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why can't I write?

Question Posted Wednesday August 29 2007, 10:22 pm

This may sound silly...but I think I may have lost my writing mojo. Last year, it seemed as if I could write really well. I always received compliments from my teachers on how well I could write creatively. But now, as I'm sitting here and typing up an assignment, nothing comes to mind and my story sounds so amateur and horrible. And I can't think of good vocabulary either. Does it just seem that way to me? It disappoints me tremendously :( What can I do? =/

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ductape_n_roses answered Thursday August 30 2007, 11:07 pm:
Ahh! I know what you mean.
I've experienced writer's block one too many times. For me, it helps when I read what I've wrote in the past and other people's works. And try not to force yourself to write anything because it will only frustrate you. Just chillax and don't even think about writing.

Then you'll have this amazingly brilliant idea pop into your head one day and that's when you should write that amazingly brilliant idea down on a piece of paper and work on it =) is an awesome website if you haven't joined alreayd =) I love that site. I'm addicted to it.

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*ashlee* answered Thursday August 30 2007, 2:24 pm:
Hey this is writers block! Ive had this plenty of times. Im a writer too. What you need to do is get writing OFF of your mind. The harder you sit there trying to force yourself to think of something good, the farther and farther you will get from anything close to writing material. Go outside just simply for a walk, or to sit and observe your surroundings, or even people watch at a mall or something. Surf the television, hang out with friends, just take a day off of writing entirely. Skim over some of your old writings to get your mind back into place, maybe even move yourself into a new environment.. take your pen and paper and sit outside by a pool, on a roof, in a bowling alley, etc. Good luck! :]

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Erinn_the_bamf answered Thursday August 30 2007, 11:33 am:
I've dealt with writers block too. Actually, I'm still somewhat dealing with it. However, there is a list of things you can do to help.

-Read over some of your best work
-Read over some of your worst work
-Read classics, such as Great Expectations
-Read books that aren't classics, but have great messages, such as The Five People You Meet in Heaven
-Read poerty
-Listen to music. Is there an artist you find to be simply poetic? Listen to them.

As for vocabulary, I generally use I'll write without worrying about vivid vocabluary then go back and change words around with synonyms. Furthermore, keep a list of vocab words you really like and add on whenever you find a new interesting word.

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DearAbby92 answered Thursday August 30 2007, 11:24 am:
I know what you mean. I'm in a rut. I wrote about nine chapters of a novel that was extremely popular but then I just stopped. For months. Im still trying to get back into the groove of it, and work on it, but its hard. I took a break, and I also wrote other things that I enjoyed to free my mind up. I worked on a journal, and three other short stories. It made me feel more productive and more like I could deffinitely handle my novel.

If you want, there are things you can get (like at Barnes and Noble) for helping with writing. I saw a writers game once, and it had a lot of stuff in there such as banish writers block or come up with a new plot etc. I haven't tried it, but it looks pretty cool and a fun way to get fresh ideas.

Try using things to spice up your assignment...use a thesaurus, alliterations, metaphors etc to make your paper unique. For a true writer, this is something they have to get out of themselves. I know, because no book or website or anything could have helped me.

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blackrose13 answered Thursday August 30 2007, 11:04 am:
i know what you mean its just your thoughts that are telling you that u lost it but You really didnt if you keep telling yourself that you did then you will if you tell yourself that you didnt and u can make awsome stories and stuff then itl come back beleive me just sit down and write and relax and put positive thoughts to your head okay?
hope i helped

*BLack ROse*

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