I have only been in one relationship before, and that was with a guy who was completely clueless about everything. That relationship really didn't last long.
But now there's another guy on the scene, and I am aware that he is a little more experienced.
I am very self-concious, I am not happy with my lower body (from the hips down really), and I'm not sure how comfortable I would be doing things with this guy. I really really like him, but I have never done anything beyond kissing before and I think this guy would want more.
What should I do? The relationship is in its early stages and I have made it clear that I want to wait, but for the time being it would be nice to have an idea of what I should do.
There is also the problem of me not knowing WHAT to do, which also contributes to the problem.
All advice welcomed.

well if you dont want to do something then dont do it. but if you do the guy usually takes the lead and if he doesnt then dont do anything you're not comfortable with. good luck with this new guy!


Im a female and 15. Well theres a guy ive liked for a few years that i went out with before. We're really good friends and i know hes someone who i can count on. Well i kind of fooled around with him before but it didnt really change anything, still good friends, and not going out. Well my friends think im going to have sex with him and i kno that he wants to.. He told his best friend whos also my friend before he wouldnt go do anything with someone he didnt care about or have feelings for. i dont know if i should avoid doing that though or not. And rght now im not a virgin anyway so i dont see it as a big deal but ive only been with one guy. I really want to be with him and everything and he's told people he likes me but he doesnt want to be in a relationship rght now but im hoping i can change his mind. I dont know what i could do to get him to want to be with me again... But i would do anything. Please help with tips or advice Thanks

well if he wants to have sex then talk about it with him. tell him that you want to be in a relationship before you have sex with somebody. if he cant deal with that then thats his problem. and dont let him fool you... he might ask you out just to have sex with you so wait a while if you do go out with him. good luck!


ok so i like this boy and he likes me....we like eachother a lot..and i don't want to be his gf but i do! and he wants to be my bf.. .his friends asked me" so do you want to be "" gf" and i say not yet...but inside i totally want to say yes..then his friends tell him and he aslways sais " its ok ..thats fine..i will just wait" and i think that is sweet and all but ...well i don't know what to do...help fast!

tell the truth. go out with him if you want to. if theres something holding you back then tell him what it is but make sure he knows that you still like him. good luck!


Okay... I hate my life and everything right now. All my friends are in fights with eachother and me! And their is a nasty roomer going around my school that im not a virgen any more which i still am! And b/c of this roomer my 3 month boyfriend broke up with me. Im 13 by the way! So i dont know what to do! None of my friends will talk to me,eachother ugHHH! There are nasty roomers going around with them too. Everyone is making fun of me and my friends. Please Help Me! I Will Rate & Give Feed Back too =)

it really sux when you're in fights with your friends but the main thing you have to do is talk to them. dont fight with them or yell at them, but just tell them how you feel and that you hate fighting with them. tell your boyfriend (or ex) that the rumor isnt true and that you and your friends are just in a fight and somebody made it up. if he doesnt believe you then hes not the guy for you because relationships are based on trust. good luck!


okk so theres this boi that im soo inlove with but we broke up like 9 months ago cause well he cheated on me but he never admitted it cause he asked once what i wuld do and i said i wuld never talk to him agen so i think that he did but i uno and then i moved like 15 minutes away and went to a dif school but we stil talkd and then i had a BF and he had a GF and i broke up with myn and even thoguh he had a GF he stil talked to me adn said he loved me and then we saw eachtoehr a couple of times and then i moved agen like 45 minutes away adn he still talks to me and says he loves me and stuff but he confuses me like he says he loves me but up til a couple of days ago he used to call me and talk to me and then foret bout me and just liek decded when he wanted to talk to me (on the phone) bu he always talked to me on the computer and he always is like i miss you and he asks jessie my best friend who lives near him bout me all the time and i cry sometimes cause i dont kno what to do .. ive tried to tell him its sooo over but he keeps talking to me and i cant help but stil talk to him but i wonder if i shuld tell him good bye for good or stay talking to him .. i really need help!! i rate good !!

signed confused

well ask him if he still likes you just to be sure. if he says he does then ask what about his g/f? and tell him nicely that things just couldnt work between you two because you live so far away and never see each other. keep talking to him and keep being his friend but just make sure things are clear about being just friends. good luck!


Okay, I like this guy alot, I even think i love him, i mean i try to stop liking him but i just cant, but i'm pretty sure he likes me too. like... he will write me a note and insist on me writing back, and he tried to grab my hand but i yanked away, but me and him are good friends and i dont want to ruin our friendship by liking him. and I dont want to be keeping my feelings for him wrapped up. what should i do please help... I RATE HI!!!

ohh yeah we are both 14

well if you two are good friends then talk to him. tell him that you like him and all but you really dont want to ruin your friendship. ask what he wants to do about it or if he likes you. just talk it out and hope for the best! good luck!


