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I enjoy giving advice, helping even just one person can make a big difference. I will try hard to answer your questions as best as I can. I'm good with advice in areas like friendships, life, relationships, music, fitting in & basically just life questions or anythin that's on your mind. If I ignore any questions, it ust means I don't think I'm well fit to give you that advice and wouldn't want you to take my word for something im not sure about. Otherwise I'll do my best to help.
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Ok I dont feel like i am very pretty. i feel fat and i kinda have some acne. but my friends and family tell me im poretty but i dont believe them. i havent had a boyfriend in a while and my self confidence is slipping into danger level zone. my friends are all gorgeous so are my siblings and everyone gawks over them. i feel pretty crappy. so can someone please tell me ow i can be prettier so i dont feel like such a loser? im 15 and female.

Beauty is skin deep. You need to love yourself the way you are, on the inside and on the outside. plenty of people haven't had boyfriends yet, I'm 17 and I still haven't had one. The right person will come along eventually and will love you for who you are. You can't compare yourself to your friends. They are them, and you are you. You have to have confidence in yourself, everybody has flaws in their appearances. We live in such a judgmental world, and it's understandable for you to feel this way. But it doesn't matter what other people think, all that matters is what you think.

hi im 13 and i would like to know if i should fight back to a bully thats ripped and hes twice my size and i need some tips on how to fight (link)
I greatly reccommend you don't fight back, especially since he is twice your size. His way of solving issues may be through violence but it doesn't have to be yours. Take the high road on this one, because violence will solve nothing. Not to fight back will show a lot of strength and character in you. I suggest you try to keep your distance from this person as best as you can. If it's really become an issue, talk to an adult about it. Even though school will be over soon, talk to a guidance counselor if your able to. Remember, a bully will use violence and intimidation because they're insecure, so if you think about it, they're weaker than they seem.

What are your top 5 favorite songs? I'm looking for new music to try :) (link)
When It All Comes Down- Hot Hot Heat
Under the Bridge- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Anna Molly- Incubus
Last Beautiful Girl- Matchbox 20
After the Last Midtown Show- The Academy Is...

okay, i like bands like three days grace, finger eleven, evanescence, a little bit of fly leaf, and some fall out boy, same seether too, some saving able, and lincoln park. i like guy bands that have a calming but dark edge kind of edge. i dont like u know, devil worshipping or screamo(actually im ok with some scramo, but not too much) but i like songs like "sad exchange" by finger eleven and more. i dont really like those bands like halifax or flight 409, i like guys with harder voices i guess. oh and if u have any other girl singers like evanescence or fly leaf, i would b very happy too! but i dont want those bands like from a long time ago or like some indie stuff. Please anwer and help me!!!! (link)
Taking Back Sunday
Foo Fighters
The Cinematics

I highly recommend all seven

After shaving my legs, I have little black dots on the places where the shaved hair used to grow. My legs have little red spots, where it doesnt look like my legs have been shaved! You can tell where the hair comes in, is there any product i can rub over before or after or whenever to lighten these spots or remove them? (they may be the pores)i hope to fix this soon cuz it is embarassing to wear shorts
Well I'm not really sure about the product you should use, but make sure you change the razor blade when it doesn't seem to be shaving the hair off properly. Once it gets dull, it doesn't have much of a use and it's not healthy to use. Also don't know what you prefer or what you already use, but I find shaving in the shower with soap works much better than using shaving cream.

Okay. I'm a 19 year old girl. I know this sounds really wierd, but i am in college and i have absolutely no money. I got to school on a scholarship and ive had to get loans for room and board. I have no money to eat or support myself with so i do something i'm not proud of. I am a stripper. But the thing is i really love doing it! its so much fun and a great confidence booster! but do you think i should stop doing this degrading thing even though it makes me happy? (link)
Well think about it using comparisons. Alcohol makes people happy sometimes, it can make people more loose and exciting and fun. But alcohol also is dangerous in many different ways. Driving fast can be fun and exciting, but it's one of the leading causes of bad car accidents. I understand that money is tight for you, and you have little options especially in such a bad economy, but there has to be something you could do. Try to find a job, maybe call your parents or any other family members you have and ask them if either they could help you or if they can give you advice on what you should do to start bringing in some money. You weren't put on this earth to strip, because it really is degrading, to all women and to yourself. I'm sure you have some sort of career aim as you go through college, so keep going at it, and if you don't, start thinking of what you want to do. Things will be ok, don't let stripping be a last resort or an easy way out. Life's a challenge, so take advantage of it.

