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Hi my name is Shatari and i would love to answer any questions that you have to ask. I feel that everyone has questions and need answers from somebody. I may have questions to ask somone to so if anyone wants to ask me anything feel free to ask me. No one is to good to answer somones questions because you will have questions to . I will never call someones question stupid i dont believe in stupid questions because if you have a quetion and need the answer you should ask anyway. ASK ME ANYTHING!!!!!!!! :)
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what age is right for sex? i always thought not till your married. what do you think? (link)
I dont think it really is a significant age to have sex i just looked it up online and it said its illegal if you are a minor(somewherebetween12and16) but dont worry about that because no one really has to know. I believe you should have sex when you are ready and when you do it should be with someone special like(theoneyoulove).Hope ive helped.;)

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