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My mom is making me get braces soon and i think i have a choice of colors. What color would you pick and why?

Thanks (link)
i work for an orthodontist and to be honest with you... there are NO colors to pick from. Its either the silver or the clear. The colors you are probably referring to is the elastic colors you get to choose when they "tie" you in. Clear is more expensive, but my boss doesnt like to use them.

ok im 15/f. me and my bf broke up and are talking about going back out. but all of a sudden he has not been their everytime i called like i called 3 time friday.his niece was on the phone the first time so i told her i would call back so the second time the same thing happened then the 3 time she said he just left. when i write him emils and stuff he writes back and says that he wants me back and eveything but he just dont act like it. so can you guys please help me out and tell me what i should do? (link)
Guys are good at saying 1 thing, and doing another. If he really wanted to get back with you like he says, he would have done so already.
If things dont feel like they used to, take the hint, and just move on!
I know its easier said then done, but if you dont wanna do that, then let him make the moves, and see if he really says what he means!
Good Luck!

Ok so i like this girl, but she has a bf and i got her a present a while ago but i couldnt bring it to school since i barely see i wanna hang out with her to give it to her but she told me she shouldnt really hang out with me because she has a bf and she doesnt want him to get mad at her..first of all we wouldnt even hook up cuz she has a bf, he wouldnt find out because he lives 45 minutes away and what difference does it my question is what should i do? (link)
You should listen to what shes telling you! Shes being nice! She obviously likes her bf enough to not want him to get mad or find out shes recieving gifts from other guys!
It really doesnt matter how far away he lives. The point is>she wants to remain faithful no matter what the circumstances are.
I think you should respect her decision, or things could really start turning ugly for you!
Just think about if that was youre gf and another guy liked her and wanted to give her a gift.

14/f. My boyfriend just turned 17. I am a virgin, he isn't. He's had sex with 2 people. We have been together for probably about 4 months. He respects me and I know he loves me and always wants to spend time with me. I know that he wants to have sex but tries his best to repect what I want. I sort of want to have sex, I know he loves me and cares about me. But there is another guy who I talked to before I knew him and he was in love with me. For some reason I stopped talking to him. And I'm just confused about what I want. Please give me advice, and when you have sex, do you immediately start to bleed your first time? and how much? I will rate. (link)
Youre only 14. It doesnt matter that he loves/cares about you. That is NOT a basis for having sex.
If he respects you, then he wouldnt want to have sex with you. He would wait until youre older.Just because hes had sex 2 times doesnt mean you have to be his 3rd.
Because premarital sex is not love, it only leads to pain and disappointment for those who are seeking that love.
Sex is not love! Our culture has taught us that sex and love are one in the same. This is a lie. Sex is a beautiful activity that is wonderful when practiced within the boundaries of a marriage. Sex is the completion of the binding of two people within a marriage.
premature sex is bad for your emotional, physical and cultural health. If you think just because you have sex with a guy hes gonna stay with you forever>hun you are sooo wrong.
Youre only gonna feel used and abused when he leaves you down the road.

I was wondering if there is a way that I can find out for sure if my bf blocked me on his email address of not. Here is a little bit of a background story. Well he moved several months ago for a new job. He told me that he would be back in contact with me as soon as he got back on line. Well this was back in November, almost 5 months ago. He has also never phoned me either. I did get hold of him once in December. I asked him why he never sent me any emails and he told me that he still wasnt on line yet. I find this VERY hard to believe because he had tons of friends that he was emailing, not just me. This is a guy that was almost fanatic about checking his email. Well everytime I send him an email it gets sent back to me. I tried all 3 of my email addresses, yahoo, hotmail, and telus. Is there any way for sure I can find out if he blocked me? Or do you think there is a possiblity he might be telling the truth? (link)
I would have to totally agree with Rahzie..U no longer have a bf!
I dont think you can block a certain persons email.
I think youve been takin for ride since hes moved. Hes just too cowardly to tell you. Thats why he hasnt contacted you in any way!!
Sounds like hes moved on with his life...and youre not in it anymore!
There are other ways of contacting a person. Does he not have a phone? Or isnt that hooked up yet either? If he really wanted to talk to you trust me, HE WOULD HAVE!!
If you really have your doubts though, try and talk to some of his friends, and see if theyve been in contact with him. Maybe you can get your questions answered through them.
Good Luck Hun!

