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Can a virgin girl get pregnant

Question Posted Monday April 16 2007, 9:20 pm

Im 15,female.Well my boufriend and i play with each other. he sticks only the head of his dick in. He has never cummed in me but im still scared. im still a virgin and want to know if there is any possibility of getting pregnant? please help me.....And wat are the possibilities? Please answer!!!

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Peeps answered Wednesday November 11 2009, 2:40 am:
Having a penis inside of you--even just a little bit--means you've lost your virginity. Virginity is not an emotional thing. Virginity is actually very physical. Some people argue that if the hymen is intact then the virginity remains--you have no way "out" of this--you have had a penis inside of you (even just a little bit) and you've had your hymen broken.

It's time to deal with the phrase, "No longer a virgin." It isn't scary as long as you keep your head on straight. You ARE no longer considered a virgin. If a doctor asked you if you are a virgin and you answered, "Yes," then you would be lying, even if it was unintentional.

Yes, you can become pregnant even if the penis was only inside of you a little bit and only for a few seconds. Especially if the male has recently ejaculated.

You see, the semen are still in the tube of the penis long after the initial ejaculation. When the male is aroused again, it's even MORE likelier that he will release some of those semen, just slightly, from his penis. If the fluid is enough to moisten the area at the vagina then it's enough to impregnate someone. Seriously.

ONE sperm fertilizes an egg. ONE. It doesn't take a lot. One sperm can slide out of the penis (there's A LOT more than one sperm per drop of semen, by the way) and enter your vagina. From the vagina, they know to use their fluttering tail to move upward into the uterus and to the egg for fertilization. It's what they were created for!

Technically, even if there is not penile penetration but his fluids come in contact with your fluids there is a chance pregnancy could occur. Any time a guy's semen even remotely comes in contact with your vaginal fluid there is a chance of pregnancy. It only takes one sperm to fertilize one egg and they are created to do whatever it takes to accomplish fertilization.

Engaging in sexual activities means always taking the risk of becoming pregnant since no contraceptive is 100% effective. Please get yourself completely informed before deciding to participate in such activities.

Purchase a few home pregnancy tests and test yourself occassionally if your period does not come next month. Some home pregnancy tests are better than others. According to a couple of studies done, First Response and Early Result Pregnancy Test are the two best kinds to purchase because they are slightly more sensitive than the others. You may want to pick up a couple of those for home usage in the future. Just because you aren't pregnant this time doesn't mean those little guys won't succeed next time, especially if you're not going to begin using a form of birth control.

Be smart and be safe from now on.

[ Peeps's advice column | Ask Peeps A Question

Pink_lulu answered Wednesday November 14 2007, 2:26 pm:
sweetie you arent a virgin anymore!!!
you have been pocked already.
sorry! =[

[ Pink_lulu's advice column | Ask Pink_lulu A Question

XoXoXoXo77 answered Friday April 27 2007, 7:48 pm:
yes you can definetly get pregnant
there is still precum which has sperm
and can make you pregnant
so please just be safe and have him
wear a condom even if youre gonna do that

[ XoXoXoXo77's advice column | Ask XoXoXoXo77 A Question

cheap_thrills answered Tuesday April 17 2007, 1:42 pm:
Virginity isnt completely technical. If vaginal sex was considered losing your virginity, then rape would be concidered it as well. Your virginity is defined by you, and what you allow yourself to do. The only thing you have to worry about is pre-ejaculate, which is there before the guy even comes. This only SOMETIMES has sperm in it, but it can still possible get you pregnant. Next time, I'd reccomend a condom for fooling around, it's better safe than sorry.

[ cheap_thrills's advice column | Ask cheap_thrills A Question

ammo answered Monday April 16 2007, 10:03 pm:

If your boyfriend had put his penis inside you (regardless as to how far he had put it in you) then you may not really be seen as a virgin unless you go by the old saying that you are stilla virgin unless your 'cherry' has been popped. The only thing with this statement is that the hymen (known as the cherry) does not prove that a girl is or is not a virgin at all. In most girls the hymen will break from everyday physical activity (such as sports or riding a bike) as well as other things.

As for the pregnancy part it is very important that your boyfriend use a condom. He will not have to cum as such to get you pregnant. The penis will eject what is known as pre-cum (which is capable of causing pregnancy) and this is ejected by the guys without them having any control over it or even knowing about it. So it is very advisable, where there will be any contact with a penis and a vigina, that a condom is used.

[ ammo's advice column | Ask ammo A Question

Shortcake22 answered Monday April 16 2007, 9:59 pm:
You're not a virgin. It doesn't matter how much he 'sticks in'. Yes, there is a possibility of getting pregnant. Have him wear a condom or start taking birth control before you do it again. Better yet, do both.

[ Shortcake22's advice column | Ask Shortcake22 A Question

MissMegLoL answered Monday April 16 2007, 9:58 pm:
You aren't a virgin, and if you have had contact at all without protection, you could get pregnant. Wait for your period to come, and if it doesn't, I'd buy a pregnancy test.

[ MissMegLoL's advice column | Ask MissMegLoL A Question

xWACKYJACKIEx answered Monday April 16 2007, 9:53 pm:
Is this a joke?
First of all, you're not a virgin, he stuck his penis in. IT doesn't matter how much, you're not a virgin.
Virgins can get pregnant, um, duh!!!

[ xWACKYJACKIEx's advice column | Ask xWACKYJACKIEx A Question

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