Be4 anyone reads this that is a punk i have nothing agints you. i just dont understand you.
My problem is that my BESTEST friend in the whole world was like a pretty girl and was well prepy and now all she wants to do is be a sk8 boreder and wear black and she is always like pink is and evil color! She used to let me brush her hair and put her make up on but now she wont even let me touch her. I think that are relationship is floating away and i never wont that to happen. I know she has a right to be her own person but i dont like the person she os becoming and I dont want to change her bak its just i wont to understand wats going on with her and y she want to change all of a sudden i just am confused plz help me dont let our friendship fade wat should i do to figure this out and be able to understand her again.

well there could be a reason why your friend changed. if there is then maybe you should talk to her about it. if not then just tell her how you feel, but not in a rude way. just tell her you're concerned that your friendship isnt what it used to be and you dont want anything bad to happen. good luck!


thongs are like really in and i was wondering if anyone who has used one can give my pros and cons of wearing them since at this rate i'll never where one myself

they are actually really comfortable! i know you might not think so but they really are! try wearing 1 and if you dont like it at first im sure you'll get used to it. if u dont like it at all the no worries, dont wear one!


okay, there was a party last night and i became friends with this boy, i kissed him on the lips as a joke, and then he said "come with me to the bathroom" i brought my friend with me, and then he started kissing me. what should i have done?
Was it a big deal?
Am i stupid for stopping it half way?

find out if this guy likes you and if you like him. dont be upset about it and you werent wrong for stopping it. just talk to the guy and get to know him more and if you like him go for it! good luck!


well.. i have a boyfriend.. and i really love him and stuff but sometimes i feel like hes not treating me "best" although he seems a little obsessed.. haha and theres about 6 other guys that i could go to.. but i know if i break up wtih him for them ill never be able to get over him! hes an awesome guy.. help please!

im a really generous rater...!!

if hes so awesome then think of the certain thing that you feel is missing. if hes so great then dont give him up! dont break up with him for another boy but if you do break up with him give yourself some time to get over him. good luck!


My eigth grade graduation (semi) is coming up & Im freaking out because its in June but Im not ready like my friends are. So, I have two q's ..1st is where can i find a cute inexpensive dress website besides Gojane.com? Also, I want to sing a song at the ceremony but I dont know what ..PLEASE dont say Graduation by vitamin C. thanks

just go shopping at the mall for cute dresses. they dont have to be super elegant but make sure they look cute! as for the song just pick a song you like alot thats about friendship and reminds you of your friends. have fun and have a great graduation! good luck!


Lately i have been sad and mad.. basically depressed. all i wanted to do is cry and i couldnt even enjoy easter... thats the day when i get PRESENTS FOR MY GOSH DARN B-day!! my b-days april 16th... anywayz, the only time i was havin fun was when i was outside...like when me and my brother were playin frisbee or when me and my friend and my neice and just everybody was outside it was fun!! but thats just because i miss havin my brothers live with me and the only reason i enjoyed being out there was that my bro was out there with me like "old tmes" i just dont kno why im soo sad or mad!! please help!! i dont even kno why im sad or mad!!

i think you're sad because you cant have your brother there for you all the time anymore. (sorry about that) and you're probably mad for the same reason. try making plans with your brother so you two can spend more time together again. talk to him on a regular basis and when you arent hanging out with him try to find a guy friend who is similar to your brother! good luck!


OK ive been to a few sweet 16's this year and everyone has the same thing : music and food for like 3-4 hours. People who arent the dancing queens and are dancing all night..tend to say they are bored, etc. For mine..i def dont want that to happen.

Is it a cool idea to go swimming for 2 hours at the hotel(im having my party there) with my closer friends ..then a half hour later the actual party starts? There are showers and i could bring a hair dryer (its a nice place) so my friends could do my hair so its not sopping wet. Also, there are a ton of pretty cool games i found off the internet which i was figuring would keep everyone happy.

Examples are :

(twister,hula hoop contest,game where two teams and together as a train..everyone has to walk to the finish line in single file while everyone has a bananna they have to get across without using their hands..they have to press it against the backs of the other ppl,

guy belly dancing contest, dancing/singing contest,pinata,limbo, and the human string relay, where there are two teams in a single file line. The first person has a spoon tied to yarn, and they have to put it down their shirt and pants..pass it back..same thing happens,,whoever is done first wins, "Roast" where people get up and tell funny story about guest of honor (me), game where as guests come in..you give them a necklace and tell them if they say any form of "yes" then the person who hears that can take their necklace away..person with most necklaces at the end wins.

for all these games i was thinking spending $50 on prizes for the night and for the winners i would hand out prizes

if you dont like these could you give me an idea on how to keep everyone happy and for my sweet 16 to be different and unique? thanks!! 5's for everyone who isnt rude because i know this is super long..but its really important to me

thank you again! :)

wow! thats a really good idea! it sounds like everyone would be entertained and have tons of fun! good ideas! the games are for everyone so make sure the prizes fit the people! great job! good luck and happy sweet 16!!


I go to a private school, and my friend did also, but then she went public. i still keep in touch with her and she is still a really great friend. But now i have this other great friend in school with me and i'm not sure wiether to think she is a better friend or not. Should i replace her? is it bad that i do not feel as close to my previous best friend?

dont worry... its not replacing your friend its just having another friend. its okay to have more than one best friend and if one gets jealous talk to them about it. good luck!


