I'm a med student, so health related questions I can usually answer pretty well. I also like to think I'm somewhat decent at giving advice. I can also give you an honest opinion.

"I love waking up in the morning not knowing what's gonna happen or, who I'm gonna meet, or where I'm gonna wind up. I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. You don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next."

"I believe in colors. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."


Okay, so I'm a senior, I'm still not sure if I even want to go yet. If I do I would want to bring my girlfriend, the thing is, is that she's a freshman. I really like her, and it's not like I'm 18 and she's 14, I'm 17 and she's 15. Would it be awkward if I took her to prom?

Not at all. Go with whoever you think you'll have the most fun with!


had sex with my boyfriend last tuesday when he was ejaculating he took off the condom and came on my vagina he wiped it off though..started feeling cramps saturday its on and off..now my breasts feel sore.could i be pregnant?

You may be pregnant but it's kind of unlikely unless he came directly in your vagina. These may be signs of a period on its way. I'd say if you missed your period take a test, otherwise I wouldn't worry too much.


i jus had my period almost 1 week back and now m getting brownish reddish kind of discharge,i don't know if its my period or not,m so confused...and i took ipill before my period....what is the problem?

When you say "ipill" do you mean a birth control pill? Birth control pills can make you spot which this sounds like.


Ok so now I'm 12 and had sex with my boyfriend a couple of times and I had sex with two other guys and don't give me a lecture about that! Anyway I didn't get my period last month and I'm late this month and don't think I'm gonna get it. I've bEen feeling really sick lately and been having stomach cramps and been feeling tired. I've also had headaches. Is it possible that I'm pregnant? We didn't use a condom any of the times we had sex

Just posting this question on here is going to get you alot of lectures from people anyway speaking as of your 12, a child having a baby, and clearly don't know enough about relationships, sex and contraception to be having sex in the first place. Odds are you are pregnant. I would get a test ASAP and find out for sure since you technically could be 2 months pregnant right now..


I am expecting a baby boy and everyone is driving me crazy. The first problem was with his name. I've always liked the name Matthew and it's one of few I feel I'll always like. I planned to call him Matt, but after I became pregnant and already decided on the name, my sister started dating a guy named Matthew. I asked people if they thought it'd be weird to have a son named Matt and a possible future brother in law named Matthew, and a couple people jumped on me saying that I should ask my sister and her boyfriend if I could use the name since they might get married and want it for their son one day. I've always felt that no one owns a name and names should be first come first serve and when I asked, my sister felt the same way. However, when I told people that, they told me to pick another name and get over it. When I did choose the only other name I feel I can live with, one of my friends accused me of stealing it from her. The second problem was with his due date. He was supposed to come on October 8th, which is my brother's birthday. People insisted that I induce labor before then, but after having had a small baby, I was nervous doing so. Now that he's late, everyone's worried he'll come on the 20th, my other brother's birthday or the 26th, the anniversary of my grandmother's death. They want me to induce, but I want him to come when he's ready. Is it the hormones, or are people overly irritating?

It's not the hormones I definitely got irritated reading this too. This baby is yours and the fathers and everyone else needs to but out a little. There is no reason to induce labor because your family doesn't want your sons birthday on their birthday. It's ridiculous, the baby will come when it's ready and will have whatever name the TWO of you choose.


im 16/f, ive noticed i have always have a overly high blood pressure... what could be the cause of this? and what are the effects? do i need to see a doctor?

It could be family history, stress, alot of factors really. I'd definitely see a doctor.


Here's the thing I hate eggs and the texture of them and above all smell. It makes me throw up actually. I wish I were kidding about that. That usually occurs if I see them being whipped in a bowl. I know it's unusual but sadly that's my dilemma.

I have to lose weight as I'm overweight like there's no tomorrow. I'm starting a GYM and sticking to it. The thing is meal replacement shakes would help me and I want to use the ones designed specifically for shedding pounds.

I've tried Slim Fast and a generic brand but here's what I notice. You can't help but taste the egg and feel its texture as you're drinking the ones that come in the cans you shake before drinking. The powders also have that kind of consistency to them and in my opinion have a bit of a burning aftertaste to them.

I was hoping someone here could recommend a drink a powder or maybe a solution of things I could whip up in a blender for weight loss purposes and replacing a meal such as Lunch or breakfast. Thanks.

