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I'm 16, I have green eyes, and medium brown hair (long) with purple highlights. I really wanna start wearing make-up, something not heavy, and NO EYELINERS. Can you please give me some tips and colors (brands would be cool too) that would go well with my face?

Thank you sooo much!! (link)
Blue, grey, or purple eyeshadow would go well with your eyes. Also if you take the eyeshadow brush and get it a little damp and put some color on the bottom of your eyes (like you were applying eyeliner) it helps really bring out your eyes. Maybelline's a good brand for eyeshadows, so is Revlon. For your lips, a light pink or a light brown lip gloss is safe for pretty much everybody. Wet 'n' Wild and Mary-Kate and Ashley (even though most of their other products aren't that great) make lip glosses that work best and are pretty low cost.
Don't be afraid to experiment! Have fun! :o)

okay well i met this dude through a friend...and like his parents are now this weekend he is going to his dads and he wants me to call him and like thats no problem ...but i ahve no clue what to talk about...if you could answers this asap....

thanks! (link)
This will seem really average, but try getting onto a topic you both like. Music? Movies? Sports? Ask him what knew is going on there, if he likes it? I hope I was of a little help! :o)
Also, ignore the answer from kissmylilbaddace. The person is just being a pain in the arse.

im a freshman in like two weeks. i want to ask if its really going to be as bad as some people say it is (acedemically & socially)

thanks for the advice!!
x3 dw33bi3 (link)
High school isn't as bad a people make it seem. Academically, as long as you keep up on your work you should do alright. The work isn't incredibly hard like some will say. As for socially, it's really what you make of it. My freshman year I didn't get noticed by anyone. However, I didn't try to talk to new people. Sophmore year I began to talk to more and more people there and things got better. So don't be afraid to mingle :o). If the kind of socially you are refering to is the hazing. I really wouldn't worry about that. Laws nowadays make it so if there is any hazing it'll be harmless. And if it isn't the police will do something about it. I believe that high schoolers try to tell younger people that high school is hard and really terrible. But the truth is it isn't really any harder than middle school. As long as you keep on top of your tasks. Things will be fine. Have fun! :o)

u know how people do that heart thing with there computer like it looks like a heart icon how do you do that???? (link)
I'm not entirely sure if this is what you're asking. But the font "Webdings" if you do a capital "y" it will show up as a heart. Aside from that I'm not sure exactly how to do it. I know some sites (like have a code that you type in. Sadly though, I don't know what it is :\. Hope I was of some help. Good luck!

This sounds so gay but i really wnat a keypal but i dont know how to get one. It would be cool and most of my friends have them.I could share anything with my keypal and wouldn't feel stupid.I erally want one.Anyone know how to get one? (link)
Hi. I don't think that sounds gay. It's understandable. If you ever want to talk to me feel free to do so. I don't know what you're internet server is, but I have several. So, if you want to, feel free to respond to me. :o) Take care.

I was talking to my boyfriend and he got a boner. I happened to glance at it and he noticed me looking and got real embarrassed. I can understand why he'd be embarrassed but now he's scared to talk to me anymore. I don't think it's gross or weird. It's natural and I wish he could see that I don't care. He doesn't have to feel ashamed or anything around me. He makes me horny too. TMI? Sorry! (link)
Explain to him that you didn't mind and that you understand. Reassure him that he doesn't have anything to be embarassed about.

well i'm 13 and i'm a female and i totally broke out on my forehead and i have a dance coming up!! i need help on how to get rid of it fast!! any advice or suggestions? also, is it because i ate chocolate or like junk foods? (i've heard that the reason people break out...)ThAnkS fOr uR HeLp!!! *i RaTe* (link)
Use some kind of acne formula (Stridex, Clean & Clear, etc). Also, if it doesn't clear up completely by the time the dance comes, a good type of foundation can help.
As for the chocolate thing. From what I've heard that's a myth, and chocolate doesn't make you break out.
Hope I was of some help :o).