I really like this guy and he likes me but we live really far away.. I want to tell him how I feel but I dont really know what to say.. I have a few ideas.. but if you could help that would be great!

everyone hates when the boy you really like lives far away! it depends on how far though. if you get to see him from time to time and talk to him alot and he likes you the tell him how you feel and ask him what he wants to do about it. after he tells you what he wants to do then you'll have to work with that. who knows... maybe things will work out for you two and you'll be together for a while! good luck!


Lulu* and I used to be SUCH great friends. Then Sam* became friends with me, and eventually Lulu too. We were like inseperable, until Sam and I got in a fight. Then Lulu was stuck in the middle. She would like have to " switch off " between Sam and I and I hated it. She would hang out with Sam more, because she didn't have any other frineds. I was talking to Lulu online and told her that i was jeolous. She told me to apologize Sam so we could all be friends again. So i did. The thing is, that even though we're still all friends again, Lulu still hangs out with Sam more!!! Something that really ticked me off was when Lulu told me that she was sleeping over at my house, and then canceled and slept over at Sams! I don't know what to do!! I really want it to be like old times. The thing that bothers me is that I think Lulu likes Sam more than me, but I'm angry because we were friends first!! Sam kinda like "stole" Lulu away from me. Help... I don't know what to do. Really complicated situation! Please help!!!!
Signed Jealous :(

i know its hard but try talking to lulu again. tell her that it hurt when she ditched you and tell her that you want to be included more like old times. if this doesnt work try hanging out with sam one on one without lulu. maybe sam has something wrong that only lulu knows about so try getting to know sam more since you havent been friends for a while. if sam doesnt want to talk then just keep talking to lulu and telling her how you feel. good luck!


i want to lose a little weight, i am going on some sort of diet but i was thinking about throwing up like 1 time or even 2 times. Its nothing big, and i am going to eat, but IF i do this whats going to happen?? Because if you give me enough reasons why not to then i might change my mind

im a big athlete and i dont want to ruin that!
i rate high

throwing up once or twice will lead to more times. dont start this bad habit. since you're an athelete it shouldn't be hard for you to work out a little. if you're not in a sport right now try going to the gym or even working out a little after school. if you cant go to the gym do some basic exercises while you're at home just watching tv. that should get off a couple pounds and keep you looking great! please dont start throwing up and keep eating but if you want to just eat something healthier or cut down on the junk food. good luck and i hope i helped!


ok, i have a really big mouth, i can't keep a scercret & all of my firends get mad at me when somethihg slips. they never tell me a scerect any more, even though i am working on it. does anyone have any advise. plese help, if u can!!!!!
signed blabber

i know it might be hard but instead of you bringing up something about one of your other friends bring up something about yourself! try not to talk about your friends and just concentrate on talking about yourself. (dont worry its not selfish even though it might sound that way) if theres nothing new with you or nothing you want to talk about yourself then dont talk about anything at all. if you're on the phone tell the person you have to go. if you're talking to them in person make up and excuse or talk about something like music or movies! i hope i helped!


hey. my best friend moved last year, well during the summer of 8th grafe to high school, and well we haven't talked much. i text-ed her yesterday and we just texted each other back and forth for a little bit. i wanna ask her to come over and maybe hang out cause its spring break and all but i don't know what to do. can anyone give me any ideas? she's really preppy and her dad is the president of the school board and she's very riche she moved very far away and i want her visit to mean something! i rate well! :) Thanks in advance!

well it sounds like you two would have fun just catching up on what you missed out on over the year. just invite her over and start talking about stuff thats new and ask whats new with her. if she doesnt really want to talk then ask her what she likes to do and maybe you two can do something you both like! good luck and have fun!


hey.. i have a friend and shes really sweet and all but my boyfriend was talking about her earlier this week.. im one of those girls that everyone comes to for problems and everyone tells me everything but this time what he said about my friend just got to me so much and thats weird because i can always keep secrets. lets just say that him and her when out before and he think she still likes him and he said "i bet she made up that kid so it will make me want her" i dont get that haha.. and he also said "the only reason she wants you to go out with him instead of me is because she wants me" and those two things that he said really got to me.. now dont get me wrong i really love him.. okay well i told my friend what he said because she slept at my house last night.. and she was like I HATE HIM OMG!! and stuff and im like dont tell him pleaseee. and shes ilke i wont.. but something tells me she will.. and if she does then that could ruin my friendship with her and me and my boyfriends relationship... i already know i ruined their friendship :'( .. i feel so bad and i dont know what to do.. please help

this isnt your fault. they obviously have issues from back when they were together. you need to let them work it out themselves and try not to interfeir. if it gets involved with your relationship with your boyfriend or your friend then try talking to them and telling them that you dont want to be rude but you cant get in the middle because its hurting the relationship between the 2 of you. (whether it be you and your friend or you and your boyfriend) i hope i helped and good luck!


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