in" then he explained that he can't even get his fingers in and her been trying but he doesn't want to hurt her. She said she thinks she has a thick hymen. Does anyone have any helped for my friend? I told him to have her go to the doctors but I don't know if he is going to tell her that. My friend is too embarassed to ask people because hes a guy but her problem has never happened to me before. Can any1 help them out? I'm being 100% serious

Thanks! (link)
tell her to sit in the bath tub and stick her fingers inside her and it will make her hole bigger and it doesnot hurt

i've had my dog Milo for nearly 2 years and no matter what we do HE ALWAYS PEES ON THE GOD DAMNED CARPET! how on earth do i get him to stop!???? we punish him and scold him when he does it when he goes outside like he's supposed to we praise him for it... but he STILL does it on the carpet!! (link)
well if he is not nudered get him nudered and leave a door open for him my dog did it and he is nudered so it does work

what are some good ways to stretch??? i am a cheerleader and stretching is like the most important thing so we don't pull anything or hurt ourselves. so what are some good stretches?? help asap!! (link)
im a cheerleader to and its alot of hard work all u need to do is sit in a straddle position and strech for one minute every way then srecth ur splits for 2 to 3 minutes that helps me but u need to strech every day no matter if ur not at practice also get some1 to help strech with u or strech u that also helps

get ur coach to strech u to they wont hurt u just ask them it will help i know im a cheerleader to

Does anyone know how u can get UTI .. urinary Tract Infection? (link)
the only way u can get uti is if u have sex or eat the wrong thing or use the wrong products

*15, Female*
my parents want let me ride around w/ my friends that are like 16 17 18...and it makes me mad...i mean when i go to my friends house i ride around w/ them...and my mom doesn't know...and then i feel like a dork when my friends call and ask if i can go and i have to be like *my mom want let me ride w/ ppl* and it jst pisses me off! ahh!

idk...wat can i do to get my mom to let me ride w/ my friends?? (link)
for at least a couple of day let ur parents ride with u or get to know ur friendz and there parents then stuff will change

okaii..ever since da 4th grade ive been madly inlove wid my best friendz brother. And we went out for like 3 dais on 4th den in 5th we never went 6th he asked me out but i said no. idk why though..i guess i wus to shy. now im in 8th grade and im styll madly inlove wid him. but in 7th grade for valentimes day i relle wanted to go out wid him so i stuffed my bra. i dont do it to school or wherever cuz i think itz so gay and retarded but i just relle wanted to win him over. he never asked me out but he sais i got a relle good body. the butt is all mine but the chest isnt. and ive been wearing 2 padded bras ever since that day . i dont want to out of nowhere juss stop bc then he;ll know i stuffed and then he seriously never will like me..but i relle want to bc i juss realized i dont want him liking me for sumthyn thts fake . and if he does ask me out and we do go out agen i dun want him to feel up on meh and notice ima fake. how can i stop? also i got another problem.hes inlove wid dis girl steffanie and everytime i c dem together it hurtz me so much. and i cant get over dis kidd bc ive loved him nonstop ever since the 4th grade. and i try to impress him so much..but it never ne tipz on wut i shuld do to turn him on? thanxs..and pleze help mehh.. (link)
WELL first only wear one padded bra cuz u will hurt ur boob musel annd ur boobs will think they r big enough and they wont grow ever 2nd tell him how u feel and thats all i have to say

my friend Jay invited me to this party saturday night then a few mins later he said that I might not be able to go bc this girl that I don't along with will be there. But if i did wanna go I will have to ask this other kid. But me and this other kid aren't really friends. he's just planning it and the party is at jay's. So should I go?? Jay is afraid the girl will start stuff with me and there will be a huge fight. sry if this is confusing but thanx for the help (link)
WELL dont go if u think a fight will start tell ur friend jay that u really wanna go but u would rather stay home and wacth a movie then get the crap beaten outta u but its ur choice dont listen to but if i were u i wouldent go

it's the summer holidays and i haven't seen my bf since the start of them (nearly 2 weeks ago) He's been away every time i try to get together with him and our holidays are at different times so we wont see each other that much at all. I tried calling him and he said he'd call back but he didn't. I've hardly spoken to him at all. He isn't making any effort to see or talk to me. do you think he's gone off me? he said he'd never dump me and that he loves me but i'm not too sure. what should i do? (link)
talk to him and tell him how u feel cuz u never it might work

There have been questions about hickeys on here, but what exactly are they? (link)
when ppl suck on ur neck and it pulls blood to the skin and makes this red spot on ur neck and it makes u look like a slut

*15 Female
** mom and dad love my boyfriend AJ (his 18) but sometimes they porblems w/ curfew is 11 and he brings me home at 11 and we jst hang out down stairs for a lil bit before he goes home..well last nite he was over and my dad came down stairs and told him he had to leave and if he ever stayed late past my curfew at the house he would call the cops on him...what should i do when my parents don't like the things that me and my boyfriend do or the things that he does?

**we have been dateing for 6 months** (link)
well there is nothing u can do but talk to ur parents and tell them wut u will and wont do mabe that will help

My mom is an alchoholic(or however you spell it) and she left my father a few years ago. She has been an alchoholic for as long as I cant remember and she has wrecked about 5 of our cars. She used to make me lie for her so my father wouldnt find out she had been drinking. I never told on my mother, because she convinced me that it was my father who was the problem. Whenever he found out about my mothers drinking, she would blame it on me and call me a bitch. I never blamed her, saying that it was the alchohol, and not her talking. She has been to jail twice, and also AA, which did nothing. After she left my father she took half of the money with her and ruined my chances for a good college.She still blamed my father. After that she got both a dog and a cat for me but was "keeping them for me" at her apartment. She lost both of them. She dated about 100 guys who she scraped up from the under belly of satan. (They were all the "one")she finally married one of the grungiest, who smelled of pot( she did drugs to.)then she skipped town after not showing up to court after a drug bust.We havent heard from her or her husband since. All of this almost killed me. She went from loving mother to a pot addict between jobs and under house arrest in a hotel. Its hard going day after day not knowing if your mother ids still alive, so please if anyone out there knows or knew a woman named Judy M. Flint ( maiden name Judith M. Daniel) please let me know? And if anyone has gone through something similar it would be great to talk to you. Thanks (link)
tell ur mom that she needs to take a chill pill on the alchohole cuz its not only hurting u its hurting her let ur feeling out with her and mabe it will help

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