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why does weed make your eyes red

Question Posted Thursday August 19 2004, 6:47 pm

how come when people smoke weed..there eyes get all red? why does it do that?

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Boobalicious answered Wednesday October 6 2010, 11:37 am:
YUr eyyez get redd bcuz yuur blazeddd babby duhh butt imaa big stoner and ive been smoking since i wwas 9 and my eyes dont get red anymorre why is thhat??

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MrCoralZombie answered Sunday January 3 2010, 1:08 am:

[ MrCoralZombie's advice column | Ask MrCoralZombie A Question

alex625 answered Sunday April 19 2009, 3:16 pm:
Marijuana decreases pressure in the eyes and increases blood flow. When this happens, the arteries in the eye-ball expand (due to decreased pressure). These areteries, especially when expanded, are visible in the white portion of the eye and make the eye appear "bloodshot" or red.

This very result (decrease of pressure in the eye) is the primary reason marijuana is used to treat glaucoma. Glaucoma is the condition where there is excessive pressure in the eye. In some patients, the pressure can become so severe that it causes damage to the retinal nerve, ultimately damaging the patient's vision. Marijuana decreases this pressure.

Because it causes blood vessells to slightly contract (enlarge). So, the blood vessells in your eyes contract, causing them to appear more red.

[ alex625's advice column | Ask alex625 A Question

weedisgood4U answered Tuesday January 20 2009, 9:58 pm:
OK first off people do your reaserch I did I got to do a 20page paper on legalizing it hell ya and I smoke a pretty good amount of weed 2 times a day usually on weekends up to 4 times...Im high right now oh ya Im also a staright A student who is taking honors classes for real. i am not even joking my GPA is a 3.8. look i cannot even tell you how true that is last year I got a 106 for my grade in math I just got 100's on my quizes and got the bonus questions right

umm ya the dude at the top is right its cuz your tears ducts relax and you get cotton mouth because you stop producing mucus

if you use a vaporizer weed doesnt harm your lungs
Weed is less harmful than tobbacco and can treat diseases like aids, and can be used to produce 25000 green products says popular science magazine
can also be taxed by the gov. It is currently our #4 cash crop even though its illegal
even persident jimmy carter said it wasnt bad....for real look it up
do your reasearch people if you wanna learn more check

[ weedisgood4U's advice column | Ask weedisgood4U A Question

Ryptos420 answered Thursday July 3 2008, 10:03 am:
HAHAHAHAHA!! He told you guys so bad. You guys are idiots! .......

well yeah.. what he said is right.

[ Ryptos420's advice column | Ask Ryptos420 A Question

jsavage answered Saturday March 31 2007, 9:01 pm:
Oh my god, you guys are all retards. If you smoke anything it will make your eyes red, especially if you cough a lot. Marijuana also dilates the blood vessels in your eyes, this is where where the color red is coming from. As for dehydrating you, that's complete bs. Dry mouth is just the mouth's reaction to the smoke from MJ. Your mucus membranes stop producing as much mucus as normal so your mouth gets dry. Your eyes get dry because your tear ducts also "relax" and produce at a slower rate. Not because you get dehydrated. To get dehydrated the water already in you has to leave your body. Completely. Like through sweating.

[ jsavage's advice column | Ask jsavage A Question

xxAdviceGirlxx answered Friday August 20 2004, 12:21 pm:
OK! When you have weed it gets into your blood stream and when it goes through your bloodvessels which leads to the eyes and irritates them so they turn red.... I also think it's because it dehydrates you, that's why you get cotton mouth and that's why your eyes get red because they are dry...

[ xxAdviceGirlxx's advice column | Ask xxAdviceGirlxx A Question

~*Annie*~ answered Friday August 20 2004, 12:15 pm:
I don't know, I've never smoked weed.

[ ~*Annie*~'s advice column | Ask ~*Annie*~ A Question

EmbracedxRain answered Thursday August 19 2004, 8:38 pm:
its the bodies natural reaction to the drug..

[ EmbracedxRain's advice column | Ask EmbracedxRain A Question

sexybabiiJ answered Thursday August 19 2004, 8:18 pm:
When you have weed it gets into your blood stream and when it goes threw your vessels which leads to the eyes and irritates them so they turn brother smokes pot so thats how i know lol

IM me on sexybabiiJ

[ sexybabiiJ's advice column | Ask sexybabiiJ A Question

Girl answered Thursday August 19 2004, 8:17 pm:
I think its 'cause it dehydrates you, thats why you get cotton mouth and thats why your eyes get red 'cause they are dry

[ Girl's advice column | Ask Girl A Question

chain_chica answered Thursday August 19 2004, 7:44 pm:
your eyes get red cuz its a natural body reaction and some ppl actually dont get that reaction though

[ chain_chica's advice column | Ask chain_chica A Question

xxoBriannax answered Thursday August 19 2004, 7:37 pm:
Because it messes with the nerves of your brain and that triggers your eyes, and because of the smoke.


[ xxoBriannax's advice column | Ask xxoBriannax A Question

texangirl01 answered Thursday August 19 2004, 7:17 pm:
just the way your body reacts!!

[ texangirl01's advice column | Ask texangirl01 A Question

WearAName answered Thursday August 19 2004, 6:59 pm:
wow, i think your question has made me drop about 5 IQ points. The answer: cuz weed DOES STUFF to you you freaking moron!!! That's why you don't smoke it! Cuz it messes you up in all these unknown ways! Why does Michael Jackon look like a girl? Why can't Britney Spears sing a song like a normal un-skanky female singer? Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?! It's obvious!!!

[ WearAName's advice column | Ask WearAName A Question

cutie_babee answered Thursday August 19 2004, 6:50 pm:
well your eyes don't get red it's just ur pupiles react a different way and you can't lo0ok at someone straight in the eyes alot of pplz say they come red but they don't just a little the black gets like a red black because ur pupiles react to the weed and it makes it change colors as if it can't control the color or's almost the same thing for when your pupiles get smaller when theres more light

hope I helped

[ cutie_babee's advice column | Ask cutie_babee A Question

Mz_Bitch answered Thursday August 19 2004, 6:49 pm:
ppl smoke weed becuz itmakes them relax and feel good..there eyes get red cuz the smoke makes them dry and it makes them sting..have u ever sat next to a fire and like ur eyes started watering? thats how itis..hope i helped!


[ Mz_Bitch's advice column | Ask Mz_Bitch A Question

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