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Hi my name is Shatari and i would love to answer any questions that you have to ask. I feel that everyone has questions and need answers from somebody. I may have questions to ask somone to so if anyone wants to ask me anything feel free to ask me. No one is to good to answer somones questions because you will have questions to . I will never call someones question stupid i dont believe in stupid questions because if you have a quetion and need the answer you should ask anyway. ASK ME ANYTHING!!!!!!!! :)
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hey guys! i`m not really sure the purpose fo me posting this but yeah.. i am a 15/f and a Christian. i met this guy at church about two and a half years ago. his name is nick. he is the sweetest lil kid. he is one year younger than me and really cute! now i know he doesn`t like me but the other niite he called me and we somehow got on the subject of masturbation and whether or not i thought it was riite or wrong. i told him i didn`t think that it was wrong or anything and it kinda escalated from there. he told me to go to my computer and he sent me some sites of porn and i really liked them. then last niite, we watched tons of law and order episodes together because it had chris meloni in it (one of the guys from the sit he sent me). and then i mastubrated with him on the fone several times and he was too. is this wrong? i really don`t know what my question is so any comments or thoughts would be helpful! (link)
If you think or feel that something was wrong with it then you wouldnt have did it and i really think from what i read that this boy really does like you you maturbation over the phone really doesnt happen if the boy doesnt like you oh and its called phone sex. I hope i helped;)

sorry this is long...

I love my boyfriend, i really do and we have a great relationship but im still very good friends with my ex. me and my ex have been together 4 other times and whenever we are together we flirt like crazy and he always tries
to put hims arms around me, or find a way to be close to me. I feel guilty because i love my boyfriend so much, but i feel like i have little "feelings" for my ex. I wouldnt leave my boyfriend for my ex, because my boyfriend and i have to much and hes an amazing guy, but i have dreams about my ex and think about him alot. whats my problem? i also always wanna just kiss him and have him hold me and be with me. i feel soo bad! what am i sopose to do. i tried to talk to my boyfriend, but that doesnt go well AT ALL. what should i do?!?!? thanks in advance (link)
OK for 1 rate high because im the first who answered or even tried to answer your question anyway maybe you and your ex wasnt ready to get out of a relationship or maybe your boyfriend isnt doing something right thats how i feel i go with a boy named donnie now we have been together for 1 month and my ex's name is james we conversate on the phone and see each other at school but he knows i go with him and he is fine with it but when i see him with another girl i am almost ready to go belistic but i pause and remember he isnt mine any more but back to you i believe you have strong feelings for him because you werent ready to start a new relationship with your new boyfriend dont hurt your boyfriend, your ex, and most importantly your self i honestly hope ive helped.;) oh and sorry this is so long.:)

what age is right for sex? i always thought not till your married. what do you think? (link)
I dont think it really is a significant age to have sex i just looked it up online and it said its illegal if you are a minor(somewherebetween12and16) but dont worry about that because no one really has to know. I believe you should have sex when you are ready and when you do it should be with someone special like(theoneyoulove).Hope ive helped.;)

I'll just start off by saying that I am never the girl that the guys go for right away. And I am really getting sick and tired of it.
There was once this guy that I worked with (whom I am still trying to get over and forget). Every shift together, we flirted like crazy. And I usually NEVER flirt with some one I like; I usually just get really quiet with them and blush if I do talk to them (I'm extremly shy). But with him, I didn't feel like cowering away. I talked, found out his music interest, and all kinds of stuff like that. We have a lot in common, he is an extremly nice person, and is very good looking. I think the only downside was him doing pot; but i could live with that. Anyway, one day I found out that he had given his two weeks notice, because he didn't have any time for work. Fortunately his last shift was a shift that I worked on. I had decided that it would be the time when I told him how I felt. But get this, I had a customer, and the "speech" that I had planned to tell him was very long. So he just walked out.
Later that night, I decided that I needed to tell him, or there was no chance of anything happening between us. Because of the fact that I didn't have his phone number, and didn't live anywhere near him, my only choice was to tell him over Nexopia (online community type of thing).
It was VERY hard for me to do, because I am not an open person when it comes to feelings. So all he had to say back to me was, "Oh, that's so wierd; I thought you disliked me."
I was so disappointed, so I asked him if he liked me and all he had to say was, "I'm actually not sure."
I would like to know what on earth he meant by that. How do you NOT know?
So thanks for reading. I didn't plan on it being this long. Sorry.
Thanks for your replies. (link)
Thing like this can mean alot of things maybe he just doesnt want to open up right away or maybe he opened up to someone before and it didnt work out and he was left heartbroken. Anyway try talking to him again and ask him what he means by h dont know.Hope ive helped.;)

hi everyone. well, i'm 14/f and my boyfriend is 18 (don't make fun of the age difference or say anything about it) annd i have NO clue on what to get him for valentines day!! i have to send it to him in the mail to his college bc he won't be home that day.. :o(. any ideas? (link)
Maybe you should try shopping online go to ask .com and search for valentines day gifts for him. Hope ive helped!;)

