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Ask me anything bud. (:


what is the average height for 12 years old girls?

The average height for a 12 year old girl according to standard growth charts is usually around 4'11", but that doesnt mean that all 12 year olds are that height. Different girls grow at different rates. Even being 5'5" is just as normal.

-Leah (:


Isn't facebook for highschool people? I'm 13 and I have a myspace and I know that a lot of people in highschool left myspace because all of us younger kids came on, and now all my friend are like "omg switch to facebook!!" but it seems like it would just annoy those older kids who switched. Isn't facebook mainly for kids in highschool?

yeah its meant to be for highschoolers and higher, but if you want one you could get one.
It's just that you wont be in a network(group) of highschoolers.
(when you first sign up, they ask you if you are in high school, at a company, in college, or none of the above)
I'd say stick to myspace for now and get a facebook when you get to highschool so that you can be in a network :]



Okay so girls like to be called "gorgeous" or "beautiful" stuff along those lines.

What do guys like to be called?
"hot" just seems to bleh.


Maybeee ...
fine, handsome, cute, attractive, a hunk(lol)
But I'm sure guys like being called hot though :D



how long does it usually take for a lip piercing to heal ? like how long do you have to keep it in after you pierce it before you can take it out ?

Usually it takes about 2 months to completely heal, but sometimes it takes longer or shorter than that.
Also, it depends on how well you care for it.



i am an ok dancer...but i have a party coming up..a dance party that i was invited too...and i wanna get some ideas..no slutty dancing...any tips? clips/videos would be awsome! thx in advance!

Yeah, you can find some pretty awesome hip hop moves on youtube.
A guy named Shane Sparks is an AMAZING choreographer and you can search him on youtube. I went to a convention where he taught, and he does hip hop from beginners to advanced.(I don't know if you have taken lessons before)

Here are some links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=n5V92O1E8HU


You can take some of the steps that he does and make them your own.

There is also a break dancing step called the six step. Here's a video of it:

Free style dancing is basically finding a beat in the song, and hitting that beat with different moves when you dance

Good luck :D


Sorry I didn't know what this goes under! But I have bags under my eyes and I don't know why! I get plenty of sleep probably more than enough! And I'm not stressed!

If any of you know what to do to get rid of them please tell me!

There are a lot of reason for bags under eyes.
A few are:

-Poor diet
-Overexposure to sunlight

These website can tell you more, too.


Hope i helped!
-Leah :]


I was wondering.. if anyone knew any good Hairspray quotes, from the movie hairspray.
I love that movie. I looked on the internet but couldnt find like any.

thanks! :D

yeah here's the website:

those quotes are from the original Hairspray movie

-Leah :]


ok. so i just need a layout for the HOMEPAGE. and i want a fashion one. can someone tell me where to get a layout and where i should put it if i want it for my homepage? thank you so much in advance.

(i think this is what you need)

go to http://share.buddy4u.com/tags/layouts

when you get there, you will see differeny people's profiles

click on one and they will give you layouts and other stuff

i hope i helped you!


1. whats the difference between lyrical and modern dancing? and which one is funner? it helps to show like videos from youtube... but i cant find the difference, since they both sound the same.

2. i wanna do dance next year, because of that show called So you think you can dance. i've danced for about 3 years in my life and then stopped but i want to continue again, at a different place. the place i want to go to i like half the distance of the old place i went to, and alot of people in my school go to it and i heard its pretty good. its hard for my family now since my dad is working on his own company in a different state, so my mom has a lot of pressure on her, till we move in with my dad. but before i leave this town, which i love since i've lived here for a lot of my life... i want to really do dance. how can i convince my mom even though her schedule is crazy since i have an older sister and younger brother who also have needs, and she works in the night (shes a nurse) and etc? please help i love to dance.. im mad that i quit before..

3. i think i may be taking too many things.. in your opinion like what are the best and worst things out of these dance styles i'll post below? and which would you reccomend me to do?
-musical theatre


Lyrical is softer than modern. Like the perosn below me said, lyrical is pretty much a mix between the two styles of ballet and jazz. And Modern is a little more like jazz. I prefer lyrical more, but that's just what i think.

