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i really love acting and drama but i'm definitely not a good singer. i actually want to have some career in theater. i just need to know: do ALL auditions require you to sing? or do some just have you act? dont say you should take singing lessons because i dont believe its possible for you to sing better if you naturally are bad. (link)
If you are auditioning for something other than musical theater, chances are they won't have you sing.

But if you are auditioning for musical theater, you definately need to sing well.

Does anybody know a website that has test to find out if you have OCD?? plz help thx:D (link)
A website cannot diagnose you with a mental disorder.

I have OCD and I was diagnosed by a medical professional. If you are that concerned, go to a psychologist.

like i have super thick hair. and its pretty long to it takes me like 1hour and a 1/2 to straighten it is it bad to straighten your hair like twice a week? what does it do? my friend told me that she straighted it like twice a week and now it is easier to straighten. is that true?
Many people say that straightening is bad for your hair, but I have been straightening mine every day for about a year, AND I color it, and it's perfectly healthy. As long as you are using a good quality flat iron, you should be fine.

I'm always tired. Even when I get 8+ hours of sleep. What's wrong with me?
It's hard to do something when all day I feel like I'm going to pass out on my desk. (link)
You need to go to your doctor and get a blood test. This could be a variety of problems including the Epstein-Barr Virus or thyroid problems. You really need to have this checked out.

Every time after I eat I feel like I am going to puke, and I dont eat a lot but I start to feel really gross and sometimes almost want to make myself puke so i'll feel better, so is this normal? well thanks i'll rate 5's Happy New Year (link)
You should go to a doctor. You might have a stomach flu or food poisoning. Don't make yourself throw up no matter how bad you feel, it's not good for you, and if your body needs to purge itself of something, it will do it on its own.

OK, see I'm going out with this guy...and he's really really sweet and nice and everything, he's what I think every girl would want. BUT the only thing is...he's not good all I guess...he's not like the ugliest person on earth...but he's just not cute at all. And like I'm afraid people at my school will make fun of me, because you know, Blue Valley..think about it..girls here..we judge...what do I do? Do I dump the guy? or do I keep on going out with this guy and ignore everything?

If you are happy with him and you like him for who he is, that's all that should matter. Just because other people don't find him attractive doesn't mean that you shouldn't go out with him

This boy I was going out with says we should be just friends because he thinks we are too young to be going out(we are both 13). So we have been talking more as friends than we have when we were going out but when we talk he seems annoyed of me and whenever i ask to hang out as friends he comes up with an exuse. I dont know why I am really confused. (link)
You shold talk to him about it.

There is the possibility that the reason he broke up with you was just an excuse and the truth is that he just doesn't like to spend time with you(sorry.)

My boyfriend and I have been going out for 1 month,tomorrow.We have been planning on going to the movies, but neither one of us thought about it being our anniversary. I just now remembered.So, I'm just wondering if I should get him anything for it? or what?
any help would be appreciated!
I rate 5's!
Ah well...I don't think it's really necessary, since it's only been a month. But if you want to get him something, don't go all out or anything...if he's been wanting a new CD or if there's a certain type of candy he likes...something sweet and simple would be good.

i know it's early to be worrying about this, but having an idea will help me sleep at night. really. haha.

i've been with my boyfriend for two months now. i've never had a boyfriend for valentine's day. do i give him anything? if so, what?

also, what would you expect to get FROM a guy?

thanks so much. (link)
It would probably be good to give him something. Just make a nice card and give him some chocolate(assuming he likes chocolate, of course), and he should be happy. But don't expect anything from him, because if you're expecting something and he doesn't give anything to you, you'll be really disappointed. So give him something if you want, and if he gives you something, great, but if he doesn't, don't be too upset.

right so my freind peirced her ear with a third hole by herself using a needle yesterday. it looks fine today. i want a belly button peircin, but my mom will never let me. should i ask my freind to do it for me? what are some safety measures i should take? (link)
That would be a REALLY bad idea.

If you are dead set on having her stick a needle through your body, for whatever reason that may be, use some common sense.

Do a [thorough] search about the area you are going to pierce
Research, research, research!
Read and learn as much as you can; learn the proper way to sterilize
Make sure everything is sterile before you begin, including the room you will be doing it in
If there may be blood, tile floors are good
Plan for what to do if something goes wrong
If you don't like pain, don't do it! When you go to a piercer, it is usually over with very quickly, but when you do it yourself, it is going to take a lot of time. So, if you want to get it done quickly, don't do it unprofessionally.


a sewing needle is not good to pierce with. It causes extra trauma to the body, meaning more chance of rejection, infection, and as many problems as you can think of.

There's a good link for piercing tools. If you're dead set, at least get a real piercing needle.

i need a list of a LOT of rock bands. dont ask why.
over 5-6 is a five. rock bands, but not gay bands like simple plan and good charolette. (link)
Guns n Roses
Led Zeppelin
Black Sabbath
The Guess Who
Bob Dylan
The Doors
Duran Duran
Velvet Revolver
White Stripes
The Beatles
The Who
Rolling Stones
Pink Floyd
The Eagles
Deep Purple
The Monkees
The Greatful Dead
Velvet Underground
Bob Marley and the Wailers
Sly and the Family Stone
Allman Brothers
Beach Boys
The Clash
David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars
The Cure
Earth, Wind, and Fire
Roxy Music
Dead Kennedys

...hmm...That's pretty much all I can think of. Hope it helps ya.

