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I am a middle schooler and i know what most of peoples promblems are about and i deffinatly want to help you over come yer promblems..thats what i signed up to do! lol i love helping people and all my friends take my advice seriously and it always helps them..i hope that you will give me yer promblem and let me help you! x0x Becca
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OK i asked the question earlier about the guy i met on vacation...all i kno is that he lived in north dakota with his dad who is in the air force and is moving to tennesse soon...i kno his mom lives in california and his first name is brendan...i guess ill never find him since i dont got his last name..:-( o well any tips on getting over him? (link)
First what you can do is juss get on with your dnt need ne one holding you downn..You juss got to live a little! Find someone else that you can crush on..and everytime you think of that kid think of a different crush one that might happen ;) lol thats all the advice i have sryy hunn hope it helps!!
x0x becca
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my mom and 2 brothers and 1 moved in with my grandma and aunt. they treat us like crap! my mom is so depressed i try to stop the fight i do but then 4 sec. laster my grandma will open her mouth again and its non stop fighting and i stick up 4 my mom and shes is always upset and it bothers me .. my life my mom and my 2 brothers life r not right here and were tryin our best to move but we cant yet cuz we dont have enough money.. but my mom is soo upset here.. im tried of all the fighting but i cant stop it my grandma thinks she does nothin worng and its all my mom and that also makes my mom upset.. what should i do to help? what should my mom do? and what can we do to stop the fighting? p/s we tell them to leave our stuff alone but they dont and thet ruein our clothes in the laundry cu the ammonia and we say were gonna wash our clothes but they wash ours neway... what can i do??
female (link)
ohh im sryy that yer life is like this..first what you can do is yell at your grandma if she treats you like crap and shit like that stand up fer yourself ik that its hard but you need to..u have been nice now you need help! be like when there fighting * STOP it right now cnt u guys see that it makes our lifes misserable when you guys fight!! its like living on hell..if you guys dnt stop im gonna seriously like kill myself --dnt really its juss to make them stop-- i love all of you and juss want us to live in peace and not fight!!! * and juss go on and on untill they get the picture!! What you can do about your stuff is you can hide your dirty clothes so that they wnt touch them and then wash them yourself..make sure that you pick up all your stuff so that they cnt get there hands on it!! And to move out of the house faster you can get a job like babysitting and stuff..if you make about a hundered dollars a summer you can really be helping your mom out! and if she wnt accept the money slip it into her purse er sumthing!!!

Hope it helps
x0x becca
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ok well i asked a question bout this girl i like and how she wouldnt tlk cuz of somethin. well she started tlkin 2 me again and now my friend is tryin 2 say that she doesnt like me. she said she likes boys wit frecles, red hair, and lite skin. well my friend said that she said she was playin a joke on me n that she doesnt really like me. well my friend likes her also so i wanted 2 kno if it was jealousy or if u think it was the truth? (link)
Its most likely jeliousy! I mean you should not take to heart wat he says..But take to heart that he knows that if you and him were the only people on earth and there was this one grl..((the grl that u and him like)) he knows that she would pick you over him.. and hes deffinatly not a true friend because of wat he is doing to you -lying-
Hope that helps!
-x0x becca!

my boyfriend is always hangin out with kids who are 2 or more years younger than us. his friends are kind of they are always comin up to me sayin.....oooo have u kissed him...oo hes gonna dump you...adn all that sorta stuff its really annoying i know that they are joking but... i mean if they are his freinds why would they say that he was gonna dump me. its not like he spends way more time with me than them, bcuz he doesnt...its the other way around... (link)
I think that they are just jelious that there cool older friend has a girlfriend caz they think that that makes them cool. And they think that there cool by saying that stuff..Believe me yer boyfriend is like my brother..he has all types of friends and they are annoying! What you should juss do is talk to your boyfriend! I mean say that these kids are annoying and there stupid! But if you dnt want to do that be like *Your nott cool..* And they will back off if they know that its not making you mad at all.
Hope it helps!
-x0x becca

