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Heyyy. >^.^
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what would you say is a normal clothing size for a teenage girl? like 2, 4, 6, 8...

also, for junior sizes, is a 1 equal to a 0 or 2? (link)
There is no "normal" size for a teenage girl.

There is a great variation of clothing size in healthy teenagers.

As long as you are at a healthy weight for your height you have nothing to worry about

what is a protestant? im a christian,whats the difrence? i know what catholic, muslim buddhism and all tht is but ive never heard of protestant until i saw it on my friends myspace.

thnx in advanced (link)
A protestant is any non-Catholic Christian.

Please. This is so important. I need a wiccan to respond to this. Me and my friend are afraid. Please, I can't describe it through this, i just need to ask a question or two. Please I'm begging you. (link)
I'll try to help you as best I can if you still need it

what kind of things should i eat to help make my immune system better able to fight this cold?

my throat is sore so most things im thinking of eating, will make my throat feel worse :/ like bananas or soup.

i dunno; but i need help on what to eat to get over this cold.

ALSO, what should i eat normally so i dont get sick all the time anymore?i mean, i was just sick not even a month ago. i dont think im eating healthy enough. should i drink vitamin water? or maybe take some type of vitamin daily?

please and thank you. (link)
Soup is great since it's a hot liquid(soothing to your throat) and because of the nutrients.

Try tea, juice, and foods high in vitamin C.

Don't have anything too acidic or a lot of dairy, because that might make your throat feel worse.

Most importantly, make sure you stay hydrated!

Ok, after I graduate highschool, I really want to join a group that travels around the world and helps out other countries. I was thinking about joining the Peace Corp, but I have one MAJOR issue- it's government run, and I don't trust our government. Are there any similar groups that are available? Thanks for any information you can give me. =]
-Moi (link)
You're going to have trouble finding organizations like this in the country that aren't government-run.

I've seen some run by colleges or private corporations but they are only for a short period of time and cost a lot of money.

is it okay to eat egg everyday? at least one EVERY dAY? (link)
If you have a history of cholesterol problems, no. Otherwise it's probably okay, but it would be better if sometimes you just eat the white and not the yolk, since the yolk has a lot of fat and cholesterol.

okay my kitten is 6month i got him and at a flea market. hes been having the runs latly and sleeps a little to much my mom brought home a kitten the same age 2 weeks ago and was playful and crapped normal. he doesnt really care for dry food but eat canned his water habits are normal. i just want to know whats up.
please HELP!
thank you in advance!

? (link)
The diarrhea may be partially caused by him eating only canned food. Try to give him dry food more and if it doesn't go away in a couple of days you should probably take him to the vet.

i have had my hamster 1 day and she keeps making sneezing noises is this normal because of the smells around her or could it be something serious??? (link)
Rodents are prone to respiratory problems. You should take her to the vet, especially if she starts having nosebleeds. I had a rat with a respiratory problem, and he lived for five years, so don't worry too much about her, but you should still have her checked out.

I just got a bird yesterday and he has started getting used to the living room (where we put him) His diet is fine and he plays with the toys we put in and goes to the bathrrom in his cage. My question is, how often should I change the newspaper at the bottom of the cage? My mom says every day so it doesn't stink up the whole house, but I think that every other day would be okay, because I can't smell anything. The guy at the pet store said that we have to play it by ear, or nose, but I don't smell anything and the paper isn't that gross. How often should I change the paper??
Thanks!!:-) (link)
If it's just one bird, and it doesn't poop a lot every other day or even just two times a week should probably be ok. Don't wait until it starts smelling, it's already too late by then.

Also, you should have some sort of temporary birdy home for when you have to clean the cage. Every couple weeks you should hose it off so it doesn't get too dirty and smelly.

Does anyone know any like cute romantic movies?
NOT the notebook, titanic, or walk to remember

i watched the truth about cats and dogs and i liked that one... do you know any others?
:D (link)
Must Love Dogs is pretty good

hey everyone
i have 5 days to lose some wieght
yes i kno.. i cant lose alot..
but i work out daily i lost a lil but
i just want to kno
how i should eat because my mom makes food for my whole family.. and i accually eat with them but very small portions of food tht they are having and im going to continue to do that but i just wanna know sometimes healthy food dont get me full what do i do??
Eat healthily, drink a lot of water, and excercise. Don't starve yourself, though. Drink a lot of water before you eat and you won't feel like eating quite as much.

