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Question Posted Sunday November 28 2004, 1:31 am

i really like this guy and he likes me but i don`t want a boyfriend at the moment cuz of all this drama thats been going on and im just not sure..whats huld i do?

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LAUREL-TESSA answered Sunday November 28 2004, 1:39 pm:
same with me i think maybe if you are both comitted to a kind of hookup relationship. Maybe just talk to him and see what he wants and you can both work out something.


[ LAUREL-TESSA's advice column | Ask LAUREL-TESSA A Question

XxkimberleyxX answered Sunday November 28 2004, 12:54 pm:
tell him that tell him that at the moment you want to start as friends maybe by the end of it you maybe more

[ XxkimberleyxX's advice column | Ask XxkimberleyxX A Question

Striker6909 answered Sunday November 28 2004, 12:25 pm:
Well, I mean having a boyfriend can also be a good thing I mean it shouldn't be burden... you should ask him out because he'll be there for you during your tough times...

[ Striker6909's advice column | Ask Striker6909 A Question

IsThisMelissa answered Sunday November 28 2004, 11:30 am:
Dear Drama,

well the boy likes you.You should have a one on one conversation with him and tell him that there is just to much stuff in your life right now are you dont want him to be taken on all of this drama at the moment.I hope he will understand what you mean and dont take it the wronge way.


[ IsThisMelissa's advice column | Ask IsThisMelissa A Question

*-LyL-RyAh-* answered Sunday November 28 2004, 11:23 am:
Well if you don't want a bf at the time....don't lead him on to thinking that you do. I guess just tell him straight up, you don't want a boyfriend because of all the drama but that you really like him. When you do feel like you want a boyfriend let him know..although he might have moved on.

[ *-LyL-RyAh-*'s advice column | Ask *-LyL-RyAh-* A Question

lilangelshan08 answered Sunday November 28 2004, 11:21 am:
tell him that you're not in the mind set for a boyfriend but for now you just want to be friends

[ lilangelshan08's advice column | Ask lilangelshan08 A Question

superGiRL21 answered Sunday November 28 2004, 10:45 am:
so don't date him-just hang out with him and get to know him...aka friends with benefits. And hopefully when you are ready he'll still be around :)

[ superGiRL21's advice column | Ask superGiRL21 A Question

xoMarisox answered Sunday November 28 2004, 9:00 am:
well.. right now you can't really do anything becasue you don't have a boyfriend. if he asks you out and you say no, he may not like you anymore. MAY NOT, not definately not, may not. So, just hold off and maybe by the time he asks you out you may want a b/f and say yes! Hope I helped! Good luck, RAte me please!

xoxo, Maris

[ xoMarisox's advice column | Ask xoMarisox A Question

nOt_sO_sHy_3_2_8_3 answered Sunday November 28 2004, 8:37 am:
You guys should go out and just hang as friends, then when your ready for a bf you can take it a step further. Good Luck!

[ nOt_sO_sHy_3_2_8_3's advice column | Ask nOt_sO_sHy_3_2_8_3 A Question

katezie12701 answered Sunday November 28 2004, 8:23 am:
tell him you just dont want a boyfriend at the moment. as long as you guys love each other thats cool

[ katezie12701's advice column | Ask katezie12701 A Question

loser_of_the_centry answered Sunday November 28 2004, 4:15 am:
You really like him, or do you just think you do? If you really like him send him a e-mail, or pass him a note. Trust me. i hate it when people say "go talk to him and tell him how you feel" that never works and accually i find that answer gets old fast. lol. but like find your own way of letting him know. And if you think that you might have feelings for him but not right now cause of all that surrounds you, just stay friends with him. if he asks you out. GO WITH YOUR GUT GIRL. lol.

[ loser_of_the_centry's advice column | Ask loser_of_the_centry A Question

candigirl08 answered Sunday November 28 2004, 2:12 am:
i would do is just keep talkin to him to make sure that he knows that u are still instreasted in him but just tell him that friends would be better for now

[ candigirl08's advice column | Ask candigirl08 A Question

QBillion answered Sunday November 28 2004, 2:08 am:
Just tell him the truth. Tell him you really don't want a boyfriend right now, and if he likes you enough, he will wait for you, or just be friends for now, until the drama in your life is over. Just wait it out, sometimes that makes the relationship more meaningful when you two do get together. :)
Good Luck - QBillion

[ QBillion's advice column | Ask QBillion A Question

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