My boyfriends friends don't approve of me.. and he has only been ahnging out with the 2 that do this summer so far.. but now hes hanging out with the other ones again.. and there the reason we broke up the other times... I mean.. i know i have no control over who he hangs with but would it be wrong of me to maybe ask him in the nicest way possible to not spend time with them so much?? I don't want him to dump me again because of them!!!:( (link)
I think what you should do is be like hey you wanna hang out this day.(the day) if he says no keep trying..and if you do get a yes then make it funniest night possible..a night that he will always remember so that he will want to hang out with you more!
Hope it helps,
-x0x becca

OKay, I have this guy friend. And i really really feel like i love him. But i went out with him b4 in 6th grade and im now in 8th and still like him...a lot! He comes to talk to me and acts like he likes me. But i dunno. I dont think he does. I never get the chance to talk to him just him. Im 13 and i have no clue what to do.. (link)
Okay to tell you the truth i have a really good friend like that too..hes like my best friend and trusts me with everything and i sorta like him but then i thought to i really like this kid or do i juss like him because i can talk to him and i feel safe with him or do i truly love this kid!? thats something you might want to ask yourself about. What i would do would be like randumly come up and be like yer the best your soo nice to me and i really trust you so im telling you that i like you and i want us to be more then friends..ik it sounds corny but you kno sumthing like that you can say..make it come frum your heart! You kno this kid better then me..wat wins him over?? Hope it helps and thanks soo much for writing to me! -x0x becca

This year while I was vacationing in a place I regularly visit I met a girl. The night after I met her I drank way to much and ended up losing my virginity with her. I was really beating myself up over it the next morning, but it turned out that we hooked up for the entire time I was vacationing, however we never slept together again. The problem is, she doesn't know she was my first. She actually thinks she was my 3rd. Now im beating myself up for lying to her, but Im afraid that if I tell her now things could get awkward and I may not ever see her again. I feel horrible about lying, but if things got weird between me and her and I lost contact with her I would probably fall over and just never get up. I'm not sure whether to tell her, and if I do, I'm not sure how or when. I am extrememly thankful for any help someone can give me. (link)
Well if its really killing you up inside to the point where you cnt hold it in ne more..have a romantic evening with her and be like talking to her and juss pop up this-
*im sryy i lyed to you but i have never done it before with another grl..the reason is i was waiting for the right grl to come around and when u can around i fell in love with you and i thought to myself this is the grl..the one that i want to be with forever..:p

Hope it works for you!!
-x0x becca!

umm well i like my nextdoor naboor n well he came to spend the night w. my bro n we madeout n i gave him a handjob n well he weent to visit his mom in NY n well he is coming back in a week or soo n still rele like him m im not sure if he likes me n well i rele miss him n i want to makeout w. him n how do i tell him that i like him n i want to makeout w. him??
The first thing you should do is never hold back your feelings..just go for the kiss! And i dnt think he will hold bak..i mean he might like you too! But mayb you should talk to him and go like we have done alot of shit and i really like you..and juss go in for the kill! And mayb something will happen! Hope that helps-x0x becca

Theres this kid nd hes like my brotha i love him so much but he just like randomly desides to hate me madd bad its soo f*ckin stupid he seriously randomly woke up one morning nd desided to hate me i mean wuts up wit that? now he gives me all this bullsh*t bein all b*tchy nd sh*t nd its soo shady i mean like seriously we used to be like best frends wut is up wit this!! why would ne body do sumthin like that! i swear to god i didnt do ne htin to deserve the shit htis kid is givin me!! i need some help here.. :'( (link)
ok theres this grl at my school who does the same thing and she can be such a bitch and shit like that one day she disides to hate me and i just talk to her and if that doesnt work then i give her time to realize that shes being a bitch and she always comes back-she juss came back yesterday lol..try that! -x0x becca!