In a nutshell, I hate my stepdad. Well, HATE is a strong word, so let's just say I highly dislike him.
My mother met him about 5 years ago, and they got married a year later. He was nice to me and my sister during their courtship, but since he married my mom he's turned into an ass. Well he's really mean to me and my sister. Neither of us has a bf so he says to our faces that were lesbians. When I had my 25th birthday he told me in front of my mother that I must be a dyke because all of his daughters were married by my age. He always compares us to his daughters who are all married.
My sister has a weight problem and he calls her fat and a slug. He convinced my mother to kick her out of the house while she was still in college. My sister is a good person, she's quiet and studies to get good grades but he tells my mom that she deserves to be kicked out on the street. I think he wants my mom all to himself. He even told me once that he was "sick of me always coming around". I live in another town and maybe visit my mom once every two weeks, so I don't know what he's talking about. On Xmas day when I went to visit them I even heard him yelling at my mom! He was calling her a "stubborn woman" because she asked him to help cut up the turkey. Every one else can see this guys a jerk except for my mother.What can I do? I've already told my mom that she shouldnt have married him but she's in love with him and doesnt want to listen.
I'll rate 5s! (link)
Try to explain to your mom that she shouldnt put him over her children because its plain to see how you are explaining it he is a bad father and an even worst stepfather.Have you tried talking to your mother alone without him around if not please do so.My boyfriend had this problem to but his stepfather hit his mother and he also tried to hit me a couple of times when i was over there. I am still with my boyfriend to this day. Please dont let it go this far.Hope ive helped.:)

ok i like this boy alot and well he doesnt know that cause he likes this other girl alot well about every 2 months he tell her he likes her and stuff and she doesnt like he though but the girl he likes is my friend so in those 2 month i try to get him to like me but i guess its a no and also i think he is like flirting with me also but never told me he liked me last year he told me he thinks i am hot but thats last year i might have changed hes always trying to help me in class work but i just say no i dont need help and i dont except it cause i am kind of dumb but i dont want him to know how dumb so that might turn him off also before he asked the girl he likes whats her screen name and he also ask me i gave it to him it been 3 days and he hasnt signed on or added me to his buddylist.should i just get over him or keep trying (link)
If you really like him you better keep trying maybe you should tell your friend that you like him or tell him. i have a question for you do you know why he hasnt signed on yet maybe he isnt at home or is scared to talk to you because he might feel the same way you do.Hope ive helped.:) please rate high because i was the first to answer your question and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask me im here to help.

I like this guy a real lot where when i think of him it seems like I escape from reality. Well a few weeks ago 2 of my friends told him that I like him and he told them that I'm just a really cool friend. well ever since then he has been hanging around me more, talking to me more, making jokes, and helping me when I've had problems. My friend says that he's been spending a lot more time with me than he used to and it does seem that way. all i want to know is what he really thinks. can anyone help me? (link)
Maybe you should ask him how he feels and if he laughs tell him you are serious and want to know how he feels about the situation.Hope ive helped.:)

i like this guy. its just every time we talk on the phone i get sooo nervous and i cant be myself, so i dont know what to talk about without sounding like a complete loser. so what can i talk about on the phone? help. (link)
Find something you both have in common or find something that you think he would want to talk about.Hope ive helped.:)

I can't seem to make many new friends this year. I've always found social skills an easy thing for me, but this year something's different. It's really hard for me to strike up a conversation, because now I get really shy. I've already gone through the initial introduction process, so most of the people in my classes at least know who I am and I'd like to start hanging out with them, but wouldn't it be kind of weird to randomly start hanging out with them in the middle of the year? or going up to a group in my class and start hanging out with them (when they've already bonded)?

How do I get past the acquaintance stage without it being weird?

