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i have to read a book for english and i cant decide on what to do.

the only main requirements are that it has to be atleast 200 pages (no more than 300 please) and at our reading leve (10th grade)

my favorite book is the giver but i cannot read that because it is too short and i like books along that line.

i like more true to life kind of books with relatable characters and i dislike things like harry potter and lord of the rings

any suggestions? please if you name a book give me a little background info on it! (link)
I strongly suggest anything by Michael Crichton. He writes absolutely brilliant sci fi/thriller books(he wrote Jurassic Park, for example). His books are packed with information(he went to Harvard Medical school, so he has a lot to say) and usually longer than what you want, but they are very fast-paced and hard to put down so they seem shorter. Although his books may be a little more hard to swallow than what you usually like, he's really an amazing author and you should give him a chance.

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