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Question Posted Monday August 22 2005, 12:36 pm

Hey Everyone..k i have a really weird problem..i can not do a push up. any tips? maybe im not doing it correctly or something? ive tried but like just one pushup takes so much effort, and i can barely do one! please help! thanks!

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MiZzY answered Thursday August 25 2005, 12:28 pm:
maybe is due to the fact theres not enough calcium in your body which causes to weaken your bones, but if you start by eating diary foods e.g milk,cheese,yogurt that should help. Or your body is not use to the pressure is going through, start by doing exercises daily and that should make your body use to the pressure and weight.

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xO_aLex_xO answered Wednesday August 24 2005, 2:44 am:
your arms are porbably just not used to supporting any weight- go to the gym and do some weight training focus on triceps...or try just getting into the "plank" pushup position- holding it for 10 seconds then go as far down as you can w/o falling then come up and hold for 8 seconds...continue counting down in 2s...this should really help...also try getting a medicine ball and fake throwing it over your head( basicly put your elbos tucked in and let the ball hang back and then throw it- without straing any muscles tho- not too hard...oh and DONT LET GO OF THE BALL- that could seriously hurt someone...and be careful about picking it up- most people dont know how heavy it is and pull a muscle...start out with a 4 lb one and SLOWLY work your way up to an 8 lb one)

hope i helped

muchh lovve

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SilentOne answered Tuesday August 23 2005, 4:20 am:
There are even guys who can't do a single pushup! (sorry if you're a guy, but I get the feeling you're not)
It's no big problem;
Do them from your knees.

If you don't know if you're doing them propperly -
Lie face down on something like carpet (tiles aren't nice to do pushups on, icky and cold.)
Place your hands palm down on the floor, the left hand just under your left shoulder, the right hand just under your right shoulder.
Allowing your knees to bend (because it's easier than a full pushup), but keeping your back straight, push against the ground with your arms. This should lift your upper body off the ground. Congratulations on a half pushup.

Once you've gotten alright at those pushups, add the whole length of your legs.

Who would subject themselves to so much torture voluntarliy? ;)

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Azngangsta answered Tuesday August 23 2005, 12:44 am:
Hey, I help teach Tae Kwon do, and I got tired of seeing my students not being able to do a proper pushup. I think I found the problem. Your arm mucscles must not be strong enough to lift up your body. To build up arm muscles, you should do girl pushups. Get down on all fours, then bend your arms. Be sure to go down until the tip of your nose touches the floor. Try to do 30 of theses continusiously

To do a proper pushup, laydown straight with your arms out to make a "T" with your body. Next put your toes perpendicular to the floor. Then, put your hands flat on the floor right next to your sholders. Then push up, KEEPING YOUR BACK STRAIGHT. Now that you're up. Bend ONLY your arms (like in the girl pushups). Go down so that the tip of your nose touches the floor and push your body up. Remember, keep your back straight at all times. Try to do 10 straight pushups. I hope this helps! Don't rate until you try this.

[ Azngangsta's advice column | Ask Azngangsta A Question

sbloemeke answered Monday August 22 2005, 5:06 pm:
It took me years to do a proper pushup... It requires training. What you do is make sure that your hip remains entirely straight. Do not let the butt come up. Go down and up. Do not bend the knees either.
Take your arms, and spread them wide. Palms facing down, with the middle finger pointed straight ahead. This will be more difficult at first, but it will eventually allow you to do more than you ever did.
And PRACTICE. Practice it at least 20 to 60 reps a day. Force yourself to, and the muscle will build.
Hope this helps!

[ sbloemeke's advice column | Ask sbloemeke A Question

iSLAND_iNTHE_SUNx0 answered Monday August 22 2005, 4:31 pm:
Hey, I'm the same way! Lol. I guess I agree.. you have to build up some arm muscle. Try lifting weights. You can buy some at like, a sporting goods store. Or go to your local gym, I'm sure they have them. Good luck!
♥ Please rate.

[ iSLAND_iNTHE_SUNx0's advice column | Ask iSLAND_iNTHE_SUNx0 A Question

orphans answered Monday August 22 2005, 1:27 pm:
Yeah, I can't do pushups either. But last year in gym when we were doing weight training EVERY Thursday, I took advantage of the equipment and worked really hard. By the end of the year my muscles were strong enough for me to do more than a couple of pushups. I suggest that you strengthen your arm muscles with weights etc. Don't give up and try really hard. Oh, and once you can start doing the pushups, don't quit cause that's what happened to me and that's the reason I can't do one anymore. Hahaha. I hope this makes sense and I hope I helped.
<3 rae-lynn

[ orphans's advice column | Ask orphans A Question

o0Tina0o answered Monday August 22 2005, 1:24 pm:
what about girl push ups?
I couldent do push ups either, but I started doing girl push ups to build up my arm muscles so now I can actually do a few right push-ups.

ok well girl push ups are when you are on your knees, instead of on your toes, and when you go down its just the same make sure your arms go down at a 90 degree angle. do about 8-10 for bout a week and each week encrease, and when you are doing like 20-30 try doing regular push ups! trust me you will see great improvment

[ o0Tina0o's advice column | Ask o0Tina0o A Question

iSpEaKsPaNiSh answered Monday August 22 2005, 1:23 pm:
lift weights and practice. you have to build up muscle.

[ iSpEaKsPaNiSh's advice column | Ask iSpEaKsPaNiSh A Question

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