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sit-up vs. crunch

Question Posted Thursday January 12 2006, 6:15 pm

What is the difference between a sit-up and a crucnch? How do you do each one properly to get the most out of it? What different areas of the body do each one target? I am trying to get a really flat stomache. Please help me! Also, which excersices are best to do in addition to this, I need to lose 20 lbs fast. Thank you.

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huskieswin answered Thursday October 13 2011, 2:40 pm:
A sit-up is where you have your hands behind your head or crossed in front of you, your knees are bent, feet on the floor. With your back all the way on the floor, head too, bring your elbows to your knees by sitting up. A crunch is one where you don't come all the way up. You can leave your feet on the floor or bring your knees just above your belly. Then instead of sitting up, just compress your midsection, bringing your head/elbows/arms closer to your knees. They both target the abs, the situp gets more of your back, the crunch gets more of your core. Ab work will not help you lose too much weight.

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mascott106 answered Saturday January 14 2006, 1:08 am:
there is no way to lose 20 pounds fast short of lipo. sorry.

sit up and crunch are mostly the same, but one has you go all the way up, and the other only halfway. not sure which is which.

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ilovehissmile answered Friday January 13 2006, 7:28 pm:
a sit up its when you put your feet on the floor and pull your abs and shoulders all the way up.. a crunch is when you put your feet in a 45 degree angle from the floor and just pull your self up half the way!

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fabulous11 answered Thursday January 12 2006, 7:46 pm:
a sit up is when you go all the way up to your knees.
a crunch is when you only go half way.

Im pretty sure they both target the abs and stomch area.

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MikeCFT answered Thursday January 12 2006, 6:40 pm:
There's a HUGE difference between the two. One actually does your abs and the other doesn't. What is it with everyone's obsession with their midsection? It's such a tiny muscle group to begin with. Anyway a crunch engages all 6 parts of the rectus abdominis (No not just the upper ones like those idiot fitness magazines/websites say) and isolate the abs in their most natural movement which is essentially to bring the chest closer to the pelvis..hence crunching.

A sit up works the Illiopsis or hip flexor muscle mainly since ur not bringing your chest closer to your pelvis, but just raising your upper body off the ground. Don't believe it? Lift one leg and hold your stomach and see if you feel any contraction. Do the same thing and hold even lower than your stomach and you should feel a pull in the hips. So you're not targeting the abs that much at all.

Guess what? You dont lose fat by doing these, you just build muscle. Want to lose 20 lbs? Well, what you do in the kitchen and how you stick to it is going to determine this. What you do everyday is going to play a major part, Do you sleep enough? Do you eat enough? Do you stress out a lot (leading to holding of fluids under the skin) Unlike what every other "expert" on diet says-- Don't cheat just cut out all the sweets and crap so this includes pizza and soda and ice cream and garbage and don't tell yourself "I can't do that I like it too much." Think of this: Garbage in=Garbage Out. Once you haven't eaten it for about 2 weeks you won't want to eat junk and will get sick if you do. Get Serious..the body is very stubborn with fat loss. But what do I know?, Iam just a personal trainer. :-)

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Alin75 answered Thursday January 12 2006, 6:38 pm:
Well the range of motion is different on each one, but generally they target more or less the same area. Here is a link to a site that shows you how they are done:
[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)
Click on abs and scroll through the ab exercises to check out different crunches and situps (there are many so you will have to scroll through the pages).
Now, all these exercises will build muscle on there area. This will help tighten things up a bit, but if you want to lose fat they wont do much alone. The reason is that fat loss cannot be targeted to an area of the body (despite advicenator popular belief).
So , what you need to do is to train your whole body. Resistance training (e.g. weights) is superior here because of the effect on the metabolism. You will feel yourself burning calories all day long. Of course doing a cardio as well will be even better.
On top of proper exercise you need proper nutrition. There are many ways to do this, from the more scientific approaches where calories are measured and so on, to the more common sense approach. Going with the latter, eat sensibly, cut down your intake of saturated fat, dont overdo it on carbs, and generally eat balanced meals with plenty of greens.
Remember to eat many small meals each day (also positively affects your metabolism) and to drink plenty of water.
If you want to do it the more scientific way, here is a link to calculate you daily usage of calories (its the basal metabolic rate + calories used in activities):
[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)
Then make sure to eat a few hundred cals below the number you burn each day... all the other diet tips still apply.
Good luck.

[ Alin75's advice column | Ask Alin75 A Question

xomegaroni answered Thursday January 12 2006, 6:26 pm:
a sit up is where you bring your chest area all the way up to your knees & a crunch is like half & half. you juss pull your back up. here's a website-

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

i think they're both pretty effective. i prefer doing crunches because i think they're way easier. u should start slow like do 5 slow ones, increase your speed a bit & do 5 of those, & keep switching. when its slow its good because your working your muscles & it starts to burn which means its more effective.

here's another good website that shows you sit ups vs crunches & exactly how to do them right.

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

-hope that helped!&hearts;

[ xomegaroni's advice column | Ask xomegaroni A Question

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