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Dear Advicer,

My question to ask is about Health & Fitness.I've always been going on diets but they never seem to work for me.I mean I want to have the perfect body and be perfectly fit.I weigh about 140 I'm like medium not fat or anything just a little.I would like to weigh at least 110.Do you have any Advice for me? I always been eatting the wrong kinds of food because its soo hard because my mom makes brownies and cookies stuff like that sometimes.I try going on diets but I always seem to eat alot.I did try to starve myself the one time but I told myself thats not the bright Idea.I need too be skinny I want to be skinny and phsyically fit.Please help me
Hold up. No one NEEDS to be skinny. As long as you are healthy, that's what matters. I don't think it would be healthy for you to lost thirty pounds, but if you want to lost weight, try eating healthy food in small portions, but don't cut out things that you like, that will only make you eat more, eat them in moderation.

okay, well i'm a 14/f and i hate my thighs cuz they're pretty fat *im a size 9* i've tried eating right, i usually run 2.8 miles 2-3 times a week, i play sports almost everynight and i do thigh excercises in bed..nothings working...does anyone know of any really good excercises i could do to slim down the tops of my thighs? thanks, and i will rate all advice. (link)
Well, I don't know any miracle exercises that will slim down your thighs(I'm trying to do the same thing)but they exercise you already do sound like you're building muscle on them, which won't help slim them. 13..5'4..and wiegh that fat? is that y guys dont like me?
You are not fat, but you are marginal of being unhealthy. Make sure you eat heathily and exercise regularly. Don't be offended by that, as I am just talking about your health, not your looks.

As for guys not liking you, I'm sure there's someone out there who does. I thought no guys liked me, ad then I told a guy that I liked him and found out he had liked me for a long time! So if you like someone, tell them. That's the best thing you can do.

Perhaps I'm just the stupidest person in the world, but I have this difficulty in making cookies.Normally it's that I add too much of one ingridient, or too little of another, or that I set the oven to the wrong time. My whole family is mad, because we were having a party, and Mom told me to make cookies, except they were quite horrible, and one guest threw-up. Is there anything I can do to fix this problematic situation! (link)
Get a cookbook with a simple cookie recipe(like chocolate chip)in it and follow the recipe precisely and exactly. It will tell you everything.

i have a pet pig named miss piggy but my mom says i can't keep it in the house anymore but i don't want to leave it outside. what should i do?
You should ask your mom if she can sleep outside but come in occasionally. And you can play with her outside as well.

My rat is nibbling my finger whenever I put it in his cage and wait for him what does this mean? (link)
Rats don't have the best eyesight. He probably thinks your finger is food. It's not a big deal. There isn't anything wrong with him.

okay. well i just moved out into my own apartment and i'd like to get a pet. the problem is i don't know what kind. i'd like something that doesn't require a TON of care, but something that i can also play with..can you help? (link)
A rat or guinea pig sounds like the pet for you! The only care you give them is to feed and water them, and to change their bedding every few days. They are very nice and smart, and you can play with them or hold them.

Ok, Well, my hamster Cocoa is acting very sick latley. I love him so much and would do and thing for him. He seems to be shaking almost and sneezing/sqeaking and i think he might even be trying to cough! He is now forming this crust around his nose and just a lil around his nose. I'm so worried about him, does any one know what sickness this could be or how i should handle this? (link)
My rat had the same problem. This is most likely a problem with his respiratory system. You should take him to a vet and tell the vet exactly what has been happening and what how he was acting.

My horse started limping yesterday and I dont know whats wrong with her. She is 23 years old but acts like a young horse. I cant afford to take her to the vet because Im only 13 and I already babysit to get her food. i even got her for free! I would really like to know what is wrong with her. (link)
You need to take her to the vet. Raise the money, get it from your parents, or take her to a free pet clinic. This could be serious.

i just reciently got an juvenile iguana, named Draco. hes pretty small, and verrrrry skiddish. whenever i put my hand in the cage, he spazzzzes out so badly. my mom and the pet shop ownver said he will sooner or later get over it and trust me. does anyone know how long it will take, and what i can do to help our relationahip grow?

please help---will rate well if answered;)

-britski- (link)
I had the same problem with my rat. If you put your hand in his cage, he freaks out. He freaks out because the cage is his territory. You should take him out to hold him and play with him or whatever.