last summer(july) i met this kid,Jason that lived in maine(i liv in massachusetts).He said if i took the time to know him i would really like him so i took the time (we only were together for like 2 days cuz it was a festival in NH)he asked for my and i gave it to him as soon as i got home in mass the next day he called me but my frend was over n i payed more attention to her then i did jason so he said hes let me go so the next week he called agian but once agian i didnt pay attention to him so he said hed let me go agian...September N October he didnt call then he called agian in November December n January but i was always like not listening to him cuz i wasnt really interested so then he stopped callin wen he did call everytime i mentioned a guys name he would be like whos that?hed always ask me if i would be at that festival this yr that we met at last year but i never gave him an answer.also wen i first met him he was rally nice but wen i wasnt really talin to him on the fone he would brag bout al the money he had n the cars n stuff stupid ?s but do you think he jus bragged cuz he wanted me to talk to him?n ya think he actaully liked me?o and im goin to that festival next week n if i run into him wtf do i say? (link)
I think that this boy likes you because if you arent paying enough attention to him-like you said you werent-he would have just stoped talking to you altogether. I think that he just brags so that you will pay more attention to him and that you will think that hes cool..ik it could get annoying but its what people do! If you run in to him just be like corgial-nice/friendly-but dnt like have him with you like every second if you dnt want him to be..because it sounds like you dnt like him..idk but its juss like yer giving him a chance! hope that helps-x0xbecca!

I'm addicted to taking pictures of myself, i have lyke over 400 recent pics. All of my friends lyke always say that I'm lyke conceited or that I'm in love with myself, but I honestly think their just jealous!...what should i lyke do?!@#$^&!? (link)
Maybe you should become a model because that way it wnt be like you taking the pics it will be someone else..and your friends will think of you differently-in a better way-then thinking your in love with yourself..they prombley are jelious but you can never be too sure and you dnt want to loose your friends! Hope that helps!-x0x becca!

I'm a great advice columnist but i guess every advice person needs some advice as well.

Ok so about a month ago my sister and my brother in law came to visit us and i was sleeping (it was night time) and I remember waking up for my brother inlaw touching my leg. I didnt think much of it but after that I kept on thinking about it. Well i was at their house and last night he said he was sorry, and i didnt know what he was talking about and i was like for what and hes like I touched you in a place that you shouldnt have been touched by me (higher than my legs) I dont know what to do! because I mean I dont think he was doing it for more than a sec cuz i think i woke up right away but I dont want to tell my mom and dad because my dad would kill him and they would say something to my sister and then my sister and him would probably get a devorice and my sisters really happy. I mean that was the first time but I still cry about it like i feel so violated and i dont know what to do. I cant sleep cuz i think about it. All I do is cry about it. Please help me please!

I promise i'll rate a 5 no matter what! Atleast your trying to help me. (link)
Woah thats scary! Well what you can do is try to forget about it and maybe not sleepover there house kno juss to be safe but if you have to lock your door or like be really could warn him that if he ever does that to u again then you will tell your parents and they will get mad and your sister might not be thrilled..;-) hahaa i little black mail doesnt hurt! Hope i can help! If not talk to me agian!-x0x becca ((RATE ME A FIVE))

Anna Joe
The kid no one really knows
Just sat
She was kind of fat
Every day people would critize
About her size
I was the only one who heard her crys
Her endless sighs
I never knew
What she was about to do
It was a misty Monday
I wish she found have found another way
We walked in
Right before she commited her sin
They laughed at her and called her fat
And there I sat
Wanting it to stop
I could have fought
Before I could think
In just one blink
She reached in her shirt
Everyone screamed as shots beamed
Up and down each row
Then it came to me and she said no
I was in shock
Then came a knock
In her head
There everyone sat dead
I burst in tears
Because I had no more peers
I could have stopped this all
I heard voices down the hall
Terrified yells
And there i was
Just because
I did'nt call her fat....
But I just sat
I let her cry,
wanting to die
And it just might be
Because of me
Everyones dead
And poor Anna shot herself in the head give me feedback on my site and dont try to copy and paste cuz these are published

