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Heyyy my name is Alley i live in the boston aria im verry outspoken and ill tell u what i think without holding back i love to awnser qustions and im realy good at pet qustions because i have 14 pets and iv had many more in the past,mental heath questions i can awnser because iv been though alot of stuff and im also good with sex and fitness my collom dont look that good because i spend more time awsering qustions to the best of my abilty that making my space look fancy this is my second collom because someone changed my pass to my otha one but i have been on this site for over a year.
Website: ohh my myspace
Gender: Female
Age: 14
AIM: Ya Soshla S Uma5 and MiSsMUrDer 007 x
Yahoo: liontail411
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does any know the name of the song and the artist to the theme song of south of nowhere[the new season] (link)
Wasted by L.P

i cut i do it because i am stressed life is really hard right now for me and i just have the desire to cut and i think it is time and find a better emotional outlet.i am not doing this for mysellf i am doing it for my friend she cuts and i cant stand to see her hurting and stuff.but i i am a hipocrite if i just tell her to stop since i do i know i nee to get help before i can help her.

serios answers only please its not funny so dont make it seem like it is

well it is verry hard for me to help you over this so...i would say i can help you alot..i have been though alot of stuff my e-mail is my aim screen name is MiSsMUrDer 007 x my myspace is i can and will help you but i wont be able to help you over this....i realy wanna help you so i hope to hear from you

ok i was goin out wit this guy(mark), but then i started talkin to another guy(jake)who livs in another town, and he told me he liked me alot. i kept tellin him that i really like marc, but i ende up dumping marc so i could be with jake. so i hung out with jake a few times, and he was like kissing me and holdin me and holding my hand and stuff like that. i really thought he was gonna ask me out but he didnt. so iv been talkin to him online, and i kinda thought he was just using me, so i asked him and he sed that he liked a girl from his town befor i came but he likes me too. then his friend told me that jake was just using me and he was planning on goin ut with that girl from his town. jake still talks to me though and idk if wat his friend sed was true becuz his freind likes me also. so yaa should i just giv up on jake? was he just using me? wat should i do?? (link)
is this sarah....

they are going to show this episode on a three year old obssessed with her looks...and I was just wondering what is normal age that many people start getting concerned with how they look?weight,height,etc...etc... (link)
hehe i watched that too...i would say 11-12 but it usualy starts at puberty

does anyone have the newest version of AOL triton? i was wondering if anyone knows how to get into chatrooms, or if there is any chatrooms in the first place, or if someone wants to chat im really bord! thanks! (link)
yes it dose have chat rooms but its horrable

when my friend is telling me something online, sometimes i will just be like, "alrightty" or "kay". i dont do it alot, either. then she thinks i'm mad or annoyed, when im not. there's just nothing else to say. what should i do? i tell her im not mad but i dont thinks she believes me. (link)
after you write it put a smily face

Alright i am a 15 year old girl. im pregnant. i have a great boyfriend. i dont get along with my dad or little brother. my mom and dad are getting a divorce. i choice to move with my mom. and my little brother choice to live with my dad. just recently i started cutting again. i no its not good and i talked to my boyfriend about it and ive been trying so hard to stop but there is so much drama. i just cry and i want to do it so bad. but i can i promised my boyfriend i wouldnt. my mom and i are moving out the end of the mnth. so i wont have to put up with my brother or my dad any more. but thats to long i cry everyday! and i want to cut everytime i cry or get angry. i need help!! and im crying out for help. i dont want to go talk to someone. i have a fear of talking to someone i dont know! so hopefully you guys can help me! (link)
it will be easyer for me to help you over aim or aim is MiSsMUrDer 007 x and my e-mail address is
hope to hear from you
p.s my friend wants to help also his aim is Xxairjordanz23xX

hi i was wandering if anyone could help me find a cute middle name.... my daughters first name is gonna be Kylee ( pernounced like (kigh leigh) and i need a cute middle name to match with it. i appreaciate it! Thanks!!
*sarah* (link)
Hey here are a few i like

Kylee Elizabeth
Kylee Cathrin
Kylee Jane
you could also name her after some you look up to or another family member

do you think that the song "Daughters" by John Mayer is a good father/daughter dance song for the father/daughter dance during a wedding reception?

opinions are much appreciated!! thanks! (link)
yes that would be a perfict song i love it
ALLEY n rate

