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is she?

Question Posted Saturday January 6 2007, 9:22 pm

ok. ive been BEST friends with this girl since 2nd grade. then she moved 2 years ago. but we still talk and see eachother. but after she moved, she started caring about hoe she looked, and she started being mean to me on the computer. but when i talk to her she's like her old self. and the most important thing is now (on the computer) she's starting to tell me that i should dress better, and i should wear brand names. but that's not me. what should i do?

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Alli answered Sunday January 7 2007, 5:14 pm:
If she is acting like this to you then heck you should get dirty back. Make her know what it feels like to be treated like dirt. Then when she asks why you are being so mean tell her you were being mean to me and i wanted to let you see whta it's like. Then you tell her that she should not care what you look like or what u do it matters about whats on the heart and she should know that if she really is a good friend.


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ductape_n_roses answered Sunday January 7 2007, 2:09 pm:
Tell your friend that it's YOUR life and you are going to make decisions as to how you're going to look. If she doesn't like it, she's not a good friend because she should like you for you and not how you look.

Also, if she's moved, you shouldn't be lingering on her so much. She's MOVED. Just keep her as a best internet buddy or something like that. But you shouldn't give way for her to tell you to wear this and that..

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birdbr answered Saturday January 6 2007, 11:49 pm:
you deserver a better friend than her. She needs to learn how to talk to her friend or she don't deserve anyone.

I hope I have Helped have A great Day

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kissyface16 answered Saturday January 6 2007, 11:05 pm:
Tell her she has changed and you don't like the new her and don't want to be friends with the new you ,and that you liked the old her better, and if you feel comfortable with the way you dress you shouldn't care what other people think because if they are rude to you only because of the way you dress then they aren't a good friend

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MelLeDisko answered Saturday January 6 2007, 11:00 pm:
Well in my opinion, if she was your BEST friend she wouldn't be telling you you should dress better and start wearing name brands - she should like you, for you.

Just ignore it.

The next time she mentions it, just be like,"Eh, brand names aren't me, sorry." And move onto another subject. If she keeps persisting it, though, I would talk with her. It'd sound to me then like she might want you to be "cooler" since wearing name brands is "cool" to most people for some odd reason.

I'd then just mention something to her and see what she says and she why she keeps persisting that you wear name brands and that you should dress better and everything. And once more, just tell her, you're sorry, but that's not what you want to dress like, it's just not you. And she should just accept it and move on.

I hope I helped.

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abercrombie.LvR answered Saturday January 6 2007, 10:21 pm:
I wouldn't listen to herr! Do you want you want- be who you wanna be! She's trying to change you into something:

A. She wants herself to be because she can't afford it
B. Put somebody else down to make themselves feel better
C. Think it's the cool thing
D. Want you to be a friend that at school she never got

*Hope I Helped*
&&Good Luckk =]

[ abercrombie.LvR's advice column | Ask abercrombie.LvR A Question

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