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Girls Locker Room

Question Posted Tuesday January 8 2008, 6:29 pm

Like I always wondred what goes on in the girls locker i know the guys like are in their boxers and no shirt...but are the girls like freaken in their thongs and training bras? i know us guys like wanna be in there when they are getting changed and stuff...but what really happens in "THE GIRLS LOCKER ROOM" (with a voiceover announcer)

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XoXoXoXo77 answered Sunday January 13 2008, 6:03 am:
okay nothing really goes on. all the girls just change together. most of the girls are in bras and underwear. yes, a lot of them do wear thongs but theyre not prancing around in them, making out, and touching themselves and eachother like they show in movies. they just change and some put on perfume or makeup, fix their hair, whatever. nothing that great.


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freshcutroses answered Thursday January 10 2008, 5:30 pm:
haha, really, i think its safe to say that MOST girls dont even wear thongs. like out of 30 girls in a locker room, one or two will be wearing a thong! thats a common misconception that all girls wear thongs all the time. most girls just wear normal undies!

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HiChick answered Thursday January 10 2008, 4:08 pm:
basically the girls wear bras and normal underwear(ya no thongs) and we change in front of each other cause we are all friends but thats it. we talk about how fat we are and stuff lol not really well a little but basically we talk about other girls and hott guys and whos dating who, i mean it is girls in there underwear but we are just changing not doing anything sexy and just put on makeup and perfume and stuff. its fun but its just like a social thing. we talk about clothes and compliment each other too hope i helped :]

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xO_b_r_i_a_n_a_Ox answered Thursday January 10 2008, 2:59 pm:
it's not like some sort of male fantasy where we're all walking around in thongs and making out haha.
at my school we have stalls (theres no curtain though) and we change with our friends and talk. really not that exiting.

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modelkate11 answered Wednesday January 9 2008, 7:22 pm:
i actually just had a conversation with a guy about this yesterday and i had to crush his dreams and tell him that the locker room is quite boring. we dont go around whipping each other with towels or run around in our underwear. girls wear thongs but they change in the corner but there is the ocasional girl who forgets and turns around and then you get flashed. but thats it. and according to the guy i talked to....the guys locker room has more stuff going on.

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icey0990 answered Wednesday January 9 2008, 2:41 pm:
When i was in high school, it was an average locker room.

wearign a thong on a gym day isnt the best idea, but those who did would either change in the bathroom or in a private corner or have friends shield her or something. nobody pranced around in skimmpy underwear or anything. everyone kept to themselves and minded their own business. we just get changed, have some girl talk about guys or whatever waas going on, some girls loaded their legs up with lotion, or sprayed perfume/did their makeup, and that was it


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Brandi_S answered Tuesday January 8 2008, 11:50 pm:
Girls in thongs on gym day.... Come on, sweaty butt-cracks + butt-floss underwear = gross. LOL
I think you may have ruined it for yourself.
Girls locker rooms don't consist of skimpy underwear and pillow fighting.
We of the female variety sweat, stink and need a shower after gym activities just like the guys do.
Nothing thrilling, exciting, or sexy like guys probably think.
It is a locker room, just like the guys', with maybe the exception of a perfume scent and make-up cases here and there.


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clouded_bluee answered Tuesday January 8 2008, 9:30 pm:
It's deffinatly not a fantasy. Yes, some girls do wear thongs, but most don't on gym days. And normally we don't run around in our bras and underwear, also most girls wear cami's so they're not even in their bras.

Honestly, we just change, noting too exciting. Sorry to ruin it for you

Hope I Helped ! :)

[ clouded_bluee's advice column | Ask clouded_bluee A Question

hannah_rad answered Tuesday January 8 2008, 9:14 pm:
basically like what the girl said below.
we change so obviously at one point we're in our bras and most don't wear thongs on gym days. and yeah we talk, and yeah again like she said it's not some fantasy thing where were jumping around and stuff.

hope that helped ha

[ hannah_rad's advice column | Ask hannah_rad A Question

AskAllie answered Tuesday January 8 2008, 9:01 pm:
Not much.
Honestly, we just change and gossip. It's not like we throw parties wearing just bras and panties; we just change and then we leave.
Not too exciting.

[ AskAllie's advice column | Ask AskAllie A Question

sml111992 answered Tuesday January 8 2008, 8:40 pm:
umm well when we change we tend to talk about the gossip and stuff make jokes a nd compliment eachother we dont run around topless yelling for more ik its a fantasy for you guys but it doesnt happend bras underwear are all on we try not to wear thongs the day of gym or w.e

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