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Pad vs Tampons

Question Posted Friday April 30 2004, 2:01 am

Hey Advice columnist i was wondering if you coud help me with a problem I have.

Okay I'm a 14 year old gurl and have had my period sence I was 12, But I have always used pads. What my question is, there really as many risks to using tampons than just pads? my mother keeps saying that they'er awful and that they can get stuck. I have done my home work and know that they'er is very slim chance of getting TSS. But what I want to know is do they really get stuck? I don't believe that they do but I'm asking this for a reason to make sure.
I'm jsut so tired when i have my period that im wet. EWWW!!! and summer will come and I can't go to pool parties with my period unless Im wearing a tampon.

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faithsrevenge answered Saturday June 12 2004, 4:34 am:
Honey, use tampons! They can't get stuck and your mother is following some crazy myths. Since you've never used them before, get some with the applicator first (I suggest Tampax) and follow the instructions. If you mother wants to deal with pads, that is fine, but don't let her delusions stop you from having fun at the pool parties.

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sunkistsarah answered Tuesday June 8 2004, 12:41 am:
no they cant get stuck...and yes there is a very slim risk of getting TSS but if u use the light tampons there less of a risk than if u use the heavy ones...i use tampons and i like them better than pads...hope this helps:]...

[ sunkistsarah's advice column | Ask sunkistsarah A Question

Ms_Hazel answered Sunday May 2 2004, 2:54 pm:
yes there is a chance of you getting TSS but it increases with the higher absorbancy of the tampon. As far as it getting stuck it could but u can avoid it. you have muscles that can help push it out but when u pull on the string relax yourself and pull gently. thats all too it. I use both tampons and pads. and i had my period since i was 12 also and so far it has never gotten stuck. nor have i gotten the TSS from it.

[ Ms_Hazel's advice column | Ask Ms_Hazel A Question

Deanimal answered Sunday May 2 2004, 1:17 am:
Personally, I adore tampons. They are more comfortable than pads, they are faster and less messy once you get used to them, and you are right TSS is almost nonexistent if you are responsible and don't leave your tampons in too long. I have used a lot of tampons, and one has never gotten stuck. They only get stuck if you try to take them out right after you put them in, when they are dry and stuff.

[ Deanimal's advice column | Ask Deanimal A Question

LilMia811 answered Friday April 30 2004, 8:25 pm:
You now, I don't know what it is about Mom's dissing tampons, they really aren't bad at all. Yes, there have been occasions where people have got them stuck but that is usually because they totally forgot about them, and put another one in or something else in there, or they were too light on thier periods and used to high of an absorbabncy. My advice is, tampons are fine. Go ahead and try them. I hate that wet feeling too. The only thing is use low absorbancy's. Low absorbancies alos reduce the risk of TSS. I always stick with regular. When you're heavy just change more frequently. And when you're really light, try panty liners, trust me you'll be too light to feel wet, and they are so tiny, they won't bother you. And most of all, don't forget they are in there! Hope I helped.

[ LilMia811's advice column | Ask LilMia811 A Question

notnormal answered Friday April 30 2004, 7:40 pm:
No, they don't get stuck. They may be hard to pull out if they are dry, but not stuck. You can even tuck the string inside if it irritates you, but then to get the tampon out you have to kind of reach for it. If you are small or not used to tampons, it may be strange or uncomfortable, but they don't get stuck. Tampons are close to the same length as you are, so even if they move upward, they are still in reach.

As far as being active, they are easier to wear than pads when you are running, swimming, etc. They only time they may be a problem is if your period is exceptionally heavy. They get soaked and may move down and leak. If that happens, wear a pad too.

[ notnormal's advice column | Ask notnormal A Question

adviceforteens answered Friday April 30 2004, 4:13 pm:
The only way that a tampon can get stuck is if you are not on your period and you use one. Even then there is a big chance that nothin will happen. It will just hurt really bad pullin out when you are not on your period. But other than that there is a very slim risk of TSS. You are right. I kno what you mean with the feeling of being "WET". It is ok to use either one. Good Luck

[ adviceforteens's advice column | Ask adviceforteens A Question

Nevaeh answered Friday April 30 2004, 12:36 pm:
No tampons can NOT get stuck... when inserted properly you will even forget it's there. A lot of girl's prefer them to pads, becuase there more cleaner, saintary and easier to do things with, such as going to pool parties.

[ Nevaeh's advice column | Ask Nevaeh A Question

Courtney answered Friday April 30 2004, 7:34 am:
Sometimes , tampons get stuck and it really freeks woman out . I don't use them because, they say that woman who have used tampons have died . It's just that you have to be cautious and have less physical activity . This means that you cant run that much and that you can't do normal things that you would without your period . I would use pads ok bye .

[ Courtney's advice column | Ask Courtney A Question

Girlwithamansname answered Friday April 30 2004, 4:58 am:
They very rarely get stuck- it hasn't happened to me or anyone I know who might have told me about it in the last 8 years. The cord is sewn up the etire length of the tampon so it's not at all likely.If one does get stuck inside you then it's not a major emergency. There is nowhere for it to go and they can be quite easily removed by a doctor, it might be a little embarrassing but not dangerous.

You sound well informed and mature enough to make the decision to use tampons and its not really that big a deal so I think you should go for it.

[ Girlwithamansname's advice column | Ask Girlwithamansname A Question

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