The most you can lose healthily in that time is probably 2-3 pounds.

I always have to pee. I drink more than everyone else I know but I don't get why I always have to pee. like as soon as I pee and walk 2 steps- i immediately have to pee again. It's annoying.

what's wrong with me? overractive bladder? (link)
Frequent urination can be a sign of diabetes, kidney problems, certain STIs, and other serious problems, so you should probably go to the doctor and have some tests done.

I have the same problem as you and I ended up not having any problems, just an overactive bladder.

You don't mention your age, but if you're young there's really nothing you can do about an overactive bladder besides drink less(which probably isn't a good idea...that would create a whole new set of problems). There are bladder medicatiosn out there but my doctor has told me that he wouldn't think of prescribing them for anyone under 40. Sadly, this means I have to live with it for now. >.<

Good luck!

I heard rubbing alcohol is really good for acne, is this true? Has anyone tried it? (link)
I wouldn't say "really good". It's very drying, but if you put it just on really bad pimples and not all over your skin it's probably okay to use every once in a while as a last resort.

What foods have lots of protein in it? (link)
Meat or soy.

How long does mono stay in someone system? K so well i kissed a guy the other night we only knew eachother for a couple hours so like i didnt know him that well and stuff, and like as dumb as this sounds but like im scared that i might get mono and stuff cause he is a big flirt and i bet he kisses a lot of girls so anyways i dont know if he has ever has had mono, but how long does it stay in someone's system? and like what are the odds of me getting it? if like he everr had, even though he likes out and he was tottaly i dont know...

so yeah just answear this questin haha how long does mono stay in someone's system? (link)
It's hard to say. I had mono in my system for over a year. Some people only have it for the week or two they're sick, and some people have it forever. But just because it's in their system doesn't mean they can pass it on. If you start feeling sick I'd go to the doctor and have them do some blood work, but otherwise don't worry. :]

I was wondering what you could do or use to hide your tampons in school, like how to discreetly take them from class to class just in case. Because I live in fear of what will happen if I don't... :S

Any ideas? (link)
I saw the most amazing thing on craftster the other day:

Of course, if that's not your style, you could keep a little makeup bag with tampons and pads in it and just carry the makeup bag to the bathroom with you.

Can you have spiders living in your ears? Or bugs of any kind?

Basically, during the day my head feels pretty normal, the occasional pain, ear pop, etc. But when I go to sleep at night and I put my ear to the pillow, I can hear my ear make little popping noises, crackling, even. ALmost like rice krispies. After a little while I can still hear the noises, but I notice that it feels like something is about to come out of my ear, as if whatever it is is somehow not attatched anywhere in my ear/head. At times it really scares me.

Does anyone else feel/hear these things?
Is it possible for spiders or some kind of bug to be in my head?
And is this normal? Should I go get it checked out. (link)
I doubt there are bugs in your ears. It's probably fluid. You might want to have it checked out anyway, though, because that can be a problem

hey. well, where can i get tops like this??

like the vest and the pink undershirt. i know that finding something like the pink understhirt will be easy, but where can i get the vest thing?? it doesn't have to be the same colors, i just like the style. thanks! (link)
Probably any department store(Macy's JC Penney, etc).

Or a store like Mervyn's or Kohl's.

Does any one know of any good hair products to help Split Ends, Breakage, Fragile Hair. Thanks (link)
Protein fillers.

Redken Anti-Snap products.

Sunsilk Hairapy(The one specifically for breakage, I can't remember what it's called but the packaging is pink).

Herbal Essences(Also one specifically for breakage)

Yay! My mommy told me that when I'm at camp, they are going to repaint my room. We are going to go somewhere to pick out a color before I leave but I'm just wondering what are some good color ideas. Probably something bright and cherey but yet somewhat subtle! Any ideas? (link)
What's your favorite color?

My room is red, but if I could repaint it, it would probably be lime green or lilac.

I found this cool site that categorizes colors by mood:

Look there, it's really interesting.

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