You should have a protein shake for a meal replacement since they make you feel fuller longer. I'd suggest optimum nutrition's whey isolate, it comes in a bunch of different flavors and doesn't have that egg texture. It's also between 110-130 calories per shake (depending on what flavor you get). I've been drinking these shakes for a couple months and even just having them as snacks when I get hungry instead of chips or crackers and I lost almost 15 pounds.


My boyfriend hand a baby by someone else during the time we are together he attended all her classes, doc visit and birth i found out when the baby was 3 months



I just completed my first year of college and I'm 19/f.

I have always wanted to do medical mostly because of the money; I've had dreams of having a nice car, my dream house, and giving my kids the things I never had growing up.

I really have a passion for children; mostly smaller kids around newborns-3 year old; and what not which is why I wanted to become a Neonatal/Labor and Delivery Nurse;

Well about 5 months ago, I started working at a daycare; and I fell in love with it. I work about 10 hours a day and I never dread going to work;seeing my children's faces just makes me so happy and I love thm all.

wel my boss told me that she wished she could find more people like me and i should really change my major to child education and if I stay with her, good things will happen for me; blah blah blah;

honestly,here lately, I've been thinking about opening up my own daycare- I could see myself truly happy for the rest of my life doing it;

I'm just so confused.

I talk to my boss and she said she's had this daycare about 4 years and she's just now making steady money. There are pro's and con's to both

-Great money, benefits, and insurance.
-I'd be able to have the things I've always dreamed of, along with giving my kids what is best.
-They are always in need of nurses.

-Long hours.
-Working long hours, means I'd be way to tired to actually spend time with my family (I want three kids)
-I'd have to work weekends.
-Not set hours; changes often.
-Have to find somone to watch my kids while I'm sleeping, working, or my fiance is working (he's goin to be a math teacher)
-School is 8 years, and I'd hate to do it and than when I'm 26 figure out it' not for me.

-Great hours.
-Weekends off.
-A place to put my kids in for free.
-Spend time with them a lot more because like I said, great hours and weekends off.
-I'd be able to set my own hours.
-I don't need an education(although, I am so it'll look more professional)
-I already know I love it, and what exactly I am getting into.

-Daycare failing; not having enough kids to make it happen.

Any help? I tried talking to my mom and dad, and my mom said its because I'm lazy and dont' want to go to college,but I love school. Always have; (a-ab student)s that I'm not going to do either because I don't have it in me.

I just need some advice; I'm torn i dont wanna make a bad choice; although both will be a risk.


Hey I'm in school now to be a neonatal NP and i just wanted to let you know the school is 6 years, not 8 if that makes any difference (4 yrs undergrad and 2 grad) in which you come out with a masters degree. But now that you've laid out all of the pros and cons you need to figure out what is most and least important to you in both careers. Nobody can really decide for you its your decision, and you can always switch majors in college if you find out you aren't enjoying it. I just wanted to let you know when I first entered nursing school they told us all that if you aren't sure that you want to become a nurse, then to rethink it because its not an easy major. I feel like from your pros and cons list that for you the daycare has more pros but you need to figure out whats most important to you in life and it will all come together.


hi i'm a 17 year old female, about to be 18 in july. my boyfriend is 18, turning 19. anyways, we've had quite the past where before he was really very bad to me, lying all the time talking to other girls. but now everything is better (that happened over a year ago). but i can't seem to get over the trust issue, i try really hard but i can't help it that little things make me upset and i easily get jealous. he's in the marines so i never get to see him, and i get a little worried when he goes out to the bars with his friends, and i worry his friends will talk him into going to the club since that's something they all like to do. i'm more worried about girls going after him, than him going after someone else, but still. okay, so i kind of like to know who he's friends with on facebook, and this is my problem currently...but he added a girl i didn't like so i asked him to delete her, so he did, there was no problem. but then she magically appeared on his friends again...so i got a little ticked off, cause obviously he approved this, and i asked if he could remove her again, so he did. but now he's hiding his friends from me.. is it because i'm too controlling? or is he hiding things from me? i don't care that he has girl friends, it just depends on the girl, like some random girl i wouldn't be okay with, or a slut that i know of, or a girl who has a history of trying to ruin our relationship (she happens to fall in the last two categories) i just don't want to push him away, but i'm curious as to why he did this? i want to ask him but i don't want him to get pissy. we're usually really open, and we've been together almost 2 years now. thank you for your help! sorry for the length haha

I understand where you're coming from and why you're curious as to who why he's friends with those kind of girls on facebook. You don't trust him, and I honestly wouldn't either if he has a past of lying to you. This obviously isn't healthy in a relationship though, it should be based on trust and you shouldn't feel like the need to have to look through his friends and ask questions about his facebook. Obviously not saying he should be requesting slutty girls but clearly he doesn't really seem like he can be trusted. If he's happy with you he shouldn't feel the need to be friends with those types of girls.