My sister is a lesbian, and I am good friends with her girlfriend. When I am introducing the two of them to other people I always find myself saying "this is my sister and her friend."
I know I should say girlfriend, but I never can get it out.

Is it alright if I just say friend to avoid akward moments and let coversations to contiune to flow, or do you think it is affending to my sister and her girlfriend? (link)
Ask them if it is offensive. I doubt it is, as it is still true whether or not it's the whole truth. If it is offensive, you should try to say girlfriend, and hopefully whoever you're talking to should be kind enough not to make a big deal about it.

i'm 12 and i started my 1st period june 15. i heard u were supposed to get it every 28 days and i'm about a week late if that's the case! could i be pregnant, i mean i havn't had sex, but could i be? plz help!
Your period probably won't be regular for a while. You definately can't be pregnant if you haven't had sex! Ever

hey, well i've had my period for almost 2 years and i still get that discharge is that weird?? what should i do (link)
It's not weird at all. The discharge is part of your cycle.

I Have very heavy discharge for about 2/3 days... I read in this magazine that u get ur heavest discharge like i ntha middle of your cycle.. like not wen ur on ur period.. is that tru.. or am i gonan get my period soon like in a few days? help meh!! (link)
You will most likely get your period in a week or less. That is usually what a heavy discharge means.

i'm 15 and i want my belly button pirced and my dad doesn't mind but my mom want let...i mean all my close friends have theres done...even my friend that has the meanest parents in the world! but i was woundering how i could get my mom to let me get it done!?? (link)
Ask your mom why she won't let you, but don't do it in a whiny way, ask in a responsible and serious way. If she thinks it's too dangerous, do some research and show it to her. If she thinks you aren't responsible enough, do something that will prove to her that you are responsible. If she thinks you aren't old enough, prove to her that you're responsible and can handle it, but if she still thinks you are too young, ask her how old you should be. You might have to wait until then.

Another note: If you just want it pierced because all of your friends have it, don't get it pierced. You have to really want it and understand the risks.

ok. i dont smoke. But alot of people in my grade do. im only going into 8th grade and i turn 14 in january! alot of people that i know have at least tried smoking. recently i have been having these dreams that i smoked and i liked it..then i'd wake up. is this bad? should i have already tried it. i think want to. thx for any advice! (link)
No, you should not. You should not try smoking until you are eighteen and it's legal.

i think is is totally gross and disgusting to be a gay guy or a lesbian is it wrong to think that i dont think it is (link)
I personally think that is narrow-minded. Maybe you should find out some more about gay people: why they are the way they are, etc. That might help you be more accepting.

okay this is really dumb but all my friends say "this one time at band camp......" and then leave it at that! wut is that from? is that from like a movie? lol sorry im so dumb!
w/b sooon
It's from the movie American Pie. Don't worry about it, it's an R-rated movie. You aren't expected to see it. :)

Is it rude to tell someone what they are doing is extremely rude/disgusting? For example, a friend of mine chews with her mouth open, should I tell her it drives me crazy or just let her continue? (link)
Just tell her nicely that it bothers you. Say something like, "I don't know if you even notice it, but you sometimes chew with your mouth open, and I don't really like it. Could you please be more careful about not doing that?"

i want to go on a diet but i dont no how to go about it. please could some one help me

thanx for ya help (link)
The best way to diet is to eat healthier food and smaller portions. Don't deprive yourself from food you like, though, eat it in moderation. Don't go low-carb or slimfast or anything like that, because it will help you lose weight, but you wont be able to keep it off once you go back to the regular food you eat.

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