hello =] ask questions and i will answer them. lol much


Last night my best friends parents got into a car accident. Her dad had to spend the night in the hospital because he broke his ribs and lost a lot of blood. Her mom is doin ok, she has internal bruises but is taking everything well. The doctors thought that her dad was going to die, but he made it through the night. Ive never been in this sort of situation before. I dont know what to say or what to do. Please help, i really need to be there for my friend!!!!!!!

just be there for her and tell her he wont die


Well I have this friend. He is really nice and I can be honest with him about almost everything. The problem is there is this one thing I'm not sure I can be honest about.He thinks my other friend (one of my bestestest friends) likes him. I asked her if she really did and she said no. I know I have to tell him so he doesn't get hurt by asking her or something but I don't know how. Any tips on how to break it to him? Should I really tell him? I'll rate high. Unless youranswer doesn't help at all. If you don't have anything to say to help please don't answer. Thank you.

dont just boldly tell him "she doesnt like you!" ask your friend 'well.. do you think hes a little cute?' and questions like that but if it doesnt really turn out so great, say something like "well she said she doesnt like you enough to actually go out with you, but she thinks your nice and cute though!!" something that will keep him happy. =]


1) what is the difference between making out and kissing i thought that making out is just when you do it for a long time but im not sure
2) what does bi mean

1) making out is using more tounge action.

2) bi is when you like girls and boys


I had a dream over the weekend that I was raped. (Remember this is a dream) I was raped by this guy that is on my bus for school. It's been bugging me the past few days, and I don't know what to do. Whenever I see him, it kind of freaks me out. Is it just a dream? Am I responsible for the dream? I'm worried because some dreams actually do come true..

i've had dreams i married billie joe armstrong. lol honestly some dreams come true but most of the time its cause they were bound to happen anyway. it was just a dream dont worry about it


MJy stepdad is a real jerk, and my mom always chooses him over me, is that right:?

no you should be a jerk right back to him i know somebody that has 2 put up with that but u never know ur mom might talk to him after hes done bein a jerk.


Sarah hi..i have a weird situation..my gf would do things with me like 3rd base but i was jealous of her last boyfriend cuz me and him are friends and stuff but she gave him stuff and i would like it too but when i heard that she did i got really jelous and now i dont wanna do things but i still wants things and it just pisses me off b/c i really love her and no matter what i always will but i just dunno what to do help me pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well sillyhead how do you know your girlfriend did those things? and you make it sound like you wanna use her for stuff if you love her you'd show it. maybe by talking to her even when ur friends are around, and hold her hand and stuff. call her whenever you can. AND DONT CHEAT ON HER.. i knew this guy who did at this party one time and she got really sad. but they go out alot so im not conserend :-P.


what is blue balls

um i have no clue..


Hey yall i got a really nasty cold any one got any ideas how to get ride of a sore throat or a runny nose help i meisrilble

advil cold &sinus. then sleep


there is this girl i like that doesnt know i like her...ive only told 1 person that i like her and thats my best friend...how do i tell her i like her besides getting sum1 else 2 tell her...wut im tryin 2 say is im 2 shy around her and stuff and each time i try 2 talk 2 her i get choked up...got ne advice?

really you should just tell her yourself or if ur too shy tell like more people and see if it gets around. cause she might like you too! lots of times when someone finds out someone likes them they end up liking them too


my mother is very unhappy about her figure and she wishes to hide it. Are there any specific colors she can wear to make her look thinner? If So Please HELP!! Shes always so unhappy. Thanks!!

well maybe not colors but if she wears bigger cloths like hoodies and stuff its hardly noticeable !


Okay well i was walken downtown with my 2 friends today and this druggie/badass was down there and he called over this geeky guy called Josh and all of a sudden he starts beating him up! i was so scared i didnt know what to do.. he almost started to cry and before he left he said im callen aaron (the cop in our town) and my friends r like dont tell him we were here. im afraid hes gunna tell the cop and he'll ask me and somehow it'll get back to the badass and he'll beat the shit outta me .. im a gurl btw and he hits girls and stuff and he like knows how to set up bombs n shit cuz he put a bomb in our school one year.. if the cop does ask me shoudl i say i witnessed it?

well your kinda stuck your gonna have to say you witnessed it. you cant lie to cops they can find out if ur lying or not. but the police cant tell the badass that you said you witnessed it.


hi, im 13/m i have this gf we started going out like 2 months ago and its been really cool and i really like her alot but now i found out shes been smokin pot and drinken and shes only 13 though it was her first time it was kinda shocking cuz i expectede more from her i still like her but i sont kno if i wanna handle this i dont know what to do should i keep going out with her.