Omg. I just saw this huge flock of birds in my backyard. I can't tell what they are. The are bigger than ducks but smaller than turkeys. They are brown, have flaps of skin on their chins, and iridescent wings and tails. They fly. What could these be? (link)
sandhill crane or maybe a blue heron

im soo upset right now and i dont know what to do. last friday i broke up with my boyfriend of almost 2 months (long distant realtionship) . .it was going to fast and getting really serious and i got scared so i broke it off. he was really upset.he is my best friend and we still talk everyday. Well while we were going out one of his girl friends he met on myspace would leave flirtaious commments on his myspace and im like i think she likes you and hes like no and even if she did im not interested in her at all . . i believed him and everything..we would actullyjoke about. well yesterday i was on the phone with him and he said he wanted to be single for a lonnnggggg time then he asked me if i liked one of my guy friends and i said no and then i asked him if he liked that girl who left him those comments and hes like no not really. So today i come home from school and find out their going out. im so mad and upset. what should i do?? should i call him and confront or what??

sry that its so long and confusing

thanks in advance!
i would confront him. Dont go out of your way to do it though. You can vent out your anger, but it wont do a thing. I guess just say whats on youre mind and be done with him!
Guys have this hang up on being honest with a girl. They dont know how!! Once a girl breaks up with them, they're BIG egos take over, and they go and do the unexpected.
Just think about it>would you want to be with a guy that lies? I doubt if things will ever be the same between you two again. Youll just have to live with the mistake you made and hopefully learn from it.
Good Luck Hun!

Well my gf broke up with me then the next day made out with her ex. then me and her loved eachother again and we kissed and stuff and had a good time. then she told me she doesnt want love or a serious relationship but the next day has a bf that she had just told me the week before how she hated him so much. so i guess the question is really just what should i do next try to persue her or forget about her cuz ive tried that and its workin i guess but i still cant just forget her shes saved me from too much and has been there when i needed her but now we seem detached but i still luv her so idk just want some opinions please. (link)
She obviously isnt there for you now. You need to move on. She doesnt sound like she knows what she wants. Just friends with benefits. I wouldnt waste my time on someone who doesnt give you the time of day. Girls that bounce from boy to boy is worthy of any guy!!! The longer you stay out of the situation with her the more youll see shes no good!
Good Luck!

this girl i like has a boyfriend. i was gong to ask her out but he beat me too the punch. im not one to usually get jealous but i was going to ask her out the same day he did. now i cant help but feel jealous because i really, really like this girl. i dont know what to do. I will rank high:-) (link)
Theres really nothing you can do. I mean she must like this guy if she said yes to going out with him.
Its probably not a good idea to interfere in their relationship. Wait until they are done before you make any moves on her!!
Good Luck!

So A fiew days ago I was really stupid and I gave my virginity to this guy. I really liked him and now I like him even more. He told me he was falling inlove with me and everything!

The problem is I dont think he really likes me I think he is just using me.. Even though he holds my hand in public and kisses me in public I really think he is doing stuff with other girls to. Actualy im almost POSSITIVE. I have heard things about him showing up with hickys and I have heard things about him being with other girls.

The thing Is I lost my virginity to him and Im stuck to him really hard...

WHAT DO I DO! (link)
You gave your virginity to "this guy"? Not a boyfriend?
Theres really nothing you can do, its did and done. If your hearing things about him, chances are theyre true.
Find out for yourself>Dont give him any sex for a period of time, and see what happens! See if he wants to be with you. If he asks you or hints around to you he wants sex, dont! You can save yourself from getting more hurt. Get out while you can, because the longer you wait, the harder itll be.
Good Luck!!

I have been with my boyfriend with my boyfriend since, but I broke up with him like 2 days ago. I still love him! He cheated on me, but
I think that was my fault. I really miss him, but friends told me to just ignore him. I don't want to! I want to go out with him....what should i do?
No circumstance condones cheating! Why are you taking the blame for it?
You made the right decision to break up with him. He has to know that what he did was wrong, and that he cant get away with it. Keep him close, but not too close.
You need to find out during this breakup if his heart is truly with you. Give it some time, and dont jump back into it too fast or he'll know that you be there to pick him up if he ever does it again!
If he cheated once on you, he might just do it again.
Dont keep crawling back to him, or you'll lose his respect.
You first need to be true to yourself.
Good Luck!!

hey i'm a guy and have a girlfriend, i love her and everything. i was wondering...i havn't asked her yet, but would it be a bad thing if i sent valentines day cards to my friends that are girls? some of them i'm really good friends with and i wouldn't want to do it if it offended my girlfriend or let her think the wrong idea. should i just ask her about it, or am i over-analyzing things? i am getting my girlfriend a gift, but would it be wrong to send a few cards to my friends as well? what do you think, thanks in advance. (link)
If i was your gf, i dont think i would be too happy. Valentines Day symbolizes LOVE.
Would you like it if she sent her guy friends valentine cards?
It would be different if you werent involved with anyone.
I dont think ive ever came across a card that just had something about friendship.
Ive received cards, but i wasnt with anyone and neither were they.
Its your choice though!
Good Luck!

