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My mom touches me

Question Posted Wednesday October 13 2010, 3:36 pm

13/m Sometimes my mom touches me down there on my thing. She has for years now and never says anything about it. We were talking in sex ed and I realize this is like sexual abuse and is bad. Who do I contact about this so she stops? Just like local police or what? I don't want to ask in class. It's embarrassing. Is there like sex abuse hotline or 1-800 number I call?

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Makeitshine answered Saturday January 21 2012, 6:23 pm:
Call the police that is unaccaptal the only person that tuches you at that age is only you

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arthurswife answered Thursday October 21 2010, 11:56 pm:
Go to a teacher or a cop or an adult outside of our family. This is NOT acceptable behavior of any adult. At 13, nobody should touch your penis except you. Good luck.

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antionette answered Wednesday October 20 2010, 11:53 pm:
[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

Child Protective Services are who you want to go to. It's best to get this taken care of right away.

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adviceman49 answered Thursday October 14 2010, 8:34 am:
First off let me say I am old enough to be your grandfather. You are correct mom should not be touching your private area at your age. Before calling the cops I would suggest you talk to someone at school. A trusted teacher, Principal or guidance councilor are the ones that come to mind.

You did not say how mom touches you. Is it in a sexual nature or is it more like a mom touch? Mom may not realize you are not her little boy anymore and touching you in this matter is not only wrong but makes you uncomfortable.

By talking to another adult not associated with your family they can help you decide what type of touching mom is doing. If it is a mom type touch they can call mom to school for a parent conference and discuss this with her at that time. Explaining that you are uncomfortable with her touching and explain to her why she needs to stop. If it is a sexual type touch they will take the action required to keep you safe.

Do not wait, go to school tomorrow and talk to someone.

[ adviceman49's advice column | Ask adviceman49 A Question

sml111992 answered Wednesday October 13 2010, 10:02 pm:
you should ask her or tell her that when she touches you like she has its not good and its very wrong and if she continues or ever makes you feel uncomfortable again then you will be calling the police or you should just call them any way let them know whats going on but you should deff have a teacher or go to a police officer and let them know and what you should do.

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iwantthetruth answered Wednesday October 13 2010, 9:58 pm:

Wow, you are right, this is terrible! You need to tell the police as soon as possible. Child services will help you get out of this situation. The number you need to call is 911. :/ Please call and explain what's been happening. It's for your own good.

Take care.

[ iwantthetruth's advice column | Ask iwantthetruth A Question

chevan14 answered Wednesday October 13 2010, 5:41 pm:
Yes you are correct this is wrong. Dont not call a hotline or anything. You must tell your mom to stop. Tell her you dont like it and you know its wrong. If she continues to touch you and doesnt stop, you have to tell an adult. An adult you trust, this could be an aunt, uncle, older cousin, grandpa, grandma. Tell them the situation and how you told your mom to stop and how she is still touching you. They will know what to further do for you and your protection. The reason you should tell your mom to stop and talk to her about it FIRST, is because if she does stop then your issue is solved instead of callin it a serious issue right away and calling someone. But if she still touches you after you had asked her not to, it becomes more serious and you should tell someone about it, someone you trust not a stranger. It will be hard but you have to understand this is not right which you do.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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