Where would yu buy a hooter's girl shirt? (link)
you can get them at hooters ot order them off theres also this place called dapys its in the mall and they have had them there befor --ALLEY n rate

i have like a bunch of random whiteheads and little zits in random places on my face but i wash my face 3 times a the morning with clean & clear morning burst, at night or when i get back from work or something with neutrogena oil free acne wash and before i go to bed with a noxzema pad but they like wont go away and more keep popping up and its getting (link)
washing your face to much can make you brakeout more.also dont use all thos face washer together what you should proble do is chooses eather clean and clear or neutrogena and use one in the morning and use noxzema pads if you face get realy dirty in the afternoon and at night use the same produkt (sp) that you used in the morning at night.due that for a week and see how it goes and if the same thing keeps happining that switch to the other face wash and see how that works --hope i helped ALLEY pls rate

OK, I was at a friends house, drinking & having fun. My best friends husband is always messing around & teasing & joking. No big deal. We're all friends. Well, he kept making comments to me like about my tan getting darker & things like that. He kept touching me most of the night. (I mean just little nudges, touching my arms & things like that). Then, my friend had to leave to take her other friend home, so, we were just talking. We started talking about some pics he took of me & I thought they looked stuped & he said, I dont know why you say that, I think you look good. Then, when his wife came back, we were all going to see the fireworks & he said, "I am sitting up frint with you." Now, seriously, I dont need a lecture about etiquette. I am not thinking on acting on this at all. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if he maybe likes me or is he just a "friendly" flirt? Thank You. (link)
he was drinking but even so he probly has some feelings for you.he is not exactly being fair to his wife by flirting with her bestfriend and if you guys are around eachother alot than feeling this way is going to happin i think it was just a friendly flirt but becareful because even the meaning less of flirts well drunk can turn into cheeting and i wouldnt tell your friend -- hope i helped pls rate-ALLEY

My cousin has been masturbating since she was 3 years old. Is that normal? She is 17 now. (link)
yes it is normal many little kids do that because there tryin to discover who/what they are.

ALLEY n rate pls

how do you get sand out of the fabric of a swimsuit (link)
wha t i do is when you get home fillup the sink with water and let it soke (sp) and all the sand will fall to the bottom

ALLEY n rate pls

How do you get those little heart tattoos right above your pelvis? They aren't tattoos, but you know how cows get branded? Haha thats what it looks like.. (link)
ohh well the way i get them is buy getting stickes and placing them where eva i want it and them go taning and its cheeper than goin to a taning bed or getting a real tattoo --ALLEY n rate

well just before i walked into 7-11 with my little sister and this guy who looked about 14 was with his friends and he was like "i dont know you" and i turned around thinking he was talking to me and he was. so i just gave him a weird look. and hes like "REALLY I DONT" so then i walked away and i was whispering to my sister about him and he saw me and like smiled. um, is there any reason he did that big scene? (link)
he could be showing off or boys dont always no how to flurt so he might like you --alley n rate

wat is stds and how you get it (link)
an std is a Sexually Transmitted Disease like HIV or AIDS and you get them from having unprotected sex some stds there is no cure for and you can die so becareful of who you have sex with and if you google std that you can get more info.

hope i helped--ALLEY n pls rate

Okay, last year i had a lot of break outs and lots of black heads on my nose. I would wash and even pop them, but they never actually went away. My mom says they are just large pores because they were clogged. If this is true, is there anything i can do to make them smaller? Iwash my face every morning and night. (link)
Dont pop your acne because it will make your pores larger.At wal-mart there are masks that make your pores smaller there are also creams and facewashes just look around and choose one you like.

--alley-pls rate

what are the bases in relationships? ive got a pretty good idea but im not exactly sure...thanks (link)
i think the bases are...
First:holding hands/cuddleing huging/getting to no them
Third:fooling around
hope i helped---pls rate--ALLEY

Omg, my mom just used this new brand of very strong hair dye (from the store), and she bought the color she usually gets! Problem is, since the product is so strong, the dye is put in twice as much, so her hair is completely black! (when she bought light brown!) We called the hotline & they apologized, but said we should have got the blonde. Wtf.

ANYWAY, not the problem. My question is, is there ANY way to make her hair lighter faster? Our next door neighbor told us washing your hair with dish detergent helps strip some color, but we didn't try it yet. Any suggestions? (DO NOT say lemon juice, k thanks) (link)
first off DONT use sun-it because her hairs to dark and it will turn it orangeish i no there shampoos that will help strip color and if u go to a salon they can strip her hair but the heathist thing for her hair is to just use normal shampoo and wait --pls rate n i hope i helped--ALLEY

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