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what's the most unpainful way to commit suicide

Question Posted Wednesday July 6 2011, 8:02 pm

i just want to know what can be the most unpainful way to commit suicide , I know some of u will try to convince me not to do it … but i’m afraid a won’t change my mind .my life right know is a living hell I really can’t bare it anymore , the thing is that I have a mom who’s driving me mad even though I’m really sensible and a kind of mature no drugs no drinking and certainly no smoking cause I’m really interested in sport , school report aren’t bad at all I don’t know why I have to stand all these things , I’v been really patient but it’s just getting worst I’v never thought I’d end up like this …. However I just want some answers because I can’t afford a gun or anything like that so… by the way I’m 17 years old ps: sorry for my bad English

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justagirl16 answered Friday July 15 2011, 9:28 pm:
Don't do it...please !!
Try not to think about the bad things that happen in your life, think about the good things, I am sure that something good has happened to you. but, if nothing comes to mind try to find another answer to your problems, you only have one life to live, do you really want to waste it on someone else.
Try to talk to your mom, and if that does not work out go and live with another relative or a friend, anyone just dont kill your self, your life is too precious.
Justagirl15 :)

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steamboat815 answered Wednesday July 13 2011, 11:11 pm:
Think of it this way: you have one life. Do you really want to let annoying people ruin it for you? I have felt trapped like you before. I have wanted to kill myself. But I didn't, and I realized there is always something to live for. Things will get better, I promise. You're only 17, you have a long, full life ahead of you that is waiting to be lived. You are in charge of your life. Think positively. Every day, think about the good things that happened, not the bad. I've tried this method and it worked. You sound like a great person, and I'm sure you'll find someone who you can turn to. But don't end your life yet. There's plenty more for you to do. There are also tons of people that can help you, like others here have suggested. Just remember you are a unique, good person :) I hope everything works out for you.

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quiet answered Thursday July 7 2011, 9:19 pm:
thank you guys you realy are good people ... even if i realy don't know you the simple fact of reading what you have written makes me feel weard in a positive way ... the thing that's making me hesitate right know is my religion i'm realy commited to it and it's forbiden to take a life ... i realy need to talk with people like u guys unfortunetly my mother doesn't like my friends even if she doesn't realy know them as i do so i'm not aloud to go out lately ...also the idea of composing the 911 or what ever doesn't realy fit me i can't do that to my mom so ... again thank you guys !! i hope i won't live this summer in my room ps:sorry again for my bad english ... by the way i'm a guy

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adviceman49 answered Thursday July 7 2011, 12:09 pm:
The fact that your mother may be mentally abusing you is not a reason to kill yourself. I'm not sure what country you live in but if you live in any of the western countries there is help for someone who is being mentally abused.

Pick up the phone and dial 999 or 112 or whatever your countries emergency number is and ask for help. From what you have written you are not a bad person just someone who needs help to get out from under a bad situation. Suicide is not the answer to your problem, help is, and is there for the asking. Please make the call and let someone help you.

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YoungMommy answered Thursday July 7 2011, 5:00 am:
You have so much to live for... life is hard now but trust me it will get better... also think of what you will do to your family.... they love you and need you around.... dont kill yourself it will get better... if you need someone to talk to a friend talk to me... email me anytime at please please dont hurt yourself you are smart and wonderful and just reading your little bit of text I can tell you will do great if you just give life a chance... best wishes

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sml111992 answered Thursday July 7 2011, 12:09 am:
sorry but no one is going to give you tips on how to kill yourself with out pain, because no one has done it. you need to constantly remind yourself that what ever is going on in your life right now wont last forever and nothing is worth taking a young and bright life away from the world. think about everyone who loves you and cares. what ever is going on is not perminant things will change for the better and if things get worse it will only make you a stronger person. if i was you i would talk to a councler about this its really not healthy.

[ sml111992's advice column | Ask sml111992 A Question

vishala18 answered Thursday July 7 2011, 12:00 am:
death is not the solution. When 1 door gets closed d other 1 automaticaly opens, trust me even my life is a living hell but i dnt wnt 2 comit sucide anyways i know a gud therapist his name is jhonsey thomas u can just browse and contact him

[ vishala18's advice column | Ask vishala18 A Question

Never2bAlone answered Wednesday July 6 2011, 10:21 pm:
Although it may seem like an impossible situation right now you must remember this is only for a season. This short time of unhappiness and frustration will pale in comparison to the bright future you have ahead of you. You are a beautiful, kind, caring person that anyone would be blessed to have in their lives. Just hold on things will get better. Look, you are 17 in less than a year you'll be an adult. You can go off to school, find a job, or both. You will have opportunities to try things you never knew you loved and meet new people you never thought you'd have such a close bond with. Right now is the time of your life. Don't let this time of unhappiness seal your fate. Whatever your mother has done or not done to show you how much she cares I am positive she is unaware of how this is making you feel. As a mother if one of my children felt this way I would want them to come talk to me and tell me whats on their mind and I would do ANYTHING to make it better. I know life can be over whelming but just sit back and relax. There is solution to all problems. Please know how important you are and that you are not alone. Many young and many many many older people feel just as you do from time to time. I think it's normal to feel sad and alone and like there is no way out but there is. I promise you that soon you will feel better. Try to keep company with positive people and continue being the wonderful person that I know you are.

You will be happy again soon I promise just don't give up.

[ Never2bAlone's advice column | Ask Never2bAlone A Question

dee0121 answered Wednesday July 6 2011, 9:15 pm:
I tried to commit suicide when I was 18. I know how you feel you know the desperate feeling. Believe I know first hand the last thing you want to hear is the convincing of dont do it. Try talking to someone first. why do you want to do it? If you are embarassed of this feeling/emotion your going through vent with a stranger like me. please be patient just a little little littlleeeee bit more and talk to me or anyone. let it out.

[ dee0121's advice column | Ask dee0121 A Question

matthewhallman12 answered Wednesday July 6 2011, 8:49 pm:
Go see a Therapist and they will help you with your problems. killing yourself is not the answer.

[ matthewhallman12's advice column | Ask matthewhallman12 A Question

melissa123 answered Wednesday July 6 2011, 8:49 pm:
DON't commit suicide! i know you don't want to hear any of this BUT, i know someone who did this and it's not a very good thought or memory!

SOOOOOO many people are going to remember you like that... do you want that? do you know how many people are going to miss you and cry at night wishing you were there! my step mom gets on my nerves EVERY second of my life, but i have to deal with it, just because i hate her and she aggervates me, doesn't mean i'm going to commit suicide! you have to deal with your problems!

live your life, your only 17! you have so much to live! boyfriends, husbands, kids, friends, parties, EVERYTHING! so many things! and if you do something like this.. you will NEVER have a chance to do anything like this and it's a BIG sin! I'm a catholic and my religion believes that if you commit suicide or kill someone you go to hell! and i don't think you or anybody else wants that!

and anyway of commiting suicide would be painful to you and others! DON'T DO IT! that is a BIG mistake you have no idea! you may not know because your so mad or whatever, but it is a big deal!

i hope i helped and i REALLY hope i helped you change your mind!

EVERYONE will miss you and cry to death! you dont want that! everyone you know will think they did something to make you do this or your parents might think they didn't do a good job!

please change your mind!

if you have any questions ask!(:


[ melissa123's advice column | Ask melissa123 A Question

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