Hey all, I'm working as a waitress and often times I get soooo tired because I normally dont get off work untill about one in the morning. Anyways, I was wondering if there were any types of things I can take or do to boost my energy?? I havnt drinkin' any carbonated beverages for over 2 years, so those drinks are out, and when I take caffine pills, or energy pills, they make me sick. Its so anoying!!! Anyways, this is an easy five question and any help would be great!! Thanks
You could drink energy drinks(like red bull, etc), coffee, or anything caffienated.

There are also caffienated mints that you could find.

If you want lasting enerfy, eat a lot of protein. For quick energy you want carbs or sugar.

I sing in church and at school and I have been working at the Haunted Graveyard, for thoes of you who dont know what that is, its like a haunted house where you scare people, anyways, It has made my throat sore and unable to sing, or get my voice back to how it normally is. Does anybody know how I could heal this and get it back to normal? last year it took almost a full year to get my voice back to normal. But if you people know anything I could use or do to get my voice back where i can sing and talk like i normally do It would be greatly appreciated! And i have already tried coughdrops, so anything else, unless you know of a cough drop that really works, but please tell me what brands and types of stuff you are talking about..THANKS!!! (link)
The only thing I can tell you, is don't drink any soda or milk. That will hurt your voice and delay it from going back to normal.

Ok, for those of you who are a bit older, Im thinking about running a bar. Not like opening a business, I want to buy a bunch of cheap liquor and serve drinks to my house (about 100 people, give or take) and generally get everyone nice and toasty.

Im thinking about Flaming Dr. Peppers, Jaeger Bombs, 4 horsemen shots, and other things. The other ingredients will be;

Grenadine, Coke, sprite, pinapple juice, orange juice, lime, club soda, rum, tequila, whiskey, and vodka.

Other than tequila sunrises and "whiskey and coke" type drinks, can anyone think of something interesting to make with those ingredients. Like something that uses more than one liquor.

And any suggestions for drinks that might need a different non-alcoholic ingredient (like vodka and something not listed) are also welcome.

Just keep in mind after Ive bought everything I have listed Im going to have maybe 15 bucks left.

Thanks. (link)
There's a ton of links here:

What is the difference between being Atheist and Agnostic? (link)
Atheist: one who believes that there is no deity

Agnostic: : a person who holds the view that any ultimate reality (as God) is unknown and prob. unknowable; broadly : one who is not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of God or a god

Basically, Atheists believe that there is no higher power, and agnostics are undecided. Agnostic is often used to refer to people who believe in god(s) but have no organized religion.

I'm horribly apprehensive about my up soming Bat Mitzvah!! I have prepared a very long speech about what i learned in hebrew school. Thats not what im nervous about though. I'm nervous about the hebrew reading (which is actually written in transliteration). I get nervous and start shaking. Sometimes I get so nervous that I talk really fast and slur my words. I don't want to mess up a day that is all about me!! How can I gain some CONFIDENCE in myself!! I'm so gunna screw up!! (link)
You are not going to screw up. Trust me. I went through the same thing. You have prepared for years, you know it sooo well. You'll be perfect, trust me.

And feel lucky that it's in transliteration, I had to read mine completely in hebrew. =P

So I shave my underarms every day...but lately I've been getting ingrown hairs and that's never happened before. It's kinda looks like I have pimply armpits or something (I wash my arm pits every day). I think it might have been because I changed my deoderant recently...but I don't think that makes sense because I don't put on deoderant until after I shave. So does anyone know why this happened and what I can do to fix it? Because it's the hottest month of the year and I would like to be able to wear tank tops again. (link)
It might be a rash from the new deodorant. Go back to your old one and see if it the bumps clear up.

Okay, we have 8th grade prom comming up in about 8 months and my friend weighs about 230 pounds and she was to lose about 80 and that will leave her at 150. So, if you divide 80 into 8 that will be 10 pounds a month, So if i divide 5 into 10 that would be 2 pounds a week. Do you think my friend can lose 80 pounds in 8 months or so?????? We have already talked about her eating habits and exercising and drinking a lot of water.

14/f ( If that helps ) (link)
If your friend eats healthily and exercises, she could lose around a pound a week. If she loses more than that, it might not be healthy, so keep an eye on her eating habits so she's eating enough.

okay well i wanna repaint my room. i have a purple rug and a purple comforter and i want to add green in there. oh and i have purple curtains..and a purple lamp..but then i have a purple and green picture frame and then a green picture frame. so i want my room more green. like a light lime green. what are some like patterns i could do to my walls. they have like a top and a bottom. like theres a divider in there..if you know what i mean. so like i could put one color on top and another on pleaseee. sorry about the length (link)
you could paint the top and bottom different colors, you could do stripes(which I think would look super cool), you could paint the walls different colors, you could paint it one color, and then get a wallpaper border thingy in another...

And that's pretty much all I can think of.

is there any way to get maple syrup out of a shirt?
If it's a white shirt, use bleach(duh). But if not, try a stain remover of some sort, like shout or something, let it set in and then wash it normally.

If that doesn't work, all I can suggest is putting a patch over it or something.

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