I know dance can be expensive. One thing that you can do is try earning money by doing little jobs like babysitting for neighbors, or cleaning up yards. I know that that won't give you all of the money you need, but every little bit counts. If your mom sees that you are willing to make money by yourself so you can dance, then i'm sure she'll give it some thought.

I've been dancing my whole life, and i know that you should stick with ballet, lyrical, and jazz. Those classes give you a solid foundation for other styles of dance. Think of which styles you enjoy the least, and that would be the class to quit. If i were in your shoes, then i would want to quit modern. Do what your heart tells you to do :]

Keep dancing chica && I hope i helped! :]


if i wanted to try out for "the clique" movie what do i have to do?

oh my gosh i just read about this 2 seconds ago!!

here is the website http://thecliquemovie.com/

or http://www.lisiharrison.net/



does anybody know if this camera has sound? and how to turn it on?
thanks :)

My brother has this camera and i found that it doesn't have any sound.

I also went to a website for reviews on the camera, and other people said that there was no sound.

I hope i helped!



do you noe where i can find this camera at?
pleasee help

if it is the same thing as this camera:http://www.savvychick.net/images/savvy/pink-polaroid-i533p.jpg

then i'm pretty sure you can find one at your local target. i was there a couple of days ago and they had one there. you could call target and ask them about it.

Hope i helped!


my digital camera just broke a week ago, so i need to buy a new one. can i get recommendations on the best cameras? i want long battery life and i dont really want a chunky camera but then again i dont want a real thin one either. thanks for any advice!

Well i have a Canon PowerShot Camera and i think its great.

You can find them in a bunch of different sizes and colors, too.

This camera right here isnt too big, but i dont think that it is super skinny either:

I hope i helped!


does anyone know that site where you choose a celebrity and a picture of them pops up adn they have similar tops adn clothing that you can buy cheaper?

maybe you mean paperdollheaven.com ?

i hope i helped.


can anybody help me find some good latino/spanish/other/hispanic films?

here are some ive watched:

- quincenera
- valentino
- valentin
- like water for chocolate
- frida

El Norte & A Máquina

sorry that there are only a few, but i hope i helped a little


Can anyone give me ideas for a screenname (AIM)?
(My names Leah, & my lucky numbers are 7 &4, if that helps?)


i dont know about you, but i like using x's :]

Leah XD
Ello Leahx
Leah says 123x
fosho its LEAH
EEK x Leah

or u can urse ur middle name.
for example, if your middle name is Ann...:

x LA 74


I am doing a science fair project on if the habitat of a monkey effects its tail length and purpose (prehensile, non prehensile) and I look at New World and Old World monkeys. I am trying to think up a catchy title (NOT question, title) for the projct that might catch peoples eyes.
I need answers fast

Something like:

"Monkey-ing Around"
"The Tail of Monkeys"

just play with words :]



I have this beaded curtain on my door to my room. Its pink with flowers and such. My boyfriend is facinated by it and he wants one.

Hes looking for a punkish type one. Like black with flames.

I've checked just about every store here. Mine was ordered online, and I can't remember the site.

Does anyone here know where I can buy a beaded curtain online?

[besides ebay]

I saw one at Hop Topic :]
& yup, prolly Spencers.


i have this idea to like buy a carnation for random kids at school that normally dont get appreciated. i dont want to tell my friends and such, so they dont tell others, so that they'll expect it.. then it wont be the same. like i'll buy 1 or 2 roses for like the kids, and the people will give it to them. i read it in a book called "chicken soup for the teenage soul" or whatever, that someone did that and it like changed their life. so do you think this is a good idea? :]

I think thats a really sweet thing to do :] They did that at my old school, too[as a whole group project thing], but its really cool that you decided to do this on your own. I say yes :]


is it true she is dead?

Yeah, it's so sad! Here is a website that tells more about it, if you want: http://news.google.com/news?q=Anna+Nicole+Smith&hl=en&sa=X&oi=news&ct=title


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