Is this possible? I'm 165 pounds and want to be 105 pounds. What do I have to do? How many calories should I eat each day? And what can I do to curb sugar and salt cravings (especially around "that time of the month") so that I don't binge eat? What sorts of foods should I be eating? Is it healthy to eat plain oatmeal everyday (with bananas) and occasionally omelette? What work out plan should I do, too? If I ran for 30 mins before breakfast and 30 minutes after dinner would that be good enough to produce the results I want? I just want to be skinny, not buffed out! Thanks for the help! And btw, for my height, 105 pounds would just be slightly underweight. How do I discipline myself to not give up, too, like when I want to pig out on Pizza Hut after a bad day, or drink soda at a party? How exactly do I moderate these impulses? I'm doing this for health (so I don't get type 2 diabetes, or other illnesses from eating too much processed foods) as well as for looks. I've always wanted that skinny look. Not anorexic, just skinny. Thanks so much if you can help!

The only way you can lose that amount of weight in that time is to starve yourself, which obviously I don't recommend since you will gain it back super quick and if not you will gain even more. The healthiest and best way to lose weight and keep it off is by aiming for 1-3 pounds per week. I know it's not much, but anymore is unhealthy and you will gain it back real quick and easily. Your workout isn't really the best. I wouldn't recommend anymore than 30 minutes of cardio per day because then you will start burning your muscle as well which will make your skin flabby and not attractive. I would recommend doing 4-5 days of cardio (running, biking, jogging..) and 2-3 days of weight training per week. This isn't going to get you "buffed" out, but if you don't weight train and just do cardio it will take much longer to see results and your body will also lose alot of muscle (which means flabby lose skin). Just obviously use light weights. Aim for a high protein diet. Fruits and veggies are also always good. I also wanna tell you that alot of people's bodies are not designed to be underweight. After awhile if you aren't losing as much weights your body is trying to tell you that its at its normal. You didn't mention your height but 105 is too underweight for anyone who is over about 5'2"-5'3".


16/female -- him: 18/male
So me and this guy have been best friends for years and years and years. He's my rock. However, we've always felt extremely physically attracted to each other and recently weve started hooking up (not sex, everything but). I am NOT looking for a relationship and neither is he and we both made it clear that we did not like eachother or even wanted it be a "talking" (like pre-dating situation or dating without the title) none of that. (also, he didn't want anyone to know about us hooking up because he didnt want anyone else treating our relationship differently)z But I still wanted us to be friends and when we started hooking up he started getting a lot meaner. He's always teased me and his personality is not the kind to ever be serious or mushy but it felt different. Before when we hung out and he'd constantly make fun of me I liked it and it seemed harmless and funny. But now I can't even be around him without feeling awful about myself. He calls me stuff like worthless, helpless, stupid, and that's just not okay with me.

So that's when it started to go downhill. One of my friends found out we were hooking up and told all the rest of my friends (she saw my texts to him) so I was like well shit what am I gonna do so I just told them not to tell anyone. But he still found out they knew and he got so angry at me. I found out he had been showing his friends our conversations saying shit like "look how annoying she is, she acts like we're dating" WITHOUT telling them we hook up, making me look like some crazy desperate idiot. It was then that I told him how sick I was of how he treated me yadayadayada. I tried to tell him I didn't wanna hook up anymore but he convinced me it would work. And we worked it out. But then the next day he's like: "I changed my mind I don't wanna hook up anymore cause you told people about it" even though I explained to him what happened and he understood an we were fine about it? I was like wtf okay... And Idk why that pissed me off so much but it did. Cause then two days later he asks me to come over to "hang out" obvi we hooked up. But of course, when I asked him two nights ago he replied with a straight up "no." and then Didn't text me back te rest of te night.