tell her you really dont like this and if she keeps it up you'll break up with her. if she likes u enough she'll worry about the relationship and she wont. if its really bothering, maybe its best you 2 arent together


Does anyone know of any good blush that stays on all day without having to reapply it all the time? Or does anyone know how to get regular blush to stay on all day? Like putting lotion on ur face first or something?

you just need to get a better blush. clinque is amazing -- expensive, but works and stays on. the people will help u find a nice color for your skin too


my hair is straight...and up to my waist...all my friends have wavy hair nd always scrunch their hair..its reallie cute..but when i try doing mine it doesnt turn out right...like i'll put my hair in braids over night, take it owt nd use my aussie sprunch spray, but it just doesnt stay in..any advice?!

my hair is super hard to scrunch too. get it wet and just wipe it with a towel so its not completely soaked. get a good scrunching GEL and put some in your hands and squeeze your hair all the way to the top of your head. keep doing that over and over and if you want it to have a dry-natural look, blowdry while you scrunch it. it takes a while so dont go crazy if it doesnt work after 5 minutes.


Last night i went to the movies with this guy i like. He didnt make a move on me so i desided to just hold his hand. Well after the movie he walked me to my car and i kissed his cheack good night. He texted me later and told me how hott i looked. I'm not really sure if he likes me or is just kinda using me. I want to be more than just friends with him, i want to be his girlfriend. But i dont know how to, what should i say to him or ask him to move to the next level?

dont make him think your too fast, but maybe he just shy. he could be the type of guy whos okay to tell you stuff when its not to your face but when hes around you hes really nervous. get someone to tell him you like him or something and maybe he'll ask you out!!..


hey. i'm falling very hard in love with this one boy. hes a different skin color but thats not the point. well.. we just met about a month and a half ago and every since we've done alot of stuff together. we go to the movies together and out to eat. and he always cuddles with me and holds my hand etc. anyways -- he knows i'm falling hard for him, but i think i'm jsut anotehr girl he likes to flirt with. how can i tell him that i want it to be more than just flirting.. i want to be with him..

first off, skin color does not matter!.. but if hes like that with you then he deffinitly likes you!! honestly, you should just tell him how you feel it may be hard but get someone else like a friend to do it for you then. the worst that could happen is he'll say he doesnt like you (which i doubt that). really good things could happen just from getting out something so simple as to how you feel about someone -- trust me !!


Sorry this is long, but i rate high! :)

I have a friend...lets call her Jill. Well jill is really cool to hang out with...when she isnt around guys or we arent on the subject of guys. She always uses guys and she flirts with them, and leads them on all the time and then she ends up crushing them. She always steals the gusy her friends like (including the guys i like...) and we are all sick of it. I really want to tell her off because i have talked to her about it before but just talking to her wont get through to her. I want her to really realize what a slutty jerk she has turned into. because she used to be really cool. Please help!

find a guy and tell him 2 play along with jills little scheme to take guys. then have them get lead on and at the last minute, pretend to be all flirty with the guy and have him choose you over her. she'll get flared and it will be so funny lol


i cheated on my bf, i know bad thing big mistake and i told him i was sorry then we were ok .. but then a few weeks after we broke up and were still friends but now 6 months after he hates me, talks bad about me alll the time and says i did alll this stuff with the guy i cheated on him with but i didnt and i dont know why hes sayin these things, he should just get over it, after all it was 6 months ago!! .. but he wont he keeps on talkin about it and now were not friends anymore .. but i still want to be his friend and be able to talk to him and stuff but how can i when he hates me and doenst even wanna talk to me

HES SO NOT OVER YOU ... lol. sry but 95% of the time when your ex talks about you after a break up they still like you !!! and all they want to do is piss you off but for now you just gotta ignore it and pretend like you dont care and if your friends are true they'll know that you didnt really do those things that he says. if you play it like you dont care, he'll start to come around again.


this girl i used to be friends with, lets just call her bob, i dont like anymore. shes really annoying and really really nerdy and scary looking and has become really mean. i dont want to hang out with her anymore but she wont leave me alone! what should i do?

even though its not nice to ditch a friend, you could hang around other people and when she comes around walk away. or make up an excuse like "you were mean to my really good friend im not talkin to u no more!!" and if shes annoying jus say "YOUR ANNOYING ME I NEED MY SPACE" lol if you really dont want to hang out with her then it will make you feel better to just get that over with.


this gurl likes me but she goes to a different and i want to ask her out wat do i do

um ask her out?


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