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How to shut down a website

Question Posted Tuesday September 12 2006, 12:07 am

I found an absolutely disgusting website, Among other things, it says that women are unclean and should be shut away during their period, that if a girl is raped it is her fault for not screaming loud enough but she can be saved if she marries her rapist. It also says the n word several times. I have nothing against christians but this website is horrifying, in fact I'm sure real christians would agree with me. How do I get this website shut down or deleted? I mean, even the kids page is awful: [Link](Mouse over link to see full location) I can't find the name of the host anywhere, so I don't know who to contact.

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Additional info, added Tuesday September 12 2006, 7:36 pm:
This site is not a joke, I have contacted the owner once before and they seriously responded. I know the kids page looks like a joke but look at the other pages- it's actually written by a pastor..

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EKOgirl101 answered Friday April 22 2011, 11:28 pm:
i looked at this site and i am disgusted! it needs to be shut down or atleast take the kids name out of it!!!!!

[ EKOgirl101's advice column | Ask EKOgirl101 A Question

hackerdude answered Wednesday April 16 2008, 8:41 am:
I know hacking and I will not do it for you because that is illegal but I will show you a video you can watch to hack and shut down a website. The video can be found here: [Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

[ hackerdude's advice column | Ask hackerdude A Question

katie_knows_all481 answered Friday September 15 2006, 2:57 pm:
I know for a fact Christians DO NOT believe that. I am a christian myself and recently was confirmed....whoever wrote it was sick. i agree wit hthe person that said to go to im not sure how to shut down a site that isn't yours...i mean they aren't hurting anyone....

[ katie_knows_all481's advice column | Ask katie_knows_all481 A Question

xEVYx answered Wednesday September 13 2006, 12:39 am:
Sorry but that website isn't real. That's what people with no lives do all day. & they're probably getting paid for it.

The owner probably responded the way they did, as to make you believe it's real. I mean if you made something like that, would you tell people it isn't? No.

And I'm 99% positve a pastor would NOT have wrote something so degrading about christians even if they weren't one. Read the FAQ's. None of them even make sense, it's sarcastic and mocking.

You'd probably have a better chance at just moving on and not worrying about it, then actually shutting it down. Anyone who actually believes it's real isn't very wise anyways.

=] Evy

[ xEVYx's advice column | Ask xEVYx A Question

Jess5764 answered Tuesday September 12 2006, 7:24 pm:
that is 100% making fun of christians...they aren't serious. trust me...i can tell satire when i see it.

[ Jess5764's advice column | Ask Jess5764 A Question

xOx_LoOvE_xOx answered Tuesday September 12 2006, 4:23 pm:
I`m not christian or anything but it looks like this site was just for messing around or something. Becasue if this page was for kids why would the womens breast be bigger that their heads? There are to many cus words in here. The background & the pictures look awefull too.If someone wants to learn something about their own religon it souldn`t be this site.

I really don`t know where or how you can shut down a site but this site is perverted.

[ xOx_LoOvE_xOx's advice column | Ask xOx_LoOvE_xOx A Question

AskAndy answered Tuesday September 12 2006, 11:21 am:
dont worry i totally agree with you on this. i have no clue how to shut it down. dont worry though. if the owners dont take it down themselves, they probably go to hell. God will bring them down.

[ AskAndy's advice column | Ask AskAndy A Question

Xenolan answered Tuesday September 12 2006, 10:25 am:
I'm guessing that this is a website set up by non-Christians who want to point out some of the absurdities of the Bible. There are indeed passages in the Bible that would seem to endorse things like what you describe, and it is common for those who disapprove of the Bible and its teachings to highlight these portions of the text.

But you might as well forget about shutting it down, because you won't be able to. The site does not seem to be illegal, it's just promoting ideas and opinions that you do not like. If the site were providing instructions for how to carry out a terror attack, or displaying pictures of children without clothes, or threatening someone directly, then you might be able to call the FBI or something - but they might not be able to do anything either, because the site could be hosted in some foreign country where the local authorities don't care.

The internet is Free Speech taken to almost the ultimate extreme. That means that there will be a lot of offensive stuff out there. In the absence of an internet censorship program like they have in China, we'll all have to live with it.

[ Xenolan's advice column | Ask Xenolan A Question

The_MoUsY_spell_checker answered Tuesday September 12 2006, 6:28 am:
First of all, are you sure it's not satire?

Anyway, if there's a site you think should be shut down, you can type its domain name into [Link](Mouse over link to see full location) to find out where it's hosted.

[ The_MoUsY_spell_checker's advice column | Ask The_MoUsY_spell_checker A Question

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