Give me advice how to get ungrounded (link)
I'm sure this isn't the answer you want to hear, but assuming that you actually did something to deserve grounding, then maybe you should just stay grounded. Now I don't know you're situation, so this might or might not be relevant advice, & you may or may not ignore it, but I figured you should hear it anyway. You should face the consequences and deal with it. The more you learn from your mistakes the more you grow as a person. Life can't always be fair, and we can't all get what we want, and that's an important lesson for everybody to learn for the future.

I don't know what to do!!!
My friend Lo is really bitchy. She bitch about us in MSN and we're nice to her. She just thinks we ignore her a lot but she was just the one who doesn't talk and never tries. Lately it's getting worse and worse and this has been going on for about 1 month now. She's happy, she's sad. She spends most of her days crying and sobbing OOOH MY LIFE SUCKS! But she was the one who never tries. After a few weeks of this we were getting tired. Tired of her mood swings and bitching. Tired of her nosiness and jjjjjjjust wanted her to leave but she stuck to us. Now everyday I have to face her complaining and being a bitch to me.
Just now, she said on MSN that she wants to start doing drugs which really caught my eye, because it'll ruin her life. I know I hate her but i hate to see her ruin her life because of something so SMALL.
She wants us to be friends again but that is impossible. Like if someone liked her and was her friend I would easily stop being friends with her but the problem is now NO ONE likes her. In my class NO ONE likes her. If we really did give her up then who knows what she might do when she's gotten to the point where she wants to take drugs and talked about dying?!?
BEING FRIENDS AGAIN IS IMPOSSIBLE BUT THAT"S THE ONLY THING THAT WILL MAKE HER FEEL GOOD ABOUT HERSELF AGAIN, but is there another way? She thinks I don't care about her feelings! And now she doesn't even know what her brain is thinking about! How did such a small thing become so big? I know part of the reason is because she is a drama queen but I know it's not entirely her fault, but i just really can't be friends with her anymore.
I understand you don't want to be her friend again, but she really needs a real friend right now, the least you can do is try. Being friends again with her is not impossible, anything is possible. I know it's probably crazier and more messed up than I think it is, but I had a similar situation, so I understand your point. What you need to do is talk to her and ask her why she's acting this way. You need to let her know that if there's anything she's bottling up and keeping a secret that she could tell you. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some issues going on in her private life. You need to let her know that whatever the problem really is, keeping it inside isn't going to do her any justice. You need to try a little harder, no offense at all but it's selfish to just sit there & say there's no way we can be friends anymore but she's driving me crazy. And if and once the thing about doing drugs or wanting to die seems to get out of hand, you need to go talk to an adult because she needs professional help. If it's already gotten out of hand, I suggest you do that ASAP.


So there's this guy, I don't really like him. I think I will be soon though. The thing is that he acts like he is all bad and stuff. But he's actually really nice. When I first started talking to him was last semester. But he talked to me by teasing me. So he always jokes around with me and makes fun of me in a playful way. I just don't know where to go from here. I just think that if he is so cool and whatever that he would never like me. I'm not like you know, really down in the social status or whatever its just I'm one of the average girls. He talks to me alot though. He'll like call my name or something and say something really stupid. I don't know if I would ever have a chance with him or if he would even like me. Thanks for any help! (link)
Thing you have to remember is that social status is not important, sometimes it just becomes a barrier for friendships and relationships in high school. The fact is, anything's possible. If you like him, then just be yourself and if something were to develop then so be it. Don't look down on yourself or believe that someone can't like you just based on so called "social statuses". Life is too short for that, be confident in yourself and love yourself. If he likes you for who you are, then he could be a keeper. Good luck.

umm........ icut myself and i dont no how hazarddis it is to health can u plz tell me (link)
Cutting yourself is very dangerous, you can die. You need to go tell your parents or any adult you trust, you need to get help, your life is very important. And please, if you don't know the result of something, please don't do it, you can really cause harm to yourself by doing that. I hope this helps.