I hate this. I just wanna be friends with him, hook up, and not feel any of this shit but I honestly feel like I've been dumped? I HATE looking stupid and I feel sooo stupid. It seems like he doesn't even wanna be around me... like he's embarrassed by me.. Even though when his friends found out what we do they were like damn that's impressive we never thought you'd get her. And he's gotten better about being nice but he still makes me feel pretty shitty sometimes. He found out I was considering hooking up with my ex and he called me a stupid slut. Like why am I still wasting my time with someone who makes me feel awful more than he makes me feel better? He says he cares about me but I know if I tell him I don't wanna talk to him anymore or anymore I feel like he won't even give two shits. And that would hurt most of all. So PLEASE someone help me??:(

No offense but this guy seriously sounds like he could give two shits about you. Stop hooking up with him. You're only giving him what he wants, basically a hook-up without any care. This sounds like a case that either way you go the friendship still isn't going to ever be the same. This is a good example of why if you really respect a friendship you shouldn't do this, because 99% of the time it ends badly.


so i went to the doctor yesterday and they said I had genital warts, I must of got them from my last sexual partner which was a month ago, I am now in a new relationship, and wondered can I give him genital warts through fingering /oral/ and if we use a condom during sex? I havent started Any treatment for them yet, and don't want to tell my new partner about them as I am embarrassed and disgusted! so I'm curious as to having sex but not giving them him! I'm female and 16

The right thing to do would be to tell your new partner that you have them. Especially if you plan on having a relationship with him. It will be so much worse if you keep something like this a secret. Yes, he can catch them through oral so your best bet would be to always use condoms. Condoms protect you from these things that's what they're designed for.


Does anyone know where I can find 'Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Eyes' eyeliner in Brisbane, Australia?




Hi everybody, just a quick question about the pill;
I just finished a pack and am now on my period. My period should be over around Tuesday-Wednesday next week, however, because I have been so busy and distracted by uni, I didn't realize I have no more strips left.
The first chance I have to go to my GP to get a new prescription would be Wednesday. If I finish my period Monday or Tuesday, and only get the pills on Wednesday and take the first one form the pack that day, will it still be safe to have unprotected sex (Long term boyfriend, both tested, etc) or because I missed a day of taking the pill, should I be waiting?
I'd just like to make sure that things will be as safe as they should be on the pill.. because I know if you miss two or more pills it gets dangerous.

I hope this makes sense... please help me out! :)

For each pill you miss your chance of pregnancy increases, so it depends how much you want to risk it. I would use another method as well for a little while to make sure.


I am on my fourth girlfriend and all of the rest broke up with me saying they dident even like me, I am in middle school I found this girl that I really she could be the one but that's what I thought about the others what should I do?

I wouldn't worry about girls when you're in middle school. Focus on doing well in school and any hobbies that you like. Having four girlfriends in middle school seems like enough as it is at that age. Especially regarding the fact that high school relationships rarely last, let alone a middle school one.


Well my boyfriend and I love to have sex a lot but what we love the most is anal sex,we practice it a lot,so I'd like to know how risky it could be for my health in the long term,thanks!

The anus is meant for things to come out, not in. So yes it could affect your health depending on how hard he goes and if he tears something. Not saying you should completely stop anal if you both enjoy it that's awesome. But I'd be careful and make sure he's gentle and lubed.


See, my friend wants me to perform in the talent show with her. She wants to do a skit that includes four people, and she unkowingly included me as one of those four people. Anyway, since the beginning of the year, I've always wanted to sing for the talent show, and my other friends say I should sing, too. I really want to sing, but I don't want to hurt my friend's feelings. What should I do?

You have to do what you want to do and hopefully she understands this. Just be honest with her. I don't know how your school does it but maybe you can do both?


Ok.. so i'm sixteen years old and i am sexually active but we ALWAYS use a condom and i always check after to make sure it didn't break.. and i recently had sex about 2 maybe 3 weeks ago. and my period is never on a specific date so i don't know when to expect it. anyways.. i was using the restroom today and when i wiped there was brown blood and red.. what is this? should i be concerened?? am i pregnant?

Unless you just started having sex and are bleeding from it then its most likely your period. If its your period you're fine.


Okay so i have been seeing this guy since New Years. today is the 24th and he asked me to be his girlfriend today. I like him so much. I have never been so connected with someone in my entire life but there is one problem. I have always lied about my age everyone except for my closest friends think im a year older then my real age. i am 19 and i told him i was 20... he is 23 so we dont have a very large age difference. I know i need to tell him the truth but i don't know how. this lie has been eating me alive and i want to confess to him and my roommates. how should i go about it ???
thanks so much for taking time to read and thank you even more if you decide you give me advice.

Well now that you are dating you really need to tell him ASAP. If you just keep it eventually he is going to find out and gonna wonder why you've been lying this whole time. You should still be safe since its early in the relationship but definitely tell him ASAP or things just aren't going to work out. Honesty is important.


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