That was great! Omg that could be soo published and i bet that you would win a prize er sumthing if you show it! It makes sence-shows what schools like-and shows peoples feelings..its great!!-x0x becca

well... ever since i was lets say... about 7 i wanted a lil sis. but now that my aunt is trying to give us coustudy of my 6 or 7 yr old cousin b/c she is being trialed and can possibly convicted of child abuse. she knows our house hold is better than hers but i don't want a lil bratty girl getting into my buisness. i wouldn't mind if she was like 2 or 3 but then she will get into my buisness. what do i do? She will have to know everything that is going on and i will have to spend the rest of my spare time playing with her! i already hate my older bro! HELP!! (link)
Ok ik exacly how you feel because i have two little brothers. Sometimes they can be cool and other times they can be well..a pain in the butt! Having a little sister is going to be hard because she will prombley want to be like you-ik my friends sisters do-so times it will get annoying but thats when you put your foot down and go i have had enough get out or you wnt be cool! lol something like that..just talk to your mom would be the best advice because she will understand what you are going through..and she will be able to make the child listen to her..thats what i do with my brothers when they become too annnoying! Hope it helps..if not write back!-x0x becca

ok, i really want to pierce my belly button for my 14th bday, but my mom keeps saying she doesnt like the idea. and my dad said no. i really want it, what should i do to convince them, or whatever? thanks so much (link)
Ok well my friend is having the same promblem..her mom wont let her get it done and she really wants it and everyone else has it done. She said that shes going to tell her mom that if she doesnt let her get it done then shes gonna go and have her friend do it..shes not really going to have her friend do it..shes juss saying it..i would ask yer mom when you can get it done like if u pay fer it er sumthing like that. Work out an idea or try what my friend did. -x0x becca

okaii... i have a boiifriend and he lives far awaii and i really like him and im going to visit and then comeing bak and i dont even kno if the relationship will work i have mii douts but then i really like him and i dont care where he lives and sometimes people tell me i shouldnt be with him because he lives so far awaii but i start crying when they tell me that because i dont wanna lose him... what sould i do?
wOrRiEd! (link)
Hey worried,
Its okay if you love this boy..But long distance relationships are the hardest! You should talk to him about how yer feeling..tell him you love him soo much and you never want to loose him and tell him that you have your doubts sometimes and other people tell you that you shouldnt go out with him..see what he says mayb you guys might plan more time together and stuff like that or maybe he juss might feel the same way and you guys could become really good friends and who knows! This ones sryy i hope that i helped a little! -x0x becca

I know it was wrong but i had sex wit my bf...the problem is i did it wit out a condom...he did not cum inside me but im really scared that im preg...its only been like 2-3 weeks since i did so scared and idk what to do..i cant tell ne one well i can just not my waiting for my period to will start the end of this month..someone please help or tell me about preg like the signs and symtoms i really need help on it cuz its scaring me.. (link)
It isnt wrong to have sex but it is wrong when your not ready (or pressured) and you do it unprotectivly. But im here to help..Some symtoms are: mornings sickness (throwing up) and not feeling good at all-feeling sick to your stumache! Now im not very good on this subject but what i think you should do is take a preg test, it will ease your fear of being preg if the awnser comes negative.. then you can wait fer your period to make sure..If it comes out possitive then i would wait to see if yer period comes at the end of the month ne ways. Then you will see if you are preg! i hope i helped..if you have ne more promblems talk to me about them!-x0x becca

muh dad manages the money around the house... my mom used to... my dad i think hez saving ^ 4 sumthin he wantz cuz he does stuff like that. ive told my mom already she thinks the same thing. shez not gunna do anything soon cuz i dont think she wants to handle the money n pay the bills cuz itz to tiring for her. im not getting the stuff i need like new clothes, shoes etc. n even food were like ruffing it on food. this week we went over like a dollar for our money cuz we only have a certain amount according to my dad. wut do i do to solve this? itz oviously a big problem. he acts like the money my mom n he makes is all his n he desides if he wants to give her money to go shopping or sumthing. hope u guys understand n u can help me. (link)
This is hard because all parents you should be able to talk to about these promblems. The best possible advice i can give you is that you might want to get a job like babysitting or working as a waitress ect. find something that you want to do. Then maybe you can buy the things you want and still try to juice yer dad fer some money. And if he doesnt want to give it to you you have the money you worked for. But make sure that you talk to your mom about this first away from your dad so that he wont get angry. Your mom seems to be understanding so im sure that she will allow you too. Im sorry if i wasnt a great help but that was what i would do! -x0x Rebecca

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