I've liked this guy for a really long time(2 years) and known him 4 that long too.But he never gives me the time of day.He always makes fun of me and is always rude to me and not my other friends.But I feel like I love him.And on the other hand, I like this other kid but he lives far away from me and he treats me better than the other kid.What should I do?I really like both of these guys. (link)
Besides the part about there being another guy for you, I had just about the exact same situation in 9th&10th grade. I refused to get over this guy, he was such a jerk to me but I kept telling myself maybe he'd come around, I'm sure you're feeling extremely unwilling to get over him. I finally got over the guy this past June, and I realized a lot about my self. I became a lot stronger, and lot braver, and a lot more confident since then. Trust me, I understand it's hard, but you gotta realize that in the end he's not worth it, I thought I couldn't bare to get over him but I really was wrong. The best advice I could give you would be to gradually start getting over him, and realize that you deserve better. Life is very, very short and girls like us can't waste it on guys who have no respect for us. Getting over this guy can definitely help you gain more self respect and realize your own inner potential. What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger.

So I have known this guy for about 2 years we arent dating he says hes single but is with a different girl I guess to use her for her car and stuff well the other night me and him slept together and I questioned him about this girl the next day hes like we are kinda sorta talkin now hes goin around saying I didn't sleep with that bitch all she did was suck my dick. I am hurt by him deny this but what can I do to get even because I am seriously done with him. (link)
Honestly, I think you should move on, break all contact with him. A guy who uses people and makes up lies about you is not worth your time at all. There's really no reason to waste time getting even, eventually he'll get what he deserves on his own.

I am in love with a celebrity. I met him and we talked for a little and I TOUCHED HIM. But I'm like obsessed with him but hes not really that famous. I have a legitimate crush on him. How do I deal with this? Is there way we can get married? =] (link)
Haha, I'm sorry to say that it's pretty unlikely that you'll marry him. Just let yourself have a crush on him. I can totally relate, like I'm OBSESSED with James Lafferty on One Tree Hill, it's absolutely ridiculous. Just have fun liking this celebrity but remember that there will be boys out there for you that have a much better chance of marrying you then a celebrity

Ok, I am really really into rock. My favortes right now are Paramore, Evanescence, and Fly Leaf. I am into kinda dark music but not anything like worshipping the devil. totally christian person here, but i love the kinda depressing song. i like any kinda rock but right now im into metal. can someone tell me about a couple of groups that are like these. I like classical music too so if someone knows of any good classical music that would be nice too. Please and Thank you!!! (link)
Definitely listen to Bayside. They're amazing. Also Taking Back Sunday.

every day i always get to school late i would always try to get there on time when i sleep i don't hear nothing i want to get to school on time but i don't know what to do (link)
An alarm clock definitely is a good thing to have. I started using one in high school and ever since i've been waking up much better. I use the alarm on my iHome but of course there are other regular alarms clocks you can buy. good luck.

i have been asked to sing at a wedding!
i am only a young teen and have no idea what to sing.

They was like heyy do you wanna sing at my wedding;
you pick a song!
and i just do not know what to sing ?

any advice?
what song was at your wedding (if your married)
what songs do you want at your wedding ?

you get the jist ?
thankss ! xx (link)
Baby I Love Your Ways- Peter Frampton
Leave a Tender Moment Alone- Billy Joel
Your Song- Elton John
In My Life- The Beatles
Kiss Me- Sixpence None the Richer
Linger- Cranberries
You & Me- Lifehouse

i'm wanting to learn guitar, but I'm left handed. is it possible for me to get a guitar and have people take the strings off and make it into a left handed guitar? and also do you know of any good instructional dvds that are specifically for left handed people on the acoustic guitar?
any other information regarding guitars would be appreciated. (link)
Go to a guitar/music store like Sam Ash. I'm sure they can help you with something like that.