OK, ladies. i just turned 14 and i've been having my period since i was about 13 and a half. im kinda wondering about my breast size. I'm an A cup right now, like i've always been. i havn't felt any breast pain in a few months except ocasionally on my period. I'm really worried that IM NEVER GONNA GET ANY BIGGER!! i asked my mom and she said of course they will grow(shes a large c and was a smaller c before child birth naturally)but im afraid she is just saying that to make me feel better. anyway my question is, are my boobs still growing? (link)
Some girls don't quite develop (for lack of a better word) completely until later (15-21). So, no worries. You have plenty of time to get there. :o)

My friend is thinking of committing suicide what should I do? (link)
Talk to your friend, make sure (s)he knows you're there for them. If your friend still seems like (s)he'll go through with it be sure to tell somebody (parent, counciler). You're friend might need a little more help than just what one person can provide.

hi.. my girlfriend died a 3 months ago from a car crash. i think about her every minute. she was my absloulte everything. I feel that im still going out with her but i feel a need a girl friend. I need some one to take her place. I need that some one who will give me what im looking for. Please help wat should i do (link)
I'm really sorry to hear about your g/f. It's understandable about how you feel like you're still with her. 3 months is still pretty fresh. All that I can really say is go with what you're insides tell you. From the sounds of it you're ready for a new girl, so if there's somebody in mind don't hold back. But like I said go with what you're insides tell you.

I know this is wrong but i got myself into some serious mess.My bestfriend has a bf and they been together for 9 months and the other day me and him saw each other at this one place and we ended up in his car doing things.I feel really bad i don't know if i should tell her or not.I dont want to but i dont want her finding out from anybody else because i love her so much she is like my sister.IM confused plz help!
You should definitly tell her asap. It's best that she finds out from you than somebody else. Finding something like this out from someone other than the person who was involved puts a huge strain on trust. I had a friend who did this, and when she didn't tell me and I found out from someone else. I was more hurt and upset that she wouldn't tell me.

I have a 36 year old son who is married with one child. For about a year he has slowly sunk into the depths. His wife has kicked him out of the house. He now lives in his truck. She tells me he is drinking heavily and smoking crack/crank. He refuses to get help. My question is: Do you think I should report him to the police before he harms himself or an innocent person driving around like this. Thanks, Christy (link)
Try to get him some kind of help first. He probably won't want to get it but with some gently persuading he might do it. If he aboslutely refuses, it's for the best you do turn him in. It'll avoid any kind of danger he would put himself and others in.
Hope this works out for you Christy!

Okay- Ready?
I am going to make like a powerPoint for my boyfriend!
Like with all of our pictures, and little things offline that say stuff like "I Love You" and things like that. We have been together over a year. Do you guys think that that would be cool? like with all of the memories and stuff??


What do you think?
or anything else i could do to it to make it even more AWESOME!!

Thanks! (link)
That's so cute, I'd say go for it. If you write poems be sure to include one somewhere in there lol. Have fun!

21/f Here's the situation my fiancee's aunt (married in) is so annoying I just want to pop her in the mouth. She makes these assumptions about me and then gossips about me. Many people including my fiancee has told me that she thinks i am too "sassy". The problem is no one asked her opinion! I am tired of her lecturing me about things that she thinks are going on but they aren't. example: My fiancee and I disagree like all people do on some things. She says why are yall fighting about things that don't matter! WHAT FIGHT? And she takes people's opinions especially hers for truth.She has good sides but this overshadows the good in her. How do I get past this without knocking her out?!? (link)
I'd say either ignore what she says, or try and find out why she does it. Is there a reason she gossips? Does she only do it about you, or is it a habit that she's gotten into?

(14/f) Everyone thinks I make all my boyfriends up because they don't go to our school.. I don't understand why they'd talk such crap about me behind my back or why one of my 'friends' doesn't even believe me.. it makes me feel like they think I'm not pretty or nice enough to get one and so I have to make one up! Someone please help me.. what should I say? (link)
Let your friends talk to your b/f. If for some reason they're still refusing to believe the obvious. It's alright, you know that you DO have a b/f and that they just won't accept the truth :o). (I've had this problem before. So, I know how it goes)

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