I've tried compliments (and been sincere about it) but there's only so many things you can't compliment on without seeming...fake, you know? (link)
Try to look for someone to be friends with thats in the same shoes as you maybe they cant find friends because they are going through the same thing you sre going through. Hope ive helped.:)

Does anyone know any good sites to get myspace layouts,

or video codes to put music videos on

I know has music video but it doesnt have the song i'm lookng for.. (link)
have you tried going to ask maybe that will help.:)

Dear Colomnists,
I have a question. I want to go ice skating with my friend today but my mom doesn't wana go....what can i do to make her say yes?? (link)
If you really want your mom to go try to tell her that you want to spend time with her and be with your friend at the same time have you tried asking her why she doesnt want to go think about her feelings to.:)

I like this guy, hes not that popular and i know people will think i was crazy if they found out i liked him! I dont know if he likes me or knows i like him. I always drop hints and stuff and he is like one of my good friends. Everytime we talk about who each other likes he says he dosent know who he likes and i say i cant tell him . I dont want to make things akward between us if i do tell him. I am really confused and i cant take it anymore.! (link)
It doesnt matter what someone else thinks about who you like if you like that person forreal why care about what someone else thinks anyway if you want to go out with him dont base your fellings on someone elses opinions

ok i have to make a kid story for like 1st graders in school well i dont know what topic it should be about the story doesnt have to be long and its due tuesday so i need anwsers soo.
thanks i rate 5 (link)
maybe you should ask some 1st graders what they like and/or what they like to read about. hope you get an A :)

alright so there is a black and white party coming up
and i want a black dress

any cute websites to find them?

i want it mid thigh, and flowy .. black ofcourse

i need help as soon as possible

thanks! (link)
you could try,,or hope you find a black dress soon and have fun at your party.:)

Ok so theres this guy and I really really like him. We've never talked but hes so so cute I can't get over it. He has like, the perfect smile and he's adorable. Ever since I first saw him ,which was a while ago, I've wanted to be with him. I know it sounds cheesy or obsesive but I'm not. I mean if I was I would have talked to him already right? Well I really want to talk to him but I think it might be kinda awkward if I talk to him out of no where. No one knows I've liked him yet. But I might tell someone soon. Anyways, I was just wondering if theres a way I could talk to him without it being awkward or weird. I'm friends with some of his friends too by the way thats how I first saw him. But I really like this kid and he seems really sweet so is there anyway I can like become friends without seeming weird? We've hung out together once but we were with a group of our freinds so we didn't really talk. He knows who I am but we've just never talked. I'll give a 5 to anyone that answers nicly cause I really need help!
Thanks so much! XoALyssa (link)
ok sounds like you need help ive had this problem before if you have one of his friends numbers that has his number call him girl ask him to call him for you and if he ask why tell him your reason maybe he could hook you two up.
Oh and no i dont think that sounds chessy or obsesive. thats how i got with my boyfriend my friend knew him and one day he asked me for a pen and i gave it to him but he never gave it back it went on like that for two or maybe three days then we started talking in school and stuff then one weekened i took pictures and i gave him one but i gave it to him before we got out of school and i put my cell phone number on the back and he called me then the next day we got together on the 21st of this month we will be together for 1 month anyway what im trying to say is show him you like him and give him your number and if he wants to talk to you he'll call.

How do you get someone to finally let you into their hearts. I'm totally in love with this person but they are so scared to let others in becuase they aren't used to having someone love them so they totally ignore the fact that I do. We're still very good friends but ... I dont know what to do. Can someone give me an idea on how to make him open up to me and be my boyfriend? We used to date but he broke up with me becuase he wanted to sort through some things he said he's never felt a connection like this with anyone else but he's pulling away from me becuase I know he's scared, its been 3 months since we broke up, all our friends say it seems like he wants to be with me but one week he'll be flirty with me and then the next he'll try to start fights with me even though I don't budge and I still stay by his side ... can someone help me becuase he's leaving for a week and a half, I just want to give him something to think about while he's gone, I want him to know I won't hurt him. How do I do this? (link)
ok maybe you should try to make him believe you love him... im not saying have sex with him but try to kiss him or something like that if he refuses then maybe you should try asking him out long have you been friends with him and how lond did you and him go love someone is a beautiful expierience because you get butterflies when you see them and when you arent with them you think about them all the time i have the same problem you have my boyfriend's name is donnie we have been together for 7 months and we still havent told each other how we takes time for some people to open up maybe he is scared because he dont want to get hurt.Dont rush into something if you dont really know for sure how you feel

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