I am a 17 year old female, ok there is the guy that I met in high school. & we had a history. We both liked each other but had a falling out. Anyways we started talking again when we met up after he graded & sometime had passed he is now 18. We talked for about 2 months and I began to see a more mature side to him. Soon we started to text. He was very flirty like I remember him to be. Anyways, after testing for awhile he wrote I realize you are interested in me but I need to organize my life right now you deserve someone great. Sorry. I then told him I was interested and that I wanted to get to know him as a friend 1st even if that was all he had to offer was friendship. He continued to be flirty and eventually I said we should meet for coffee. What was initially only to be a 30 minute get together turned into a 2 hour conversation? I got the impression he really liked, he was flirting asking me if I was seeing anyone, offering to buy me a drink ECT. But now I'm more confused than ever. Cause afterwards I text him and said I had a great time he replied by saying “same” then I said we should do it again sometime soon he replied possibly. Does this mean all he wants is a friendship? His actions contradict his words, leaving me totally confused (link)
i hear ya!!! Guys seem to be very different in person, than they do on the phone or online. Its like they dont know how to say the things to our faces like they can over the phone or online. Ive been where you are, and yes, his actions are contradicting his words. When a guy doesnt follow through on his actions or words, thats all they are, is just words!!
I dont think i would wait around for him. If a guy is truly interested, he would be calling you, and he would want to hang out with you.
Good Luck!

I've been going out with my boyfriend for nearly two months. The magic is completely gone and I don't look forward to seeing him. He always does the nicest things for me, but I used to see them as cute and now I find them to be ordinary. He also doesn't get physical with me, and c'mon, every girl has her sexual needs. I have a little thing for two other boys and both of them like me. However, I don't want to break up with my boyfriend because I know I'll regret it later on. But right now, it's not satisfying for me to be in this relationship. I'm not giving him my all, so I shouldn't give him anything. I'm totally clueless.. help? (link)
Your not being fair to to him or yourself.
You need to break things off. Maybe you will regret it *someday*, but you cant think about that now!
Always go with your instincts! If things dont feel they way they used to, its best to just get out.

Good Luck Hun!

okay to start off, my boyfriend is my younger brothers best friend
and he's a grade younger then me
but hes still quite 'mature' and expects a lot out of the relationship
anyway, we got to second base, aka, he felt me up
and I asked him not to tell anyone, ecspecially my brother
that was a week ago, and i found out that he told everyone about it today
im quite bothered by that, obviously
i dont want to dump him gonna have to have a chat with him, but i dont know what to say...any suggestions that will get the point across without making it sound like I want to end the relationship? (link)
If he was "mature" he wouldnt have spread that around to everyone! Especially when you told him not to! Thats breaking trust, and trust is very important in a relationship!!
If i were you i would tell him that if he does it again, you just wont let him run the bases with you anymore!
Let him know that you are bothered by what he did, and that its really none of anyones business, but yours and his!! If your feelings dont matter, then maybe he should know what it feels like being dumped!

Good Luck Hun!!

okay, so i am a 13/f, and i wanna get my belly button pierced.
my parents said it was okay in the begining, but then my sister 16/f, didn't get it so now they are not allowing me for a few years.
so i wanna know what i can say to them to change their minds, or things that won't happen if i do get it pierced (they are afraid something bad will happen to me)
so pretty mucht he pro's not con's of getting it pierced, anything else about it will be apreciated!
thnx a bunch! (link)
Well i couldnt until i was 16. The youngest age they MIGHT do it is 15. Trust me, i checked around so thats the info i got!!

ok so me and my boyfriend went out for 9 months.. then the last 2 months all we did was fight and like we spent more time fighting than we did being happy. so we broke up, it was a mutual thing. okay well it was a week after and his exgirlfriend said that she wanted to go out with him. he asked me if it would be okay if he was with other people. he didnt specify that it would be his exgirlfriend. but i said yes just give it a week or so and it will be fine. instead, he asked her out(and by the way she's pretty much a slut), and he did it that same night like 15 minutes later. then i got mad and he got mad at me for getting mad because he said i never said give it a week but i did. i know i did. it's like i dont wanna be with him but i dont want him to be with her but i know i should just let it go. what do i do? (link)
Hes probably been hooking up with his ex or at least talking to her since you guys have been fighting. I mean he sure didnt waste any time asking her out. I kind of went through the same thing. I guess the sluts beat us nice girls out.
I think you already know the answer to your question.
Good Luck!

im 13/f. My boyfriend beats on me. I have marks and scars on my arms and legs from him. Im a cheerleader so they always show. I really like him but i hate him when he does this to me. What should i do?

**sleepiesheep** (link)
Anyone that allows to be physically or emotionally abused, is very emotionally unstable, and has a low self esteem of themselves! Its only gonna get worse!
You are only 13. Youre too young to have a boyfriend, let alone one that beats on you.
Someone who loves you should never abuse you. Healthy relationships involve respect, trust, and consideration for the other person.
Abuse can sometimes be mistaken for intense feelings of caring or concern. Sometimes abuse can even seem flattering; actually excessive jealousy and controlling behavior are not signs of affection at all.
Abusive relationships get worse over time!! Emotional and verbal abuse frequently shifts to more over to threats or physical abuse, particularly in times of stress. Abusers are generally very needy and controlling; the abuse escalates when they feel they may lose their partner, or when the relationship ends.

Hun, you need to get out of this relationship!!!

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