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Question Posted Monday March 14 2005, 4:28 pm

My dog just ate 4 or 5 thin mint girl scout cookies. In case you don't know what those are, they're cookies with a lot of chocolate. He already finished them by the time I tried to get them away from him. I know that chocolate is very bad for dogs, and I'm really scared. I'm home alone so I can't go to the vet right now, and my mom won't be home until later tonight. Do you think he'll be okay? Is there anything I can do? Please help! I rate 5's!!!

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Additional info, added Monday March 14 2005, 5:07 pm:
My friend told me that her dog once ate a king size candy bar, and the vet gave her medicane to get the dog to throw up so that he could get the chocolate out of his system. I once learned that dogs eat grass to make themselves throw up. Is this true? If it is should I give him some grass? If this isn't true then is there anything I can give him that will get him to throw up?.

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daisygal answered Friday March 14 2008, 1:20 am:
We have had dogs for many years. Once in awhile they would get into chocolate. Just last week our dog got very sick. We called the vet, we thought she got into poison. While at the vet's office, she kept questioning us and finally I said "well, she got into a little chocolate..." The look on our vet's face was pure horror!! Turns out that is what made our dog so sick, even though this had happened in the past. She had chocolate toxicity. We nearly lost our dog. After several shots throughout the night to make her more comfortable, and two treatments of charcoal to soak up the damage, we were very lucky. It was scary, spare yourselves and KEEP CHOCOLATE OUT OF THE REACH OF YOUR DOGS, IT IS POISONOUS TO THEIR SYSTEMS. They are not designed to digest it, and it can KILL your dog. We learned our lesson and we were lucky.

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PeppErminTtEaiSgoOd4mE answered Wednesday March 23 2005, 6:47 pm:
if you have the vets phone#... call the vet and ask them wat to do!
Hope i Helped!
MaNdY & TrIsh

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selectopaque answered Monday March 14 2005, 10:13 pm:
I'm very upset that anyone could possibly give you advice such as "he'll be fine"

One of the most commonly encountered poisonings in pet dogs is theobromine, or chocolate, poisoning.

The the first signs of chocolate poisoning are vomiting and diarrhea, increased urination and nausea. These can progress to cardiac arrhythmias and seizures.

Basically, the rule of thumb is that the darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is. If I remember correctly from my girl scout days, thin mints have dark chocolate. This is not good. Darker chocolate has more theobromine in it, which is what causes the poisonous effect in dogs.

DO NOT listen to anyone who tries to say "my dog ate ten pounds of chocolate, and he's fine"

Chocolate poisoning is very serious for dogs. I'm going to school to be a Veterinary Technologist and learned all about this last semester. Call a Veterinarian, or poison control right away.

A full sized 70-80 pound lab could die from eating simply a cup full of dark chocolate.

Yes, there are the RARE cases where a dog is not allergic to Theombomine. But do you really want to risk it? Is your dog worth that?

oh, and I forgot, you should start to see any poisoning symptoms within 6 hours.

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Igotamonopoly answered Monday March 14 2005, 9:40 pm:
call 911...and ask them to call animal paramedics...also, call your mom and let her know...and yes grass does make animals throe up...good luck

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XoKisSesoX answered Monday March 14 2005, 8:04 pm:
Call the vet and maybe they can walk you through some steps to get the dog to throw it up.

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rememberxforever answered Monday March 14 2005, 4:29 pm:
call the local vet....if you dont know their number look in the telephone book....or if you cant can you call your mom? or get a neighbor or close by friend?

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