what are good songs
ones that really make you feel the emotion the artist is conveying
im into like alternative stuff anywhere from like mayday parade, dashboard confessional, secondhand serenade, the maine, etc things like that if yah get my vibe. i also randomly like michelle branch and taylor swift. ok well yeah any songs you suggest ill appreciate

Sleeping With Giants (Lifetime): The Academy Is...
Seed: The Academy Is...
Everything We Had: The Academy Is...
Top of the World: The All-American Rejects
The Adventure: Angels & Airwaves
We'll Be O.K.: Bayside
(Pop)ular Science: Bayside
Landing Feet First: Bayside
Up Against the Wall: Boys Like Girls
Violet Hill: Coldplay
Lost!: Coldplay
G.I.N.A.S.F.S.: Fall Out Boy
Elevator: Hot Hot Heat
Outta Heart: Hot Hot Heat
Give Up?: Hot Hot Heat
All These Things That I've Done: The Killers
Non-Believer: La Rocca
I'll Be: Low vs. Diamond
Behind the Sea: Panic at the Disco (it's kindof a weird song but if you listen to it a couple times you'll like it lol)
Karma Police: Radiohead
Gravity: Sara Bareilles
Twenty-Twenty Surgery: Taking Back Sunday
Glorious: The Working Title
There Is None: The Working Title
Lillian: +44
Little Death: +44
Hold the Door: Armor For Sleep
Believe: The Bravery
Stay Away: The Honorary Title
Wish You Were: Kate Voegele
Chicago: Kate Voegele
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own: U2
Miracle Drug: U2
This is Our Town: We The Kings

Okay, my friend, Linda, got into a argument with my other friend, Stacy, and made Stacy cry. In Linda's defence, though, Stacy hadn't been being such a great friend.

Anyway, even though Linda made Stacy cry, she really does not care. She was just able to turn her back so easily. She has gotten into fights like this before, where she hurts the other person, and really dosn't care.

Then, it's like other people can say mean things to her and insult her, and she can just ignore it like its not there and dosn't care.

A lot of the time its like she only has two emotions, happy and mad. I've seen her cry, but it's like, shes so mad shes crying. She can get pretty agrsive when shes mad too. Like she'll scream and curse and even punched walls.

She is a really good friend and is really funny and jokes a lot, but she dosn't seem to care about a lot of things. She cares a lot about her family and would do anything for them. But everything else its like, she can just leave it.

Once none of her friends spoke to her a day (like, completly ignored them), and she was completly unfazed. And every now and then she'll fail a test (she normally gets 90's and works hard for them) and she acts like its nothing.

Its also like, shes the one girl I know who dosn't like hugs from people outside her family. When someone hugs her, even if its her friend, she'll give them a "what are you doing?" look. There's only very rare times when she dosn't do that.

She also wears manily black and black iliener and sometiems black eye shadow.

Is this normal? (link)
Girls can definitely be like that, and it's common around age 13. Stacy might act like she doesn't care about anything because she's holding back a lot. She may not be comfortable with opening up. She could be hiding those feelings behind the way she dresses and the way she seems to act tough. The way she acts when she gets into arguments may be her way of venting and letting out her emotions. Also you don't know what's going on in her life, she can be going through things that may not be anyone else's business. And with the hugging, it's understandable that she's uncomfortable with it. Some people aren't touchy feely. Anyway I would keep all of these possibilities in mind, but don't accuse her of any of them.

I love bands like Boys Like Girls, Angels and Airwaves, The Academy Is, 30 Seconds to Mars. I'm not sure if they're indie or alternative. Anyways, I'm looking for some other great bands like them. Any recommendations or a website that could help me out? (link)
All Time Low
The Cab
Cobra Starship
Gym Class Heroes
Hit the Lights
Hot Hot Heat
Jack’s Mannequin
Mayday Parade
New Found Glory
Panic at the Disco
Relient K
The Starting Line
Something Corporate
Taking Back Sunday
Vampire Weekend
We Are Scientists
We the Kings

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